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BTC Chapter 46

Back to the Countryside
Chapter 46: 情思 (Affection/Love) 
Translator : LittleYen

He Ling helped Xu Hua reapply the medicine and took a new fine cloth to wrap it carefully, the anxiety in his heart was finally lessened, “My xiang gong said that this ointment will not leave a scar if you apply it a few more times!”
        Xu Hua withdrew his hand, touched the neatly wrapped cloth, saying, “It’s just a small wound, yet you’re all still worried about it!”
        “How can it be a small wound, so much blood was shed that day? !” He Ling looked at him disapprovingly, he was scared to death seeing that gash at the time, but the other party still took it so lightly, “You must apply the medicine properly!”
        “Okay, I know!” It was rare for someone other than his father to worry about him like this, Xu Hua felt warm in his heart.
        Knowing that if this man promised, he would do it, He Ling’s heart also felt so much in ease.
        Qi Yue also took Father Xu’s pulse to look at his physical condition, “You has recovered a lot, the medicine I gave, Uncle Xu please continue to take it according to the dosage, within the time, you will recover!”
        “Thank you, Doctor Qi!”
Father Xu’s body had indeed become stronger and stronger recently, all thanks to the other party.
“Where!” Qi Yue looked back at He Ling, who was sitting with Xu Hua, then he smiled, “Hua Ge’er saved my Fu Lang this time, it’s me who should say thank you!”
[Tl Notes: I know it sounds weird the answer, “where!” (Na li) here to most westerners, it basically means no need to thank you me or just the humble way to say it just small help, no need to mention it something like that]
        Father Xu had already heard what Xu Hua had said, not to mention that He Ling had benefited from him, even if he was a fellow villager, he would not have left him alone, besides, it was not likely that He Fu would really hurt He Ling, so he could not call it a rescue. “Don’t say that, Doctor Qi, we can’t afford it!”
        Qi Yue didn’t say anything more, he would naturally take this matter to heart,in the future, he would help them if he could !
        “This humble one is Zheng Yue Feng, I’m here to disturb you!”
        The sudden voice from outside the courtyard made Qi Yue raise his eyebrows, he was really proactive! At the same time, he noticed that Father Xu’s expression had become a bit subtle, that is, surprised and torn, the corner of his lips hooked, it seems that this guy has been exposed!
        Because they knew each other, He Ling accompanied Xu Hua out to greet them, Zheng Yuefeng and Zheng Yueyan were both standing outside the door, when they saw them, they both looked happy.
        “Hua Ge’er!”
        “He Ling Ge Ge!”
Two voices sounded at the same time, but they were calling for different people. Zheng Yueyan swiftly turned her head and looked at the person beside her!
        Zheng Yue Feng didn’t notice her eyes, he pushed open the fence door and went in, walked up to Xu Hua, looked down at his bandaged hand, “Is your wound better?”
        The concern in his eyes was so strong that Xu Hua froze for a moment before nodding slowly, “Yes, it’s fine.”
        “That’s good, that’s good…Oh Right!” Zheng Yue Feng suddenly fumbled around his body a few times before taking out a small box from his sleeve and handing it over, “I bought this in town, it says it won’t leave scars on the wound!”
        Xu Hua was stunned again, he looked at the box in front of him, and then at the person with eager eyes, he hesitantly said, “That, Ling Ge’er’s side, have already given it to me, thank you Zheng Gong zi for your kind intention!”
“Oh, that, is that so?!” Zheng Yue Feng put down his hand, a little lost in his heart, but on the surface he smiled and said as if he didn’t care, “It’s fine, Qi Gong zi’s medicine, it must be good medicine!”
        Xu Hua also smiled at him, but in his heart, he felt that this man was strange, they didn’t know each other very well, why did he buy medicine for him?
        Zheng Yueyan who followed him in, witnessed the whole thing, she narrowed her eyes and had a guess in her mind. What was he saying about coming to visit He Ling Ge Ge, this person was clearly ‘wine-lover’s heart is not in the cup’!
[醉翁之意不在酒: wine-lover’s heart is not in the cup (idiom); a drinker not really interested in alcohol / having an ulterior motive / to have other things in mind / accomplishing something besides what one set out to do]
        He Ling tilted his head, looked back and forth between the two, feeling strange, but he couldn’t tell what was strange!
Qi Yue stood in front of the door with his arms folded, looking sideways at Father Xu, who had a complicated look in his eyes, so he said in a soft voice, “Doesn’t Uncle Xu want to find a good husband for Hua Ge’er?”
        Father Xu, startled, looked back at him, met with those smiling eyes.His heart understood, then he turned back and sighed, “Our Family Hua Ge’er is not good enough for him!”
