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BTC Chapter 29


Chapter 29: 遇上
Encounter (meet)

Zheng Yue feng took them to a famous restaurant in town, called the ‘Banquet Moon’ Restaurant(宴月樓 = Yan Yue Lou).The chef , Qi Yue had hired when he got married was from this restaurant, and for this town, the food was quite good!

When they entered, they were personally greeted by the restaurant’s head waiter, who led them to a window seat on the first floor.

Zheng Yue Feng asked them about their tastes, and knowing that they had no taboos, he ordered a few of the signature dishes, “This restaurant is owned by the Zheng family, so if you come here to eat in the future, please mention my name and I will not charge you!”

Qi Yue smiled faintly and said, “Then thank you for your generosity,Young Master Zheng!”

“No need to say thank you!” Looking at him, Zheng Yue Feng felt that he was a very straightforward man, without the hypocrisy of others that often so meaningless!

It was the first time that He Ling had eaten in such a big restaurant, so he was a bit overcautious. Qi Yue patted his hand on his lap under the table, as soon as he turned his head,meet with his reassuring gaze, his nervousness went away, so he smiled and said it was fine.

        Zheng Yue yan held her chin in her hands and looked at the two people across from each other, sighing in her heart, this picture is really pleasing to the eye! Although she regretted that Qi Yue was already married, she would have been happy and willing to, if his husband (Fu Lang) was such a beauty like He Ling!

        “I’m sorry to ask, but are you two foreigners?” Zheng Yue Feng knew this town very well,  if they had lived here often, he would not have failed to recognise them.

        “I am indeed an outsider, Ah Ling is not.” Qi Yue withdrew his gaze and attention from He Ling and said, “We now live in Gu Shui Village.”

        “Gu Shui Village?” They actually lived in the village? Zheng Yue Feng was a little surprised, “That place seems quite remote!”

Zheng Yue yan didn’t expect He Ling to be a country ger, he didn’t look like that, not at all, she thought he was a ger from some wealthy family!

        “It’s true that it’s some distance from the town!” Without the carriage, it would not have been so convenient for them to travel to and from the town.

        By the time the food was served, they had already talked quite a lot,  Qi Yue had a bit of understanding regarding these brother and sister.The little temperament of a rich family is not a big problem, even if it is occasionally a little out of the ordinary, but it is also interesting! The fact that Zheng Yue Feng had offended his husband (Fu Lang) earlier was just a love of beauty, he had no bad intention, and could be dismissed.

        As for Zheng Yue yan’s thoughts about him …… Qi Yue also does not know whether to be happy or unhappy, as for now, it seems that this girl’s interest in his husband, seems to be stronger!

Qi Yue picked up a crystal clear shrimp dumpling, placed it in He Ling’s bowl, “You were not feeling well at the time of our wedding, so you were unable to eat any of the dishes made by the cook, today is the perfect day to try it.”

        The shrimp dumpling was so delicate that it could be eaten in just one small bite, biting into the outer skin, the fresh fragrance of the filling filled the mouth, He Ling chewed a few times and swallowed, “Delicious!”

        “It’s good that you like it!” Qi Yue chucked another one to him, while putting some of the other few dishes he thought were quite good in his bowl.

        The Zheng siblings suddenly felt superfluous and just had to bury their heads in their food, trying not to disturb the other two.

        The seat He Ling was sitting in, was by the window, so he could see the street below him with a slight side tilt of his head, at the moment he saw two familiar people on the street, “Xiang Gong.”

        “What is it?” Qi Yue, who was lowering his head to serve him food, raised his head to see him pointing his finger out the window so he leaned slightly to look over.

“Is it someone you know?” Zheng Yue Feng saw them all looking downstairs so he followed suit, but there were many pedestrians on the street and he didn’t know which one they knew, “If you know them well, why don’t you invite them up for a seat?”

        Qi Yue’s lips curved up in a cold curve and said, “No need to bother them! “

        If he said that, then he was not a good friend, so Zheng Yue Feng did not speak again.

     “Big Aunt saw me!”  He Ling at the window, however, locked eyes with Qian, who had inadvertently tilted her head,, and he saw her pulling He Zhen and pointing in his direction, saying something.

        Seeing that they had started to come this way, Qi Yue pointed at He Zhen and said to Zheng Yue Feng, “Zheng Gongzi (Young Master Zheng), this man has a strange disease, don’t let him infect the guests in the building.”

        Zheng Yue feng glanced in the direction he pointed, he saw that the man’s head and face were masked and indeed strange. Naturally, he knew Qi Yue did not want to see them, he was also happy to help out, so he reached out ,beckoned to the head waiter to show him the man, “This man has a disease, don’t let him in!”

The young owner’s words were naturally obeyed by the waiter, who took a look at the people and trotted downstairs.

