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BTC Chapter 20

Back to the Countryside
Chapter 20 : Kiss 💋(親吻) 

He Ling had slept for an hour and when he woke up, his body was still a bit soft, but he was much better than before. He propped himself up on the bed and saw two people sitting at the round table in the middle of the room, Wu Yulan and a ger. 
        “You’re awake? How are you? Are you still uncomfortable?” Wu Yulan, who was talking to Li Zao, saw him sitting up and went over to him.
He Ling shook his head to indicate that it was okay and then focused his attention on Li Zao, he know who Li Zao is, after all,they are from the same village, but he did not know him very well. He was embarrassed to think that he was still lying in bed so his ears were a little red.
Li Zhao saw it and thought that it’s quite funny, so he laughed and comfort him, said, “Don’t mind it, you need to rest if you’re not feeling well, it’s okay!”
Wu Yulan saw the redness of his ears and gave them a squeeze, “I have a good relationship with him, so you will have more chances to meet him in the future, just call him Brother Zao!”
        “Brother Zao.” He Ling followed her words and called out.The heat on his ears subsided.
        Li Zao saw that he has a good temperament also a well behaved and sensible person, so his attitude was more friendly. “From now on if you have nothing to do just go around more.I heard from Yulan that you are good at embroidery, so teach me more!”
He Ling hurriedly waved his hand, “I just embroider it by chance. It’s not as good as Yulan sister in law said!”
        “Don’t fool me, I saw the purse Qi Yue was wearing, it was very well embroidered!” Li Zao pretended to whine strangely and look at him. 
        He Ling blushed at the mention of this. He was surprised when Qi Yue said that he had known from the start that he had embroidered the purse.
        Wu Yulan laughed ‘he he’ while watching them chat, and when He Ling blushed again because of teasing, she reached out and patted his hand that grabbing the quilt and asked, “Are you hungry? I’ll go to the kitchen and get you something to eat?”
        “I’m a little bit hungry !” He Ling rubbed his stomach, which was a bit flat, it was already close to sunset, he hadn’t eaten anything since morning, so he was naturally hungry.He lifted the quilt, “I’ll go by myself!”
“What are you talking about? You are the new husband today, you can’t go out of the room!” Wu Yulan looked at him with a smile and did not stop him from getting out of bed, “There is ready-made water in the basin, wash your face to clear your head, I’ll go get you something to eat!”
        He woke up a little confused.
As soon as she said that, He Ling remembered that he had already paid his respects earlier and was Qi Yue’s new husband.
        Inevitably, he also remembered what had happened last night, and his face changed and he was still a bit scared in his heart, the two people who were talking did not notice his strange appearance.
        Wu Yulan asked Li Zao to continue talking with him for a while, and then took her used dirty dishes out of the room.
He Ling shook off his head to keep his mind off those things, put on his shoes and walked to the basin stand, scooped up a handful of water from the copper basin and splashed it on his face, the cool clear water sobering him up a little.
        “Qi Yue is a good man, your future, too, will be better!” Li Zao watched him wipe his hands and face with a cloth towel, then he smiled and opened his mouth.
        “He’s very nice!” He Ling lowered his eyebrows, recalling how considerate Qi Yue had been towards him, and a few gentle smiles appeared on his face.
        Li Zao looked at his face and his smile intensified, “The way you smile, you really look like your mother!”
        He Ling froze and lifted his head, “Brother Zao knew my mother?”
“I’m seven years older than you, so naturally I know her! ” His mother was then considered a celebrity in the village, and even though she was twenty years old when she arrived, she still provoked many unmarried men to chase her. 
“So my mother, what kind of person is she?” He Ling looked at him and opened his mouth to ask.
 Whenever he mentioned his mother’s to his father as a child his dad would get very sad and even would get sick, and then he didn’t dare to mention it again. When he was at his grandmother’s house, he dared not ask even more because his grandmother would recite every time she saw him that it was his mother who had killed his father, and as for the others, they rarely even spoke to him, and occasionally he heard some from the village people, but they were not thorough and detailed. 
When Li Zao saw that he was interested, he was also interested, “Your mother was a wonderful person! She was pretty and gentle, and she was so clever that she always made lots of delicious snacks and used to share them with the village children. She and your father loved each other so much that they never quarrelled since they got married. Sometimes the aunts in the village would say, with that personality of her, do not know what your mother would have been like if she had been like the village daughters-in-law who scolded people with their waists crossed!
Listen to Li Zao’s words, He Ling could picture in his mind a gentle and lovely woman, even if he had never seen her, he thought she must be the best woman in the world!
        “Of course, your mother’s best skill is embroidery, everything she embroiders looks like it’s coming to life, it’s beautiful! Your embroidery work is also good so it might be an inheritance!” The Ger’s eyes were nostalgic, “Your mother once told me that if she ever had a ger or a daughter, she would teach him to embroider, she would love him and make him the happiest person, and when he grew up, she would choose the best husband in the world for him!”
        He Ling’s eyes were red, if Mother had not died, Father would not have been sick with longing, he would have had the happiest home!
        “I am a ger too, and I remember her words very clearly, and thought, if only she was my mother!” When Li Zao thought about himself at that time, he also wanted to laugh.
The two of them got closer as they talked about He Ling’s mother, and Li Zao even talked about some embarrassing stories from his childhood, which made He Ling feel better. 
