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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Verii-chan

Reverse Coaxing

Nana didn’t give up, she repeated the participation benefits, and continued to persuade him.

[The shooting may take two days. In addition, the platform includes round trip fees and accommodation.]

[Wen Xia: The reason I refused is mainly because I’m really busy here. You see, I did not broadcast recently either.]

Seeing that she couldn’t persuade him, Nana had to express her regret and stopped being persistent.

There were a lot of popular anchors in the game area, and Wen Xia shook his head about it. This turtle god was not surprised to be one of the most important people invited.

He really didn’t expect Lin Feng Qi to be involved in this matter. He only knew that it was a promotional film co-branded by Fenghang Technology, after asking about it.

After that, Fenghang Technology would do some activities for anchors and audiences on the platform.

Wen Xia felt sad. He had never shown his face in the live broadcast. Based on his understanding of Lin Feng Qi, he was not the kind of person who would watch the live broadcast.

From his impression of Lin Feng Qi, it seemed that he had no leisure activities that were particularly entertaining.

When he was in school, he was either reviewing preparations and writing exercises during class, or reading a book.

Sometimes the books he read were classical masterpieces, and sometimes they were professional books on physics. Wen Xia looked at the cover of the book.

Sometimes he would be called to the playground to play basketball. This may be the most entertaining thing Wen Xia had ever seen him do.

However, whenever Wen Xia was in the basketball team, Lin Feng Qi would not participate.

At such times, Wen Xia played extremely fiercely, leading all the way and winning directly. After winning each time, he would provocatively look at Lin Feng Qi standing outside the basketball court.

He was very contradictory. On the one hand, he wanted to show his youthfulness in front of the person he liked. On the other hand, his refusal made him irritated. This behavior brung some childish vengeance.

You see, I’m great.

Do you want to come or not?

However, although he won the basketball match, it seemed that he still lost the whole game. Because Lin Feng Qi wouldn’t even give him a smile.

He just stood quietly on the sidelines and watched, as if his victory was not important since he was just a passerby.

So Wen Xia fell into frustration again.

He didn’t understand what on earth he could do to move Lin Feng Qi, even a little bit.


Wind Air technology.

Early in the morning, the news that “Mr. Lin was in a bad mood today,” spread like wildfire and spread throughout the company. It was reported that this news came from Mr. Lin’s assistant Zeng Yuan, and the credibility was as high as 99%.

Everyone was at risk.

It was not that Lin Feng Qi’s management methods were so thunderous and harsh, but that he had an inhumanly cold temperament, which was daunting.

He usually has a cold face, but now he was in a bad mood, and he was even more scary to look at.

“Why is President Lin angry?” Someone stopped Zeng Yuan and asked quietly.

Zeng Yuan lowered his voice and said, “How can I know? President Lin was already like this when I came.”

“It’s over, there will be a meeting later, are we going to disappear?”

Zeng Yuan replied, “Hush, anyway, after a while, don’t fail and report well.”

As they were talking, the office door behind them suddenly opened. Lin Feng Qi walked in, and his eyes scanned the two people whispering indifferently.

It felt like being caught by the teacher while playing mobile games in class.

The two looked at each other and silently moved away.

“Prepare for the meeting.” The head director said.

Today was a weekly regular meeting.

The meeting room was silent, and all departments and project leaders sat in their seats. The atmosphere was so tense you could cut it with a knife. Nobody wanted to be the one to step up.

It wasn’t until Lin Feng Qi looked through the document and suddenly stopped moving on that page.

Then he raised his eyes and said quietly, “Zhang Hao, we will start with you.”

Several department managers next to him cast sympathetic glances at him. Zhang Hao complained inwardly and involuntarily straightened upright under Lin Feng Qi’s scrutinizing gaze. He turned over the information in his hand to report.

It was not summer, but the weather was similar to summer.

The entire meeting was to be held in an air-conditioned room.

After the end of the meeting, Zhang Hao collected the documents, got up and was about to leave with the papers. But, suddenly he was stopped by Lin Feng Qi, “Zhang Hao, come here.”

The colleague who walked in front looked back at him, afraid that he would be the next person to be detained, so he quickly slipped away as if fleeing.

Zhang Hao calmed down and walked over, “Mr. Lin, is there anything else?”

Lin Feng Qi said, “Come to my office.” His tone was the same as the head director.