“I wonder if these two people are ……” Looking at the way they were dressed, they looked like people from the countryside.

Qi Yue He patted He Ling and told him to continue eating, while saying. “They are my husband’s, relatives”

The word “relatives” was said in a very subtle way. Zheng Yuefeng immediately understood. Everyone’s family has a few  ‘unlikeable’ kind of relatives! As for more, he wouldn’t ask. After all, it was a family matter, and he had a good sense of perspective.

After waiting for a long time at the clinic, Qian and He Zhen finally couldn’t wait any longer for Qi Yue to return. It was noon already, they were both hungry, so they had to go out to find a place to eat.

Who would have thought, on the street where the vendors were selling foods, when they looked up, they saw the white eyes wolf 🐺 He Ling sitting on the first floor of a restaurant, eating a meal. They were still hungry, but this unfilial man was eating and drinking*(吃香的喝辣的) here!

[吃香的喝辣的 : literally, eating delicious and drinking spicy 🌶, it just another way to say enjoying the meal comfortably]

“Zhen’er, He Ling is there! ” Qian tugged on He Zhen and pointed him out.

        When He Zhen looked up, he saw He Ling and Qi Yue, who was sitting beside him, looking at them, pointing in their direction, then he saw a young gentleman sitting opposite them turn his face. The young man was handsome and well-dressed, and looked like the young master of a wealthy family.

        “Is that gentleman a friend of Qi Yue? He looks very rich!” Qian also saw the young man, thought to herself that it would be good if his ger could marry him, as he looked even richer than Qi Yue!

        He Zhen didn’t say anything, he looked at them, they turned their head away as if they didn’t see them, the young man was still smiling and talking to He Ling, so He Zhen squeezed his medicine bag tightly in his hand, he hated in his heart, how could He Ling, this little bitch, not having enough of Qi Yue, but He Ling without virtue and ability*(何德何能) , how could he have met such a gentleman?

Qian saw that He Ling dared to pretend not to see her, she was already uncomfortable because she had spent the silver, now she was even more annoyed, “Zhen’er, let’s go up and look for them, we can’t let them keep the good things to themselves!”

        He Zhen did not object and followed her towards the front door of the restaurant.

        “I’m sorry gentlemen, the restaurant is full, please come back next time!” Their feet had barely stepped on the doorstep when they were stopped in their tracks by the shopkeeper who trotted out from inside.

        “We’re looking for someone, the person at the table upstairs by the window is with us all the way!” Qian pointed to the first floor and was about to lift her foot to go inside again.

        “Hey hey hey, this guest, don’t tease me, that table is our young master, he’s entertaining guests!” The waiter boy stopped her from entering.

“The young master?” The young proprietor of such a big restaurant, how rich must he be, she had to go up even more, this was a better golden tortoise son-in-law than Qi Yue, “We know your young master’s guests, that’s my nephew and nephew-in-law!”

        “I’m really sorry, I can’t let you in!” The shopkeeper stopped them dead in their tracks, not giving an inch, he didn’t want to lose his rice bowl* (he mean he don’t want to lose his job, lol)

        “Hey, you ……”

        Qian was just about to give a lecture when he was pulled aside by He Zhen, “Mother, did He Ling say something bad about us to that gentleman?”

        Qian think he has a point, He Ling must have a grudge against them because of the marriage, thinking that he might make fun of them in front of others, the more she thought about it, the more annoyed she became, so she rushed and shouted to the first floor, “He Ling, come down here! Your aunt and cousin are still hungry, but you are eating well by yourselves!”

        When she shouted out, everyone around her stopped to watch the commotion.

He Zhen didn’t stop her, but when he looking at the eyes of the people around him as if they were watching a comedy show*(看笑話), he felt so humiliated that he tugged on Qian’s arm, “Mother, there are so many people here!”

[看笑話* : to watch with amusement as somebody makes a fool of himself]

        Qian shook him off, “I want everyone to see what this ungrateful white eyes wolf looks like!”

        Seeing that more and more people were gathered around, since He Zhen could not stop his mother, he had to shrink his shoulders, make a timid face, his voice was even tinged with tears, “Mother, cousin dislikes us, so we must not, don’t provoke and annoy him anymore! “

        He Zhen’s face was pitiful compared to the well-dressed people on the first floor, and the crowd was already pointing*(指指點點) at them.

[指指點點* : to point out / to point the finger of blame]

        He Ling put down the chopsticks in his hand and lost his appetite for food.

        Qi Yue reached out and took him in his arms, gazing downstairs with a frosty gaze that was terrifyingly chilling.

Zheng Yue yan picked up her cup of tea and suddenly stood up. She went to the window, splashed it down,immediately there was a screaming sound from the downstairs!

