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BTC Chapter 19

Get Married
Back to the Countryside
Chapter 19: 成亲 ( Get Married) 

As the auspicious time is approaching, the bridal party has not yet returned. Fang and Wu Yulan are both a bit anxious, fearing that something has gone wrong with the He family!
       They were just thinking of arranging for someone to go over and check.When they heard the sound of gongs and drums coming from far away, they put their hearts on hold and hurried to the door to welcome them.
        The bridal party was banging and beating.They stopped at the gate with great enthusiasm.Qi Yue dismounted from his horse, took He Ling with him and carried him into the door.
        When Fang and Wu Yulan saw He Ling covered in Qi Yue’s clothes, they felt strange, but knew it was not a good time to ask. Putting her doubts aside, Fang shouted out into the courtyard, “The new Fu Lang is fetch back!”
        The guests all stood up and watched as He Ling was carried into the hall, envious and a little strange at the same time, feeling that He Ling was not dressed correctly.He was wearing the official bridegroom’s clothes, and even without a head covering!
“Could it be that you’ve spent so much that you can’t even afford to buy a wedding dress?” Liu Que opened his mouth sourly again. 
Li Zao glanced at him and didn’t even bother to say anything to him anymore. His own family’s is not good, He was so desperate to see other people’s family’s bad things! 
The minds in the room who were a little more adaptable could guessed that it was probably something wrong with the He family, and they were all thinking of going back and asking the people who were welcoming the bride! 
Qi Yue carried the person into the hall. The village chief and some of the prestigious elders were all sitting inside, they were stunned to see He Ling’s appearance, but they didn’t ask any questions. 
“Can you stand?” Qi Yue asked He Ling as he move close to his ear, his body was a bit weak, he should have been fed some kind of medicine by He’s family. 
    In front of so many people, He Ling, who was hugged by Qi Yue and his emotions stabilized, was flushed with shame, but not as pale as before. When he heard Qi Yue’s question, he nodded his head urgently.
Seeing that he was indeed better, Qi Yue carefully placed him on the ground and, seeing that he was standing firmly, withdrew his hand from holding his waist. 
Wu Yulan brought a futon and placed it on the ground. The two of them knelt down and bowed three times as the village chief instructed. 
When they got up, they looked at each other and smiled lightly. From now on, they would be together for the rest of their lives and would become each other’s most important people. 
The red silk was stuffed into the hands of the two of them. Qi Yue held the silk and took He Ling out of the house, amidst the congratulation and cheers voices of the villagers , he led him to the main room.
As soon as he entered the room, Qi Yue helped He Ling to sit on the bed covered with a big red quilt, and reached out to squeeze his wrist.
 When Wu Yulan, who had followed him in, saw his action, she stood quietly by the side and said nothing. 
After a few moments, Qi Yue’s expression was not pretty let go of his grip and asked Wu Yulan to help him pour a glass of water from the jug on the table, while he went to the drawer in the low cupboard on the wall and took out a medicine bottle and walked back to He Ling. 
He poured out a black pill from the bottle and handed it to He Ling, saying softly, “Take this pill.” 
He Ling obediently took the pill and put it into his mouth, and then drank the water that Wu Yulan passed him.
    Watching him take the medicine, Qi Yue took off his red robe, squatted down to took off his shoes, helping him to lie down on the bed and covered the quilt, “You close your eyes and sleep for a while.”
Last night, he had been holding on hard to not fall asleep. now that lying on the soft bed, naturally he couldn’t stop the sleepiness that came over him. He Ling closed his eyes and soon fell into a dream. 
It was until his breathing had calmed down that Qi Yue stood up and turned to Wu Yulan, who had been very quiet, and said. “Trouble sister-in-law to stay here with him.”
It was obvious that something had happened, but Wu Yulan was in no hurry to ask now, as she would find out sooner or later anyway, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on him, so you go and serve the guests.”
 Qi Yue nodded to her, took another look at the sleeping He Ling, turned around and opened the door to go out.
    Just after leaving the door, he ran into Fang. When she saw him coming out, she greeted him, “How is Ling Ge er?”
 She had just asked Lin Sheng about what had happened and was so angry that her liver hurt. This He family is really shameless! 
“He’s asleep. Sister-in-law Yu lan is with him. Trouble Aunt to send some food in later, so that she can eat inside.” If he didn’t have to take care of the villagers, he would have preferred to keep him company.
 “Fine, don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of him!” Fang was relieved to know that He Ling was asleep. 
