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AFDF Chapter 87


Accompany by a Fool to Do Farming

Chapter 87: 生了

“How did it go?” Zhao Zheng’an rushed back home and asked, if Gao Hanjin hadn’t stopped him, he could have barged straight into the delivery room.


“I just heard from inside the delivery room that it’s still early. I’m heating up the porridge, so I’ll let Ziqi eat some later.” Father Shen said as he stood in the kitchen doorway looking at the (delivery) closed door. He was also anxious, worried about his grandson’s health and happy that his great grandson would arrive. It could even be said that he had a mixed feelings between grief and joy


Zhao Zheng’an walked around the courtyard anxiously, listening to Zhong Ziqi’s suppressed cries of pain in the house, Zhao Zheng’an only felt his heart was almost breaking apart, wanting to take his place and bear all of his pain.


Shen Yu Bei who had returned from outside, saw Zhao Zheng’an’s face full of anxiety, went to comfort him and said : “Don’t be anxious, Ziqi certainly will be fine.”


“En.” Zhao Zheng’an answered, but his anxiety was still imperishable.


Soon, the head housekeeper brought over the village doctor. The old doctor could be considered as a very experienced one, probably in his sixties. In the Zhao Jia village, everyone who had a headache and slight fever and everyone whose family’s wife was going to give birth would look for him and invite him to come. 


Inside the room, Zhong Ziqi was already in so much pain that he had no strength left, even though he had prepared himself before. At this moment, he couldn’t help being somewhat discouraged. It was really just too fucking painful. For a moment, Zhong Ziqi wondered if he would just die here from the pain.


He indeed just didn’t have any strength anymore. 


“Ziqi? How are you doing? Keep hold on!” Shen Amu worriedly touched Zhong Ziqi’s sweat-soaked face.


“Grandma, I… I have no strength… no strength anymore…”


“Is there any food in the kitchen? Bring it here, so he can have a meal first.” The old doctor asked.


“That’s right, he can’t give birth if he has no strength at all. The longer the baby doesn’t come out, the more life-threatening it is.” The midwife spoke of his experience.


“I told them to warm it up. I’ll have them bring the food over.” As soon as Shen Amu finished speaking, he opened the door and shouted at the crowd of men waiting anxiously in the courtyard, “Bring the congee here, quickly!!!”


Father Shen immediately brought the cooled rice porridge over from the kitchen : “Hanjin, You carry it in!”


“Yes, Father.” Gao Hanjin took the congee and immediately brought it into the delivery room. 


Zhao Zheng’an’s eyes stared into the open and closed doorway. He was hoping to see something there. Only it was destined to disappoint him, nothing could be seen.     


“Ziqi is blessed, surely he will be fine.” The head housekeeper murmured. 


Soon, Gao Hanjin came out of the room and Zhao Zheng’an hurriedly asked, “How is the situation? Has the baby come out yet?”


Gao Hanjin shook his head, “The baby hasn’t come out yet. Ziqi has no strength anymore and needs to eat to replenish his strength.”


Gao Hanjin remembered that he had just entered the room when he saw Zhong Ziqi’s face was as white as if he was half dead, he shivered in his heart but did not say anything because the doctor said there was nothing serious for the time being, so there was no need for him to say anything that would add to their worries.


He walked quietly around the corner and stayed dazed for a moment. He didn’t know when Shen Yu Bei was there and stood behind him: “Is the situation inside not good?” He knew Gao Hanjin so he could guess completely what he was thinking about; Gao Hanjin’s expression when he came out of the house was not right. He guessed that Gao Hanjin might have been scared by this. 


As expected, Gao Hanjin came back to his senses and wrapped his arms around his neck and said sullenly, “The doctor said that it wasn’t life-threatening for the time being, it’s just that he was lacking strength. I was just shocked by the situation inside so I’ll be fine after I take some break.”


Shen Yu Bei hugged him and patted his back.


