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BTC Chapter 28

A Brother and A sister

Back to the Countryside
Chapter 28 : 兄妹
A brother and A sister

Qi Yue took He Ling into a very famous shop in the town, which had two floors, the ground floor sold fabrics & clothes, while the first floor sold gold & silver jewellery also rouge & powder, with a wide range of styles that were very popular with girls and gers.

“Yo, isn’t this Qi Gong zi!” The shop manager seemed to recognise him and greeted him with a smile on his face.

Qi Yue gave him a nod and said, “I’ve brought my husband (Fu Lang) here today to have a look!”

The shop manager smiled, looked at He Ling. He thought he was very pretty and beautiful. No wonder he was so loved by Qi Yue. He said, “The two of you really look good together, even my small shop feels a little brighter!”

“You’re joking!” He said, “I’ll show him around, the Shop manager is busy, no need to greet him.”
“Okay, make yourselves at home!” The shop maanager raised his hand and beckoned a fellow assistant to follow, and left with an arch of his hand.

        Qi Yue turned his head to He Ling and said, “The clothes and perfume I bought earlier for you belonged to this shop!”

        He Ling suddenly said with a smile: “I thought that this shop was also  opened by xiang gong!”

After listening, Qi Yue looked thoughtful as if he was considering it seriously, If husband (Fu Lang) likes it, then I will buy this place, what do you think?”

        “You better not! ” He Ling was anxious, What does he need this shop for?

        Seeing his panic, Qi Yue smiled and wanted to tease him again, but then he saw a shirt hanging, light blue in colour, with a few clusters of pear blossoms embroidered on the hem, very elegant and beautiful!

        He dragged He Ling over to it and touched it with his hand, the texture was smooth and very nice. He said to the fellow following him, “Does this suit fit my husband’s size?”

        The fellow looked at He Ling and bowed, “Yes, I’ll go and get it for you!”

        Seeing that it was for himself, He Ling took Qi Yue’s hand, “xiang gong, I have many clothes, there is no need to buy more!”

        “This dress surely fit you, I want to see you wear it!” Qi Yue didn’t say much else, his eyes looked at him with a smile.

He Ling’s mouth opened again and again, but he could not say no. While he was hesitating, the man had already come over with the clothes, so he could not let anyone take it back, so he had to take it and change.

Qi Yue suddenly thought of something and said to the servant next to him, “I’ll go up to the first floor to have a look, and when my husband comes out, please let him know.”

The man bowed in response, and Qi Yue turned and went upstairs, looking for a suitable hairpin to match the dress.

No sooner had Qi Yue gone upstairs than a fellow greeted him, and with a nod he said, “Where are the jade hairpins?”

The man listened and led him to a cabinet, “All the jade hairpins in the shop are here, you could see if there is anything you like?”

Qi Yue hung his head and scanned through the hairpins of various shapes and sizes before finally stopping at a white jade hairpin.The hairpin was warm and delicate, and coincidentally, the head of the hairpin was also carved with pear blossoms, which matched the dress.

        Qi Yue reached out to picked up the hairpin and examined it carefully,
Although it was not the finest jade, in this small town, it was not bad at all.
He handed the hairpin to the man:
“Wrap it up!”

        The man took the hairpin and left, Qi Yue looked around casually, so that if he saw something suitable, he could buy it for his husband as well.

        “My lord!”

        Qi Yue turned around and saw a girl standing behind him, like a young lady from a rich family, with a maid at her side, whom he did not seem to recognise, “You are ……”

“These Gong zi has forgotten?” Seeing that he didn’t remember, the girl was a little lost and busily said, “You and I once met once, I accidentally fell down in front of you!”

        Speaking of falling, Qi Yue did have some recollection that he had indeed bumped into that girl when he came to town to buy cattle and was on his way back.

        Seeing that he seemed to recall, the girl relaxed and looked at his face, she couldn’t help but be shy again, “I didn’t expect to see you again after a hasty farewell last time, it was really fate!”

        Qi Yue did not say anything, to him, it was not fate.

        “That’s right!” The girl suddenly remembered what she had not been able to ask last time, “My name is Zheng Yue yan, I wonder if you can tell me your name?”

