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ARIIFP Chapter 2

Because when you laugh, you don't look like a president anymore.

Chapter 2- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property

After lunch, Song Yunran played a few games in the office and found that it was too boring.

  He summoned Assistant Tang in and asked, “Think about it carefully, are there any documents I need to review?”

  ”Not yet.” Tang Zhu hesitated. “But there is a meeting in the Investment Department this afternoon…”

  This was what Song Yunran was waiting for, and he immediately stood up: “If there is such a good thing, why don’t you say it earlier.”

  As a result, he wasted 2 hours being beaten to death in the game.

  Assistant Tang quickly discouraged: “President Xiao Song, I actually don’t recommend you to participate.”


  Song Yunran was a little unhappy, why can’t his dignified president self go to the meeting?

Assistant Tang pushed down the gold-rimmed glasses and said: “The main content of this meeting is to discuss the next investment plan. It is of great importance. You have just come to the company. It is best to start with other tasks first…”

  Song Yunran understood Assistant Tang’s meaning.

  It means that investment is too difficult for him. If he wants to show his leadership ability, he should choose a lighter job.

  Song Yunran raised his eyebrows: “What if I want to go?”

  Assistant Tang looked embarrassed. After thinking for a moment, he replied: “Then you should speak as little as possible. If you have any tricky situations, you can leave it to me.”

  ”Okay, I’ll listen to you then.” Song Yunran readily agreed.

  Assistant Tang didn’t expect him to behave so well, and he was touched by unexpected outcome.

Song Yunran glanced at him, and walked outside and said: “Well, I am also twenty…two years old, and I still know that I can be a good president by listening. If you have any comments in the future, you can tell me directly, everyone works hard. Making money is the most important thing.”

  Assistant Tang asked doubtfully: “Really?”

In order to show his approachable demeanor, Song Yunran turned his head and blinked and smiled at the other party.

  Assistant Tang was caught off guard, being greeted with a smile at such a close range, and was electric shocked.

  Song Yunran’s eyelashes grew thick and curled, and when he blinked, he flicked slightly like butterfly wings, coupled with the small dimples that appeared on his right cheek when he laughed, the whole person looked not only sweet, but also full of refreshing and clean sense of youth.

  Assistant Tang plucked up the courage to propose: “President Xiao Song, then you’d better not laugh at the company in the future.”

“Ah, is this also something I need to take note of?” Song Yunran, a man of pure learning, humbly asked for advice.

  ”Because when you laugh, you don’t look like a president anymore.”


  A few minutes later, Song Yunran entered the meeting room with a cold face under all eyes.

  With calculated reservedness and arrogance in his expression, his gaze swept across the crowd calmly, and then he lowered his voice slightly: “Everyone, go ahead.”

  In the morning, the employees who were crazy about the beauty of Xiao Song’s prosperous age suddenly realized that he seemed to have changed.

 They didn’t know what happened, they exchanged glances with each other for a while, and they didn’t dare to take it lightly.

  Song Yunran came half an hour late, just in time for everyone to discuss which projects to invest in.

  Listening and listening, he found that most of them were self-made variety shows on video platforms, the purpose of which was to replace the artists of Xinghe with platform resources.

  The ratings of these variety shows on the platform are not high, and they belong to the type that is better than nothing. They have little effect on Xinghe Entertainment, who has been losing money for years.

  ”Next is the “Equation of Love” that we are aiming for.”

The middle-aged man who presided over the meeting turned the PPT to the next page, “I believe everyone knows the director and the starring role. The last film they collaborated won the box office champion of the Spring Festival the year before. The market also embraced the second cooperation between the two parties. I look forward to…”

  When Song Yunran heard it, he cried out inwardly.

  If he remembers correctly…

  Coincidentally, at this time, the middle-aged man took the initiative to introduce him: “President Xiao Song, there are many companies that want to invest in “Equation of Love”. My opinion is that instead of following big companies and drinking soup1to share a cup of rich soup- describe ones desire to scramble for a piece of the action., it is better to stop and be the biggest producer of the movie, so that the company’s actors can be stuffed in the project to achieve a win-win situation.”

Song Yunran asked: “How much do you plan to invest?”

  ”Equation of Love is an urban theme, and the production cost is not high. I conservatively estimate that we should invest 200 million yuan first.”

  Before Song Yunran had spoken, Assistant Tang next to him coughed slightly to signal him not to be impulsive.

  In fact, even if Assistant Tang didn’t remind him, Song Yunran would not agree.

  In the money-burning industry of film and television production, 200 million is certainly not an amazing amount, but for a small company of the size of Xinghe Entertainment who is currently dying, it is a bit of a stretch.