Qi Yue smiled and walked away. With so many guests, it is not a problem that he hasn’t appeared not for too long.
Fang sighed and turned to the kitchen, picked out a few dishes and put them on a tray and carried them to the main room.
When she entered, she saw Wu Yulan sitting on the edge of the bed. She put the food on the table and said, “Yulan, come and eat your meal!”
         Wu Yulan answered and came over to sit down, Fang looked in the direction of the bed and sat down at the side of the table, telling her what had happened.
        Wu Yulan slapped her chopsticks on the table and, worried about waking He Ling, looked back and saw that he was still sleeping peacefully, so she turned back and lowered her voice, “This He family is really bad-hearted.
Just now, Brother Qi even gave him a pulse check and medicine.
I don’t know if the family gave him some drug.”
        Fang knew that there was something else going on, and she was really disgusted with them. He Ling was already in poor health, and if anything else went wrong, it would be a lifelong problem!
        After the two chatted for a while, Fang went out, as she had to help greeting those female family members, so she couldn’t stay here much longer.
    Wu Yulan had eaten and packed all the dishes and chopsticks in the tray. She got up and walked to the door, opened the door a gap and looked around. The atmosphere outside was lively, and the men were drinking and drinking until the moment they get excited so she guess some of them are noisy today!
        She closed the door again and went to the bedside, seeing the thin layer of sweat on He Ling’s head, so she pulled the quilt down. It was almost summer time and the weather is slowly getting hot. Now it’s noon when the sun is shining, if the cover is too tight, she afraid it will too stuffy to the utmost. 
As soon as she wiped away the sweat from his head with the cloth towel, she heard a knock on the door. She got up and put the cloth towel back on the basin stand, and went over to open the door. 
   “Zao’er, why are you here?” Standing outside the door, it was Li Zao who had a good relationship with Wu Yulan.
Li Zao smiled, “I’ve had enough to eat, so I thought I’d come and take a look around, since Tie Sheng and others will be drinking by until afternoon!”
“Come on in! Just the right time, you could accompany me to talk too!” Wu Yulan let the man in and closed the door. 
“Qi Yue’s house and this room’s set up is also very good!” Li Zao went into the house and looked around. Everything was brand new and it brightened up the whole house.
 “Of course it is, the date has just been set, he went to Sun’s carpenter and ordered a complete set also use the good wood, he had to make it in time for the wedding!” In fact, some of the things were still new, but Qi Yue said he couldn’t let his husband use the old things, so he replaced them all and put the old ones in the penthouse.
 “He loved dearly his Fu Lang!” The fact that he has to do everything well, it shows that he cares about the husband. 
 Li Zao looked at the person on the bed and asked, “Can I go over there and have a look?”
“Why can’t you?!” Wu Yulan knew he was also curious about He Ling, although he was in the same village, he had rarely met him, and He Ling had always avoided people and did not talk to them much.
        Li Zao walked lightly to the bedside, where the man was sleeping soundly and showed no sign of waking up. “The more I look at him carefully, the more I thought he look good, no wonder he always attracted envy!”
        They already knew what the He family had done from the mouths of the bride’s greeters, and he really didn’t like that family, and to disregard others for the sake of his own ger’s happiness was unseemly!
        Wu Yulan took him to the table and poured him a glass of water, “Who said it wasn’t so? You didn’t see Ling Ge er when he was brought to my house earlier, he was beaten beyond recognition!”
        She was shocked when she saw him, but she had always thought that the family was just being a little bit harshly to him.She had never thought that they would even hit him! 
“I see that he does not look so well now, and he has fallen asleep, is he ill?” He looked a little pale, and underneath his eyes were greenish black. 
        “He was fine when he was sent over yesterday, he can’t be sick just like that.
I think the He family has given him some kind of medicine, otherwise how could Ling Ge’er see He Zhen replace him to marry!” Although Wu Yulan was not sure about this, but looking at Qi Yue’s face, she guessed it was not far from the truth.
        “If Second Uncle He were still alive and saw his ger being treated like this by his elder brother’s family, how heartbroken he would be!” At that time, He Ming and his wife relationship with the villagers were quite good and everyone was quite sad after the accident. He remembered how He Ling’s mother would always give him something delicious to eat whenever she saw him, and how gentle her smile was!
        Wu Yulan was married from outside the village and was not too familiar with them, but she thought that if she had a ger and was bullied like that, she would be very unpleasant. 
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