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AFDF Chapter 70

Back to Qing Shui Town

Accompany by a Fool to Do Farming 

Chapter 70: 回清水镇

[Back to Qing Shui Town]


On the way back, because taking Zhong Ziqi’s health into consideration, the speed of the journey was really slowed down. Even though Zhong Ziqi repeatedly stated that he did not feel any discomfort and the carriage could speed up, Zhao Zheng’an still continued in his own way and told the cart driver to slow down a little. 


Fortunately, there was a relay station stop and a farmhouse along the way, otherwise, Zhao Zheng’an must have been cut off from taking his medicine.


Just like this, the two of them unhurriedly took their time. By the time they got back to Qing Shui Town, it was less than ten days before the Chinese New Year. At this moment, the town was full of the Chinese New Year’s cheerful atmosphere, everywhere was red. There were red paper cuttings for sale, red ‘pair of lines of verse written vertically down the sides of a doorway’ for sale, red lanterns, and red firecrackers ….


        Everyone’s faces were filled with the longing (looking forward) for the New Year too.


        Zhao Zheng’an, carrying his things with one hand and holding Zhong Ziqi with his other hand,slowly walked to the big mansion. After almost a month of absence, they were really uneasy and wanted to see whether Wang Jicheng had caused some trouble or not. 


     It was after noon, so business at the workshop gradually cooled down and was not as busy as it had been in the morning. However, there were still a few cart drivers waiting in twos and threes. Some of them even looked familiar. Seeing Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an, they obviously didn’t know both of them and thought they were the same as them who had come to buy You Tiao and Mahua. 


        It wasn’t until someone else who knew them, that person greeted Zhao Zheng’an and Zhong Ziqi: “Zhao Xiao Zi, where did you and your family Fu Lang go to have a good time? Finally, you are willing to come back!”


        Zhao Zheng’an smiled after hearing what he said, “I went out for some important matters. I don’t know whether the housekeeper treats you thoughtlessly or not?”


        Hearing this,the man immediately shook his head, “No, nothing like that! Steward Wang is very nice, although he looked quite scary at first, he is actually very warm-hearted and has helped us a lot.”


        “That’s good! I was afraid that he might have made some careless mistakes.”


         Zhao Zheng’an laughed ‘He he’ and talked to them for a while before entering the workshop.


        “Who is that?”


        After Zhao Zheng’an had left, someone came over and asked.


        The man who had just spoken to Zhao Zheng’an looked at him a few times and shook his head:”No eyesight (没眼力)!The Mahua and You tiou you bought are belong to him. He is the owner of this place.”


(没眼力 : Lack of the ability to discern things or not having the ability to make a good judgments) 


        “Ah! They are the owners? I’ve only heard that the owner is young, but how can he be called as young? He’s not even as old as me!”


    The man looked like he was suffering from the shock, he wasn’t very old himself, he was only around twenty years.He was an apprentice of the restaurant from another town. He had just been sent here a while ago to receive the goods. He had only met the steward Wang, he hadn’t met with the boss at all. When he had heard that the boss was out of town, he was quite regretful about that. He had no idea that he would suddenly meet them today. Looking at two of them were young and dressed up somehow, nothing extraordinary, he had almost offended them because he failed to recognize the mount Tai (figuratively, it meant someone who was important or sb’s with great talent).That person broke out in a cold sweat. Sure enough, he shouldn’t judge a book by its cover as he almost got into trouble.


        When Zhao Zheng’an and Zhong Ziqi entered the courtyard, they found out that everything was in order,neat and tidy, just like before they left it. The busy people in the room were perhaps too hot, they just left the door open a small crack. From a distance, they could see the figures going back and forth inside.


        “Young master, you guys are back?” Wang Jicheng had just stepped out of the door when he saw the two of them standing in the courtyard. It was none other than the two young masters he had been thinking about just a moment ago. He couldn’t help but walk forward joyfully.


        Zhao Zheng’an looked at him up and down before he smiled to him, “Uncle Cheng, nothing has happened during my absence, right?”


        Because Wang Jicheng was much older than the two of them, Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an discussed this and decided to call him Uncle Cheng. Moreover, both of them didn’t really treat him and regard him as a servant. As long as he was loyal to them, he was one of their family.


