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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Verii-chan

It Fled After

Wen Xia stood outside and watched for a long time, and he couldn’t tell why such a generic picture would be so attractive to him. It was like watching a silent film.

The small square glass window was the screen. Inside were Lin Feng Qi’s life styles, and outside were his cold eyes.

He couldn’t get in, and the people inside couldn’t get out.

When Ye Shi Xue noticed him and looked over in confusion, Wen Xia looked like a thief who was caught in a crime. He turned his head and ran away.

That night he had unexplainable insomnia, and his mind was full of the silent film he watched outside the ward, as well as the rumors about Lin Feng Qi’s family in school. He felt a little sad, but not entirely sad.

The next day he met Lin Feng Qi at school, he stepped forward to greet him, and what he got was Lin Feng Qi’s alienated and indifferent attitude.

After school that afternoon, Wen Xia went to the hospital instead of going home.

According to yesterday’s time, Lin Feng Qi would go home first, and then bring food to the hospital.

Wen Xia was still looking carefully outside the ward this time. He saw Ye Shi Xue sitting on the bed, holding the book in her hand, emitting a gentle and warm breath.

He still wondered why Lin Feng Qi was so cold and condescending when his mother was so gentle. It was really confusing.

Ye Shixue widened her eyes suddenly when she was thinking agitatedly. Wen Xia was startled, he drew back and was about to run.

“Wait a minute!” The woman hurriedly stopped him.

Wen Xia stopped and turned slowly.

Ye Shi Xue’s eyes were gentle: “Come in.”

He opened the door and walked in. Ye Shi Xue looked at him with a little curiosity, and asked,

“This school uniform… Are you also a student of Ninghai Middle School? Are you a classmate of Ah Qi?”
“I… not,” Wen Xia stuttered, “We are in the same year in the same school, but in different classes.”

“Did you yesterday…” Ye Shi Xue pointed out the door.

Wen Xia scratched his face and nodded awkwardly.

Afraid of her misunderstanding, Wen Xia hurriedly explained that he also came to see the doctor yesterday, and happened to meet Lin Feng Qi, which was purely an accident.

Ye Shi Xue’s focus was somewhere else: “See a doctor? Are you sick in any way?”

Wen Xia waved his hand: “It’s okay auntie, I just have a fever, and the fever subsided after I took some Tylenol yesterday.”

The woman nodded, her expression relaxed.

“What is your name?” She asked.

“Wen Xia,” Seeing that Ye Shi Xue didn’t seem to be angry, Wen Xia continued, “My father’s surname is Wen, my mother’s surname is Xia.”

Ye Shi Xue laughed: “A nice name.”

She hesitated for a moment, closed the book in her hand, and asked Wen Xia: “Ah Qi, how is he… at school?”

He was taken aback.

Ye Shi Xue said, “He never tells us about school. I don’t know if he is happy or unhappy at school. Sometimes I ask him and he just says everything is fine…

I blame myself, if it wasn’t for my body. He won’t need to come to the hospital to accompany me every day after school, and he can’t even hang out with his classmates on weekends…”

There were two elderly people in the family who were not in good health. Father Lin went to work during the day, and he had to take care of the old people after work.

When the old man was done, he would come to his wife to watch the night and change his shift with his son to go home to rest.

Wen Xia thought for a while, and started boasting, “He… is really good at school! Auntie, don’t you know, he is a personally beloved star in our school, and the teachers love him very much.”

Ye Shi Xue said, “Really?”

Wen Xia nodded his head, “Really!”

He dragged a stool over—it was the tall plastic stool where Lin Feng Qi sat on to do his homework yesterday.

He sat next to Ye Shi Xue’s bed and vividly described Lin Feng Qi’s campus life with him, although for most of them he changed his personal names

Ye Shi Xue listened with enthusiasm, and was often amused by his words.

Wen Xia looked at the time and felt that it was time to go back, and hurriedly said, “Auntie, I should go, my dad would get angry with me if I get home later.”

“Okay, safe trips.”

“Well… Auntie, can you not tell Lin Feng Qi that I’ve been here?” Wen Xia carried on, “Take it as a secret between us. I’ll be Lin Feng Qi’s campus scout for you, how about it?”

Ye Shi Xue nodded with a smile, she looked at him for two seconds, and said warmly, “Xia Xia, thank you for today, no one has chatted with me like this for a long time.”

Wen Xia glanced at the book she had closed and put aside halfway through, and said, “Auntie, what book do you like to read? I’ll bring it to you next time.”

Ye Shi Xue was stunned and said with a smile: “No, you come as you want. Auntie will keep it a secret for you.” She said and blinked slyly.

From then on, Wen Xia would often go to the hospital to visit Ye Shi Xue. He didn’t go for a long time each time, because he went when Lin Feng Qi was away.

He talked to Ye Shi Xue about how well Lin Feng Qi was at school and how he was loved by others… Because Lin Feng Qi would not tell his parents, he also ridiculed Lin Feng Qi’s bad language at school.

Later, he learned that Ye Shi Xue liked perfume lilies, and sometimes he would bring a bunch when he went to the hospital.

After Ye Shi Xue was discharged from the hospital, Wen Xia never saw her again.

