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Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Verii-chan

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As the two talked, Wen Xia’s bedroom door quietly opened. Wen Dage had always been able to open the door.

It was a pity that this time it was caught by Wen Xia, and it was caught right after it jumped out.


Even if the cute kitten started to yell, it sounded coquettish.

But Ah Mo who heard this meowing did not find it cute. It’s the posture of rushing into Lin Feng Qi’s room that could be said to be amazing.

Wen Xia took the big Wen Dage in his arms, trying to comfort its weak soul.

Lin Feng Qi was staring at the cat in his arms, not knowing what he was thinking.

He freed a hand and shook it in front of the man’s eyes, “What are you looking at?”

Lin Feng Qi retracted his gaze. He went back to the house with the funny cat stick and closed the door.

Wen Xia knocked on the door and said, “If you won’t let Ah Mo come out for a while, I will let Wen Dage take a stroll outside.”

Lin Feng Qi’s indifferent voice came out through the door, “Yes.”

Wen Xia curled his lips, but the big Dage was on the ground. He scratched its chin, and muttered quietly, “Son, it seems that your stepdad doesn’t like you very much. But it’s okay, your father is here, you are Dad’s favourite kitten.”

The cat snored and rubbed on his hand.

In the room, Lin Feng Qi held the cat stick and dangled it in front of Ah Mo’s nose.

The sound of jingle bells elicited the dog’s interest. However, it smelled like a cat. He sobbed twice and slumped down again.

Lin Feng Qi sat next to the doghouse and teased it again with the cat stick.

Ah Mo wanted to say that he was a dog, and doesn’t have anything to do with cats. It turned its head away.

The dog had a temper.

Lin Feng Qi: “…….”

He persistently moved the funny cat stick over again, Ah Mo became even angrier, patted the floor with his paw, and raised his dog’s head to look at his father.

A pair of dog eyes who couldn’t tell whether the hair on his body was darker or the eyeballs darker, and he looked at him pitifully.

Sometimes it was difficult for Lin Feng Qi not to feel that his dog was blind with such a majestic physique and breed.

“…Smell this,” He said stiffly, “You are not allowed to fight with Wen Dage in the future.”

Ah Mo wailed, “Wooooo.”

“No acting like a baby.”

Ah Mo went back pitifully, and his paw pulled the funny cat stick into his arms.

Lin Feng Qi’s expression became looser, he touched its smooth and shiny hair.

He pouted for a moment and took out his phone. He clicked on the browser input box and typed in: ‘How to make a good relationship with a cat?’

He searched, and refreshed the related entries.

Don’t hold the cat forcibly, feed the cat more, let it know that you will not harm it, play with the cat more, and don’t let it do things that it doesn’t like when it expresses protest…

There was a post that said: Nothing can compare to winter. In winter, cats will naturally glue to your legs.

Lin Feng Qi opened the calendar and glanced at it. Winter was still one month away.

No, he couldn’t wait that long.

He looked down again, and another post said: If you are going to be a guest at someone’s house, it is better to have a good relationship with the cat owner than with the cat.

Also, if you have a good relationship with the cat owner, the cat owner will sell his hairy self to you hahaha…

Lin Feng Qi read this passage several times. But soon he made a long face again.

This was also… difficult.


There is no dog in the living room. Wen Dage patrolled the new sight with satisfaction and walked back to the room gracefully.

Wen Xia went to knock on Lin Feng Qi’s door before returning to the room, “I brought Wen Dage back to the room, you can let Ah Mo out.”

Wen Xia returned to the room. Wen Dage took a few sips of water after strolling, jumped onto his bed and started licking his fur.

He rubbed the cat for a while before feeding Wen Dage some freeze-dried snacks and then sat down at his computer desk.

He started broadcasting so suddenly that he didn’t even post on Weibo, which caught the audience and the room manager by surprise.

This was the case with everyone, and the number of viewers soared after a while.

[Grandma, the anchor you are following has started!]

[Do you remember the live room?]

[The room manager, seal this unknown person who replaced the anchor! Oh, it’s me, it’s okay.]

[What is the broadcast today?]

[How long will the ‘Flower of the End’ have to wait, oh oh oh, you can give a demo version, boss.]