        So this is what he was worried about! Qi Yue hooked his lips and smiled, looking at Xu Hua who was still in front of him, not knowing what to say, his expression was playful, whether he could marry his Fu Lang or not, all depended on the performance of this fool!
        “He Ling Ge Ge! Xu Hua Ge Ge! I just found out today what happened the other day, I’m relieved to see that you are all safe!” Zheng Yueyan had never seen her brother so stupid, so she couldn’t stand the awkward atmosphere and she opened her mouth, shook their hands at the same time.
        “I’m fine, it’s Hua Ge’er who’s hurt more!” He Ling shook her hand back, his small wound was almost healed.
        Xu Hua was not as familiar with her as He Ling was, so he didn’t know how to react, so he just smiled and let her take his hand.
        Zheng Yueyan, however, naturally hooked her hands together and took Xu Hua’s arm, saying, “Last time I went into the mountains, I thought that Xu Hua Ge Ge was amazing, but this time he is really brave, even better than my brother!”
Zheng Yue Feng, who had been glaring at her hand, heard the words, looked up to glare at her person, only to see her provocatively raise her chin at him, instantly regretting in his heart that he had been too forgetful just now so he had been seen through by this girl!
        “It’s not as great as you say!” Xu Hua was a little uncomfortable being held by her, only to feel that the two siblings were similar, like to come and be familiar with people by their own accord.
        “No,you are great as I say, not like my brother at all, if it were him, he would not dare to go up for the knife!” The words were addressed to Xu Hua, but Zheng Yueyan’s eyes were looking at her own brother with somewhat satisfaction in herself.
        Zheng Yue Feng was simply furious with her, how dare she smear him in front of Xu Hua!
        “Are you sure you want to keep standing here talking?” Having seen enough of the drama, Qi Yue only opened his mouth with a smile.
        The last time Zheng Yuefeng was not able to enter, he looked at the surroundings, everything was in a very dilapidated state, he could see how hard the owner had lived, so when he looked at the person he loved, his thin face, his heart ached.
Zheng Yueyan saw his expression and sighed in her heart, her brother had fallen head first for him, right? He had met so many beautiful people, but now he had fallen head first for an unattractive country Ger,most importantly,the other person obviously did not have any interest in him yet!
 [其貌不扬: (idiom) nothing special to look at / unprepossessing]
Xu Hua’s brow furrowed as the gentleman stared at him, could it be that this man was taking pity on him? He was not feeling good when he thought about it, even though his family was poor, he did not need pity, especially from such a young master who did not know the hardships of the world!
Qi Yue took a sip from his bowl of water with a look of interest in his eyes, he wanted to see how stupid this young master Zheng could be!
The person who had been watching had a change of face, Zheng Yue Feng naturally would not fail to notice it,he also realized that the other party had misunderstood his meaning, he immediately panicked, but he did not know how to explain, sitting there with his hands and feet at a loss.
        “Zheng Gongzi, what’s wrong with you?” He Ling, who was still unaware of the situation, saw that he was fidgeting and unsettled, so he asked him out of kindness.
        “Huh? No…It’s nothing!” Zheng Yuefeng hurriedly shook his head, but his eyes kept glancing at Xu Hua.
        Qi Yue grabbed the confused Fu Lang and whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry, he’s just being stupid!”
“Xiang Gong, how can you say that about someone else!” He Ling frowned and gave him a nudge.
        Qi Yue laughed but didn’t say anything, a moron and an unenlightened (not understanding thing properly) blockhead, these two people together are really interesting!
“Xu Hua, if you are free afterwards, you can go to town to play with me. I’ll be the host and show you around!” Finally couldn’t stand to see his brother’s stupidity anymore, so Zheng Yueyan once again initiated the talking.
        “My father is not well, I have to take care of him all the time, I’m afraid I can’t go that far!” The family had not been well off since they were young so they had to work hard to make ends meet, even if they needed to buy or sell something, they had to ask people they knew in the village to help them. Xu Hua had never actually been to the town.
        “You can take Uncle Xu with you, I’m afraid it’s a bit boring to stay at home all the time!” Zheng Yuefeng hurriedly answered, if he often went to the town, then he would have more chances to meet him!
        Although he was annoyed with his eyes, Xu Hua was not a petty person and would not care about that for so long, so he replied, “Father’s health, I’m afraid he can’t travel that long!”
        When it came to his health, Zheng Yuefeng couldn’t say anything nonsensical, so he turned his attention to Qi Yue. This man is a doctor, he knows best whether he can or cannot!
        Qi Yue’s eyes were downcast as he drank his water, ignoring the eyes of a certain person since he couldn’t let him have his way easily!
“Xiang Gong, can Uncle Xu go to town? I also want to take Hua Ge’er to town for a stroll!” He Ling hadn’t thought about it so much, he thought, if they could all go together, it would be very lively!