And the most important thing is that Song Yunran remembers that the actor of this film will be caught cheating in an affair within half a year, and soon the director also will be sent to jail because of hit-and-run accident. This results in both of them to appear on the list of despicable entertainers and were banned by relevant authorities from coming back.

  In other words, “Equation of Love” not only failed to be released, but also caused all investors to lose their money!

  If Xinghe Entertainment enters this investment, his road to dominance that is halfway through will also be half-finished and fall apart.

  ”I don’t know what to do if I invest 200 million yuan at once and the turnover is not enough. Also I am not optimistic that “Equation of Love” will be a big hit.” Song Yunran said, “Go back and re-evaluate it.”

  There was an uproar all around.

  Until the end of the meeting, everyone still had more or less questioning emotions on their faces, and they were obviously dissatisfied with his decision.


  On the way back to the office, Assistant Tang asked, “What about President Xiao Song’s promise to keep his voice at minimum?”

  ”I forgot when I get excited, sorry.”

  Song Yunran confessed his mistake frankly, and at the same time thought with lingering fear, fortunately, he insisted on attending this meeting, otherwise he might lose 200 million in a pitiful way.

  It can be seen that destiny will not disappoint everyone who works hard, and it is true that only hard work can make people rich.

  Assistant Tang became more and more puzzled: “You are so steadfastly opposed to investing in “Equation of Love”. Do you fancy other projects?”

  Song Yunran let out a “um”, and when he returned to the office, he listed a table based on his memories, which recorded all the movies and TV dramas that made a lot of money in the previous life. He sent the file to Assistant Tang’s mailbox and asked the other party to notify the Investment Department to contact those projects according to this list.

  Unexpectedly, a few days later, there were frequent tragic reports.

  One afternoon, Song Yunran held the table with both hands, and asked puzzledly: “Are you sure no one wants to accept our investment?”

  Assistant Tang said embarrassingly: “Uh…it’s like this. You know that people in the entertainment industry are very superstitious. Since its founding, Xinghe Entertainment has repeatedly failed in investment. There are bad rumors outside, saying that Xinghe is deprived of God. No matter what the project, as long as Xinghe participates, it will definitely not make money.”


  ”Originally, a few companies were willing to cooperate with us, but when other investors heard about it, they said if there’s Xinghe then they wouldn’t be there. While Xinghe’s size is too small to compete with other big companies.”


  ”Why don’t you think about “Equation of Love” again?”

  Song Yunran rubbed his eyebrows: “No way.”

  If he did go for it, then the rumors of the Xinghe being deprived of God would really be confirmed.

  Assistant Tang feels that “Equation of Love” seems to be a reliable project, and can’t figure out why Song Yunran is so resistant.

  But as an assistant, it is his job responsibility to share the worries for the president, so he changed the subject and said: “Yesterday, a film producer took the initiative to come to the door. It’s just…”

  ”Say it.”

  Song Yunran renewed his will to fight.

  ”They have already filmed part of it, but several investors have broken the chain of funds and can’t afford to pay. The producer said that he is particularly optimistic about this movie, and he plans to sell the house together with the director to raise money. As a result, they heard that Xinghe is looking for cooperation and wanted to come to us first.”

  Song Yunran picked up the coffee cup on the table: “Why do I think they are possessed by gods?”

  ”Isn’t that a positive thing?”

  Song Yunran took a sip of coffee in silence, eager to refute, but couldn’t find the right words.

  Even if he sits in the office all day long, in fact the company’s rumors and whispers are often passed into his ears. It is nothing more than a joke that he is short-sighted and does not vote for popular projects that are nailed to the table. Is it really a big sum of money, that two hundred million yuan.

  Song Yunran was a bit wronged. You can misunderstand that he has a bad vision, but how can you misunderstand that he is a stingy person?

  This is an insult to his personality! He has never been reluctant to spend money, okay?

  Now that he has reached this point, he can only give it a try first.

  Song Yunran: “Then go ahead and talk about it.”

  ”The movie seems to be called…” Assistant Tang recalled, “Oh, it’s called “Joyous occasion2This is actually some kind of idiom, the more direct translation is weddings and funerals- Idiom that Red refers to marriage, white refers to funerals, and together it is a happy event“.

  Song Yunran almost spewed a sip of coffee that he had just drunk.

  No wonder he always feels where he has heard this story of selling a house to raise money. Isn’t this the first movie that Qin Ke starred in?

