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ARIIFP Chapter 1

Today is the thirtieth day of his rebirth.

Chapter 1- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property

  On Monday, February 8th, a fine weather.

  From early in the morning, Xinghe Entertainment went up to the department director and down to the door guard to clean, and all the staff entered a state of preparation.

  Today is a great day for their new boss to take office. Everyone in the company, regardless of age or sex, can’t help but find every reason to stroll to the gate, just to see what the new president looks like early.

  After all, in these years, there are not many people who are willing to buy their company.

  As a comprehensive entertainment company that takes care of film and television development and artist management, Xinghe Entertainment has been established for five years and has also suffered loss for as long as five years.

  Unexpectedly, on the eve of the Spring Festival, someone came to the door and offered to buy Xinghe Entertainment.

  At 10:30 in the morning, a sulky burgundy Bentley parked on the side of the road.

  The door of the car slowly opened, and the young man in a suit and leather shoes stood outside the car.

  He bowed his head to fasten his suit button, and pushed the gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, just as he was about to take a step- the department directors lurking in every corner rushed in and lined up in a neat line in front of him.

  ”Hi boss!”

  Deafening greetings resounded over the sky, honestly expressing the directors’ great confidence in the future.

  In any case, at least the new boss looks like an elite in the industry, and may really lead the company to the pinnacle of success.

  The back of the young man’s face became stiff, and he immediately clarified: “Don’t shout, I’m just the boss’s assistant.”

  After speaking, he quickly walked around to the other side of Bentley, bent and opened the door, “President Xiao Song, here it is.”

  Inside the car, Song Yunran slowly turned his head and corrected: “Assistant Tang, I am also a person with a company now. Be bold outside and remove the small character* in front.”

*Xiao means small/little

  ”Okay, President Xiao Song.”


  Forget it, those who make big things don’t stick to the trivial matters.

  Song Yunran adjusted his mentality and fix his fluffy hairs before getting off the car in a hurry.

  As soon as he turned around, everyone was stunned on the spot.

  Although Xinghe Entertainment’s situation is not good. The employees are also people in the entertainment industry. They have seen a lot of stars, big and small, and their immunity to face value attacks is already very comparable.

  But even so, they never expected that the new boss was a young man who could completely rely on his face to eat. He was not so much a president as a pampered young master.

  Song Yunran was only twenty-two years old and didn’t wear a suit to work like Assistant Tang did.

A simple trench coat thinned his frame slightly in warm and cold February but he was tall and didn’t look thin, adding a touch of detachment.

  The most unignorable thing is that his facial features are as exquisite as the outline of the pen and ink. Even if he just glanced over it lightly, the directors felt their hearts throbbing and beating.

  Song Yunran has long been accustomed to this.

  He calmly accepted the baptism of everyone’s eyes, and said softly: “Let’s go, everyone.”


  In the next hour, the welcome ceremony for the new president was made like a fan meeting.

  After finally finishing work in the morning, Song Yunran slumped in the swivel chair and let out a long sigh of relief.

  He didn’t expect that being a president was so exciting. The artist director closest to him just now was so excited that he almost passed out.

  Approaching noon, Assistant Tang dutifully reminded: “President Xiao Song, do you want to invite the employees to dinner at noon?”

  ”Let’s talk about it another day, give them some time to adjust.” Song Yunran thought for a moment and asked, “What is the work schedule in the afternoon?”

  Facing the blank itinerary, Assistant Tang answered truthfully after three seconds of silence: “There is no arrangement.”

  The unexpected answer made Song Yunran very dissatisfied.

  He narrowed his beautiful eyes slightly: “You tell me the truth, did my dad send you over to help me for a while?”

  Assistant Tang gritted his teeth and said nothing.

  But his expression has perfectly betrayed his true thoughts.

  Song Yunran snorted softly, “I knew that he didn’t believe that I was willing to inherit the family property.”

  Assistant Tang glanced at him hesitantly, thinking: Let alone Mr. Song, even your dog would definitely not believe you.