While they were talking, Wu Yulan pushed the door open and came in, she saw that they were getting along well so she feel relieved. She put the bowl she was carrying in front of He Ling, “The dishes in the kitchen are all big fish and meat, too greasy, you just took your medicine, so I didn’t bring those for you, seeing that there is chicken soup, I put in a bowl of noodles. Eat carefully, it’s hot!”
“Thank you, sister-in-law!” He Ling took the chopsticks she handed him, said thank you and then put his head down and ate.He was really hungry at the moment.
 When Li Zao saw him start to eat, he looked at Wu Yulan, “Are they still drinking outside?”
“Hn, there’s only those two tables of men left. It’s not easy to have a good time, so you have to let it go!” When she came over just now, she took a look and saw how many of them were already drunk, Lin Sheng and Wang Tiesheng were all red in the face, but Qi Yue was still smiling like a man with no problem!
        The older people and the girls and gers went back after dinner with their children, leaving a group of young and strong men who wanted to have a good time!
        “Let them drink, they don’t usually have the chance!” The men work all year to support their families, so it’s okay to have a good time today.
        “Man who is already drunk is like a child, you didn’t see Feng’s red face and his foot on the bench, shouting and screaming. I laughed so hard!” Wu Yulan thought it was funny when she remembered that, as the son of the village chief, Feng Zheng usually had a very stable style in front of people. This was a rare sight. 
“Yo, would love to see that!” Li Zao wanted to laugh just by thinking about it.
        Hearing this, He Ling paused with his hand on the noodles🍜. “Is Qi Yue drunk too?” 
Wu Yulan knew he was worried, she waved her hand. “Your man is really good at drinking, his face hasn’t changed, he’s very sober ne!”
        At the word ‘your man’, He Ling’s cheeks and ears turned red, and he hurriedly lowered his head and ate his noodles with his face buried in the bowl.
        The two of them, who had already seen this, looked at each other and covered their mouths and sniggered.
By the time He Ling had finished the bowl of noodles, the men outside had almost had enough to drink, the more sober ones took the drunk ones home with them, Li Zao and Wu Yulan also helped their own men to leave. 
Qi Yue and He Ling were left alone in the house, never having been completely alone before. He Ling was in a bit of a panic, “I’ll, I’ll go and pack up the things outside!”
He had only just taken one step out when he was caught in an embrace that smelled of wine. Qi Yue turned around with him and sat on a stool, then his person also was sitting on his big lap.
He Ling felt himself burning up, but Qi Yue did not let go of him, He buried his face in the curve of his neck and exhaled a hot breath, “How is your body?” 
He Ling stiffened his body and did not dare to move, even his voice was small, “It’s fine ……”
Qi Yue moved forward a little more closer and kissed him lightly on his white neck, “Is it really alright?”
        The piece of skin he kissed had a tingling sensation, He Ling shrank back, “It’s really alright!”
        “He he……” Qi Yue’s low laugh sounded in his ears, at the same time, his wrist was squeezed, “I am a doctor, I know your health condition better than you, don’t lie to me! “
        He Ling didn’t feel that he had lied to him, apart from some weakness and lack of strength, he really didn’t feel anything uncomfortable.
        “Lying, Punish!” Qi Yue lifted his head, his eyes full of laughter looking at him.
        Before He Ling could ask how he should be punished, his lips were covered by someone, and his eyes widened as he stared at the person close at hand.
Qi Yue opened his mouth to take his lips and gently kissed them a few times before backing off a bit, “I don’t think that’s enough ……”
        He Ling obviously hadn’t reacted yet, and looked at him with his mouth open, as if he was shocked.
        Looking at his open mouth, the pink tip of his tongue could be seen, Qi Yue’s eyes darkened and he kissed him again, this time he stretched out his tongue, licked He Ling’s lips and then reached in with his open mouth, curling up his stiff tongue ……
        He was not able to regain his senses until his tongue was curled up. He subconsciously tried to step back, but was stopped by the hand pressed against the back of his head.
        Qi Yue’s other hand encircled his waist and held him tightly, allowing his body to press against his own. His tongue tangled with He Ling’s, lingering in his mouth ……
Only when his body began to heat up did Qi Yue force himself to leave him, their foreheads resting against each other, both of them panting, their breaths intertwined, indistinguishable from each other.
        Qi Yue calmed down for a while, then gently stroked He Ling’s waistline with his fingers and kissed him on his slightly red lips, saying, “If you ever lie to me again, I will punish you like this.”
        He Ling’s face turned red and he couldn’t say a word for a while.He wanted to find a crack in the ground and burrow into it!
        When Qi Yue saw how ashamed he was, he stopped teasing him and took him into his arms.
        He Ling quietly leaned into his arms for a while, and when his face was not so hot, he asked, “Are you feeling uncomfortable after drinking so much wine?”
“It’s alright, I took the antidrinking pills in advance.” Qi Yue knew that as a groomsman, he was bound to be plied with liquor and had prepared in advance, otherwise he would have fallen down!
        “That’s good!” He Ling was relieved that he was alright.
        “Where were you sent by that family last night?” he wanted to ask him about this when he brought him back, but at that time He Ling was not well and he had to take care of the guests, so he put it aside for the moment.Now, he naturally wanted to ask him about it.
        Hearing him mention last night, He Ling stiffened up, as if the long feeling of helplessness and fear had returned.
        The author has something to say: Is the kiss too much? It’s not going to be locked, right ? ( ̄?)
Translator 📝: So far this chapter is my favorite 😍. I only read 1 chapter ahead after I post the translated one so I could keep motivated to continue and not slowing down. 
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