        “Qi Gong zi (Mr.Qi/Young Master Qi) your hairpin is already wrapped!” Before Qi Yue could say no, the shop assistant came over with a wooden box.

“So your surname is Qi!” Zheng Yue yan was very excited.

Qi Yue sighed and didn’t bother to deal with the situation, saying, “I’ve finished picking out my things, so I’ll leave first!”

“Wait a minute, Mr. Qi!” Zheng Yue yan saw him leave so she panicked, chased after him with her skirt.
Zheng Yue feng, with his folding fan in his hand, walked down the street with the grace of a gentleman, occasionally smiling at the girls and gers he passed, and watching them blush with pleasure.

“Young master, it’s almost noon, shall we go and find the lady?” The slave following him looked up at the sky and came forward to remind him.

Zheng Yue feng closed his fan with a swish and said, “She must be at the shop she always goes to!”

They are not far from the shop, it was only a short walk, because of his sister, he had quite often come to this shop!

        “Young master Zheng, are you here to see your sister?” As soon as he entered, the shop manager rushed to welcome him, the Zheng family was a big family in the town, nearly half of the shops in the town were owned by them, they couldn’t afford to be offended!

        “Yes, she loves your clothes and jewellery, she comes here all the time!” We have a whole room full of these things, yet its still being brought home all day long.

        “Young lady likes it, it’s an honour for the shop!” The shop manager was busy arching his hand since Miss Zheng had spent a lot of money here and the big customer of their shop.

        Zheng Yue Feng was about to say something when his eyes caught sight of something, his expression became very stunning,he reached out by pushing the shop manager to the other side and walked over.

The shopkeeper was suddenly pushed away from him, when he saw where he was going, his heart jumped, “Oh no, something’s going to happen!

He Ling finished changing his clothes so he came out, but he didn’t see Qi Yue’s figure. He was puzzled, but the assistant who had been waiting at the side greeted him with a bow, “Qi gong zi has gone up to the first floor, please wait for a moment!”

He Ling nodded his head to show that he understood, then raised his hand to straighten his sleeves.

“This little ger really looks like an immortal who has descended to earth in these clothes, he looks great!”

He looked up, saw a young gentleman dressed in white standing there, holding a folding fan while smiling with his eyebrows, all in the manner of a gentleman.

When a strange man spoke to him, in a place where he did not know well, He Ling was at a loss as to how to react, so he took a small step back, dropping his eyes to avoid his gaze.

“Young master Zheng, your sister is upstairs, I’ll show you the way!” The shop manager went up to him, trying to get him away from here.Even though Qi Yue was a countryman, he didn’t look easy, let alone the Zheng family, if these two clashed later, they would smash his shop!

        “No hurry, no hurry!” Zheng Yue feng waved his hand at him perfunctorily and took a step closer to He Ling, “My name is Zheng Yue feng, may I ask you, your name?”

        His intention was already very obvious, so naturally He Ling would not answer him so he just kept his head down without saying a word.

        “Name, I see no need to know!”

        Just as Zheng Yue Feng was about to ask the beauty a few more questions, a voice (without much emotion) came from behind him and when several people looked over, Qi Yue was standing at the entrance of the stairs with a cold expression.

        “Xiang gong!” He Ling’s heart was overjoyed then he hurriedly trotted over.

Qi Yue took him into his arms, patting his back soothingly, and smiling, “Don’t be afraid! I’m here.”

        Zheng Yue yan, who had chased him down from above, when hearing the calling sound of “Xiang gong!” was struck by lightning. As the same time, she saw Qi Yue holding someone in his arms. That man had already married?

        Zheng Yue Feng was heartbroken as well, he watched the beauty he had just fallen in love with, fall into the arms of another man!

        Qi Yue raised his eyes and saw that the man’s eyes were still glued to his husband’s body, and he was very unhappy. It was only a matter of taking a hairpin, and yet someone dared to think of his man.  “Does he still look good?”

“Naturally, look good!” Zheng Yue feng answered subconsciously. After he reacted, he met a pair of very deep eyes, his heart was suddenly scared.

Although Qi Yue was smiling, there was no smile in his eyes, and his gaze was coolly fixed on him. He didn’t need to say anything else, but it gave him the chills and made him feel like he had fallen into an ice cave!

Zheng Yue feng could not help but spread his fan to shield his face, blocking that line of sight.