  When people mentioned Song Yunran in the past, everyone’s comments were nothing more than those two kinds.

  One is to praise him for his good-looking appearance, and the other is to laugh at him for leaving the rich and carefree generation behind to dream about entering the entertainment industry.

  Earlier, when he was still young, his family members regarded his dream of “growing up as an actor” as a joke.

  Unexpectedly, after graduating from university last year, Song Yunran told his family seriously that he planned to formally enter the acting career.

  At this moment, Mrs. Song was so shocked and refused his request without even thinking about it.

  In the eyes of rich people like them, the entertainment industry indeed looks glamorous, but there’s no way they don’t know how many shameful and nasty activities are involved.

  Besides, even if Song Yunran can bring money, is it an easy job to be an actor? Not only you must be filming in various harsh environments, but you must also always accept the supervision of netizens. A slight error and they will verbally criticize your whole family for funerals.

  But no matter how much people around him persuaded him, Song Yunran seemed to be so stubborn, and only wanted to be an actor.

  He cried and went on a hunger strike for three months, fought with his parents for several months, and finally fainted and was admitted to the hospital because of the Nth hunger strike.

  Song Yunran is the only child in the family, and to this point, his parents, who love him, have no heart to refuse anymore.

  Surprisingly, after Song Yunran woke up in the hospital, he unexpectedly changed his mind.

  Not only did he reject the generous contract prepared by Mr. Song and his friends in the circle, but he also kept saying that he had decided to inherit the family business and become the domineering president of the business like his parents.

  The problem, however, is that his actions that he meant to change his previous mistakes, in the eyes of his parents, are all a bear’s child reckless idea.

  Therefore, his father learned from the pain, and he immediately purchased the dying Xinghe Entertainment, vowing to let Song Yunran accept the beatings from the society, so as to save him from thinking about doing something else.

  Seeing Assistant Tang’s unpredictable expression, Song Yunran was very melancholy.

  Today is the thirtieth day of his rebirth.

  If he were a baby, it was time for the guests to hold the full moon ceremony at the big banquet, but his “counter-attack” road had been slow to take off.

  Last time, Song Yunran got his wish and made his debut in the entertainment industry. But for some reason, there is a contemporaneous artist named Qin Ke in the circle, who always suppresses him everywhere.

  Song Yunran and Qin Ke have never cooperated, but they are both stars, and it is inevitable that they will meet in many public occasions.

  From the first sight of Qin Ke, he had a bad impression of this person. Song Yunran couldn’t tell what was wrong in the end. In the end, it could only be attributed to innate discomfort.

  However, as far as he knows, Qin Ke’s evaluation of him is also not very good.

  Over time, everyone believed that they were incompatible opponents.

  Fans of the two sides worked tirelessly on the Internet every day, and the two brokerage teams also politely accepts weird ghostly scripts, which directly caused the two people to meet later, and the surrounding air was burning with sparks of battle.

  Gradually, Song Yunran only had a wish.

He hoped that in the future he would be able to step on Qin Ke severely, and listen to Qin Ke kneeling and saying to him “Dad, I was wrong.”

  This wish was too naive. Song Yunran had never mentioned it to others. He could only take it out in the dead of night and savor it. Sometimes when he was too absorbed, he would accidentally laugh in the bed.

  Maybe that’s what men do. Song Yunran knows they always have a great passion for being a father.

  However, what was strange was that fate seemed to be deliberately unable to get along with him. Later, the harder Song Yunran tried, the more Qin Ke received more attention than him. Instead, the more likely he was to be left behind.

  Until one day, Song Yunran overheard his agent chatting with someone.

  ”Speaking to the heart, don’t you think Song Yunran is acting more and more like a joke? He is obviously not a match for Qin Ke now, why does he have to fight against others? Sometimes I want to persuade him that he might as well step out of the circle and go back to inherit the family property.”

  Song Yunran didn’t expect the agent to look down on himself, he so angry that he went home to took out a whole can of beer and got drunk.

