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ARIIFP Chapter 9

Wherever you are, it must be very interesting.

Chapter 9- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property

Compared to Qin Ke’s calmness, when the netizens who eat melons saw this recruitment notice, the melons in their hands were trembling.
  How should I put it, after all they all here are veterans who have experienced various melon fields, and these artists and companies have also seen a lot of tearing in Weibo. Who is who must be put aside for the time being, and they have seen so many companies respond, but they have never seen such a shameless operation as Xinghe.
  Does this make sense? Xinghe Entertainment.

 At this time, you ran out to send out recruitment notices. Are you really big-hearted or are you really short of the promotional expenses?

 Then again, if they don’t have a blood clot in the brain, which serious actor will step on the crisis of anger and submit their resume to you. If there is such a brain flooded person, what can they play, “Mentally Handicapped Children are happier” ?
It’s ridiculous.

Hype, it was definitely for a hype. It seems like any publicity is a good publicity.  

Suddenly, the audio of Fang Zhou’s silly chatter became less important, and netizens gradually turned their attention to Xinghe.
Some enthusiastic netizens picked up Xinghe’s investment projects over the years and posted them on Weibo. They were deeply puzzled: 【I don’t understand, friends, who gave Xinghe courage to recruit new people? Look at what they have been doing over the years. Being this pitiful, it’s better to close the door as soon as possible. 】
  Everyone looked at it, and suddenly felt that the recruitment notice on the top of the Xinghe official’s Weibo was even more absurd.
 【No, no, there are really companies in this world that lose money the moment they are established. Can the company boss really sleep every night watching the financial deficit? 】

 【Insiders in the industry came out to burst a material. We estimates that there is a problem with feng shui(1).They lose everything in whatever they invest. I told some of my colleagues who I know privately that when you see Xinghe, just run as far away as possible. The farther you run, the better. 】

【I advise you all newcomers to avoid Xinghe, after all, it is only for a moment that you can’t sign a contract, but a lifetime of failure in your life.】

 【What’s the name of Xinghe, it’s better to change the name to Shuai Shen(2) 】
  Once people are bored, it is easy to become particularly wicked.
  Within a few hours, when the four words of Xinghe Entertainment were mentioned, many people automatically replaced it with Shuai Shen Entertainment as a sign of shame for them.
  There are also more sensible people coming out: 【But I have checked, Xinghe was acquired by someone in February. The previous investment failure has nothing to do with the current boss, right? 】
  But someone immediately retorted: 【That proves that the current boss is also stupid. Let’s put it this way, this Xinghe is half dead already, there are only two ways to turn over. Either there is a strong financial support behind it, or a red rain falls down(3), otherwise it will fall in a year without a doubt.】
  That evening, the boss who was in the center of the storm was chatting with his friend in the bar.
  His friend’s name is He Ziyou and they were friends since childhood.

He shook his head and said, “Hey, I saw Fang Zhou’s fans attacking your looks, saying that you must be very ugly so you are jealous of their brother’s beauty. I advise you to arrange a professional crew team to shoot a large number of films immediately and send it online. This is too unbearable. Although you may have many problems, you can definitely play with your appearance. Putting it in the entertainment circle,  you can at least become a little sweet pea.”
  Song Yunran was disgusted by the words of little sweet pea and got goosebumps: “Where did you learn this bad description?”
  He Ziyou answered seriously: “Of course I learned it online. A while ago, I made a mistake and was locked up at home to reflect. I can only surf the Internet every day and learned a lot of knowledge. Do you want to listen? I can give you a rainbow fart now.”
  Song Yunran: “…No need. Another glass of lime water, thank you”

