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ARIIFP Chapter 16

President Xiao Song, the G.O.A.T!

Chapter 16- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property. 

The next day, Song Yunran sneezed many times after getting up.


  When the driver came to pick him up, he asked: “You have a cold?”


  Song Yunran shook his head: “It must be Chu Xiaochen’s fans who are scolding me behind my back.”


  The driver is a person who doesn’t care about the entertainment industry and doesn’t know who Chu Xiaochen is. After confirming that Song Yunran did not need to take medicine, he drove to the company as usual.


  The weather is very good today, but it is a pity that there is a traffic jam on the road.


 Song Yunran lazily leaned back in his chair, drowsy from the warm sunlight.

  As soon as he closed his eyes, he received a call from someone who was having fun.


  He Ziyou said with excitement: “Yunran, well done. This wave is simply a big reversal of word-of-mouth, and Chu Xiaochen is about to be scolded to death.” Song Yunran was confused: “What happened?”


 ”Come on, don’t pretend there.” He Ziyou said, “Then again you really are not a good friend, the melon that Miss Shen married Chu Xiaochen is not even shared with me, I want to break up friendship with you for a day.”

  After speaking, he hung up the phone and started the break up.


  Song Yunran was even more confused.

  He knew that Chu Xiaochen’s wife was Shen Yiyi, who was a rich second-generation like him, but the two had no business dealings, and they never knew each other.


  So why did He Ziyou complain that he didn’t share melons?


  Song Yunran’s sleepiness instantly dissipated clean, and hurriedly went online to make up for it, and was dumbfounded after reading it.

  How could this happen?


  After a whole night, netizens who are well versed in the hype have already written all the plots for the derailment of Chu Xiaochen without the parties’ knowledge.


  Last night’s drama of “bearing humiliation and taking the lead” is outdated, because Song Yunran and Shen Yiyi are the children of business tycoons, so they will definitely not be so impulsive in doing things.


  So they must have planned it early in the morning. Song Yunran started to fire on Chu Xiaochen. After the incident attracted public attention, Shen Yiyi once again dropped the Thunder God’s hammer from the sky and directly nailed the scumbag to the pillar of shame forever and the whole world would never turn over.


  This means, this courage.

  It’s really something.


  Netizens made the script so vivid that Song Yunran almost believed it.

  Fortunately, he still has a trace of reason. After putting down the phone, he looked out the window faintly, his heart full of melancholy.


  Is it too late to explain now?



After arriving at the company, Song Yunran saw several new security guards outside the gate at a glance.

  Needless to say, Assistant Tang must have reported the events of last night to his dad, and his dad dispatched staff to Xinghe Entertainment overnight.


  But Song Yunran has no time to care about the company’s security issues.

  Because throughout the morning, every corner of Xinghe Entertainment was filled with the joy of eating melons and admiration for him.


  ”Oh my god, another girl who was cheated has appeared!”


  ”If it wasn’t for President Xiao Song, how long would they have been cheated by the scum.”

  ”No wonder President Xiao Song refused to vote for the “Equation of Love”, it turns out that he had planned to clean up Chu Xiao Chen long ago.”


  ”President Xiao Song, the G.O.A.T!1永远滴神 (yǒngyuǎn dī shén): In Chinese, YYDS comes from the gaming world. YYDS means: “Always the God”. Basically Gamer Shiny Ruo complimented another player in this way, during a League of Legends (英雄联盟) game. After that the phrase became more and more popular among young Chinese internet users. YYDS simply means “you’re the best ever!” In English, you could say this “you’re the G.O.A.T”, that abbreviation standing for ‘Greatest of all time’.


  No. I didn’t. I’m not. Don’t talk nonsense.

  Song Yunran was denying three times in his heart, but he couldn’t resist the gossip enthusiasm of the crowd.


  When he heard the news that the director of “Equation of Love” had taken the initiative to resign in the afternoon, the whole person had already gone numb.


  Assistant Tang still asked, “What bad things did this director do?”


  ”Ghost knows.”

  Song Yunran lay on the table and replied tiredly, “It’s just a guilty conscience anyway.”


  The original work does not have much ink on “Equation of Love”, and the plot that designs two people to roll over is actually to make way for Qin Ke’s new work later. As for what else the director did before the drunk driving, the book did not write, so Song Yunran naturally had no way of knowing.


  Assistant Tang was unable to find out the internal news, so he could only hold back his regret and report on the recent work progress: “The variety show investment project between Xinghe and several video platforms has already started. We still lack more competitiveness in the film and television sector, but The outside world’s evaluation of Xinghe has improved recently. The Investment Department is drawing up a new investment plan. It is expected that a meeting will be held next week to discuss. Are you still attending the meeting?”


 Song Yunran nodded and talked to Assistant Tang about the recruitment of new actors.


