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BTC Chapter 43

Back to the Countryside
Chapter 43: Resolve

Translator : LittleYen
Qian dawdled for a long time before returning with the silver, the cloth bag containing the silver clutched tightly in her hand, her face full of reluctance.
        Qi Yue’s hand was stretched out, spread out in front of her, he didn’t say a word, only looked at her with a smile.
        He Tian yanked the cloth bag out of Qian’s hands, placed it in his, saying in a deep voice, “Now, it’s settled!”
Qi Yue pulled the money bag to open it and look at it, making sure there was nothing wrong with the amount, then he nodded his head.
        “Now that the silver has been given, this matter is over, you take the man back. Don’t ever come back to cause trouble in the future!” When the village chief saw his nod, he issued this matter to the He family.
        He Tian nodded to the village chief, told He Gui to carry the man on his back and prepare to go home, as it was a disgrace to be here.
        Who would have thought that when He Gui had just pulled He Fu’s arm to carry him on his back, suddenly he moved his eyelids and woke up.
        “Ah Fu!” Qian greeted him with surprise, she tried to ask him whether his hand hurt or not, but she was slapped in the face, fell down to the ground in sitting position.
After hitting the person, He Fu, as if in shock, rolled and crawled backwards, unable to use the strength of his broken hand, his body lurched, so he didn’t crawl far out!
        Everyone was stunned by the change, somewhat overwhelmed by it.
        Qian’s face was instantly swollen from being hit in the face by a grown man, however she didn’t even have time to lose her temper before her ears heard her son’s shriek!
        “Ghost! Ghosts! You’re all ghosts!” He Fu was crawling and scrabbling on the ground, getting covered in mud, he looked around in fear at all of the people, his nose and eyes streaming with snot and tears, his broken hand dragging on the ground, seemingly unable to feel the pain!
        “He Gui! Hurry up pull your brother back!” He Tian came back to his senses and became anxious, shouting towards He Gui who was still dazed.
        He Gui came to his senses then he rushed towards him, only to be kicked in the abdomen by the man who was caught up in the extreme panic, causing him to gasp in pain!
        “Don’t come over! You ghost, don’t come any closer!”
        From He Fu’s intact hand, whatever he grabbed from the ground was thrown at the He family members who tried to approach him.They could only keep dodging.He Zhen was even hit on the shoulder by a wooden block, it really hurt!
“Qi xiao zi, he is….” The village chief looked at the scene in surprise, he was normally fine but what happening here?
 “Well, I’m not quite sure!” Qi Yue tightened his eyebrows, his tone was a little uncertain, “It looks like, he is losing his mind(失心疯)?”
[Notes on 失心疯
It is a psychological disorder that develops in the nerves of the brain and is caused by a distortion of the mind, actions and will that is caused by the fact that the mental capacity is less than the external pressure. It is most often found in people who are under stress. The disorder is often found in games, novels, films and TV shows, so the public is aware of it but not particularly well-informed.]
 Zheng Yue Feng gave him a sidelong glance, quietly skimming the corners of his mouth, saying that this man’s condition had nothing to do with the medicine Qi Yue had fed him,(even if you beat him to death) he wouldn’t believe it !
The He family had finally caught him, He Gui was holding him from behind, not daring to let go while He Fu was yelling at them to go away!
 “Qi Yue! What have you done to my son?!” Qian’s eyes were red as she glared at him like she wanted to eat someone.
“What does it related to me if this man is crazy?” Qi Yue laughed coldly, “Don’t spit blood at others!”
 (含血喷人 :to make false accusations against somebody, ex :Slandering Others Is Like Spitting Blood. You Dirty Your Own Mouth First.)
 “How can a man who is normally fine go mad just like that? You must have hit his head when you knocked him out!” At this point, Qian became more and more certain, “Who was it? Which one of you did it?”
 He Ling’s heart jumped, it couldn’t be that he had really gotten like this from that one blow, could it?
“Don’t be afraid!” Qi Yue put his arm around him. “How can a person go crazy just after one hit? !”
Hearing his words, Qian’s resentful gaze turned to He Ling, “He Ling! How dare you, you little bitch, do this to your own cousin! I’ll beat you to death!”