        Wang Jicheng took the things from Zhao Zheng’an’s hand and smiled foolishly, “Everything is fine. Nothing had happened, just a few restaurants that were not on the registered list came to us for supplies, the two young masters were not here so I personally decided and agreed to it.”


        Wang Jicheng said very cautiously, fearing that the two young masters would complain that he had acted based on his own initiative; he had heard that all the masters did not like their subordinates to make decisions without their permission. 


        Zhao Zheng’an waved his hand after hearing what he said, “It doesn’t matter, as long as there are no leaks.(he mean the recipe)”


        Wang Jicheng sighed with relief, scratched the back of his head, looking at Zhong Ziqi, who was being supported by Zhao Zheng’an, and asked worriedly, “Is young master Qi sick? Has he caught a cold?”


        “Uncle Cheng, I’m fine.” Zhong Ziqi said.


        “Then what do you mean?”


        Zhao Zheng’an said with a face full of joy, “My Fu Lang is expecting a baby, so I have to be careful to hold him up so he doesn’t fall if he bumped into someone.”


        Zhong Ziqi rolled his eyes speechlessly.


        Zhao Zheng’an’s voice was loud enough to be heard by several people in the room, Zhao Xue Mei immediately poked his head out, “What? Qi Ge’er is pregnant? Then why don’t you quickly come in? It’s so cold outside.”


        “We’ll be right in!”


         As soon as he entered the room, the greasy (oily) smell in the room immediately caused Zhong Ziqi to vomit: “Ou….(vomit sound) “


        Zhong Ziqi covered his mouth and ran out to throw up, muddle-headed as if the world darkened up. 


Zhao Zheng’an was so startled and worried, he immediately followed him and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly thrown up like this for no reason? Where do you feel uncomfortable? Let’s go see the doctor!”


        The three Zhao Xue Mei, Liu Mei Feng and Qian Ling had already given birth covered their mouths and laughed at his words : “What’s the point of seeing a doctor? The pregnant ones are all like this.”


        “Ah? All like this?” Zhao Zheng’an was dumbfounded.


        Zhao Xue Mei said, “Let me ask you, he didn’t have this symptom before, did he?”


        “No! He’s always been fine.”


        “Then this time, you should properly take good care of him! He’s only just started. It will take quite a long time to heal.”


        “Can’t you cure it?” Zhao Zheng’an asked stupidly.


        “It’s a natural reaction! What’s the cure for? ” Zhong Ziqi said in an unpleasant voice as he nudged him in the back.


        Zhao Zheng’an looked at the people around him while they watched him with amusement as he made a fool of himself so he rubbed his nose in embarrassment. When everyone dispersed and went to get busy with their own business, Zhao Jiang came over to comfort him and patted Zhao Zheng’an’s shoulder: ” Thinking back, I was the same as you when our family Mei Feng was pregnant. It was so unbearable that I didn’t know anything. Only when my mother told me about it that I found out. Otherwise, I would have thought it was some kind of disease!”


        “So what did your family, Mei Feng, like to eat at that time?”


        “He still ate. Basically, he would throw up everything he ate.Even if he smelled something, he would throw up.” When Zhao Jiang remembered that time, he still had the lingering fears. 


        “Then what should I do? He can’t stop eating either. The doctor said he should take more supplements.” Zhao Zheng’an said worriedly. 


        “It’s inevitable to throw up. My Amu said, eat still have to eat ah! More or less, the food will remain in the stomach. However, Mei Feng was particularly happy to eat sour food at that time. When cooking a dish, make it not too greasy and put some vinegar, so he would still be able to eat.”


“Our family Ziqi is also willing to eat something sour. I specially bought him a jar of sour radish ne.”


        “Ay….you’ll understand it slowly.” Zhao Jiang said with ‘those who have the same misfortune sympathized with each other’


        Zhao Zheng’an received the teaching while nodding his head.


        Zhong Ziqi leaned in the doorway and watched the two muttering to each other, not knowing what they were saying. He looked as if his heart was in distress. He shivered (because of the cold weather), rubbing his hands together.