“Xia Xia, you are a good boy…” Ye Shi Xue looked at him, her eyes flushed slightly, “Please take care of Ah Qi.. He doesn’t like to talk, and he likes to hide everything in his heart. If something provokes you, just scold him, don’t be polite with him, he just needs some scolding…”
Wen Xia held her hand: “I can’t talk about it, Auntie, you still have to do this, so…”

So you must get better.

Looking at the fine lines at the corner of Ye Shi Xue’s eyes and her haggard and pale face, Wen Xia only felt that these words seemed to be too late for her.

Ye Shi Xue smiled relievedly, saying nothing.


When they left the hospital, it was completely dark.

The hospital was staged every day with birth, old age, sickness and death. Life and death can be seen everywhere in these white buildings.

Probably affected by this, they came out of the hospital with a light sadness haunting them.

When they got in the car, Wen Xia was the first to jump out of the tension, “Master, do you think my performance was okay today?”

Lin Feng Qi paused, and nodded: “Yeah.”

“When is the next time?”

Lin Feng Qi thought for two seconds, and said, “At any time.”

All right.

They had already passed through the rush hour, the car was speeding along the road, and the way home was smoother than before.

However, when he opened the door, Lin Feng Qi suddenly stood still at the door.

Wen Xia said, “Go in. What’s the matter?”

Lin Feng Qi looked back at him. He turned sideways slightly and motioned him to look inside.

Wen Xia glanced at him strangely then immediately became dumbfounded.

The floor of the living room was in a mess. The vase on the TV cabinet that was still intact yesterday was now lying on the ground in pieces.
The water inside had dripped all over the floor and had dried up, leaving only a faint water stain on the floor.
The paper pulled from the coffee table also fell to the floor, and the white crumbs flew from the living room to the kitchen, not to mention various other decorations rolled down…

It looked like it had been robbed.

“This… what’s wrong with this?” Wen Xia stared open-mouthed.

Lin Feng Qi was silent, obviously, this was also unexpected to him.

The two had stayed at the door for ten seconds before a black figure slowly dangled out of the kitchen. Seeing Lin Feng Qi, he whimpered awkwardly.

Lin Feng Qi squatted down, Ah Mo jumped into his arms, like a little daughter-in-law who had been bullied.

Just as Wen Xia changed his shoes and entered the house, he heard a bright ‘meow’ coming from the living room. Wen Dage jumped off the sofa, ran over in a small step and rubbed on his legs back and forth.

Hearing this meow, Ah Mo sunk deeper into Lin Feng Qi’s arms, the whole dog’s head was buried, and his whimper became louder.


He looked at his bedroom, the door was open.

Wen Xia looked at Lin Feng Qi again, and Lin Feng Qi also looked at him.

Both of them understood what happened in this room by communicating with their eyes.

Wen Xia picked up the meowing Wen Dage and locked it back in his bedroom. While sweeping away the broken glass on the floor, Wen Xia said,

“In my home, Wen Dage has no other advantages, but he is smart… he will open the door by himself. If I go out tomorrow, I will lock the bedroom.”

Lin Feng Qi took the mop and waited for him to finish sweeping the floor, saying, “No.”

Wen Xia turned his head and glanced at him.

Lin Feng Qi said, “They must be familiar with each other.”

Wen Xia was not happy to keep Wen Dage in his room, thinking that his Dage was a free little cat when he was in his own house, but there was no other way. People had to bow their heads to their boss, not to mention it was his fault this time…

“Where is Ah Mo? Is he hurt?” Wen Xia asked.


“Oh, that’s good,” He glanced at the things that was swept into the dustpan, and coughed,

“These things that broke… just deduct them from my salary.”

He had two hundred thousand, it was okay!

“These things aren’t valuable.” Lin Feng Qi said.


After cleaning the mess, Lin Feng Qi got up and sat on the sofa to replay the surveillance. Wen Xia scooted over and glanced.

It happened when Wen Xia got off work and received a call from Lin Feng Qi. The living room’s surveillance system couldn’t take pictures of the room, and could only see Wen Dage walking from the corridor to the living room with elegant catwalks, walking and sniffing, and getting acquainted with the environment.

Ah Mo, who was lying on the sofa, noticed him, and the dog turned over, and was alarmed by the smell of the cat. Wen Dage jumped back and directly exploded.

A cat and a dog faced each other for about five seconds, Wen Dage suddenly rushed to the sofa with a thunderous force, Ah Mo turned into a frightened cat, turned his head and fled.

From the living room to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the bathroom back to the living room, a cat and a dog knocked over one thing after another while running, leaving a lot of color in the surveillance video.

One fled, one chased, it was difficult for them not to fly.

Lin Feng Qi paused the surveillance video.

The two fell into a long silence.

Wen Xia said, “This matter can’t be rushed. The child is older and has his own ideas.”


Lin Feng got up and went back to the room. When he came out again, he handed Wen Xia a little yellow duck.


Lin Feng Qi said, “This is Ah Mo’s toy, you can give it to…”

“Wen Dage.”

Lin Feng Qi nodded, “Let’s start with the smell.”

The little animal’s perception of sight was nothing more than smell. Wen Xia agreed to his proposal.

He took the little yellow duck, and pulled out a weathered cat stick from Wen Dage’s suit and gave it to Lin Feng Qi.

They were like a couple, carrying out a grand dowry and handover ceremony for their children’s marriage.

Wen Xia was affected by this and couldn’t help but say, “This was the gift from your father-in-law.”

Lin Feng Qi said, “…It’s one of a kind.”


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