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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Verii-chan

Comprehensive Bias

Wen Xia didn’t sleep well tonight. He fell asleep, but had a weird dream all night.

First, he dreamed of a fight between Wen Dage and Ah Mo, Wen Dage scratched Ah Mo’s dog hair, and then Lin Feng Qi talked to Wen Dage and asked him to pay the compensations; then he dreamed that he fell into the black hole of the universe.

Lin Feng Qi hugged his dog outside the black hole and looked at him, with the words ‘great happiness’ written all over his face; then he somehow returned to the earth from the black hole of the universe, and Fang Huai drove his new sports car that his father gave him.

He pretended to pick him up but he was actually showing off,

“Wen Xia, you must tell me if you can’t afford to eat someday, I will give you a sports car that will be enough for you to eat for most of your life.”

Wen Xia directly kicked him.

Later, he started to wander without knowing why, thinking about Lin Feng Qi’s gloating appearance outside the black hole.

He heard that he should pay the medical expenses when he heard that Wen Dage had hit Ah Mo. He ran to find Lin Feng Qi to question why his cat was being called vicous but he was blasted out by Lin Feng Qi with his cat.

Lin Feng Qi turned back into a young boy, wearing his school uniform neatly, looking at him as if he had never known him.

The boy stood there, watching him being pulled further and further away, and finally said coldly, “Don’t bother me again.”

Wen Xia woke up.

The dream was so long and complicated that when he opened his eyes, he felt that he was still in the dream, and he couldn’t tell what was reality—as a result, he turned his head and almost jumped up.

Why is Lin Feng Qi in my bed?!

That’s not right, this didn’t seem to be my bed… No, this wasn’t even my f*cking room!

Wen Xia’s mind was blank, he couldn’t understand his current situation for a while. He lowered his head and glanced at him.

Lin Feng Qi wasn’t even covered with a blanket because the blanket was all wrapped around him. His pillow was here too.

Fortunately, their clothes were still there.

Wen Xia laid contemplating for a while, and got up cautiously. Ah Mo, tilted his head and looked at him in the kennel, they looked at each other for ten seconds, and then he lifted the blanket.

The temperature was getting colder in mid-autumn, especially at night. The temperature would continue to drop. Did Lin Feng Qi just lie down without pillows or blankets all night…?

He knew his sleeping habits and he liked to wrap himself into a cocoon.

Although Wen Xia didn’t know when he grabbed it, it was certain that Lin Feng Qi’s pillows and blankets had been occupied by him ever since he came.

Wen Xia gently put the blanket on Lin Feng Qi’s body, then slowly got out of bed, trying to get away without waking the room’s owner.

It was a pity that things went against his wishes. As soon as he got out of bed, the room’s owner rolled over slightly, and then opened his eyes.

The sound of the birdsong was crisp and sweet in the early autumn, Wen Xia wanted to leave this beautiful world.

He didn’t know if it was too late to make Noah’s Ark.

He stood firm, pretending to be calm and greeted the person on the bed, “Morning.”

Lin Feng Qi had just woken up, and he didn’t fully react. He sat up half propped up, squinting slightly in confusion, looking at Wen Xia’s eyes a little dazed and confused.

At this time, he was not indifferent and alienated, but with a bit of childish innocence. He seemed to be easy to bully.

It was the first time Wen Xia saw him like this, and his heart suddenly pounded twice. He quietly pressed it back, secretly scolding himself that there was something wrong.

“…Morning.” He seemed to have finally woken up a bit, and replied with a slightly nasal sound, stunned and ignorantly fleeting.

“I… that what,” Wen Xia took two steps back and explained, “You may not know, I especially needed to get used to the bed. I just moved to a new environment. My body needs time to adapt, so I slept restless for a while. I probably had been sleepwalking last night, but don’t worry, it’s not normal. I’ll be back to my normal sleep habits in two days.”

Lin Feng Qi looked at him without speaking.

There were things that Wen Xia couldn’t understand from his eyes, but his expression was faint, and he couldn’t distinguish if his expression showed happiness or anger.

Wen Xia apologized again, “I’m sorry, if you are worried, please lock the door when you go to bed tonight.”

He turned around and slipped away.

“Fang Huai.”

Lin Feng Qi suddenly said.

Wen Xia had to turn his head.


Lin Feng Qi looked at him faintly, “You talked in your sleep last night, calling this name. Who is he?”

Wen Xia remembered Fang Huai’s triumphant face in his dream, and tugged the corner of his mouth, “No one.”

Little did he know that his expression and answer slipped through Lin Feng Qi’s eyes and ears, but they contained an extremely large amount of information.

How important was he for you to call his name even in dreams?

Wen Xia didn’t understand why Lin Feng Qi’s expression went cold for an instant. Was he mad about it? He apologized, explained, and just slept in his bed just for one night, so why was he so angry?

Since he was so angry, why didn’t he wake him up last night and drive him back to his room? Why did he look so angry now?

Even if he was Party A, he couldn’t be so moody, right? It was stingy.

The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he was. He had been a young master for more than ten years.
He had a bad life only when he heard that Shanhai’s business failed. Before that, if he didn’t hit a dead end, he wouldn’t agree with Lin Feng Qi’s judgement.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll just go.” Wen Xia said coldly, and left the room without looking back.

After seeing his figure gone, Lin Feng’s lips pursed slightly, and his eyes dropped, and he couldn’t hide his loneliness.