Lin Feng Qi walked out of the conference room after speaking. Zhang Hao glanced at Zeng Yuan and asked him the reason with his eyes. Zeng Yuan shook his head innocently, indicating that he didn’t know.

“Sit.” Back in the office, Lin Feng Qi pointed to the sofa. Yesterday’s little robot was no longer there, and the coffee table and sofa were clean and tidy.

Zhang Hao sat down anxiously, and saw President Lin also sitting down. He poured him a cup of tea.

He took the tea with some trepidation, and couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Lin, did I not express it clearly in the meeting just now?”

Lin Feng Qi was stunned, as if he didn’t expect him to question him this, “…No, Your report was okay.”

Zhang Hao nodded, a little relieved, holding the tea, still afraid to drink, “Is that it…?”

President Lin was silent for a while and said, “I remember, you just got married last month.”

Zhang Hao was a bit at a loss. He didn’t know why his boss suddenly cared about this issue. Lin Feng Qi had also attended his wedding.


Lin Feng Qi stopped talking and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Zhang Hao was anxious. He wasn’t going to fire him, right? But what does this have to do with whether he was married or not?

“That, President Lin…”

“If your wife is usually unhappy, what would you do?”


Zhang Hao was stunned. He looked at Lin Feng Qi and repeatedly confirmed whether the words came from Lin Feng Qi.

Lin Feng Qi also looked at him, his eyes cold and indifferent as usual, making people unable to think for a while.

“Then… just coax.” Zhang Hao said.

“How do you coax.”



Lin cold heartedly asked again, “How would you coax between newlyweds?”

Zhang Hao’s thoughts were a little messy, “…Just like when you are in love, coax like before.”

Lin Feng Qi frowned, as if he was puzzled by what he said, and after a long time he spoke again,

“What if you haven’t been in a relationship before.”


F**k, isn’t the amount of information a bit much?

He remembered some of the novels his wife had read during her second year of high school. He had studied several books privately in order to get closer to his wife.

Forceful grabbing, fighting for dominance, the heroine’s heartbreak, I love you, you love her, she loves him but he loves me, etc., and there is even a scenario where the heroine was locked up by the possessive male. His heart of a young teenage man was deeply shocked.

Zhang Hao carefully chose his words and said anxiously, “Mr. Lin, I think… it’s better to have a relationship first. Get married when you get acquainted with each other, marriage will then be easy…”

“What’s easy?”

“Breaking the marriage?”

“…… ”

Looking at the silent big boss, Zhang Hao immediately fixed his choice of words, “Of course, flash marriage is very common now! Coaxing people, it’s so simple, give them whatever they like! Well, just think of it as chasing people.”

Lin Feng Qi listened to him thoughtfully.


Today, two old game bugs piled up, and Wen Xia had to find time to solve the bugs fed back by the old games one by one. It was two hours later than usual after work.

When he got home, he remembered that he didn’t have the key. He raised his hand and knocked on the door.

No one came to open the door except when he heard Ah Mo reaching for the door handle with his paw. Obviously, Lin Feng Qi hadn’t returned yet.

But he didn’t want to call Lin Feng Qi.

Thinking about what happened this morning he was still a bit angry.

Wen Xia waited at the door for ten minutes, and finally reluctantly sent a message to Lin Feng Qi asking.

But ten minutes passed after the message was sent, and there was no reply. He tucked his phone back into his pocket, and turned his head and left.

It wasn’t like he had nowhere to go.

He pressed the elevator button harshly in anger, and the numbers changed at periodic intervals, and finally stopped at this floor. Opening the door, he went in, and almost ran into the person who was about to come out.

The man was carrying a bag of things in his hand, and he couldn’t stop his steps. When he raised his head, he saw Lin Feng Qi.

Lin Feng Qi was stunned. He glanced at the car key in his hand, and was silent for two seconds before he said, “Going out?”

Wen Xia sullenly didn’t speak, as if he didn’t want to pay attention to him.

The two faced each other in silence for a few seconds at the elevator door.

Wen Xia took a step back.

Seeing this, Lin Feng Qi hesitated for a while and walked out of the elevator.

Wen Xia glanced at him. He turned and walked home to the door.

After entering the house, Ah Mo greeted them warmly. Lin Feng Qi started to pet it, and took out the ingredients he bought into the kitchen.

