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BTC Chapter 18

Back to the countryside
Chapter 18: Fail (落空) 

As Qi Yue put on his big red wedding dress, his whole person became more and more handsome 风神俊朗 1[风神俊朗 (mysterious or unusual style or manner kind of handsome like a god or spiritual being) ],and Lin Sheng, who had just entered the door, couldn’t help to give him a punch on the shoulder, “Brat, you’re so handsome!”
In response to his teasing, Qi Yue smiled back and asked, “It’s almost time for us to leave, right?” 
“Yes, the village chief & the others are all here, and the villagers more or less are arrived too, my father & my mother were greeting outside, they let me come to call you out!” When it came to proper matter, Lin Sheng put away his playful face.
Qi Yue did not have any elder relatives here, so he had to ask Lin Shan and Fang to come and sit in charge of his parents for him.
        When they left the house together, the villagers who were sitting in the courtyard all lit up when they saw Qi Yue. They couldn’t help but sighed in their hearts, full of emotion. They used to think that He Ling was a miserable person. Who know he will meet with such a good husband! Not to mention he is rich, good looking and good temperament too!
The chef he hired to cook was said to be a chef from a famous restaurant in town! Could ordinary people go to a place like that to eat! but today they are lucky to have a delicious meal🍴🍱! Moreover the fruits and pastries were served from the famous dessert shop in the town. They are even drinking tea! 
 “You’re throwing money around just because you’re getting married to an old ger who had a bad reputation….It’s too much of a waste!” A young looking ger pouting, but his eyes were full of jealousy.
“What are you talking about? People have money they are willing to spend, so How can it be a waste?” One of the ger at the same table with him was a little displeased at his words.
This Ger’s name is Li Zao, he is Wang Tie sheng’s husband/Fu Lang. His man had a good relationship with Lin Sheng, so he and Wu Yulan were also close.He knew more about Qi Yue and He Ling, so he had a good impression of them.
“Of course it is, that He Ling even didn’t give a dowry, and Qi Yue also offered 50 taels of silver for the bride, which still makes a sound when thrown into the water!” This ger had a particular dislike for He Ling, Isn’t he just a good-looking ger! Sometimes when he met him in the village, his man’s eyes would look straight!
        Li Zao gave a cold snort of disdain, “Even Qi Yue himself doesn’t mind, what are you so sour about? He is willing to spend money on He Ling. There are not many man who have money and willing to spend it on their husband/Fu lang
Ling Ge er is lucky!”
Li Zao’s words are mocking that ger, he is called Liu Que, he is the husband/Fu lang of the youngest son of the Zhao family in the village. Before Qi Yue came, the Zhao family was the only family in the village with an ox cart. If the villagers want to go to town, they have to ride in his family’s car, one copper plate at a time. The Zhao family in the village is also considered rich, but unfortunately, their families are particularly “withholding”,and usually even buy less new clothes for Liu Que. 
Now that he saw Qi Yue throw money like this for He Ling, he was naturally envious and jealous!
Liu Que’s complexion became very ugly, his man stingy and do not know how to care for him, has been the thorn in his heart, yet Li Zao had to point it out!
        Li Zao saw that he did not say anything, and no longer talk to him, He was still not happy when he was treated with good things at the wedding banquet, really have a heart problem!
Qiyue was unaware of the fact that someone had gotten into a fight over whether he spent the money or not, and he was currently riding on Mu Yan’s back, heading to the He family’s house with the sound of gongs and drums beating in a joyful manner!
        Many of the half-grown children who had followed him were saying auspicious words and chasing after him to ask for sweets, and Qi Yue had long ago given Lin Sheng a large packet of melon seeds and sweets, which were now being put to good use.
        The food he bought was naturally good, finely made and much tastier than the one that bought by the villagers, so the children were happy to eat it and were even more diligent in saying good luck words!
    There were many people gathered in front of the He family’s door to watch the fun. They gave way when they saw the welcoming bridal*(迎亲) party coming over. All of them gave Qi Yue a happy smile and congratulate him. He is happy and took out a red envelope from his arms to send it out. Everyone got a share.
[迎亲 : (of the groom’s family) to send a bridal sedan chair to fetch the bride / to send a party to escort the bride to the groom’s house]
The person who had followed him over to welcome the bride*(迎亲) ,walked to the door, knocked on it while shouting auspicious words to marry the Fu lang. It was not long before the door was opened by He Fu and He Gui, with He Tian standing at the side.
Qi Yue, who had already dismounted from his horse, greeted the other party.
No matter how much he disliked the family in his heart, he still had to do what was necessary to save face on the day of the wedding.
        Qian support the bride with her hand and help the bride who was covered with a veil, in his wedding dress to come out, followed by Liu and Zheng, who were holding their children.
        Qi Yue was full of joy and took a few steps forward to welcome them, but the moment he got close, a different color flashed in his eyes.
        Qian smiled happily, her whole body overflowing with joy, “Qi xiao zi, I’ll leave my family’s ger to you, from now on, he is your husband!”
        As soon as she finished speaking, the person in the wedding dress lifted a hand and stopped in front of him. 
        Qi Yue’s drooping eyes stared at that hand, and for a long time, did not go to take it. 
Qian didn’t think he had noticed something, they only just met him for a moment, she laughed again and said, “Qi xiao zi, You’re so happy that you’ve gone stupid, won’t you? Quickly fetch him away!”
