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AFDF Chapter 69


Accompany by a Fool to Do Farming

Chapter 69: 酸 (sour 😖🍋) 

After a deep sleep, the next day, when Zhong Ziqi woke up, Zhao Zheng’an was already up. The meal was ready. The medicine was also ready, just waiting for him to get up.


Zhong Ziqi scratched his head, he was rarely embarrassed:”I woke up late.”


Zhao Zheng’an still kept a happy face: “You are tired. The doctor has said you have to rest more every day, it’s me who couldn’t sleep and got up early.”


When he thought he was having a child, his heart was full of happiness that he couldn’t sleep, so he got up at dawn and personally went to boil the medicinal herbs.


After Zhong Ziqi got dressed and washed up, he sat down at the dining table to eat. He still didn’t have any appetite today so he forced himself to eat a bowl of food under Zhao Zheng’an’s worried gaze.


After he finished eating, Zhao Zheng’an handed Zhong Ziqi the decoction medicine and took out a packet, which Zhong Ziqi opened in confusion and found that it contained a few pieces of sugar cube. Even if Zhong Ziqi didn’t eat it, he still felt the sweetness in his heart.


There is someone who cares for you and loves you like this, what is the use of being pretentious? Give birth to a baby then just give birth to the baby ba!


After finishing the medicine, Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an went to the clinic. Although it was early in the morning, there were already people lining up. However it was good that there were not many people. Zhao Zheng’an and Zhong Ziqi were no longer surprised at the strange sights, they lined up directly on the back.




The divine doctor lifted his head up to look at the two of them and got up: “You two come with me.”


Zhao Zheng’an and Zhong Ziqi hurriedly followed. There was also a small room on the inner side of the medical hall, obviously it was used for resting. The divine doctor pointed towards Zhao Zheng’an and said, “Take off your clothes and lie down here!”


After hearing what he said, Zhao Zheng’an took a look at Zhong Ziqi before he slowly began to undress.


Zhong Ziqi was a little embarrassed and wanted to go out.


“Just take off your upper clothes, you don’t need to take off your trousers! Take off your shoes too.” The divine doctor saw the two of them misunderstood and explained it.


Zhao Zheng’an hurriedly did as the doctor said, to only reveal the place that should be revealed.


Zhong Ziqi took a chair and sat at a distant place, holding his breath as he watched the doctor take out the needles and stick it one by one into each of Zhao Zheng’an’s acupuncture points.


In a short while,he saw Zhao Zheng’an sweating profusely, with a painful look on his face.


After sticking the needles on the upper body, the divine doctor ran a few more needles in the heart of his feet, only then he finished. Before leaving, the miracle doctor instructed Zhong Ziqi to remind him and ask him to remove the needles in about half an hour.


Zhong Ziqi immediately answered yes, then the doctor went out since there were still a lot of people waiting for him outside.


After the divine doctor left, Zhong Ziqi moved the stool to the side of the bed. He looked at him lying on his back like a hedgehog, unable to hold back his laughter so he asked, “How does it feel?”


Zhao Zheng’an sighed helplessly: “Is that very funny?”


Zhong Ziqi clutched his hand into a fist, placed it on the front of his mouth, coughed twice: “… it hurt? It looks so scary!”


“Not bad, some places hurt a lot, some places I feel nothing.”


Zhong Ziqi nodded and asked again: “Is there any effect after soaking in the medicinal bath yesterday?”


Zhao Zheng’an looking at him, didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh: “Even if the miracle doctor is so skillful, it is still impossible to have the effect in one go. Otherwise, why do I need to soak in a medicinal bath for a month? ”


“You are right. You say, this small town gives the impression that nothing special here, so why would the miracle doctor take root here?”


Zhong Ziqi rubbed his chin, he didn’t understand why and asked. He had also heard, the doctor’s whereabouts were always erratic. Today he appeared in this town and tomorrow he might run to that city. Suddenly stopping in one place for such a long time. This also made people quite curious about it, what makes the divine doctor stay?


[飘忽不定 /piāo hū bù dìng : to drift without a resting place (idiom) / roving / errant / vagrant / erratic]


Zhao Zhengan thought, “Maybe, he does not want to wander around anymore! He wants to live his life in peace.”




