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AFDF Chapter 86

About to Give Birth

Accompany by a Fool to Do Farming

Chapter 86 : Going to Give Birth


At the beginning of September, Father Shen and the rest returned from the south, accompanied by Shen Yu Bei and Gao Han Jin.


The moment Zhong Ziqi saw Gao Hanjin, he exclaimed : “It’s you?” 


It was not strange that he still remembered, mainly because Gao Hanjin was so outstandingly good-looking, almost the best-looking person he had ever seen, so he remembered it particularly well.


Gao Hanjin also looked at Zhong Ziqi and felt familiar. After thinking for a while, he also exclaimed, “It’s you?”


Father Shen and Shen Amu listened in confusion as they failed to understand the reason why :”Do you two know each other?”


“We’ve met. I was on a business trip to the north at that time and came here to rest and happened to meet him selling noodles at the pier. I didn’t think he was the one your family were looking for.” Gao Hanjin said in surprise, just thinking that this was too much of a coincidence.


Only Shen Yu Bei knew what was going on. He stepped forward to explain: “It’s thanks to that time when you told me that you had seen Ziqi here, otherwise I might not have been able to find him.”


It was only then everyone suddenly realized. Father Shen and Shen Amu had no idea that there was such a thing. They could not help but sigh, their future daughter-in-law met their grandson whom they had not met before and guided them to him. What else could it be, if it was not fate? 


Zhong Ziqi was also surprised. The impression Gao Hanjin had left on them at first was not so pleasant either, because in their eyes, Gao Hanjin was very arrogant, 

from top to bottom, completely a pampered son from a wealthy family, dressed in satin and silk fabric, sitting at their tiny noodle stall, out of place, 

with a look of disgust on his face, so he left a very deep impression on them.


At first, they thought that they would never meet again from now on and afterward, however, now he had become his little uncle’s wife by ‘an accident arising from many causes’. 1[阴差阳错 /yīn chā yáng cuò : an accident arising from many causes (idiom); a freak combination of factors. ]




“Ziqi, how was it? The time when we weren’t here was pretty good, right?”

Shen Amu asked with concern. They were always thinking of Zhong Ziqi and the others in the north, while they were in the south. Therefore, not long after their son got married, they returned with their son and their daughter-in-law.


“I’m fine, Grandma. You and grandfather don’t need to worry.” Zhong Ziqi said with a smile. He couldn’t help but reach out his hand to touch his stomach. 


“Have you seen the doctor? Have you found a ‘midwife’? Don’t wait until the time to give birth! It will be too late then!”


Zhao Zheng’an was beside him, continued the conversation and said : “I’ve already found one. He lives in the next village. Several days ago, we went to see the doctor in town. The doctor said that the baby would be born around the middle of September so in a couple of days I’m going to bring the midwife here. He’ll come and stay here for a few days.”


“I think that’s good, in case it’s too late to bring him in when he gives birth.” Shen Amu said in agreement.


    “Let’s not talk anymore. I’m going to cook for all of you. After you’ve eaten, get some rest.” Zhao Zheng’an said.


Since Zhong Ziqi’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, Zhao Zheng’an didn’t dare to be careless at all. He was afraid that he would fall and slip when he went out alone. Zhong Ziqi had been banned from entering the kitchen for quite a long time. There were only three people eating in the house anyway, including the head butler. Moreover, Zhao Zheng’an’s cooking was quite good, no one was that picky either ; as long as there was food to eat and they didn’t go hungry therefore Zhao Zheng’an was always in charge of the cooking.


“I’ll go and help Zheng’an cook.” Shen Amu got up and wanted to follow him.


He was stopped by Zhong Ziqi: “Grandma, don’t mind him. He can still cook pretty well some daily meals nowadays. Let’s just sit and wait for him to finish.”


“Then we’ll just wait.” 


All of them laughed.


Gao Hanjin looked all around the house with some curiosity. He asked, as if he was familiar with him, “Ziqi ah, your house is really big.”


His house didn’t look like any other villager’s house he had ever seen before. 


“Luckily, there’s a lot of land in the village so it’s a bit bigger.” Zhong Ziqi said with a smile.


“Amu, Father, you don’t know, when I first met Ziqi, he was still selling noodles at the pier…Don’t look at their young age, they were the only ones doing the most business on the pier. It’s just that I didn’t see them again on the return trip.” Gao Hanjin blah blah blah about his first contact with Zhong Ziqi.


Zhong Ziqi smiled as he listened, once in a while, jokingly adding a few words.


Shen Amu and Father Shen also listened with great interest, only Shen Yubei shook his head helplessly and sat beside Gao Hanjin as he watched him chattering on and on with gentle gaze. 


In the kitchen, Zhao Zheng’an cooked the dish quite fast, in no time at all, he had made three or four dishes. There was also braised pork that everyone loved. Shen Amu was the first to take a bite and couldn’t help but compliment him : “Zheng’an’s cooking skills have improved a lot, but mine also haven’t regressed either.”


At home, their cooking skills had always been ‘not much to choose between the two’ or their cooking skills were about the same. 


“Your grandma’s cooking skill is really not out of practice. Every now and then, he has cooked several dishes. He has also learned a lot from the chefs at home.” Father Shen said as he made fun of him which he rarely did. 


“Then I’ll have to try some of Amu’s dishes tomorrow. By the way, we have some wine at home, home-brewed. It’s not intoxicating, I’ll bring it to you guys.” Zhao Zheng’an went to the side room and brought out a jar of cherry wine that had been opened a while ago.