  Halfway through the conversation, a security guard came in with a cardboard box: “Mr. Song, your delivery.”


  ”Put it aside, thank you.” Song Yunran said.


  The carton seemed to be quite heavy. Assistant Tang took a look and asked, “Do you need the driver to deliver it home first?”


  Song Yunran: “No. By the way, Qin Ke will sign the contract this afternoon?”


  Assistant Tang didn’t understand why the topic came around to Qin Ke, but still answered, “Yes, he has already arrived.”


  ”After signing the contract, remember to call him to see me.”

  Song Yunran looked at the express cardboard box in the corner, his tone mixed with a hint of pleasure, “These are all good stuff for him.”


  Assistant Tang: “!!!”

  He didn’t dare to think about what the so-called good stuff was, nor did he dare to ask, “With your relationship, can’t you just call him to inform him?”, so he just solemnly agree to it.



  Downstairs in the conference room.


  The artist director smiled and extended his hand to Qin Ke: “Welcome to Xinghe Entertainment.”


  Qin Ke shook hands with the other party: “Thank you.”


  The artist director looked at Qin Ke with satisfaction, thinking that it was worthy of President Xiao Song, the first artist he signed home was so handsome, he could completely crush the company’s existing artists, perfectly making up for President Xiao Song’s reluctance to debut as the company’s face.


  ”You were signed by President Xiao Song personally. You should be more clear about the company’s situation.” She introduced, “The company will soon recruit a few more actors, our intention is to wait for people to be recruited and then arrange their own agents, I’ll take you at this stage, is that okay?”


  Qin Ke nodded: “Then I will trouble you.”


  The artist director smiled, and after Qin Ke packed up the contract, she personally sent him outside the conference room: “You can go back and prepare for the audition for “Jianghu Road”. After that, we will communicate by phone if there is anything to do. ” 


As soon as the voice fell, Assistant Tang hurriedly descended from the stairs: “Qin Ke, Xiao Song wants to see you.”


  Qin Ke glanced at Assistant Tang and asked in a low voice, “He wants to see me? ”

Didn’t he run away in front of him yesterday and reject his WeChat friend application?


  Assistant Tang understood this posture.

  There is no mistake, it must be because the two people have quarreled and are awkward with each other. No wonder they need him as an intermediary to deliver the message.


  ”Yes, you hurry up with me.”

  Assistant Tang got closer and whispered, “Don’t blame me for talking too much. Xiao Song only has a temper for three minutes. Since he is willing to step down for you, don’t be offended. ”


  Qin Ke: “…? ”


When he came to the front of the president’s office, Assistant Tang knocked on the door of the room: “President Xiao Song, Qin Ke is here. ”


  Song Yunran: “Well, you go out first.”


  Assistant Tang understood, turned his head towards Qin Ke and passed a meaningful look, and after he went out, he helped close the door and sent a message in the company management group: [From now on, no one can disturb President Xiao Song, if you need anything, you can find me directly.]


  Inside the office, Song Yunran slowly lifted his head.


  Qin Ke was standing not far from him, his back was straight, his expression was calm and quiet, his temperament was noble and high. No matter how you look at it, such a person should not mingle with a scum like Chu Xiaochen.


  Song Yunran sighed deeply and waited a few seconds before saying, “Sit down first.”


  Qin Ke sat on the seat he was facing and asked, “What do you want to tell me?”


  Song Yunran rarely talks to people about such serious topics, and for a while he didn’t know where to start, so he could only ask first: “You saw what happened to Chu Xiao Chen, right?”




  “How do you feel? “Song Yunran asked, “Don’t you understand, why is everyone so angry?” Or are you actually feeling sorry for him? ”


  Qin Ke asked in response: “Do I need to feel sorry for Chu Xiaochen?”


  Song Yunran was stunned and said angrily, “Isn’t he your friend? You clearly helped him to test me out yesterday, the relationship is so good, did you really think I am stupid not to find out?”




  Qin Ke watched Song Yunran’s white face show obvious anger, and even the smiling and curved apricot eyes2T/N: Actually, isn’t it refreshing to see another type of eyes other than peach blossom eyes in bl cn novel XD fluttered questioning emotions. But he is not a fierce-looking type, and he can’t scare anyone with his stern face. On the contrary, it makes people want to hold his head and rub it hard. 


  Somehow, Qin Ke laughed and asked, “So what do you plan to do when you find out?”


  Song Yunran was waiting for this sentence.

  He stood up, strode to the corner, bent over and picked up the heavy cardboard box and walked back, and put the cardboard box in front of Qin Ke with a “bop”.


  Qin Ke raised his eyebrows: “What do you mean?”


  ”They were all bought for you.” Song Yunran opened the cardboard box, revealing the contents, “Bring it home and take a closer look.”


