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AFDF Chapter 88

Full Month

Accompany by a Fool to Do Farming

Chapter 88: 满月

[Baby’s One-month Old Birthday]

Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an’s child was destined to be spoiled after he was born, especially since this child resembled the departed Shen Amu. Father Shen and Shen Mu spoiled him even more to the extreme, simply so much in love with their great grandson. 


Not to mention the fact that there was also Shen Yubei, even Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an had to line up afterwards. 


On the eighth day after the baby’s birth, Shen Yu Bei and Gao Han Jin had to go back because of business matters in the south. The two of them obviously hated that they had to leave and couldn’t stay here for the rest of their lives. The main problem was that the little baby is indeed too cute. They couldn’t attend the baby’s one-month old’s birthday celebration so Shen Yu Bei and Gao Han Jin expressed their regret. Before they left, they bought the best gold longevity locks in the jewellery shop in town as a gift for the full month and added that when they came back next time, they would make up for it with a better full month gift.


The baby’s name was chosen by Father Shen. Finally, after thinking about it for two days, he decided to call the baby Zhao Shuyan. There was no such a big metaphorical meaning in it, just that the baby is safe and happy. Just fine for being beautiful. 


Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an both thought it was a good name and had a nice rhythm (sound charming). 


In the past few days, Zhao Zheng’an told everyone to go to his house for the full month’s wine. If he didn’t meet them, he took the initiative to tell them.Everyone understood how happy Zhao Zheng’an was to be a father. Even though the baby was a ger, because in the ancient times, most people still discriminated against gers, although some people also didn’t think like that. They then promised to be there on the day of the baby’s one-month old birthday celebration. 


“The Zheng’an’s family and Zhong family haven’t come so far. From now on, don’t go to them during the Chinese New Year or other festivities, it’s a waste of money.” Shen Mu said in a particularly angry tone. Although, in the first place, he disliked them but for the sake of good will and reason, at least they have to come and see the baby, right?


“Hn… not going to have any relation with them anymore. I never expect anything from the Zhong Family though, as long as they don’t come to me looking for trouble. It doesn’t matter if they don’t come forever. For Wang family’s side, Zheng’an even more lazy to care about them.” Zhong Ziqi said indifferently. It was better if they didn’t come,it saved him from seeing their annoying faces. 


“Still, my little great grandson is better, he doesn’t cry and doesn’t make a fuss. Grandma cherishes you dearly. ” Shen Mu walked around with little Shu Yan in his arms, unable to resist kissing his soft face, extremely fond of him. 


Although little Shu Yan was just born, he was different from other newborn babies who liked to cry when nothing happened. Little Shu Yan was a very well behaved child. He liked to sleep every day. He rarely cried, unless he was hungry or pooped. Because of this, many people thought that little Shu Yan was sick so they invited the town doctor to come and check him out. The doctor shook his head and said everything was normal and the baby was very healthy. Only then, did they put their hearts at ease. 


Father Shen anxiously waited as he looked at them, “Give me the baby! How long have you been holding him?”


“You’re a big man, what should we do if you drop him?” Shen Mu reluctant to let go of the baby 


“It’s not like I haven’t held it before. Hurry up! I want to hold my little great grandson too.” Father Shen said with a black face. Shen Mu dominated the little Shu Yan every day therefore he couldn’t hold the baby even if he wanted to.


Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zhengan who had just come out from the kitchen, exchanged a glance and both laughed helplessly. Everyday, this kind of drama happened at least once in their family so they were used to this common occurrence. It was difficult even for Zhao Zheng’an if he wanted to hold the baby. 


“Here, have some chicken soup. I just make it.” Zhao Zheng’an blew on the chicken soup and wanted to feed it to Zhong Ziqi. 


“Let me do it myself!”


Zhong Ziqi took the bowl and looked at it for a long time before he raised his head and asked Zhao Zheng’an, “When can I stop drinking it?” 


He had been drinking this great tonic soup every day since he gave birth to his child. He was about to vomit since he had been drinking it for more than ten days in a row.                


“You bear with it! The doctor said that after giving birth, your body has lost a lot of energy so you need to take more tonic. In order to avoid the incompletely cured illness in the future.” Zhao Zheng’an said in a serious tone. Not to mention Zhong Ziqi, he and Shen Mu would often drink it along with him ; they could barely stand it anymore, let alone Zhong Ziqi.