        Qi Yue sighed shallowly, that the young master could be ignored, but his own Fu Lang could not be ignored , as he put down his bowl, he smiled, “It’s no big deal if we go to town, I go with Ah Ling quite often, you can join some day, the carriage is also comfortable, Uncle Xu should have no problem!”
        “Now, there’s nothing to worry about!” Zheng Yuefeng looked at Xu Hua with great enthusiasm, when the time came, he would take him to try all the delicious food and fatten him up a bit!
        As Father Xu watched their performance, his heart became even more torn. It was just that his family was so wealthy that there was no guarantee that the elders of his family would not resent the fact that they were poor. Moreover, a rich man’s son has seen a lot of the world, so how long can he maintain his affection for his Ger?
        They stayed at Xu Hua’s house for a long time,had a good time together. Father Xu wanted to keep them for dinner but they all declined. Xu Hua’s hand was still injured, so it would have been too much trouble for them to stay, the Zheng siblings also had to rush back to town.
        When they left the door, Kang Yuan and Chun Xiu were waiting in the cart, they were not going to go to Qi Yue’s house at all but they were going straight back from here.
        “In Zheng Gong zi’s heart, do you already have an answer ?!” Qi Yue asked before getting into the car.
The question was incoherent, but Zheng Yuefeng understood what he was talking about, and he straightened his face and said, “Already.”
        Qi Yue didn’t say anything else, but he nodded as he said, “Take care, I won’t see you off!”
        As the Zheng family’s carriage walked away, He Ling looked at his husband in confusion, “What are you guys talking about?”
        Qi Yue smiled and leaned closer to whisper a few words into his ear, his eyes widened, “He, he toward Hua Ge’er ……”
        In the shaking carriage, Zheng Yueyan clasped her hands to her chest, her face solemn, staring unblinkingly at her brother.
        The sweat on Zheng Yue Feng’s body was standing up as she looked at him so he raised both of his hands and said, “If you have something to ask, ask it, don’t look anymore!”
        Zheng Yueyan was waiting for his words then she slapped ‘pa’ on her lap with a snap, “When did you fall in love with him?”
        “I think it was the time when we went into the mountains!” When he was suddenly so close, his heart went out of control.
“What?” Zheng Yueyan raised her hand and pointed at him, “That time, wasn’t that the first time we met him? you were already taken down!”
        Zheng Yue Feng didn’t know what to say, having liked someone so suddenly, his heart, at first, was also surprised.
        “Brother, are you sure you like him?” Zheng Yueyan put down her hand and moved closer to him, “It’s not just that you feel new?”
Zheng Yue Feng shook his head firmly this time. He raised his hand to his heart, “I wasn’t so sure at first, I even wasn’t sure if I liked him, but last time when I saw him hurt, I was so heartbroken, it was as if I had cut myself! But he didn’t care about it at all, he said he was fine, he was so strong, as if nothing could defeat him!”
It was the first time Zheng Yueyan had seen such an expression on her brother’s face. The look on his face was full of heartache, but his eyes were so gentle that people wanted to drown in them.
        “It was then that I understood Qi Yue’s words!” Zheng Yuefeng raised his eyes to hers, “I wanted to hold dearly to him, to hold on to everything about him!”
        In this moment, in his eyes, the emotions that shone, like every time Qi Yue looked at He Ling, she couldn’t help it but be moved, every time she looked at him.
“But Hua Ge’er doesn’t understand my feelings at all!” Zheng Yue Feng suddenly deflated, leaning back against the carriage wall, “Obviously you all understand!”
        Zheng Yueyan rolled her eyes, how could she compare him to Qi Yue? It must all be an illusion!
        “Am I not being obvious enough?” Zheng Yue Feng held his chin, ‘to remain puzzled after pondering over sth a hundred times’.
[百思不得其解/ bǎi sī bù dé qí jiě
This idiom refer to someone who can’t understand even thinking about it in every possible way]
“No!” Zheng Yueyan shook her head, “Maybe, it’s because he doesn’t put you in his heart at all!”
        Her words had struck a painful chord within Zheng Yue Feng. This was a fact that he had always been reluctant to admit but there was nothing he could do about it.
        Zheng Yueyan reached out and patted his shoulder in sympathy, “To Xu Hua Ge Ge, a Ger like him,a pampered young master like you is indeed not the kind of man he wants!”
        Zheng Yue Feng, waved her hand away, his heart was even more frustrated, now he had to find all kinds of reasons and excuses to see the other side, when would he be able to let the other side understand what he had in his mind?
        Zheng Yueyan shook her head and did not disturb him anymore. She used to think that her brother was quite smart, but now he seemed to be an hopelessly and incurable moron!
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