        “During this time, has anything happened that I don’t know about?” Zhao Zheng’an asked Zhao Jiang once more.


        Zhao Jiang thought about it and shook his head, “Then there is none. Everything is very normal. By the way, not long ago Wang Susu got married. He specially came over, wanting you to attend, but I said you were out of town, only then, he left.”


        “Ow…. don’t worry about him. Since there is nothing to do here then my Fu Lang and I will go back first.” Zhao Zheng’an said.


        “Go back ba! You’ll have Uncle Cheng and I to watch over here.”


        Zhao Zheng’an nodded: “Wait for two days then we will be able to handle things and I’ll pay you guys the salary for the work.”


        Zhao Jiang: “Fine, up to you to decide.” Both of them have been brothers since childhood, so he couldn’t possibly lie to them.


        Zhao Zheng’an went to inform Wang Jicheng and the others before he left.


        “Go to ‘Quite Delicious’ first, say something to Zhao Amu.” Zhong Ziqi said, “Omit the possibility of Zhao Amu from not knowing and having to run around in a hurry.”


        “Okay, let’s go then.”


        In the afternoon, the customer traffic at ‘Quite Delicious’ was always much less than in the morning, so when Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an came over, Zhao Amu and the others were sitting at the table chatting leisurely. 


        “Ziqi, you’re back!” Zhao Ning ran over to greet them joyfully.


        “When did you get back here?” Zhao Amu asked too.


        “We both just got back and went to the workshop to have a look.” Zhong Ziqi smiled and sat down.


        “It was quite a good journey, wasn’t it? Did you find the divine doctor?” Huang Amu asked happily too.


        “Quite good. We have found the doctor and he has prescribed the medicine. If he (ZZA) uses it for a month then he will be cured.”


        “That’s good, that’s good.”


        Everyone nodded, they all knew about Zhao Zheng’an’s headache, this defect of him. Now, there was a hope that it would completely healed, which was also a happy occasion. 


        “Ziqi, didn’t you say that you would come back before my brother gets married to be in charge of the cooking (to be the head chef) for my brother’s wedding?” Zhao Ning pouted and tugged on Zhong Ziqi’s arm : “You’re a few days late. My brother’s wedding is already over.”


        Zhong Ziqi rubbed his nose and exchanged a glance with Zhao Zheng’an. Both of them had forgotten about this matter. 


        “Where’s Brother Sheng?” Zhong Ziqi puzzled over it and asked, in ‘Quite delicious’, there was no sign of Zhao Sheng and his Fu Lang’s figure. 


        “My brother accompanied his wife home.”


        Zhao Ning looked at the two’s uncomfortable expressions and dumbfoundedly asked : “Don’t tell me you guys forget right?”


        Zhao Zheng’an coughed :”It’s not on purpose. The main thing is that Ziqi’s body can’t be too tired and bumpy, so there was a delay of many days when we came back.”


        “What do you mean? What’s wrong with Qi Ge’er?” Zhao Lan, who had been silent, also asked.


        Zhao Zheng’an bared his teeth and said happily, “The divine doctor said that Ziqi is pregnant and I’m going to be a father.”


        “Ah! Really?!” Zhao Ning was surprised, taking a look at Zhong Ziqi’s stomach and reaching out his hand to touch it.


        “Then that’s good! Your family is also considered to have double happiness.” Zhao Amu said and laughed with ‘ha ha’. He was also happy for both of them. 


        “It’s been a good year ah! Good things have been saved up, so next year will be smooth.” Uncle Huang shook his head and said.


        “Yes, it will be smooth and prosperous.”


        Everyone agreed, they wanted to have a good start for the new year, to signify that everything would go well in the future.


        When they came out of the restaurant ‘Quite Delicious’, Zhong Ziqi said to Zhao Zheng’an, “Buy a gift for Brother Sheng ba! Make it up for their wedding gift.”


        Zhao Zheng’an nodded, ” This matter, leave it to me. I know what to do, you don’t have to worry about anything, just rest at home.”


        “Got it ….”



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    Zhao Sheng will understand. Unfortunate to miss the wedding, but unavoidable. Give him a little preview for his future wedded bliss! 🙂

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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