Inside the room, Zhong Ziqi, having been fed a bowl of porridge by Shen Amu, indeed had renewed his strength and started to work hard again. Zhong Ziqi could feel the baby in his stomach moving down and he did not suppress himself and shout out.


        “Aaah!!! Aaah! Mmm!”


“Qi Ge’er, push harder! I can see the baby’s head.” The midwife and Shen Amu said in surprise.


Zhong Ziqi immediately braced himself and pushed harder. 


Perhaps it was already the time, Zhong Ziqi only felt a tearing pain in the lower part of his body, and then the baby was born.


Everyone couldn’t help but sigh with relief at this.


“Whaaa !!!”


The baby’s cries resounded throughout the courtyard. Hearing the full spirit cries, everyone inside and outside the house finally put their hearts at ease. 


Zhao Zheng’an grinned and tried to rush into the room. When the door was opened, Shen Amu came out holding the wrapped child: “It’s a ger. You guys, take a look at him! Just for a while so I can send him back. Don’t let him catch a cold.”


“It’s ugly …” Gao Hanjin couldn’t help but say it. The truth was that the child in front of him was full of wrinkles, bright red and like a freshly born monkey.


“Nonsense, my great grandson will look beautiful when he grows up. You just can’t see it at this moment.” Shen Amu thought it was funny as he said this. 


Zhao Zheng’an looked at his child fondly for a while before then he asked permission to go inside.


The doctor in the room had just finished looking at Zhong Ziqi when he saw Zhao Zheng’an entering the room, so one after another, the midwife and the doctor congratulate him, “Congratulations, you are blessed with a son.”


Zhao Zheng’an grinned and took out the money he had prepared from his pocket and handed it to them, “Thank you for your hard work.”


“This is what we should do.” The two said modestly, to receive such a generous reward also made them particularly happy. They declined Zhao Zheng’an’s offer to stay for dinner and went back.


Inside the house Zhao Zheng’an pounced on Zhong Ziqi and said happily, “Ziqi, we have a son.” But it worried him to death.


“En…. I’ve given birth to a ger. Will you dislike him?” Zhong Ziqi asked what was on his mind, still afraid that Zhao Zheng’an would be uncomfortable.


“Of course I like it very much. How can I dislike it? I can’t wait to love him dearly.” Zhao Zheng’an said with tears of joy, a seven-foot man who never shed tears, was now happy and left tears of excitement. As long as Zhong Ziqi was the one who gave birth to their children, he would love their children with all of his heart so how could he dislike it? 


“Zheng An, I’m tired and I want to rest for a while.” Zhong Ziqi said. He was very tired right now and his body still hurt a lot. He especially wanted to sleep and rest.


“Then you should get some rest first, I’ll clean up the house.” Zhao Zheng’an offered himself to undertake the task. 


Zhong Ziqi nodded his head and closed his eyes reassuringly.


By the time Zhong Ziqi regained his consciousness again, it was already night. All of his clothes from head to toe had been changed to clean ones. The bed sheets and floor were all cleaned up. The baby was lying next to him, sleeping soundly with his little fists clenched.


Zhong Ziqi looked at the baby in one instant with unfavorable eyes.

Usually the children who had just been born did not look good to everyone, however, he looked good and cute no matter how they looked at him. 


“Cute, isn’t he? Grandma and the others say that our child looks like your Amu!” Zhao Zheng’an said happily as he came in at some moment. 


“Does he? I didn’t see it.” Zhong Ziqi shook his head.


“Wait until his eyes are open, he hasn’t yet. Here…Eat some food first, so you can drink the medicine afterwards.” Zhao Zheng’an put the meal he was carrying on the table, then slowly picked up Zhong Ziqi and fed him one spoonful at a time.


Zhong Ziqi didn’t have any appetite right now, he simply took a couple of bites before he stopped eating. Zhao Zheng’an then  handed the medicine for him to drink.



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