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WTA Chapter 50

Dropping Down the Case

Li Shuo and Wen Xiaohui slept in a hotel near the hospital for the night, while Li Chengxiu and Zhao Jinxin stayed at the hospital.

The next morning, Wen Xiaohui woke him up and told him that Shao Qun was awake and he was okay.

Li Shuo breathed a sigh of relief. Since knowing about them having a child, he hoped from the bottom of his heart that Shao Qun wouldn’t be a burden for Li Chengxiu.

Li Shuo said: “Come in and sit down for a while.”

Wen Xiaohui entered the room and sat down on the sofa: “Brother Li, I don’t want to see Shao Qun anymore. Shao Qun will not know that we are here. We will accompany Cheng Xiu for two more days, and we will return to Beijing when Shao Qun’s eldest sister is gone, okay?”

“Okay, I don’t want to see him either.” Li Shuo picked up the phone and just saw the message sent by Lawyer Wang, telling him that he had made great progress. His heart shook, and he replied: Don’t make any move for now, I will give you a call later.

“I was upset all night.” Wen Xiaohui took out his mobile phone and took a picture of his face, “The dark circles are coming out. By the way, there is a sweets water store not far from here. Let’s pack it for Cheng Xiu.”

“Okay, wait for me to get change first.”

At this time, the doorbell rang, and Li Shuo went over to open the door, and a figure rushed into his arms, almost frightening him.

“Jin Xin?” Li Shuo was hit with a pain in his chest.

Zhao Jinxin closed his eyes, and leaned his head on his shoulders acting like a baby: “My brother woke up…I’m so tired, I haven’t slept all night.”

Li Shuo listened to his hoarse voice, realizing that he was not pretending to be tire.He felt a little bad for him in his heart, so he patted him on the back, “Then you can go to your room and sleep, I will ask the hotel’s staff to bring some food for you.”

Zhao Jinxin opened his eyes, and when he saw Wen Xiaohui, he was stunned and quickly pushed Li Shuo away.

Wen Xiaohui also looked at him, frowning slightly.

Zhao Jinxin said indifferently: “Why are you here?” Although there was no turbulence in his tone, his eyes seem to be not quite right.

“He just came to see me.” Li Shuo explained, acknowledging that Zhao Jinxin had obviously misunderstood the situation.

Zhao Jinxin said “Oh” and he lets himself fall onto Li Shuo’s bed and took Li Shuo’s hand: “I’m so tired, will you stay with me for a while?”

Li Shuo looked at his watch: “It’s already past nine o’clock. You go to bed first. I will come back after I went shopping for a while.”

“No, don’t go.” Zhao Jinxin puts Li Shuo’s hand into his arms, “You ask the hotel’s staff to bring the food up, and we will eat together.”

Wen Xiaohui stood up: “Brother Li, I can go shopping by myself. If you’re coming to the hospital this afternoon, call me.”

“Ah? All right.”

After Wen Xiaohui left, Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo with bright eyes, “He really came in the morning? He didn’t come last night?”

Li Shuo pushed his head: “Don’t talk nonsense.” He wanted to withdraw his hand.

Zhao Jinxin just held on tightly to his hand and said sadly: “You haven’t been able to calm down yet? You are angry with me, my brother is injured, my sister-in-law ignores me, and sister Wen also loses her temper at me. Why am I not being treated like a human being from inside out?”

Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin’s aggrieved appearance, sighed, and touched his head softly: “Why is Shao Wen angry at you?”

“It’s not because of my sister-in-law. My brother is not awake, so I can be the only outlet for her wrath.” Zhao Jinxin hugged Li Shuo’s waist, placed him on his knees, and whispered: “As a result, no one gave me a good face.”

Li Shuo thought for a while, it was really like this, he lightly pressed Zhao Jinxin’s temple: “Poor little thing, huh?”

Zhao Jinxin cooperated and sniffed: “But as long as you don’t get angry with me, I don’t care about the others.”

“The premise that I am not angry with you is that you have really reflected on it, and you will never commit it again.” Li Shuo counted the days. After so many days, it is almost the same. In this kind of situation, he was supposed to wait to see Zhao Jinxin. At that time, he could not help but feel sorry for him.