‘The Flower of the End’ was the game that Wen Xia was currently working on.

The barrage was moving quickly, he glanced roughly, adjusted the mic, and said, “The production progress of the ‘Flower of the End’ has been mentioned on Weibo.

You can check it out. The demo version is waiting at the end of this month.”

“I’ll be playing mini games today. I don’t have that much time, I won’t play games that last longer than two hours.”

Wen Xia had been live broadcasting on Whale TV for two years, but it was not an exaggeration to call him one of the pillars of the game zone.

It wasn’t that he wanted to do it himself. He was a retired former e-sports player in his circle of friends who pulled him in the double row during the live broadcast.

For them, there were frequent accidents during the live broadcast, but for the audience, the effect of the program was huge, and the live broadcast response was the best before and after that period.

Later, a friend took Wen Xia to play a few games together. The feedback was still good, and even in the live broadcast room, some people directly said that they came to see him.

The barrage might have been so noisy because of this sentence that in the end, they had to suspend the live broadcast for negotiation.

After that time, Wen Xia simply opened his live broadcast room, so that even if he played games with that friend again, the two audiences would at least be able to stay calm together.

Not to mention that he found that there was a live broadcast room, and it was more convenient to promote his games. It was killing two birds with one stone, why not do it?

Wen Xia was browsing through his steam when he suddenly saw a striking log prompt.

[5140005 people have entered the live broadcast room.]

The next second, the live broadcast room began to be flooded by gifts. It was still the largest amount, and it took about twenty seconds before stopping.

[I’m dizzy, brother, the big number guy is still such a cruel person.]

[Whenever I see the blue whale model screen, I know the digital boss is coming.]

[The boss came fast today, did you wait for the live broadcast like us for a long time? Hahaha.]

[The digital boss is so fierce today, waiting for Comrade Xia to broadcast something that our boss likes.]

[5140005: Just broadcast what you like.]

[Grass, you are spoiling him.]

[You are spoiling him.]

[You are spoiling him.]

[You are spoiling him.]


Wen Xia touched his nose and said, “Forget it, I’ll just squat for a while today, I didn’t get much rest last night, so I will sleep after a while.”

The barrage had been concerned about his body. It was said that if he was too tired from playing games, and he should pay attention to rest. It didn’t matter how much ‘Flower of the End’ waited.

“That’s not how game development works…”

[5140005: Did you move? I remember you need to get used to the bed.]

Wen Xia said, “I did move… how did you know?”

[5140005: Listening to the environmental sound of your room, it was different from before, and it echoed a bit. ]


Can you hear this? What kind of ear is this?

[??? Why didn’t I hear it?]

[This also works?????]

[Digital boss, I love him so much.]

[Digital boss, I love him so much.]

[Digital boss, I love him so much.]

“…I’ll call the room manager again,” Wen Xia was frightened, “Who sent the barrage. My house was built on the walls, so there was an echo… Can’t I have a bigger room? I wake up from a bed of 10,000 square meters every day.

I would have to drive to the toilet… What kind of car, though? Nonsense, it must be a shared bicycle! To be environmentally friendly, I know how serious global warming is now…”

Wen Xia replied to the blast one after another, and then a new message popped up on the station.

[5140005: Are you okay? If you are too tired, go to sleep.]

This lavish digital boss was the one who gave gifts as soon as he opened the live broadcast room. For two years he had never been absent from his live broadcast.

Wen Xia asked him to be the house manager, but he said he was busy at work and just wanted to relax while watching the live broadcast. Regardless of how he always brushed off gifts, this was the first time Wen Xia received a private message from the boss after the house management invitation.

Wen Xia was stunned, he replied: [It’s okay, I’ll broadcast it for a while.]

[5140005: Don’t force it.]

[Wen Xia: I know.]

It was not that there were no people who cared about Wen Xia in private messages. Every time he opened Weibo, there were a lot of messages in the background. There were a few fewer on the live broadcast platform.

But he didn’t know why, the concern as the digital boss made Wen Xia uncomfortable.

Perhaps the audience booed too much at ordinary times, just like the boys and girls who were just discussing exercises together at school, and were teased by the whole class as a couple.

If it was serious, it may have directly led to two good classmates becoming embarrassed strangers who avoided each other when they met each other.