  When the intense dizziness invaded his mind, he was lying on the bed with red eyes, recalling the harsh evaluation of the agent, and suddenly a question was raised for no apparent reason.

  ——Yes, he desperately entered the entertainment circle, is it just to fight with Qin Ke?

  The answer was announced after Song Yunran fell asleep.

  He dreamed that the world he was in was full of entertainment industry. The content of the novel was about how the protagonist Qin Ke, who had an ordinary origin but had an extraordinary talent, reached the pinnacle of his life.

  Song Yunran is a cannon fodder who works harder and gets more unfortunate. He is a jumping clown who sets off the protagonist’s noble character, and is an outstanding representative of many cannon fodders. The value of life is to be a stepping stone for Qin Ke to reach the top. When Qin Ke stepped on it steadily, he could leave the field in a desperate manner and disappear.

  The terrifying fate directly awakened Song Yunran.

  Unexpectedly, when he opened his eyes again, he actually returned to the year he graduated from college, just before he signed the contract to enter the entertainment industry.

  Perhaps it is because of the feeling that he knows the truth, many deep-rooted ideas in the previous life have also fallen apart.

  After being discharged from the hospital, Song Yunran sat in the spacious and bright villa study, looked out the window to the endless garden, and listened to the financial adviser reporting the amount of wealth under his name, as if he finally had some self-awareness and felt the true emotions in his heart.

  How can Qin Ke succeed easily, while he can only be a joke?

  Song Yunran refused! He clenched his fists and vowed to be a cannon fodder who would dare to say “no” to fate.

  The first step is to never make a debut. He was really blinded by the plot before, so he stupidly wanted to fight Qin Ke as an artist.

  In fact, it takes so much trouble to defeat Qin Ke, he can obviously humiliate Qin Ke with all his money! As a result, does he still need to worry that Qin Ke won’t kneel down and call him father?

  Realizing this, Song Yunran’s expression stunned, and slowly sat up straight.

  Calculating the time, Qin Ke should have made his debut now.

  He took out his mobile phone, entered Weibo expertly, and typed “Qin Ke” in the search box.

  Qin Ke is still an unknown coffee. Whether it is the number of fans or the number of reposts, it is too miserable to see it.

The first post happened to be a set of photos, with Mr. Qin dressed in a neat white coat, looking coldly at the camera.

  Song Yunran frowned, even if he hated Qin Ke, he still had to admit that not only was this person handsome, but his eyes also had a very interesting look.

  Even across the screen, he can feel the character’s abstinence and rational temperament.

  Assistant Tang, who hadn’t spoken for a long time, saw Song Yunran suddenly playing with his mobile phone, so he took a step forward and tried to remind his boss that it was time for lunch.

  But when his gaze fell on Song Yunran’s mobile phone screen, the alarm bell suddenly rang in his heart.

  Come yet?

 Legend has it that a new president has been appointed three times.

  Even if you want to come, the conditions of the artists under the Xinghe Entertainment are not very good, no matter which one is pulled out, they are far less attractive than Song Yunran himself.

  As for this one…

  Assistant Tang looked at the photos a few more times. Well, it was pretty good.

  ”President Xiao Song, are you planning to sign him into Xinghe Entertainment?” Assistant Tang asked tentatively.

  Song Yunran was startled, and said angrily: “Who said I wanted to sign him!”

  Is he sick, how can he easily sign the rival of his previous life into the company to deal with himself?

  Assistant Tang was stunned, and asked wonderingly: “Then why do you keep watching his Weibo?”

  Song Yunran raised his head speechlessly, and met the curious eyes of the honest assistant Tang, and didn’t know how to explain it for a while.

  A few seconds later, Song Yunran said bluntly and boldly: “It’s nothing, just to watch”.

  He threw the phone back on the table, thought for a while and added, “I just think he looks like my son. I want to see when he can learn to call me Dad.”

  Assistant Tang: “…?”

Translated by als

Als notes:

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