        Qian lunged toward him, but Lin Sheng reached out to stop her and pushed her away, “How dare you want to hit him in front of all the people here !”
        “He hit my son to become like this!” Qian sat on the ground and started to howl, “Look, fellow villagers, they took advantage of one’s position to bully people! They made us pay the compensation money, but they also beat my Ah Fu until he lost his mind!”
[仗势欺人 (仗勢欺人)zhàng shì qī rén
to take advantage of one’s position to bully people (idiom)]
 The village chief’s face darkened, take advantage of one’s position to bully people? Whose position is it? This is a clear referring to him, the village chief!
        “Your son has already put a knife on Ling ge’er’s neck, don’t tell me that we should just let him bully Ling ge’er?” Xu Hua couldn’t stand it anymore, how could this family be so shameless!
        Our family Ah Fu usually even a chicken he did not dare to kill? How could it be possible for him to put a knife on someone’s neck? Anyway, he’s like this now, naturally allow you guys to talk nonsense!” Qian shouted at him, slapping her thighs. They can’t expect to get away with this anyway since it’s already like this !
Xu Hua was simply going to die of anger, this skill of reversing black and white was really used smoothly (talking about Qian here), “He Fu wanted to hit me at that time, grabbed me and wouldn’t let go, Ling Ge’er only knocked him out to protect me, then do you mean, the wounds on our bodies were all cut by ourselves? !”
        Zheng Yue Feng saw that the person was angry and hurriedly fanned the person with his fan, “This family is sick in the head, I’ve experienced it before, don’t make yourself too angry!”
He Ling held his uninjured hand and shook it, the other party was standing up for him, he knew it, but it was useless to reason with the He family, don’t get angry because of this.
        “If you are done with your play, please leave my home!” Qi Yue looked at her with cold eyes, and spoke indifferently to send her away.
        “You ……” Qian opened her mouth to cry, and was interrupted by the village chief.
“He Tian, do you still think that what your family had done is not embarrassing enough?” The village chief’s face was gloomy, whenever he felt that He’s family was shameless enough, they would always do something even more shameless to provoke his patience!
He Tian only felt his face unbearably trouble, he dragged Qian up from the ground, “Are you trying to ruin my face even more than this?!”
Seeing his anger, Qian hung her head and do not make any more noise.
He Tian helped He Gui to restrain He Fu, and left dejectedly with the others. The villagers who had gathered at the door, watched them leave, looked at each other in disbelief, then they dispersed when the village chief looked over.
 “I’ve given the village chief trouble again this time!” Qi Yue turned back and gave a bow to the village chief.
The village chief swing his hand tiredly.
“The He family has made such a big fuss this time, they will be able to behave well for some period of time!”
The two of them chatted for a few minutes before the village chief took his son Feng Zheng to left as well.He was too old and very tired from all the fuss!
“Big brother Lin, you should quickly go home too! Sister-in-law is still sick!” Qi Yue patted Lin Sheng’s shoulder, this sudden situation, also made him unable to keep watch over Wu Yulan.
        “Ok, I won’t stay much longer then!” Lin Sheng didn’t make any blind courtesy with him, he was also concerned about his wife, so he nodded to the people there, turned around and left the door.
Qi Yue threw the money bag in his hand directly into Xu Hua’s arms, “The money they paid for the medicine, Hua Ge’er keep it well!”
Xu Hua subconsciously caught what was thrown at him, when he heard his words, he felt the money bag burning in his hands, it was fifty taels, “I can’t take it!”
“What’s wrong with that? You’ve been injured, they should pay you back!” Zheng Yue feng hurriedly persuaded, Qi Yue and He Ling weren’t lack of money but Xu Hua didn’t seem to be well off, this compensation money, he deserved it!
        “I, I really can’t take it!” Xu Hua held the money bag, he didn’t know what to do, how could he accept so much silver for no reason, he was already happy to be able to help Ling Ge’er !
 He Ling looked at him who has a troubled look on his face, after some thought, he took out twenty taels from the money bag, “This is the compensation for us, I am lightly injured, so I will take twenty taels, I have already taken it, so you can’t refuse to take it!”