After ordering a drink to the bartender, he turned his head and continued, “Moreover, your progress in eating melon is still stuck with fans scolding me. Smart netizens have begun to call our company Shuaishen Entertainment.”
  He Ziyou He refreshed his Weibo quickly: “It really is. The situation is very bad, your company is famous now.”
  Song Yunran put down the glass, took out his mobile phone and said, “I just want the company to be famous, and knowing that the more actors we recruit, the better. Every repost is a free advertisement, which is more cost-effective.”
  He Ziyou looked at him with pity and felt that this friend who he grew up together was probably made silly by the scolding netizens. It has been mocked as a bad entertainment company, is there any actor who dares to come?
  ”Don’t be stubborn, just say it if you’re sad.” He Ziyou comforted, “Why don’t we go out to relax. My dad returned the credit card to me. I have money again. I can accompany you wherever you want to go.”
  Song Yun Ran frowned:” Knock it off, I’m working. “
  He Ziyou wandered over curiously and caught the words “Old Song” above the WeChat chat window. He withdrew his gaze silently, it’s a real thing to cry out to your dad.
  After a while, Song Yunran raised his head and said, “Okay, it’s done.”
  ”Did you spend money withdrawing hot searches?” He Ziyou glanced at Weibo, “No, your money isn’t working.”
  Song Yunran smiled mysteriously: “What’s the hurry, wait another ten minutes.”
  Ten minutes later.
  The netizens running around on the front line of eating melons met the first wave of unexpected shocks and began to doubt their lives.
  【Am I dazzled? Why did Ningdong Real Estate forward the recruitment notice of Xinghe? 】
  【You are not dizzy, Ningdong Technology has also forwarded, I suspect that they have been hacked. 】
  【So far, there have been thirteen official micro-retweets. It can’t be that Xinghe has stolen the micro-blog numbers of all companies under Ningdong Group one after another. This is too…】

It’s too impossible.
After experiencing the initial shock, netizens came back to clarify the facts. This is not hacking, but collective propaganda.
If everyone has never heard of the name of Xinghe Entertainment before, in contrast, most people can talk about the various industries that Ningdong Group is involved in when they mention Ningdong Group.
  The word Ningdong is formed by the merging of the names of the current chairman Bai Wanning and her husband Song Jidong. The couple has not only remained in love for many years, but also flourished in their careers.

They have built one of the country’s top business empires.

Ningdong and Xinghe, two completely unbounded names, were finally connected at this moment.

Being able to command all Ningdong’s official micro-channels to do publicity for Xinghe at will must definitely get the consent of Bai Wanning or Song Jidong. In this way, the intuitive answer is……

Xinghe Entertainment is their family’s industry.
  As we all know, Ningdong is a large-scale industrial group. In recent years, they have begun to get involved in emerging industries such as the Internet, but they have never expanded their business landscape to include culture and entertainment.
  After realizing this, the four words Xinghe Entertainment, which are high in the hot search headlines, have received different meanings in the eyes of everyone.
  Is this still a quarrel between an artist and a management company?
  Is this still a hype by a little-known entertainment company?
  No, this is Ningdong’s official horn to announce to the entertainment circle that they are here, they are really here.
  After analyzing the cause and effect, someone summed it up like this: 【Ningdong is playing a very big game.】

When Song Yunran got into Weibo, he was speechless for a few seconds.
  In fact, it’s not as complicated as everyone thinks. He just realized that this is a golden opportunity based on some experience in the past life. Not only can ordinary netizens know about Xinghe, but also the industry’s colleagues who are not willing to cooperate with them.
  Some time ago, the reason why he repeatedly couldn’t find a partner was that everyone didn’t trust the strength of Xinghe.
  Now that Ningdong Group is giving a high profile position to the Xinghe team, anyone with a discerning eye can see that, apart from other things, at least Xinghe Entertainment will never lose money from now on, and is a partner worth considering.
  As for Fang Zhou’s arguements about canceling the contract, who cares?
  Fang Zhou cares very much.