The two of them talked about this and that. Soon half an hour had passed. Zhong Ziqi estimated the time and went to the outer room to find the doctor.


The doctor came in and pulled the needles off his body one by one: “It’s done. You can come back tomorrow!” The divine doctor said.


“Thank you, Doctor.”


Zhong Ziqi helped Zhao Zheng’an out of the doctor’a clinic. Zhao Zheng’an exercise a little, moved his muscles and bones and he felt pretty good. His entire body was soothed.


“Let’s go out for a walk, shall we?”

Zhong Ziqi said, turning his head around, looking at his surroundings. Such a rare opportunity to come here for a trip, he was going to see the different and interesting things here.


Zhao Zheng’an immediately shook his head after hearing this: “No,you can’t! You are pregnant with a baby! If by any chance, you are squeezed and bumped into,then what should we do? Moreover, the weather is so cold. Let us go back to the inn ba! If you catch a cold, it’ll be really uncomfortable ah!” Zhao Zheng’an persuade him gently as he said this.


“I’m not a doll (figurative for a child), where am I that spoiled? Are you going or not? If not, I’ll go by myself!” After saying that, Zhong Ziqi turned around and left.


Zhao Zheng’an hurriedly followed: “Don’t walk too fast! What if you get bumped into by someone?”


“Don’t worry. I am fine!” Zhong Ziqi waved his hand and said.


Zhao Zheng’an had no choice but to follow him. Zhong Ziqi looked at his surroundings, looking for something interesting. Zhao Zheng’an was alert to every passer-by nearby so when he saw anyone walking wobbly, he rushed to protect Zhong Ziqi.


“Noodles,only three wen for a bowl.”


The two of them passed by a noodle stall at the moment and heard the stall owner shout.


“What do you put inside your noodles?” Zhong Ziqi smelled the noodles and it smelled quite good.


“This Fu Lang, I only put sour radish in this noodle, it tastes a little sour. ”


Zhong Ziqi could not help but to swallow his own saliva after hearing what he said, “Boss, give me two bowls.”




Zhao Zheng’an followed Zhong Ziqi, sat down and asked him, ” Wife, are you hungry?”


Zhong Ziqi rubbed his stomach, “A little.”


“You haven’t eaten properly for so many days, it’s normal for you to be hungry.”


In a short while, two bowls of noodles came up. Zhao Zheng’an tasted it, it was indeed a bit sour. He never liked sour food so he looked at the noodles in the bowl, then he looked at his wife who was enjoying his food, he was a bit worried.


“You can’t eat it? If you can’t eat it, then give it to me!” Zhong Ziqi said, forgetting for a moment that he didn’t like sour food, but the noodles were indeed very delicious and appetizing, he liked it.


“Don’t eat anymore! aren’t you feeling full?” Zhao Zheng’an glanced at his stomach, usually he could eat this too at home, if he continued to eat more he would definitely be full to the bursting point.


“A bit, but it’s too wasteful.” Zhong Ziqi said that what a pity, he was quite reluctant to part with such delicious noodles.


Zhao Zheng’an was helpless, why did he suddenly bother about the trivial matters: “We don’t lack these three wen (money). Let’s go! I’ll buy it again for you if you like eating it.”


Zhong Ziqi nodded his head, looked at the bowl of noodles as if he was reluctant to part with it, then he no longer bothered about it anymore: “Let’s go then!”


This was how Zhao Zheng’an and Zhong Ziqi strolled around the Pu’an town before returning to the inn. Zhao Zheng’an was also relieved and let go of his worried heart.


Zhong Ziqi was a bit tired when they returned to the inn, he fell asleep in the bed after that.


Zhao Zheng’an somehow didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh as he sat down on a chair, poured a bowl of water and drank it all in one gulp.


Zhong Ziqi slept until the night had completely come, only then he was shaken awake by Zhao Zheng’an.


“Eat something before you go back to sleep.”


Zhong Ziqi yawned, still sleepy with his eyes half closed: “Huh, did you go out to buy it?”


Zhong Ziqi looked at the noodles that Zhao Zheng’an’s carried in his hand, it was the same noodles with sour radish that he ate during the day, it was quite far from the inn!


“Hn…. didn’t you love to eat it? It’s rare to have something that you would like to eat now. Naturally, I have to buy it again.”