 Qi Yue still didn’t reach out, he raised his eyes and looked straight at Qian and said, “I’ve come to fetch my husband!” 
The hand that was still in mid-air stiffened, but it soon relaxed. 
The smile on Qian’s face withdrew for a few moments, as if she didn’t understand what he meant by that. “Isn’t your husband here?”
Lin Sheng, who was standing on one side, came over and looked at Qi Yue in confusion, “What are you doing? Why don’t you go and fetch him away, don’t miss the auspicious time!”
Qi Yue was staring at Qian and did not open his mouth. When He Ling stood in front of him, he knew exactly where he was, and he was familiar with the hands that he often held.
 The sound of drums and gongs around them was joyous, but the atmosphere around few of them is odd. 
 The villagers who were watching the bustle were a little confused, wondering if Qi Yue had changed his mind and didn’t want to marry He Ling. 
As if guessing what they were thinking, He Tian opened his mouth with a stern face, “Qi Yue, you were the one who insisted on marrying He Ling, what does this mean now?” 
Qiyue glanced at him and then curled his mouth, “What Uncle He said is right, I want to marry He Ling, not some other person!”
   As soon as he finished speaking, he stretched out his hand to pulled off the head covering from the head of the person in front of him,revealing He Zhen’s shocked and amazed face!
        The surroundings immediately become noisy, and the people who beat the gongs and drums stopped their movements in surprise.
        Lin Sheng’s eyes widened, and when he understood, he was instantly annoyed, ” Are you trying to trick us? Where is He Ling?”
        Qi Yue’s eyes swept over all of them, except for He Tian who was genuinely surprised, everyone else’s face looked unnatural.They were all part of subordinates in crimes! 
        He Zhen listened to the talking voices one after another*(議論紛紛) in his ears, and looked at Qi Yue’s cold eyes, and his body trembled unconsciously. His eyes were so different from the formerly modest cautious gentleman*(謙謙君子) which made him have an impulse to beg for forgiveness.But thinking of He Ling’s current situation, he stand firm. That bitch was now a broken shoe*(破鞋) , and Qi Yue would definitely not marry him again, so wouldn’t he be a good choice?
[ 議論紛紛* yì lùn fēn fēn: to discuss spiritedly (idiom) / tongues are wagging]
[ 謙謙君子* read qiān qiān jūn zi : a modest, self-disciplined gentleman / a modest, cautious gentleman]
     [ 破鞋 read pò xié : broken shoes / worn-out footwear / loose woman / slut]
“Qi Yue ……”
    There was a small shout, no one noticed it among the many noisy voices of crowd but Qi Yue just heard it. He turned his head suddenly, and several people standing there subconsciously moved aside. Indeed his look is a bit scary!
He Ling was standing there with one hand on the wall, his face was pale and he looked in a very bad state!
 Qi Yue’s expression changed, and he walked quickly over and hugged him in his arms. “Aling, what’s wrong with you?”
He Ling was hugged worriedly by him. All night long he had to lie down in that place, the fear and grievance of being with someone who was going to rape him stay in one place ,could no longer be held back again, he plunged his head into Qi Yue’s embrace, wrapped both of his hand around him, tightly grasping the clothes behind him, Tears pouring out as if it could run out of it. 
    His tears caused Qi Yue’s whole heart was torn up. He didn’t cry like that when he was beaten like that by the He family. It is obvious that he must have endured even more unbearable things yesterday!
He Zhen’s eyes turned red with jealousy as she watched the person who should never have been there, being held lovingly by Qi Yue. Based on what? He could easily get what he had been asking for*(求之不得)? How dare he come back when he’s already dirty? He opened his mouth to say something, but He Gui covered it.
[求之不得* qiú zhī bù dé: lit. seek but fail to get (idiom); fig. exactly what one’s been looking for ]
        “Do you want to pull us all out?” He Gui blocked his mouth tightly, daring not to make a sound from him, for what they had done was dishonourable after all.
        Qi Yue saw that He Ling was crying and sobbing, so he gently stroked his back, pushed him away a little, took off the outer robe of his wedding dress and covered him with the whole hood, revealing only one face, ” Don’t cry anymore! Your eyes are swollen!”
        He was suddenly covered by his clothes.He Ling was stunned, but he stopped crying.
        Qi Yue used his sleeve to wipe away the tears on his face, then he picked him up in one short movement, turned around and walked to the horses, passing by He family without even looking at them. 
    Mu Yan seemed to recognize He Ling, and when he was being carried over, he leaned in and rubbed his face, which made his heart feel a little better!
        Qi Yue put the man on the horse’s back, after which he stepped up to protect him in his arms, and looked down to Lin Sheng, who was still not looking good, and said, “Let’s go.”
        The sound of gongs and drums resumed at this time with good sense, and the atmosphere became lively and festive again as they headed for Qi Yue’s house.
        The onlookers soon dispersed and did not discuss much in front of He’s family, as to what they thought in their hearts, that was unknown.
        He Zhen pushed He Gui away and ran back to the house in tears.
        “Hurry up and find someone to marry him off!” He Tian threw down a sentence to Qian in annoyance and turned his head away.
        The He family had really lost face in the village this time!
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    [风神俊朗 (mysterious or unusual style or manner kind of handsome like a god or spiritual being) ]
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