Wen Xia couldn’t say anything uncomfortable, but he just felt annoyed, so he changed his shoes and shut himself into his room.

He locked the room when he went out today, so Wen Dage didn’t have a chance to sneak out.

He was also a little angry. As soon as Wen Xia touched it, he walked away and licked the place where he was touched by him.

“How come you are like this?” Wen Xia angrily shoveled Wen Dage’s feces.

There were a lot of toys for Wen Dage. He put them in a paper box. He caught a glimpse of the little yellow duck that he put in yesterday, and his expression turned a bit complicated.

Wen Xia picked up the little yellow duck and squeezed it.

Wen Dage was attracted by the sound and leaned over.

“What, do you like it?” Wen Xia pointed at the little yellow duck in front of his pet’s nose.

Smelling the scent of the dog on it, Wen Dage shrank his head and patted it with a paw. The meat pad fondled the toy with a ‘pat.’

Wen Xia got over with it, and turned the duckling over again.

Wen Dage’s palms swatted it.

“Why are you like this?” Wen Xia hated how iron didn’t become steel, “Making friends won’t kill you. I can’t let you out like this, you know? Stupid.”


“You’re so stupid.”




One person and one cat were too noisy.

They quarrelled until the door was knocked, Wen Xia thought it was Lin Feng Qi. He opened the door with an arduous face, but faced the air. He was wondering when something hit his leg.

Looking down, it turned out to be the little robot that he saw the day before yesterday.

The small robot returned to the factory for repair, but was no different in appearance. The mechanical sound was still so silly, “Eat, eat, I’m inviting you to eat. People are like iron, and rice is like steel. If you don’t eat, you will become hungry.”

Indeed. There was the smell of food floating from the dining room. Wen Xia’s expression relaxed.

He closed the door, and moved slowly to the dining room. The little robot followed at his feet all the way, whatever was his speed, it would follow.

It was just that it’s mouth never stopped, “If you don’t grab a meal from the canteen, it will be gone. Please prepare a meal card. Today, we will eat curry brisket rice, no curry, no brisket.”


He couldn’t help but ask, ” Then won’t we be eating just rice?”

“I’m sorry, no rice is detected.”


What kind of mentally retarded program was installed?

But Wen Xia couldn’t help being happy.

Of course, the so-called curry sirloin rice was nonsense by the little robot, and there were two home-cooked dishes and one green vegetable soup set on the dinner table. Of course, there was rice, too. Lin Feng Qi served it.

He was already sitting in his seat, but did not move the chopsticks. He only picked up the chopsticks when he arrived and said, “Let’s eat.”

Wen Xia was a soft-hearted person. He didn’t know whether Lin Feng Qi’s move was basic etiquette or something else. To be honest, he didn’t want to flatter himself, but his heart was still a little shaken unwillingly.

Wen Xia took a seat, and the little robot stopped at his feet.

“When you sent me a message, I was driving.” Lin Feng Qi said suddenly.


“If you have anything to say in the future, you can call directly.”


Lin Feng Qi glanced at his expression and was about to speak. Wen Xia raised his eyes and said, “I think we should draw a clear line.”

Lin Feng Qi was taken aback.

Wen Xia continued to say, “The marriage agreement said that we only need to live together. There is no stipulation that we must live like real newlyweds if we live together.

After all, we are not real partners. Being a real couple in front of your mother is okay. But it’s better to have your own private space.”

Lin Feng Qi put down his chopsticks: “…So?”

Wen Xia looked at him seriously, “You know, how I used to treat you… Of course Now, I don’t think too much about you, so you can rest assured about this. I just think that we can reduce some unnecessary getting along.”

Lin Feng Qi’s face gradually became cold, “What is unnecessary about getting along?”

“Last night, for example… this meal,” Wen Xia said, “Last night it was my problem, I admit it. But in the future, I can do things like separate meals. Let’s not get together.”

His voice trailed off, and the room was silent.

Lin Feng Qi held the chopsticks tightly, but Wen Xia was in a stern posture, as if he was really negotiating terms with Party A.

There was a bit of bitterness in his heart.

Is it really because of Fang Huai? Just because I asked about him in the morning, he couldn’t wait to draw a line with me.

But I actually… care about him so much.

T/N – Oh no I hope LFQ will know who Fang Huai is.

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