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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Verii-chan

Turtle Fight

Wen Xia felt that there was nothing wrong with his approach. He even felt that it was unnecessary to live with Lin Feng Qi.

Even if Ye Shixue could leave the hospital and come back to live there occasionally, it was impossible for her to come back suddenly.

Lin Feng Qi always picked her up from the hospital. Since he knew when she was going home in advance, it would be better for him to come and act with Lin Feng Qi at that time.

In fact, living in the same house was weird.

Wen Xia thought the more he felt that he would be led by Lin Feng Qi in the past few days. He would do whatever he said. He was really a high-quality and humble party B of human beings.

For him and Lin Feng Qi, it was best if they did not violate the river’s water and just go with the flow.

Seeing that Lin Feng Qi didn’t speak, Wen Xia continued, “Look, we don’t have much contact with each other. You have to go to work and I have to go to work. There is no one at home all day, so I will come back at night…”

“Up to you.”

Lin Feng picked up his chopsticks and continued to eat, only saying three cold words.


Angry again? Did I mess with you?

It’s annoying.

Wen Xia pursed his mouth gently.

After eating dinner in silence, Wen Xia took the initiative to wash the dishes without saying a word, and was even with Lin Feng Qi who cooked.

After washing the dishes and coming out of the kitchen, Lin Feng Qi had already returned to the room, and the door of the room was closed.

He thought for a while, opened the door of his room, and let Wen Dage out for a stroll.

Wen Xia looked around and the little robot was gone.


Was it possible that he was afraid that he would steal the robot?

He remembered back in high school.

Wen Xia suddenly felt suffocated, and he went back to the room and turned on the computer.

As soon as he opened the live broadcast room and returned, his friend ran over to pull him to play games.

Wen Xia often wondered if this person was patrolling the game area 24 hours a day, and went to harass him after seeing which anchor started broadcasting. Otherwise, there seemed to be no anchor who was not his friend in the entire game area.

He didn’t pull him to eat chicken when he came back today, but pulled him to play an online horror game.

[ T/N – ’Eat chicken’ is usually used in PUBG ]

Wen Xia ruthlessly spat out, “You have the courage to play horror games?”

He stepped back and pretended to sob twice, “Don’t say it, I just experienced it myself, and I was almost scared for half my life, so I came to you.”

“Then don’t broadcast this.”

“I want to prove myself. I can do it!”

[ Bet on SC, Turtle God cannot. ]

[ Stop betting, I will directly declare the victory for the audience in the live broadcast. ]

[ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I saw Xia Xia playing a game with the turtle god as soon as I came in! Great! ]

[ Choose the highest difficulty Turtle God, Xia Xia will protect you. Brave Turtle God is not afraid of difficulties! ]

Hearing that Xia glanced at the barrage, and he agreed, “Choose the highest difficulty, God Turtle, don’t hesitate.”


This horror game had many different maps. Players had random identities in each game. Explorers, ordinary people, priests, etc…

Ordinary people were the only identities that could choose by themselves. Each identity was slightly different in gameplay.

For example, priests were not easily disturbed by ghosts and had the ability to purify evil spirits, but the premise was to find the corresponding props, and had less physical strength and was easy to get tired.

The way to clear the customs was to purify all the evil spirits in the map, and ordinary people in terms of setting, it was a person who strayed into a spiritual place and was trapped without any cheats.

The way to clear the game was to escape, which was a more traditional gameplay. This identity was most suitable for players who wanted to experience high levels of excitement.

If it was in an online group game, ordinary people were the one that needed to be protected, especially if the priest was present.

If the priest wanted to pass the level, he must ensure that the ordinary person’s mental power was maintained at a good value when he escaped, otherwise it would be erased, and evil spirits would escape and they would lose.

After selecting the map, he gritted his teeth and stomped his feet, driving with high difficulty.

Seeing the identity of the two random people, he suddenly wailed, “Help, why am I the priest!”

Wen Xia glanced at himself, he was an ordinary person.

“Isn’t this good for you? The priest can still fight ghosts,” Wen Xia said, “I am an ordinary person and I will have to hide and rely on your protection.”

Ordinary people were the easiest to bump into ghosts in terms of settings. After all, ghosts knew who was good to bully.

“But don’t I have to take the initiative to find ghosts?” In the game interface, the two of them had not yet entered the door, and the voice had begun to tremble, “Help, I am afraid.”

[ My favorite turtle god turned into a turtle again. ]

[ Yo yo yo, isn’t this a turtle god? I haven’t seen it like this for a few days? ]

[ Xia Xia, protect the turtle god! ]

“If you give me an AK,” he returned and walked over to hide behind Wen Xia and said, “It’s not necessary who protects who.”

Human fear stemmed from insufficient firepower.

“Do you want some face? The dignified priest hides behind ordinary people.” Wen Xia moved and ran behind his back.

“Don’t, Lao Xia, you will explore for me first!”

“Don’t hold your head, let’s go in.”

The two people were making noise. The characters were pushed and shoved into a room with a half opened door. They were exploring the room together, and a familiar admission message popped up, [ Entering the live broadcast room. ]

Admission was as usual, starting with 20 blue whale models.

[ They are coming!!! Digital boss! ]

[ Digital boss, see who Xia Xia is playing games with. ]

[ I have placed a bet, how many SC and gifts will the digital boss drop today? ]

[ I’m afraid, no one knows how rich the digital boss is. ]

Every time Wen Xia returned to play online games, the frequency of the digital boss’s speech would soar.

If it was said that he may occasionally send two bullet screens, then at this time he was like a change of person, he threw money and he couldn’t wait to hear every word Wen Xia said, he would wind up sending gifts desperately.

There was always a third person between the turtle god and Wen Xia who couldn’t cross over.

And that person’s name was 5140005.

Wen Xia’s heart thumped. Then an inexplicable guilty conscience floated up.

It was strange that the digital boss had a strong aura, which made him feel like he was cheating when he was just playing games with the Turtle God.

It happened that he came to the first place in the arch fire. He should have seen a barrage in his own live broadcast room.

He was full of energy and shy, “Big boss is here? Hello, big boss, Xia Xia and I are having fun…”

Wen Xia said, “Are you serious, are you really happy? Who was the person who was about to cry just now?”

[ 5140005 free blue whale model x1 ]

[ 5140005 free blue whale model x1 ]


There were ten in a row.

[ It’s started, it’s started! ]

[ I’m laughing to death, in a word, let the boss spend twenty thousand for Xia Xia. ]

[ Turtle God talks all night, can’t you bankrupt the boss? ]

[ What are you talking about, don’t question the boss’ wallet! ]

[ This wave, this wave is a struggle between turtles, fishing for summer benefits. ]

Wen Xia turned off the game microphone, and said solemnly to everyone in the live broadcast room, “I hope everyone consumes rationally and only gives what they can.”

In response to him,

[ 5140005 free killer whale model x1 ]

[ 5140005 free killer whale model x1 ]



Groups of Whales TV presented a wide range of gifts. Among the relatively high-value gifts, the blue whale model with the highest value was 2,000 yuan, and the next level was the killer whale model, 1,500 yuan.


You should really only give what you can.

[ T/N – Your hubby is so rich he could buy the whale model twenty more times. ]

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