Zhao Jinxin arched over Li Shuo’s stomach with his head: “I really reflected on it, and I won’t do it again in the future.”

Li Shuo touched his face: “Jinxin, I am not saying this to scare you. If you lie to me or do bad things again, I will no longer be able to believe you. I have a principled bottom line. That’ll the last time, okay.”

Zhao Jinxin nodded and did not speak.

Li Shuo leaned down, kissed him on the shoulder, and then started to coax him with full firepower: “Looking at the way my little Jinxin is wronged by his family, I feel distressed. Can you smile?” He poked Zhao Jinxin’s dimples with his finger.

Zhao Jinxin pouted: “I can’t smile.”

Li Shuo said gently: “Don’t smile at them, just smile at Uncle Li, okay?” The finger moved to the corner of Zhao Jinxin’s mouth and gently tugged on the side.

Zhao Jinxin opened his mouth, held his fingers, and smiled at the corner of his mouth, watching Li Shuo’s eyes darken.

Li Shuo withdrew his finger: “What do you want to eat? I’ll let the hotel’s staff deliver it.” He stretched his arm to get the fixed phone by the bed.

Zhao Jinxin showed a smirk, took off Li Shuo’s nightgown, and got his head directly into the hem of the nightgown.

“You…” Li Shuo was unprepared and was pinched by Zhao Jinxin.

Seeing Zhao Jinxin’s head doing whatever he wants under his nightgown, Li Shuo finally collapsed weakly on the bed: “Aren’t you… sleepy?”

“You are by my mouth, how can I be willing to sleep?” Zhao Jinxin licked his lips, “I have been hungry for so many days, I will ‘eat a mouthful’ first.”

Li Shuo refused a few times but it was useless so he had to go with him…

Zhao Jinxin seemed to be really tired. He only did it once and then went to take a bath.

Li Shuo called and asked the hotel’s staff to deliver the meal. After Zhao Jinxin took a bath and ate, he fell asleep holding Li Shuo.

When Zhao Jinxin fell asleep, Li Shuo quietly got up, changed his clothes, and left the hotel.

He went to the hospital. At this time, Shao Qun woke up and fell asleep again. Li Chengxiu and Wen Xiaohui stayed in the lounge to chat. Only then can Li Shuo see Li Chengxiu, otherwise Shao Qun wakes up and will make sure Li Chengxiu is with him all the time.

As soon as Li Shuo entered the place, he said to Li Chengxiu, “Cheng Xiu, I have something to talk to you about. Is it okay?”

Li Chengxiu nodded and walked over.

Li Shuo gave a look of comfort towards Wen Xiaohui, and then closed the door.

The two walked to the backyard of the hospital and sat down on the stone bench. Li Chengxiu said softly: “Brother Li, I have troubled you to come here for me, thank you.”

“You are welcome, I believe if I need help, you will come too, right?”

Li Chengxiu nodded in utter agreement.

Li Shuo smiled slightly: “Cheng Xiu, I want to ask you a question, you answer me truthfully, okay? It’s very important.”

“Okay, what’s the matter?”

Li Shuo pursed his lips. He couldn’t think of how tactful such a problem could be, and simply said straightforwardly: “Jin Xin told me that Shao Qun used your sperm to conceive a child.”

Li Chengxiu’s face changed slightly.

“Why, is it fake news?”

Li Chengxiu shook his head, then nodded, and said solemnly: “It’s true.”

Li Shuo sighed: “This Shao Qun, really…”

Li Chengxiu smiled bitterly: “Putting him aside, actually…” He grabbed his pants, his voice getting smaller and smaller, “I want children. I never thought that someone like me could have a child myself.”

Such an answer was completely within Li Shuo’s expectation. He held Li Chengxiu’s shoulders, “Cheng Xiu, everyone deserves his own offspring. This is a natural right for humans. If you like it, just accept it and love it. It doesn’t matter how it came to be.”

Li Chengxiu nodded: “Brother Li, don’t worry, I will keep that in mind.”

“…what about Shao Qun? Are you planning to accept Shao Qun too?”

Li Chengxiu lowered his head, his eyes were staring at the grass by his feet without a word for a long time.