“Are you done with the baby’s one-month’s matter?” Zhong Ziqi asked as he drank. Let alone the fact that Zhao Zheng’an’s cooking skills had grown a lot, this soup’s flavor was very tasty.


“At first, I wanted to hire a chef from the town, but Zhao Amu, Huang Amu and the others said it’s too wasteful. On that day, they’ll just get a few people to help out.”


After he had heard what he said, Zhong Ziqi nodded his head, “Do as you see it fit. At that time, you just give those who come to help out some reward.”


“Got it.”


Soon, it was the day of the baby’s one-month old birthday. Zhao Zheng’an woke up very early in the morning and tidied up the house. Now it was the beginning of October and the weather had started to become cold again but no match for the villagers’ enthusiasm. Some people sneaked into Zhao Zheng’an’s house early in the morning to see the baby.


Zhong Ziqi was already fully dressed and sitting on the Kang bed while Father Shen and Shen Mu greeted the guests.


“Aiyoo … this child of yours is so well behaved. He doesn’t even cry.” This was said by one of the Amu. 


“It’s quite well behaved. He also doesn’t make any noise.” Zhong Ziqi’s tone was unconsciously proud, at this time the little Shu Yan had already woken up. He was squinting and kicking his legs but he did not cry.


“This baby looks like your Amu. He will be a beauty when he grows up.” This was also said by another Amu. 


“That’s right ah, everyone says he looks like my Amu.”


“Qi Ge’er, our family’s child is also about to be born. Do you want to make the arrangement for ‘infant matrimony1[Infant matrimony (娃娃亲) : arranged marriage when very young; parental betrothal (the boy and the ger had been engaged to each other even before they were born)]?”

A pregnant Fu Lang with a big belly jokingly said to Zhong Ziqi.


Zhong Ziqi was still smiling, extremely polite: ” Let’s talk about it later, in the future. I won’t interfere with the child’s decision.” Hearing this, that person was somehow embarrassed. 


Soon, Zhao Ame, Huang Ame, and the others also arrived one after another. They first came to Zhong Ziqi’s place to admire the little Shu Yan for a while before they called a few Amu into the kitchen to help with the cooking.


This time, almost everyone from the village came to the banquet, even the Zhao Family and the Wang family also came to dine. People asked if they had given the baby any gifts for the one month old birthday and what did they give? Without blinking their eyes, they were telling lies and said that they had given the baby, the longevity locks, clothes, and so on.


Shen Mu was also particularly angry at this. He was chatting with others and said that the Zhao family and the Wang family didn’t come before but today they came yet they didn’t bring any gifts with them.


Very soon, the way people looked at the two families changed.


Towards noon, a number of carriages arrived one after another. All were congratulatory gifts from the town’s restaurant owners; gold, silver, longevity locks, clothes and so on,moreover it was not in a small amount. 


Zhao Zheng’an smiled and cup one of his hands in greeting as he accepted their gifts. He kept all of them to eat lunch at their house. Luckily, they had a large courtyard, otherwise it would not be enough for them to sit there.


As they had discussed before, today they cooked twelve dishes of fish and meat. The villagers’s mouths were full of oil and grease; they were so eager to eat it. All the guests brought their families’ members, first because they wanted to make connections. Second, the reason was because Zhao Zheng’an’s family was rich so the banquet’s food must be very good. 


The banquet took more than an hour to finish. The table was basically full of empty trays and plates. The crowd said good bye to Zhao Zheng’an and the others before they dispersed in twos and threes.


There were still a lot of dishes left in the kitchen, so Zhao Zheng’an shared some of the dishes with those who had come to help and asked them to bring it back and gave them several wens of money for their efforts.


They were naturally overjoyed to do so, even if they didn’t get paid, the food alone was enough to satisfy them.


Zhao Amu and Huang Amu stayed behind to help them clean up the bowls and chopsticks. 

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    [Infant matrimony (娃娃亲) : arranged marriage when very young; parental betrothal (the boy and the ger had been engaged to each other even before they were born)]
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  1. Thanks for the chapter! So many people come to stuff their faces, lol. That kid is going to be so spoiled! It is said where I come from that when a child cries a lot as a baby, he’s going to be quiet as a grown up & too quiet kid will become a hellion, lol. I don’t have much contact with kids, but judging by my sister & me, the polar opposites, it is so true, lol. Let’s see how the fictional kid turns out!

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