  ”Joyous ocassion” is a comedy film. The protagonist of the story is a poor male college student. In order to pay the debts of his family, he accepted the girl’s 50,000 yuan and promised to play as her fiance and go back to his hometown for a fake wedding. Unexpectedly, the girl died of a sudden illness as soon as she returned to her hometown. As a result, he could only help with her funeral, while hiding the truth and deal with her relatives and friends. This caused many ridiculous accidents.

  This is a typical low-cost movie. The creator and actors are not well-known, so when it first came out, no one liked it at all.

  Unexpectedly, a few days after the release of “Joyous occasion”, the word-of-mouth was overwhelming. In the end, it not only won a good box office, but also helped Qin Ke win the best newcomer awards in major film festivals in one fell swoop.

  By the way, Song Yunran’s first film was also released in the same year as “Joyous occasion”, and the final box office and awards were crushed in all directions.

  Assistant Tang is still asking, “President Xiao Song, which day do you think is more convenient for you to meet?”

  Song Yunran was so angry that he said, “What appointment, let them go!”

  Isn’t it just that you can’t find a partner?

  There is no big deal.

  Even if Song Yunran died at a loss, even if the company went bankrupt, he would never invest for “Joyous occasion”!


  A week later, in the temporary office on the set of “Joyous occasion”.

  Song Yunran bit the bullet and said to the producer in front of him: “Hello.”

  ”Hello, hello, I didn’t expect you to come to the set in person.”

  The producer shook hands with him eagerly, and at the same time couldn’t help but murmur in his heart, why is this investor writing the word unhappy all over his face?

  Song Yunran really couldn’t be happy.

His investment plans have been cursed with a series of setbacks that have left him feeling dazed about how to raise money.

  In a comprehensive comparison, the most suitable for immediate investment is actually “Joyous occasion”.

  Although “Joyous occasion” will definitely give Xinghe Entertainment a beautiful turnaround, Song Yunran feels a little awkward when he thinks that the starring actor of the movie is Qin Ke.

  The producers were so anxious that they went around asking God and worship the Buddha to ask for a God of Wealth to come, now how can they coax the rich man so that he is willing to sign and give money.

  Assistant Tang, who was accompanying him, reminded: “Let’s introduce your situation to President Xiao Song first.”

  The producer followed his kindness and immediately praised the entire crew of “Joyous occasion” from the inside to the outside.

  Speaking of the last, he also actively recommended: “Or do you want to meet our lead actor? He just graduated from the film school last year. He has very good conditions in all aspects. As long as you look at it, you will know that he is definitely a real thing.”

  Song Yunran’s nerves trembled, when he was just about to refuse, a thought suddenly came.

  He is now an investor full of wealth, and Qin Ke is just an unknown little actor. The status of the two is clearly there. Isn’t it just for him to create a great situation and use the money to humiliate Qin Ke?


  He tried his best to control the corners of his mouth that wanted to rise, pretending to say casually: “Okay, then call him over.”

  Before long, Qin Ke came in from outside.

  He wore the clothes provided by the crew, a black shirt and trousers, showing his wide shoulders and long legs. A small wall lamp at the entrance of the office shone around him, illuminating his sharp eyebrows and deep outline, and also illuminating his slightly puzzled look when he looked at Song Yunran.

  But soon, he calmed his expression and walked to the producer and asked, “You are looking for me?”

  ”Come on, say hello to President Xiao Song3Actually, they always refer to him as Chief or Mr. Xiao Song (Little Song) but I changed to President to sound better in english. I assume that he is called little because he is still young (which means the real Mr. Song is his father)..” The producer raised his finger to Song Yunran.

  Song Yunran straightened his back instinctively, raised his chin, and assumed an arrogant attitude.

  This is a crucial step in the face-slapping plan. From the first meeting, he must let Qin Ke know that he is a difficult money master father!

  But the next second, he saw Qin Ke directly ignoring him, and turned to Assistant Tang, with a firm attitude and clear words: “President Xiao Song is good.”

  Song Yunran: “…”

  Little President Song4I’m using this because it sounds funnier and cuter lolol but it holds the same meaning as President Xiao Song. is not very good, thank you.

Translated by als


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  • 1
    to share a cup of rich soup- describe ones desire to scramble for a piece of the action.
  • 2
    This is actually some kind of idiom, the more direct translation is weddings and funerals- Idiom that Red refers to marriage, white refers to funerals, and together it is a happy event
  • 3
    Actually, they always refer to him as Chief or Mr. Xiao Song (Little Song) but I changed to President to sound better in english. I assume that he is called little because he is still young (which means the real Mr. Song is his father).
  • 4
    I’m using this because it sounds funnier and cuter lolol but it holds the same meaning as President Xiao Song.
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