Zhao Zheng’an just found out when he went there in the afternoon that most of the people who went to that small stall were Amu and gers. Only after listening to the stall owner’s explanation did he realize that the sour radish noodles were not liked by ordinary people, but only by those who were pregnant, or those who had strange tastes and liked to eat something sour.


Only then, did Zhao Zheng’an suddenly realize why Zhong Ziqi’s appetite had suddenly increased.


Zhong Ziqi did not expect Zhao Zheng’an to go so far to buy it again, he said with some heartache: “Don’t go to buy again, it’s too far. It doesn’t matter even if I don’t have to eat it”


Zhao Zheng’an smiled, “I’m not going there again. I’ve bought the sour radish for you. You like to eat something sour right? This time, I will let you eat it until you are satisfied.”


After Zhao Zheng’an listened to the stall owner’s words, he now knew that people who were pregnant had unique tastes and liked to eat something sour. He specially followed the stall owner to his home to buy a small jar of sour radish. Therefore there would be enough for them to eat until they got home. They have radish at home too, it would not be too late for them to make it again then.


“Sorry for troubling you.” Zhong Ziqi said, feeling touched in his heart.


“It’s not trouble at all. I’m willing.” Zhao Zheng’an said with a smile on his lips.




The five days passed quickly.


On the last day, the divine doctor pulled out the needles, wiped his hands and said, “You guys can go back now! The medicine I prescribed must be used every day, don’t miss it.”


Zhao Zheng’an and Zhong Ziqi nodded their heads to show that they bear it in mind.


“And you, your body’s a bit weak. In general, don’t tire yourself out! Follow the prescription I prescribed and take the medicine for seven days. Eat more nutritious food to supplement yourself everyday.” The divine doctor said to Zhong Ziqi.


“…. Thank you,this junior will remember it.” Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an salute him.


“Alright, alright! Take your medicine and go! Come back to me if you need anything.” The divine doctor said with a wave of his hand.


After leaving the clinic, Zhong Ziqi asked Zhao Zheng’an, who was carrying medicine for both of them, “Do you think what the doctor means by this is that he will settle here and never leave again?”


“Hn, since he said that, that should be what he meant.”


“Although it’s a long way to come here, I’m relieved to know that the doctor is here. In the future, I’ll come to him if I have any problems.”


Zhao Zheng’an nodded, “En.”


“How about you? Are you feeling better these days?” Zhong Ziqi asked very patiently.


“If you don’t say it,I wouldn’t realize that it really doesn’t seem to hurt as much as before and the headache doesn’t come out as frequent as before.”


Zhao Zheng’an said he had been wandering around Zhong Ziqi for the past few days so he didn’t pay attention to it carefully.


“That’s good ah! Just wait for a month and you’ll be completely cured.”


Zhong Ziqi said happily, he had never denied the divine doctor’s words, since the divine doctor said one month, then surely he would be completely well in one month.


As they intended to go back early, Zhao Zheng’an and Zhong Ziqi decided to travel back using a carriage. He went to schedule in advance and book the carriage. In passing, they buy some food, come down to dilly dally, as the time is no longer early.


“Huh? Look! Is that man the miracle doctor?”


Zhong Ziqi suddenly caught a glimpse of two people standing in the corner of somewhere, those two were extremely close together, and a rare ‘to curry favor with someone’ expression appeared on the divine doctor’s face.


Zhong Ziqi took advantage of the gap when the two of them were talking to each other, to see that it was a thirty-year-old Amu, but the person in front of him was not very pretty, however he had a valiant and formidable look.


“Let’s go! Don’t look anymore!” Zhao Zheng’an pulled him forward.


“The person must not want to be disturbed in this corner . You’re being too open and without fear, be careful of offending the divine doctor.”


“Hey, do you think the divine doctor and that person have some kind of secret relationship? Or is the doctor staying here for him?” Zhong Ziqi said thoughtfully.


“Maybe, I heard that the Doctor didn’t marry or have children,up until now he is still alone, he probably just hasn’t met the right one.” Zhao Zheng’an said.


“Everyone has their own happiness. The divine doctor should also have found his own happiness ba!” That was the reason why he stayed in this ordinary small town and stopped his wandering footsteps.





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