        Xu Hua saw him shaking twenty taels of silver ingots at him, smiling with a crooked eyebrow, he followed suit also put the money bag in his arms, “Allright, I’ll take it too!”
Qi Yue stroked his Fu Lang’s head, his Ah Ling was becoming more and more cheerful, he was extremely happy!
It was getting late, Father Xu was still at home alone. Xu Hua had been out for so long and was a bit worried, so he said goodbye to them.
Qi Yue looked at Zheng Yue Feng who wanted to say something, so he said, “I need to stay at home to accompany my Ah Ling, so I’ll ask Zheng Gong zi to help me send Hua Ge’er back!”
Zheng Yue feng’s eyes lit up, he immediately nodded, “No problem, no trouble!”
Xu Hua shook his head and refused, “I can go by myself, I don’t need someone to send me off!”
Zheng Yue feng’s shoulders immediately slumped in frustration.
Qi Yue smiled secretly, this man was so comfortable when he was pestering his Fu Lang last time, but now he can’t do anything at all! He said, “You’re injured, if you leave like this, Ah Ling won’t feel at ease, so it’s better to let young master Zheng to send you off!”
“Hua Ge’er, let Zheng Gong zi take you back!” He Ling didn’t think much of it, he really just didn’t feel at ease.
They had said so, since Xu Hua did not want to let them worry about him, then he nodded and agreed.
Qi Yue gave him a bottle of powder, instructed him not to get the wound wet and to change the medicine often.
Xu Hua thanked him and left, accompanied by Zheng Yue feng.
He Ling breathed a long sigh of relief, only feeling that the day had been a thrilling one so much that his heart was tired.
Qi Yue picked him up and kissed him on the forehead, “Is A Ling tired?”
 He Ling put his arms around his neck, shook his head, “I’m not tired, I just feel like I’m in a trance, I feel like as if I’m dreaming, I actually go as far as beating someone up!”
Qi Yue carried him and walked towards the hall, “Very good! If you meet someone like that, you should hit him as hard as you can!”
“I was terrified too!” Seeing Xu hua fighting with He Fu made his mind go blank, shaking his head, He Ling stopped thinking about it as he asked, “Where did you go today?”
 “Went to Big brother Lin’s house!” Qi Yue put him into a chair then he sat down, pouring him a cup of tea, “Yulan’s sister-in-law has experience symptoms of a miscarriage, they’re really worried about her!”
[Notes about experiencing a miscarriage-like symptom (e.g., abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding) caused by the physical condition of the expectant mother or by an external compromising factor (e.g., physical trauma, environmental toxin)]
He Ling jerked his head up, forgetting to take the tea he handed over, and said urgently, “Is she alright then?”
 “Yes, she is alright” Qi Yue put the tea in his hand, reassuring him, “I’ve given her an acupuncture, she’ll be fine after a few days of medicine!”
“That’s good!” He Ling breathed a sigh of relief then he took a sip of his tea to calm down, “I’ll go and see her tomorrow, she must be terrified too!”
        Qi Yue nodded in response, he guessed there was something else going on inside this time, Lin Sheng’s expression was not right.
        He Ling finished his tea, when his eyes glanced at the basket on the floor, he remembered something, he stood up to run over to it, “Rabbits!”
        The three little fur balls were cuddled up in the basket, sleeping soundly against each other, When the village chief came over, Xu Hua had brought them in, but at that time, he was still in a state of uncertainty, so he didn’t bother to look.
        He reached out his hand, carefully touched their soft ears, his heart melting, “So cute!” (Tl: you are cute too😍)
        Qi Yue knelt down beside him, then gave him a kiss on the side of his cheek, “I’ll make a nest for them in the backyard later.”
        He Ling nodded and gave him a kiss on his cheek too, smiling happily.
♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡*♥
Tl 📒 :
Interesting fact about “胎气” is a concept in Chinese traditional medicine. There is no such a thing practically in the world.If you have to translate it, “disturbing the peacefulness of the fetus” might be one you are looking for. However, after that, you may still need to explain to the westerners what kind of “peacefulness” is disturbed, because, again, there is no such a thing in the modern medical science.
Hmm 🤔🙄
I got this info while searching for better explanation about it.
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