Wen Xia turned off the private message, and a bunch of bullets had been swiped,

[Where’s the anchor?]

[Why don’t you speak anymore? Did you fall asleep?]

[Shock! Popular game anchors live to sleep!]

[Where’s the house manager? Cross out the anchor.]


Wen Xia hurriedly said, “Who, who is going to fork me out?”

At this time, another eye-catching entry message popped up in the live broadcast room, [Come Back has entered the live broadcast room.]

As soon as this person entered the live broadcast room, there was an SC: [Don’t chat, 1T/N – Eat chicken means to win.2eat chicken and don’t miss it, come here quickly.]

[Turtle God!]

[The turtle god is here to catch the strong man again.]

[Tsk tsk, he was still in the four-man team just now, he’s here to watch people to play duo.]

[Tsk Tsk Tsk]

[Tsk Tsk Tsk]


Wen Xia said, “I won’t go, don’t eat.”

[Come back: What, uncle, do you have a temper?]

[Wen Xia: Suddenly I’m an uncle?]

[Come back: Not coming? I played so well today, I just ate five chickens in a row.]

[Wen Xia: Then you play solo. I am sleepy, and I will fall asleep in a while.]

He was the retired player who used to pull. Wen Xia lived to play double rows. Now he had invested in a club and his career could be said to be recorded in the history of esports.

He was called the ‘Turtle God’ because of his aggressive style of play. Turtle god was also a dog who was full of psychological tactics.

He threw SC as if he didn’t need money, and he yelled at the barrage.

Just as Wen Xia was arguing with him, suddenly ten blue whale model gifts swiped his screen.

[The digital boss is awesome.]

[I’m laughing to death, the boss is jealous and he just swipes gifts.]

[This is to fight, to fight.]
[The turtle god can’t even have ten?]

Watching the topic stray in increasingly strange directions, Wen Xia quickly interrupted, “No more chatting, no more chatting, I’m going to bed, everyone should rest early, good night.”

After talking at the speed of light, he ended the broadcast.

The phone shook, and the Turtle God sent him a WeChat message, [Sleeping so fast?]

Wen Xia: [Sleepy. Brother, I had insomnia last night.]

Come back: [Well, then you rest and play next time.]

Wen Xia stretched. He turned off the computer and went to take a shower. He was sleepy and fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.

—Recognizing a bed is also real recognizing a bed.

People in the live broadcast room went to the empty building, and Lin Feng Qi closed the web page, clicked on the work file and continued to work overtime.

Unknowingly, it was late at night. When he looked at the time, it was already one o’clock in the morning, and Ah Mo had already slept.

He turned off the computer, wondering if Wen Xia was sleeping well…

He also blamed himself for not preparing anything to calm his nerves and sleeping in the bedroom in advance.

But now he couldn’t open the door to see his room, right?

Knocking on the door didn’t work, what if he finally fell asleep, but was woken up by a knock on the door?

But if he still didn’t sleep well…

Lin Feng Qi frowned, and after taking a shower, he lingered at the door of Wen Xia’s room for a while but still headed back to his room.

The night was deep, everything was quiet, and the person on a bed fell asleep.

The door opened quietly. The sound of footsteps echoed in the corridor slowly, and then to the living room, walking and turning back and forth.

In a drowsy state, Lin Feng Qi felt something lift his comforter and got in.

He opened his eyes quickly and turned his head somewhat surprised.

In the darkness where he couldn’t see his fingers, the man breathed evenly, and even pulled his blanket and turned around, wrapping around himself, and looked like a cocoon.


Lin Feng Qi’s brain crashed.

For a moment, he said softly, “Wen Xia?”

There was no response, the cocoon slept deeply.

He fell silent.

After sitting quietly on the bed for a while, Lin Feng Qi slowly laid down again. He moved a little to the side of the bed and kept a distance from Wen Xia.

The cocoon suddenly kicked his legs.

Lin Feng Qi stood up slightly stiff, breathing lightly unconsciously.

“Fang Huai, you…”

After kicking his legs, the cocoon whispered something, and his words were indistinctly stuck in his throat.

Lin Feng Qi was taken aback, frowning.

Fang Huai?

Who was this again?

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