He Ling looked at her in amazement, he even forgot to be sad. (Tl: Oh my… He Ling’s reaction is too cute 😂😂😂 So pure🐰)

Zheng Yue yan put her hand on the edge of the window and unhurriedly said, “I’m sorry, this auntie, this lady’s body is weak, so I didn’t hold it steady for a while, did I scald you?”

Qian, who had been poured a cup of tea water over her head, was furious. She wiped the water off her face with her sleeve, pointed at her and scolded her, “How dare you splash me with water, you stinky little girl*(臭丫頭) !”

(臭丫頭 : smelly/skinky brat/girl, but 丫頭 could also mean a servant girl/maid beside little girl)

“What if I splash you? I even dared to hit you, believe it or not!” Zheng Yue yan raised her hand, threw the empty teacup in her hand, shattering it right at Qian’s feet, causing her to scream and retreat a few steps back.

“You …… you ……” Qian shook her hand, unable to speak for a moment.

        “I’m telling you, old woman, no one in this town has ever dared to point their finger at my nose and call me, this magnificent young lady of Zheng family’s as a stinky girl, you’re the first one. This lady,I’ll remember that! ” Zheng Yue yan crossed her arms, looking arrogant and domineering! (Tl: 😯 wow she is so cool! Actually at her first appearance in chapter 3, I doubt I will even like the character)

Many of those who were watching the commotion turned pale at the sound of her name and hurriedly left with their heads bowed, for they could not afford to meddle in the affairs of the Zheng family!

It was only then Qian realized that this girl was sitting with the young proprietor, so she must not be a simple figure.This was confirmed by the reactions of the people around her.
Now she was so frightened that she turned pale!

He Zhen’s intestines were turning blue now, he should have stopped his mother, but now he had offended someone for nothing!

        “You’re spoiling my mood for meal time, so get out!” Zheng Yue yan waved his hand disdainfully, like driving an housefly away.

He Zhen helped Qian, who had lost her strength, to turn around and leave, before he left he looked back at He Ling upstairs, his eyes full of bitter resentment, the humiliation he had suffered today, he must double it on He Ling.

Zheng Yue yan scolded the others and turned around proudly to see He Ling staring at her in disbelief ( 目瞪口呆: dumbfounded like this 😮😯). She blushed, embarrassed!

It was the first time He Ling had ever seen such a way of behavior and he simply sighed in awe*!

[嘆為觀止 : tàn wéi guān zhǐ
(idiom) to gasp in amazement / to acclaim as the peak of perfection]

“This is the first time that I*(wei xiong=as an elder brother, polite way) think, your bossiness( domineering) is your good point!” Zheng Yue Feng shook his fan, praise in a very special way.

“Hmph, to deal with such people, you just have to be tough!” Zheng Yue yan took a large sip of the freshly refilled tea the maid gave her. She just yelling so loudly that her throat was hurting!

Zheng Yue Feng arched his hand at the two, “You two should not blame my sister for meddling in other people’s affairs!”

“No, we should be grateful for saving us from trouble!” Qi Yue gave him a faint smile and lowered his eyes to look at his right hand, a cold aura flashed in his eyes. ‘Count them lucky! ‘

After they had eaten, Qi Yue planned to take He Ling to buy some things and go back to the village. So he said goodbye to the Zheng siblings.

“Brother He Ling (He Ling Ge Ge!), when I have time later, may I come to Gu shui Village to look for you?” Seeing that the others were about to leave, Zheng Yue yan reached out her hand and tugged at He Ling’s sleeve.

He Ling was a little surprised by her tugging at him, very few young girls or gers were close to him, they always inexplicably didn’t like him much, for the first time someone wanted to play with him, he subconsciously looked at Qi Yue.

        Qi Yue saw his enquiring look and nodded. His husband could make more friends and be more open-minded, and although this Zheng girl was ‘pampered and sometimes brutal*(娇蛮)‘, she was not a bad person, so he could get along with her.

[娇蛮* : ‘coquettish’ is different from tsundere in japanese term=== the same description is an arrogant attitude but can become shy under certain conditions====the difference :
Coquettish is to describe a girl who is cute but savage, tsundere is more hateful to others, No one inside in his/her eyes, I hope this is right]

        When he received the affirmation, He Ling smiled at her, “As long as you don’t mind the remoteness of the village, you can come anytime!”

        Seeing his promise, Zheng Yueyan let go of her hand, “Then it’s a deal!”


Translator OS : finally He Ling got a girl friend lol….😊

I forgot to say that actually i also didn’t expect Qi Yue own the clinic.. Ha ha 😂

More likeable characters beside Lin Sheng and Wu yulan, this two siblings also interesting

lia15 May 2021 at 21:31
Lol Zeng siblings really beyond normal people
LittleYen21 May 2021 at 06:42
Yup, it was fun whenever they appear
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