“You guys made wine? When did you make it?” Father Shen asked in surprise, looking at the wine Zhao Zheng’an had poured out which still had some red in it.


“It was brewed in July. One jar was opened just two days ago. The rest is going to be taken out for sale.”


“Not to mention, this wine is indeed quite tasty. It has a sweet taste.” Gao Hanjin said in amazement. The wine he had drunk before were all particularly strong wines that he couldn’t avoid drinking in business. But actually he didn’t like that kind of wine. Beyond his expectation, Zhong Ziqi’s sweet fermented wine was particularly in line with his taste.


After hearing Gao Hanjin’s words, the others also, one after another, took a sip. Father Shen and Shen Yu Bei only found it quite unusual, while Shen Amu and Gao Hanjin found it very good and liked it. Shen Yu Bei saw this and asked for a jar from Zhao Zheng’an. Both of them intend to…


In the middle of September, Zhao Zheng’an drove his carriage to the neighbouring village and brought the midwife to his home. The ‘midwife’ had heard of Zhao Zheng’an and Zhong Ziqi’s reputation, so naturally he was very overjoyed to come here. Their whole family was not stingy therefore the tip money was certainly not small.


Besides, Zhong Ziqi had been feeling uncomfortable in his stomach for the past two days. He didn’t know whether it was a rise or a pain, he just didn’t feel well anyway. 


“Ziqi, what are you doing?” Gao Hanjin watched Zhong Ziqi get out of bed carefully, holding his waist, so he hurriedly came over to support him.


“Hn. I think I ate something bad. I don’t feel well. I’m going to the toilet.” Zhong Ziqi rubbed his stomach and said.


“Did you eat too much chili last night? I told you to eat less.” Gao Hanjin said and scolded him. 


He and Shen Yu Bei had been here for almost half a month, waiting for Zhong Ziqi to give birth. During this time of interaction with each other, he and Zhong Ziqi had already become good friends (with whom he could talk about everything). 


“Maybe, I don’t think I ate too much. Just eat a little.”


“But, you’re pregnant, that’s not just a little.”


Gao Hanjin helped Zhong Ziqi go to the toilet, “Be careful! I’ll wait for you outside. Call me if you need anything.”


After saying that, Gao Hanjin went out and stood outside the toilet door.


Zhong Ziqi went into the toilet and unbuckled his belt, slowly squatted down, but after squatting for half a day, he didn’t have any desire to use the toilet. On the contrary, his stomach was getting more and more painful and the baby inside his stomach was not behaving well either.


Zhong Ziqi immediately felt that he might have misunderstood. He did not want to go to the toilet at all but he was actually about to give birth.


He gritted his teeth as he held himself up against the wall, forced himself to wear his clothes well and then called out to Gao Han Jin who was standing outside. 


“What’s wrong, Ziqi?” Gao Hanjin asked from outside.


Zhong Ziqi said weakly and without strength, “Come in please, help me back! I’m probably going to give birth soon.”


“What?” Gao Hanjin raised his voice, startling everyone else in the room.


“What’s wrong? What’s with all the fuss?” Shen Amu asked as he rebuked. 


Gao Hanjin went into the toilet and helped Zhong Ziqi out, while shouting: “Amu, Dad, Xiang Gong (Husband), Ziqi says he’s going to give birth.”


“What? He is about to give birth? Quick… help him get into the house! Son, go and get Zheng’an back, also invite the doctor to  come here.” Although Shen Amu was also anxious, he still methodically arranged the instruction. After all, he had given birth to two children so he naturally understood these matters. 


Father Shen was also especially nervous and sweating, afraid of any accident. Shen Amu faced towards him and said, “Old man, go into the kitchen and boil a pot of hot water, also warm up the thin porridge.”


“Okay.” Father Shen nodded and quickly went into the kitchen. 


The midwife who lived in the sideroom heard the commotion so he came over hurriedly and began to get busy.        


Zhao Zheng’an was still at the marinated meat workshop at the moment, talking to the head housekeeper when Shen Yu Bei walked over in a hurry, “Zheng’an, hurry up and go home!”


“What happened? Is there something wrong?” Zhao Zheng’an saw Shen Yu Bei’s face full of anxiety and hurriedly asked. 


“Ziqi is in labour, hurry up and go back! By the way, where is the doctor? We still have to find the doctor.” But before Shen Yu Bei could finish his sentence, Zhao Zheng An already ran with a whoosh like a bow and arrow that had left the string.


Leaving Shen Yu Bei in between laughter and tears’s state, “Young master, you should go back first! This old one knows where the doctor lives. I’ll go and ask the doctor to come and I’ll be back soon.”


“That’s great! You better go quickly and return quickly.” Shen Yu Bei instructed the head butler. After that, he also began to rush back to the home again. 


The head butler gave an explanation to the people in the workshop,before he went to the village to look for the doctor.



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    [阴差阳错 /yīn chā yáng cuò : an accident arising from many causes (idiom); a freak combination of factors. ]
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  1. Thanks for the chapter! It’s always funny how so many guys become headless chickens running around when it comes to childbirth.

    1. LittleYen LittleYen says:

      Yes.. Lol
      However they all are guys though..

  2. Avatar lightmoon22 says:

    I thought there will be some a little altercation between Zhong Ziqi and Gao Hanjin when they meet but that never happened
    I felt little disappointment about that 😗

    1. LittleYen LittleYen says:

      Ha ha ha because only 4 chapters left so no more drama..

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