  Since sending out that recording, he has been paying attention to the flow on the Internet. After he swiped the Weibo forwarded by Ningdong Group, he fell into the abyss of panic.
  Why didn’t anyone tell him that President Xiao Song’s background was so big? !
  ”Brother Chen, what should I do now?”
  He complained to the people beside him helplessly, “I said that recording is not a good trick, but you said that I want to join your company to fully cooperate with your marketing plan. Now that I have offended Xinghe, it has not attracted everyone’s attention.”
  The man named Chen rubbed his temples: “Why are you in a hurry?”
  ”Can I not be in a hurry?” Fang Zhou was crying, and his dialects were soaring out. “It’s all over!”
  Brother Chen was stunned for a moment.
  For a while, he seemed to be guided by the heavens, and he re-examined Fang Zhou’s appearance.
  The young man in front of him squatted on the ground with frowning eyes, muttering in his mouth, not knowing what he was muttering, anyway, the dialect accent with some local characteristics sounds quite amusing.
  Brother Chen rubs his chin and say: “Hush, you seem really quite suited to play in a local drama?”
  Fang Zhou: “……”
  Fang Zhou: “………… ???”
  After being fermented in hot search, in the next few days, Xinghe received many resumes from actors one after another. Song Yunran took a special interest in this recruitment, and specifically instructed Assistant Tang to hand over the resume he received to him, and he had to check it in person.
  One day, Song Yunran came back after lunch and saw the mailbox prompt in the lower right corner popping out again. He opened the e-mails as usual. After reading the subject of the e-mail, he couldn’t help but curled his mouth and smiled. It seems that the recruitment notice hit the spot and a new resume has been received.
  He downloaded the attachment to the computer, and as soon as he clicked on the document, he was stunned on the spot.
  He saw a row full of actors name, and there is a simple and eye-catching name, which strongly attracted his attention.
  Qin Ke.
  Song Yunran remembered the previous criminal record of Assistant Tang who had asked to find an assistant for Qin Ke. He got angry and made a call directly: “Come on, how much money did you receive from Qin Ke,that you actually bring private goods in the application materials? ”
   The assistant replied innocently: “President Xiao Song, it’s none of my business, this is his own resume.”
Song Yunran said firmly, “Impossible.” He remembered it clearly, and it was clearly written in the book. Qin Ke signed a brokerage contract with Xu Ping during the filming of “Joyous Ocassion”. The last time he also saw the two men wandering in the streets in bad atmosphere, Qin Ke would not send his resume to Xinghe.
  Assistant Tang was helpless: ” Or you can ask him? There is his contact information in the resume.”
  Song Yunran hung up, after thinking about it, he clicked on Qin Ke’s resume and entered the eleven-digit cell phone number in his cell phone. Then stared at the screen for a long time, and finally pressed it down.
  It doesn’t matter, you are just a kind father who cares about his son’s abnormal behavior. He comforted himself, and while he was absolutely not surprised, there was a subtle chuckle in his heart.

  Could it be that Xinghe’s operation was so successful this time that even Qin Ke, who was wearing the protagonist’s halo, couldn’t help but be moved, and wanted to join his business prodigy?
  After a few rings, Qin Ke’s low voice soon sounded: “Hello, who?”
  Song Yunran almost wanted to say “your father”, but fortunately, he changed his mouth in time before speaking, “This is Song Yunran.”
  Qin Ke didn’t seem surprised: “President Xiao Song has received my resume?”
So Qin Ke really send it himself.
Song Yunran frowned unexpectedly, and asked wonderingly: “Do you want to enter Xinghe?”

Song Yunran waited a few seconds, and it was not until a moment later that he understands that Qin Ke had answered his question concisely and neatly.
  But his doubts were not answered: “Why?”
  Shouldn’t you team up with Xu Ping and then bully us tragic cannon fodders by all means?
  On the other side of the phone, Qin Ke stood outside the studio and raised his eyebrows faintly.
  Why? In fact, he was also a little surprised by this decision, but in the past few days, whenever he saw the recruitment poster saved in the album, he couldn’t help but take a look at it more.
  He still didn’t know why he was reborn, but during the moment he rejected Xu Ping, he had a bold idea.
  In the previous life, he was under the invisible control of his father. Many of the jobs he wanted to try were strongly rejected by Xu Ping. In addition, no matter what he did, he seemed to have a power helping him. Since entering the industry, he has always live a smooth but also dull life.
  He has experienced that kind of life once.

  But Qin Ke didn’t think it would be an interesting experience to repeat the same process step by step after rebirth.
  At this moment, Song Yunran suddenly broke into his field of vision. He was not familiar with Song Yunran in his previous life, so he can only look at the actor who debuted at the same time from others’ descriptions.

  Only now did he find out that this person does not play according to the cards, and sometimes he does something inexplicable and says something extraordinary, but his jumping and wonderful character always surprises Qin Ke and let him experience a vigorous vitality.
  ”Speak, what are you thinking about?” Song Yunran urged on the phone after running out of patience.
  Qin Ke chuckled softly and said, “I’m thinking that wherever you are, it must be very interesting.”
A laugh mixed with electric current passed into Song Yunran’s ears, causing his thinking to stagnate for a while. After a few seconds of silence, Song Yunran patted the table and concluded.
Oh my god! his awakening must have caused a butterfly effect!

His future cheap son, his brain is broken!

Translated by als

Als notes:

SYR: I am your father, son, recognize me quickly!

QK: This child looks interesting.


  1. An ancient belief that the way your house is built or the way you arrange objects affects your success, health and happiness.
  2. shuāishén – can be translated as out of luck, looked down on, incapable, incompetent ect.
  3. Something unthinkable or impossible to happen, like when you said ‘if pigs fly’

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