Li Shuo thought if he should pat his head. He sighed, “I understand.”

Li Chengxiu’s answer is already very clear.

At this time, the caregiver ran over and said that Shao Qun was awake and asked Li Chengxiu to rush over.

After Li Chengxiu left, Li Shuo spread his arms and dropped himself on the back of the stone bench. He then leaned his heavy head back and looked at the blue cloudless sky above his head.

The sky is so big, the vision is so small, so small that you look up at the sky and think this is the world.

Humans are the most complacent and institutionalized animals, but even if they have a clear mind and or had broadened their horizons, if they got in, they will remain inside. If they can’t go out, then they can’t go out.

Li Shuo took out his cell phone, dialed Lawyer Wang’s phone, and said calmly: “Lawyer Wang, let’s drop the case. The specific reason cannot be said on the phone. In short, let’s stop here. I will pay the balance according to the contract. Thank you for your hard work.”

This matter, he should turn over, whether it is for Zhao Jinxin or for Li Chengxiu.

There was a sound of footsteps behind him, and Li Shuo turned around to find Wen Xiaohui.

Li Shuo patted the position beside him: “Come on, sit down.”

Wen Xiaohui sat down and said with a smile: “At the hotel today, I see you two are very sweet, and you match very well. Maybe I’m too prejudiced, Brother Li, don’t mind me.”

“How come I won’t mind you. I know you care about me.”

“Then are you two reconciled?”

“Well, he is under a lot of pressure now, and I can’t bear to punish him any more.” Li Shuo’s thoughts of Zhao Jinxin’s pitiful puppy eyes and he smiled knowingly, “But I have to make sure he is disciplined in the future.”

“I think he likes you so much. He is such a big guy but he will act like a baby when he sees you. He deserves to be with Brother Li.” Wen Xiaohui said with a low smile.

Li Shuo also smiled, feeling a bit proud in his heart.

“Hey, what are you going to give for his birthday? Do you want me to advise you? I’m good at picking gifts for people the most.”

“Birth-birthday?” Li Shuo was taken aback.

“Ah, you don’t know his birthday?” Wen Xiaohui was a little surprised.

“We have only known each other for less than a year, how would I know?”

“I eavesdropped on the conversation between him and Shao Wen in the hallway. Shao Wen scolded him and said that he’ll be 24 in a few days and he should not be helping Shao Qun mess around, so I guess his birthday is coming soon?”

Li Shuo said with embarrassment: “I really don’t know. I didn’t pay attention to it before. I will check on it again. Thank you, Xiaohui, thanks to you for reminding me.”

“If you are really grateful to me, can you stop calling me Xiaohui in the future?” Wen Xiaohui pouted, “If it wasn’t for my queen-like mother to be too fierce, I would have changed my name.”

Li Shuo laughed and said, “No.” He winked at Wen Xiaohui, “Let outsiders and your fans call you Adi, but calling you Xiaohui will only be between the two of us.”

Wen Xiaohui only laughed along with him.

Li Shuo asked his assistant to check and found out that Zhao Jinxin’s birthday was just five days later. He was very thankful that Wen Xiaohui reminded him. If not, he would have ignored the first birthday of the two together, it would be too bad as a boyfriend.

He took Wen Xiaohui to discuss how to celebrate Zhao Jinxin’s birthday. After all, they are all out of town, and the atmosphere is not festive now. The theme of this birthday must be warm and caring, but not riotous.

Wen Xiaohui told him to do two things; first is to get the top suite of the hotel they lived in, and then, to purchase a lot of things to decorate.

Zhao Jinxin and Li Chengxiu are mostly in the hospital during the day, and they have free time to make arrangements in secret.

As a fashion stylist, Wen Xiaohui has an excellent aesthetic. Without changing the hard decoration and large furniture, through minor decoration, step by step, he transformed the luxurious and tacky presidential suite into an artistic atmosphere full of peachy romance. It looks like a honeymoon suite.


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*Translator’s Note: For those who came from reading on wattpad and stopped at Chp 57, this is the new chapter (58 from there). I just edited the chapter numbering following the RAWs now. I even edited them on wattpad.

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