  Qin Ke looked inside the cardboard box and the colorful book covers came into his view.


  ”Ethics and Law”, “Three Hundred Questions about Human Nature Contradictions”, “The Theory of Prudent Friendship”…


  He took out a copy casually and opened it carelessly: “Xiao Song always wants to persuade me to be a good man?”


  Song Yunran nodded. “I checked it online last night. Netizens said that this kind of book is particularly useful for the cultivation of the three views3opinion about the world; world outlook; world view of minors. Although you are a few years older, there is no harm in reading more.”


  ”Well, the book is a good book.” Qin Ke’s tone gradually became helpless, “but I shouldn’t have to read it.”


  Song Yunran was stunned on the spot, not expecting that Qin Ke would not seek to make progress.


  He scratched his head, and asked incomprehensibly: “Have you not seen Chu Xiaochen being scolded by the whole network now? Why do you want to continue to mix with him? Why are you like this, you like this…”


  Why can you be the protagonist like this? How can you easily beat me?


  Song Yunran bit his lips tightly, did not say the most real thoughts in his heart.


  He was too depressed, the feeling of unwillingness in his previous life all came up in a flash, and for a while he could not say anything, even aggrieved enough to want to grab Qin Ke’s collar and curse.


  He can pat his chest to ensure that during his time as an actor, he did his best in every scene. But the kind of helplessness that he couldn’t surpass Qin Ke in any way, still weighed heavily on his heart, and had almost become a nightmare in the depths of his soul.


  If not, he wouldn’t care about Qin Ke’s every move so much.


  Qin Ke noticed his emotions and a touch of surprise swept through his eyes.


  He put the book back into the cardboard box, thought about it and spoke slowly: “Can you listen to my explanation?”


  Song Yunran stared at him, “Say it, what are you going to quibble about.”


  Qin Ke: “Chu Xiao Chen and I don’t know each other at all. Yesterday, I went to look for you, purely because I watched the live broadcast and worried that something had happened to you.”


  Song Yunran was stunned: “You came to save me on purpose?”

  His eyelashes trembled a few times, and he was a little uncertain when he spoke again. “Then why did you ask me how I knew that Chu Xiaochen had cheated and did not want to revenge on us?”


  Qin Ke rubbed his brows, “If I really want to retaliate against you, would I let you run away so easily yesterday? Not to mention…”

  He dragged the tone and glanced at the other person. “You haven’t told me how you knew.”



  Now it was Song Yunran’s turn to have a guilty conscience. In a hurry, he thought of a script written by a netizen, “Of course it was said by Shen Yiyi. Didn’t you read it online? When you asked yesterday, she hadn’t posted on Weibo yet. Of course I couldn’t tell you, lest someone spoil our plans.”


 Thank you all for the inspiration.


  Song Yunran thanked all the netizens silently in his heart, and then turned the tables: “It’s really strange that you are inexplicably concerned about these things. Anyone who knows will think that you have a ghost in your heart.”


  There is indeed a ghost in Qin Ke’s heart. He tightened his thin lips, as if he hadn’t heard the accusation in his words.


  Song Yunran was too outspoken to justify his earlier speculation. On the contrary, his previous guess was completely turned into an overly suspicious display.


  So he was just thinking too much?


  Seeing him not speaking, Song Yunran suddenly became more confident: “In the future, ask less about things that shouldn’t be asked. Don’t care about handsome men’s affairs and mind your own business. Understand?”


  ”Okay,” Qin Ke replied.


  Song Yunran was very satisfied, and remembered another thing: “So yesterday you said that you had a friend who knew Chu Xiaochen, do you really have such a friend ah? Then don’t waste these books. You can give them to him for me. Let him grow a good heart.”


  Qin Ke glanced at the heavy cardboard box and decisively refused: “No, I’ve already cut off my friendship with him.”

Translated by als

Als notes: I actually feel sad for our Xiao Song, he really tried his best 🙁 


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  • 1
    永远滴神 (yǒngyuǎn dī shén): In Chinese, YYDS comes from the gaming world. YYDS means: “Always the God”. Basically Gamer Shiny Ruo complimented another player in this way, during a League of Legends (英雄联盟) game. After that the phrase became more and more popular among young Chinese internet users. YYDS simply means “you’re the best ever!” In English, you could say this “you’re the G.O.A.T”, that abbreviation standing for ‘Greatest of all time’.
  • 2
    T/N: Actually, isn’t it refreshing to see another type of eyes other than peach blossom eyes in bl cn novel XD
  • 3
    opinion about the world; world outlook; world view
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    poor QK successfully did the mental gymnastics to come to the conclusion that SYR was also reborn but was cockblocked by SYR’s natural stupidity XD

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