He didn’t even want to mention that person.

Lin Feng Qi thought, how deep were the traces that this person named Fang Huai left in Wen Xia’s heart?


Wen Xia finished washing with sullen resentment, adding food and water to Wen Dage’s bowl, ignoring Lin Feng Qi coming out of the room, and went straight out.

Lin Feng Qi didn’t have time to stop him. He held the key in his hand and finally tucked it back into his pocket.

He stood silently in the living room for a while, and he squatted down and touched Ah Mo, who was following him, and whispered, “He seems to be angry… What should I do?”

After leaving the building, Wen Xia felt a little less angry. It may be so because Lin Feng Qi was no longer dangling in front of him.

But something more disturbing than Lin Feng Qi followed. He had just arrived at the studio and got a phone call from Shanhai, “Son, are you busy these days?”

Hearing this, Wen Shanhai’s babbled tone of voice was clear in his heart, “Me being busy or not depends on what you want to tell me.”

“Oh, you said you…”

“Let’s talk about it later, old comrade Wen Shanhai, what are you doing here?”

Wen Shanhai tried to reply calmly but struggled, “You misunderstood Dad…”

“I’ll hang up.”

“Hey wait a minute,” Old comrade Wen hurriedly stopped him, and said angrily, “Who did you learn this stinky temper from?”
Wen Xia didn’t get angry, “If you have something to say, say it straight. Who is going to be angry with you? Come on, what’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing. It’s your Uncle Fang’s birthday tomorrow. Take the time to come back and have a meal,” Wen Shanhai said,

“This birthday party of your uncle Fang was arranged by Fang Huai. You looked at Fang Huai and saw how he took over your uncle’s company. How well he has runned the company. Your uncle Fang praised him every day.”

Wen Xia noticed something bad.

“But I want to say it,” Wen Shanhai said, “If my son does the same thing, he will definitely be even better than Fang Huai!”

He knew it.

Wen Xia was speechless.

Wen Shanhai closed his eyes and boasted, “Look, our family is getting better every day. My son is a dragon and phoenix, that is, he is independent. Whenever he comes I brag about my son taking over the company.”

“It’s okay, don’t boast about it.”

Wen Shanhai laughed: “Ahem, Wen Xia, look…”

Wen Xia was indifferent, “Don’t look, just go.”

Wen Shanhai was anxious: “Why don’t you try to understand?!”

Wen Xia hung up.

Wen Xia had a share in Wen Shanhai’s company, but at most that was it. Letting him really take over Wen Shanhai’s ‘throne’… Let’s forget it. He wasn’t interested.

This was fine now.

His father Wen Shanhai and Fang Lianshu used to be classmates, and the two competed for places from school to grades, and then competed for careers for more than half of their lives.

In the past, Wen Shanhai suppressed Fang Lianshu everywhere, but how did it turn out? Wen Shanhai’s people were frustrated once they were middle-aged, but now it was the other way around. Fang Lianshu oppressed Wen Shanhai.
The grievances of the previous generation spread to the next generation, even if Wen Xia and Fang Huai were unfamiliar with each other.

But it was not pleasing to the eye. This kind of courtesy birthday party was just to give face.

He replied to Wen Shanhai’s message, and Wen Shanhai did not mention the topic just now,

[Wen Shanhai: Oasis Hotel, you can come directly after work tomorrow. Don’t be too late, come before six o’clock.]

[Wen Xia: I know.]

Zou Boyan’s call came in the afternoon, “Tomorrow…”

Wen Xia: “I know.”

“You know? Old Wen called you to inform you?” Zou Boyan said, “I guess he must have taken the opportunity to send you to the company to help.”

“Okay, you are right, fortune teller.”

Zou Boyan chuckled, “It’s okay. What will be our arrangement tomorrow? Will I pick you up?”

Wen Xia got his driver’s license during the summer vacation after the college entrance examination. As soon as he got the driver’s license, Wen Shanhai gave him a car, which was a limited edition.

But then something happened, so he sold the car and used the money to fill in the hole that was pitted out by Wen Shanhai.

Although he now had a car he bought, that car was worth more than 100,000, which was a gap-filling grade compared with his previous living standard.

He didn’t care about it but Fang Huai got excited when he saw it.

“Also, call me tomorrow when you arrive.” Wen Xia said.

“I got it.”

On the computer, there was a new message on WeChat, which was sent by Nana, who was the head of the operation of Whale TV.

“Stop talking now, something is up.”

“Okay, if you are busy.”

He hung up the call and Wen Xia clicked on the message. Nana said that the platform was planning a promotional video recently and was looking for suitable anchors on all platforms.

Each live broadcast area selected one or two and they asked him if he was interested.

[Nana: We are cooperating with Fenghang Technology for this promotional video.

Each anchor participating in the filming will eventually endorse a product of their own, which can be selected by the participant themselves.

This is the benefit we are offering for participating anchors.].

Wen Xia originally wanted to think about it, but when he saw the words ‘Fenghang Technology,’ he immediately deleted the words in the input box.

[Wen Xia: Just forget it, you can find someone else, there should be more suitable game anchors in the game area than me.]

Just kidding. Fenghang Technology was Lin Feng Qi’s company!

He still didn’t want to die, especially in front of Lin Feng Qi.

T/N: LFQ had misunderstood about Fang Huai.


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