“You, Qi gong zi are married?” Zheng Yue yan came down from the ppstairs, trembled as she asked.

Qi Yue held He Ling in his arms, turned around, holding his hand with his other hand, and said, “Naturally!”

“Your husband, he ……” Zheng Yue yan was not convinced, wanting to say that she was better than him, but when she saw He Ling’s face, her expression froze and she muttered. “He’s really, seriously good looking ……”

It was the first time that He Ling had been told by a girl that he looked good, so he blushed quietly.

        “When you blush, you look even better!” Zheng Yue yan was in a complicated mood, biting her handkerchief, how could she make provocations with such a face? In her life, she had never had a problem with good-looking people!

        Qi Yue raised an eyebrow, should he consider covering his husband’s face when he went out in the future?

        “Misunderstanding, it seems, is all misunderstanding!” The shop manager took the opportunity to make a roundabout statement, the way things were going was a bit unexpected, but it was good for their shop!

        “Hahahaha …… misunderstanding misunderstanding!” Zheng Yue feng laughed dryly, by the shopkeeper down the steps, he said, “I am Zheng Yue feng, that is my sister Zheng Yue yan, I didn’t know you two were already …… Please be magnanimous enough to forgive or tolerate*海涵!”

[海涵 [hǎi hán], a Chinese word , pinyin hǎi hán, is often used as a word of forgiveness . Respectful speech, said to be generous and tolerant; speech for forgiveness]

Since the others had already lowered their stance, Qi Yue naturally would not hold on to them any longer. He said, “I am Qi Yue, this is my husband, He Ling!”

        Looking at Qi Yue’s posture, Zheng Yue feng could not help but sigh in admiration, such poise and grace, only then could he be called a gentleman, a dragon and a phoenix among men! When he smiled, he could make people feel like a spring breeze, but if he took away a part of his smile, it would make people shudder*(不寒而栗).He is really no match, no match!

[不寒而栗 :shiver all over though not cold / tremble with fear /  Trembling / Shaking without being cold / Describes very fearful]

        “What? Are you ashamed*( 自愧不如) of yourself?” Zheng Yue yan walked up to him and saw his admiration, she couldn’t help but feel smug, she always had a good eye!

[自愧不如 :ashamed of being inferior / to feel inferior to others]

        Zheng Yue feng glanced at her and said, “We are the same!(彼此彼此) “

[彼此彼此 : no better (or worse) than each other ]

        Zheng Yue yan was speechless, but she quietly shifted her gaze to He Ling’s face. “If it were me, I would like such a beauty too!”

        “He is a ger moreover he’s someone else’s!” Zheng Yue Feng looked at her speechlessly, “You’re out of luck!”

“You’re no good either!” Zheng Yue yan gave him a fierce glare.

        The maid and the slave who were following them looked at each other and sighed. Their young lady and young master were good at everything, but sometimes, they always …… acted differently than normal people!

        While the two siblings were exchanging words, Qi Yue also put the newly picked white jade hairpin in He Ling’s hair, and as he expected, it matched perfectly, “My Ah Ling, it’s so pretty!”

        He Ling lifted his hand and touched it, wanting to ask if the hairpin very expensive or not, but when he met Qi Yue’s eyes, he changed his mind, “If you think it looks good, then I like it!”

        Qi Yue’s heart softened as he lifted his hand to gently stroked the hair that fell on his chest, gently smoothing it out.

“Gentlemen, I wonder if you could give me some face? Can I have a meal with you?” Zheng Yue Feng is a man who loves to make friends, and when he meets someone who is to his liking, he naturally wants to make friends.

        “Please don’t refused, it’s a token of apology!” Although she was always domineering and could scold people when her temper get the better of her, she was always very forgiving of people she like especially beautiful people. Besides, she had a crush on his husband, so she had to invite him to dinner in order to get to know him.

The two of them were sincere, so it would not be good to refuse them, so after some thought, Qi Yue nodded and agreed.


        The author has something to say: Yes, the Zheng siblings are 顏狗* ( face con)

[Notes on Face Con/顏狗 yan gou:
Describe a type of person who is very concerned and care about the appearance. They like people with good looks, handsome or pretty, they easily fascinated by beautiful appearance.]


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