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WTA Chapter 49

Xiaohui's Concerns

After calming down for two days, Li Shuo found that his overheated brain was much better during this period. Any passion would diminish over time. It is the worst for thinking when he was infatuated. Now he can finally think rationally about the current situation between the two of them regarding their own relationship and his attitude towards Shao Qun.

Before he could think deeper, he was disturbed by a phone call from Wen Xiaohui.

“What?!” Li Shuo was surprised after he heard a shocking news.

Wen Xiaohui sighed: “Really, Shao Qun is in hospital now, and his life is not in danger for the time being, but Cheng Xiu’s voice sounds pitiful. I am going to fly over to accompany him.”

Li Shuo couldn’t recover for a long time, how could Shao Qun and Li Chengxiu get so rough and get a knife in a fight? Although he has been secretly hoping that Shao Qun will be unlucky, he will not curse others for being injured. The most important thing is that he is worried about whether Li Chengxiu will be implicated.

Li Shuo asked, “How is Cheng Xiu? Is he not injured?”

“Cheng Xiu is okay, just a little panic. Shao Qun’s sisters are all there, especially his eldest sister, who is very powerful. Cheng Xiu is so persuaded and has no relatives or friends. I don’t know how others bullied him. I will go to there to support him.” Wen Xiaohui said quite boldly, and he could feel the momentum of him preparing to roll up his sleeves through the phone, “Brother Li, do you want to go together?”

Li Shuo was silent. Now that he and Zhao Jinxin are together, he should keep a proper distance from his past objects, especially the sensitive objects. If he went there, Shao Qun will inevitably go crazy again. Zhao Jinxin is in a dilemma and it will only make things worse. He hesitated for a while.

Wen Xiaohui guessed his thoughts: “Why, are you afraid your little boyfriend will be jealous?”

Li Shuo smiled bitterly: “I think I really shouldn’t get involved with them anymore.”

“It’s also…” Wen Xiaohui paused and whispered, “If Cheng Xiu sees you, I should be able to feel at ease… But this is really not good for Jinxin. It’s okay. I will go by myself. Don’t worry about my combat effectiveness.”

“Don’t cause trouble. Especially with the Shao family.” Wen Xiaohui is straightforward and immature, and his temper is not small. He immediately shines his paw when encountering things that are not pleasing to the eye. Li Shuo is really worried that he will suffer.

“Got it.”

“If you have any difficulties, just call me, I will definitely help you.”


After finishing the conversation, Li Shuo was still worried about what he thought. Li Chengxiu is weak and Wen Xiaohui is impulsive. Without Shao Qun, if Shao Wen wish for Li Chengxiu to disappear, how could she not embarrass him?

While he was hesitating, Zhao Jinxin call came in. Li Shuo intuitively related this call to Shao Qun and immediately answered: “Hello?”

Zhao Jinxin’s tone was quite hurried: “Li Shuo, something happened to my brother.”

“what happened?”

“It’s probably him being jealous again, it’s fucking…” Zhao Jinxin succumbed, “I’m going to the airport, can you go with me?”

Li Shuo was surprised: “Do you want me to go with you?”

“My brother hasn’t woken up yet. Sister Wen is there. I’m afraid she will embarrass Li Chengxiu. If you are there, it will be better.”

“…Okay, I’ll go.”

After hanging up the phone, Li Shuo casually packed two pieces of clothes, and went to the airport with the suitcase.

He saw Zhao Jinxin who was waiting for him at the security checkpoint. As soon as he saw him, Zhao Jinxin rushed over and hugged him.

Li Shuo frowned: “Many people are watching.”

Zhao Jinxin said dullly: “Uncle Li, I feel uncomfortable.”

Li Shuo sighed secretly. He is still angry. He actually wanted to ignore Zhao Jinxin for a few more days to teach him a lesson, but when he thought of Shao Qun lying in the hospital, he felt that Zhao Jinxin must be a little bit pitiful, so he didn’t have the heart to bear it. He patted it Zhao Jinxin’s back and said “He will be fine.” Silently leaving behind his intent of scourge for a thousand years.

Zhao Jinxin pouted his mouth: “You have ignored me for several days, haven’t you calmed down yet?”

“When you realize your mistakes and reflect from your heart, let’s talk more about it.”

Zhao Jinxin released his hand and looked at him with a drooping eye: “I have realized my mistake and I am also reflecting on it. I feel that every time something is related to Han Feiye, you are very cruel to me.”

“You’re simply crooked. It’s you who did the wrong thing. What does it have to do with Han Feiye?”

Zhao Jinxin said aggrievedly: “I am jealous of him. You know him earlier than me and have been together for so many years. What will I be then?”

Li Shuo sighed helplessly. Zhao Jinxin’s pitiful appearance made him feel soft in his heart. He however hardened his heart and said sternly, “It’s still crooked, and you can’t do bad things even if you are jealous.” He paused. ” Jinxin, if you are angry, then you are angry. In my heart, you and Shao Qun are not the same. Don’t let me feel as if I am blinded by the truth, okay?”

Zhao Jinxin was silent.

“Let’s go.” Li Shuo walked towards the security check.

The two got on the plane. Zhao Jinxin tilted his head on Li Shuo’s shoulder. Since he was five or six centimeters taller than Li Shuo, this action was actually awkward and uncomfortable, but he just couldn’t get up.

After a while, he hugged Li Shuo’s arm again, rubbed his forehead, and whispered, “I’m afraid.”

Li Shuo whispered: “Don’t be afraid. He’ll be okay.”

“That’s a knife.”

“Is it that life-threatening? He is in good health and will recover soon.”

“That must be painful.”

Li Shuo did not speak. He had no sympathy for Shao Qun, but he really felt sorry for Li Chengxiu, such a kind and harmless person, why should he encounter so many ups and downs?

When Zhao Jinxin saw Li Shuo not speaking, he asked, “Do you feel relieved?”

“I’m not that kind of person. If I want to vent my anger, I will do it by myself. It is meaningless to gloat over other’s misfortune.”

“How do you want to do it by yourself?” Zhao Jinxin didn’t blink. However, without even looking at him, his eyes were unusually bright.

Li Shuo paused. He didn’t see Zhao Jinxin’s eyes. He pursed his lips: “Just talk it out.”

Zhao Jinxin lowered his eyes and hid his thoughts.

After getting off the plane, the two went straight to the hospital. They called Wen Xiaohui on the way. Wen Xiaohui had a flight earlier than him and was already with Li Chengxiu in the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Li Shuo found the two in the lounge. Li Chengxiu’s face had gotten paler and his eyes looked lost and hopeless. He looked extremely pitiful. Wen Xiaohui was talking to him as if trying to ease his tension.

As soon as Li Shuo entered the place, the two raised their heads. Li Chengxiu looked helpless when he saw him.

“Brother Li, you are here.” Wen Xiaohui breathed a sigh of relief. He came in a hurry, he didn’t clean up properly, his hair was soft, his face was pure, and he was still beautiful, but he didn’t have his usual hearty smile, especially when he saw Zhao Jinxin, he looked a little uncomfortable. It lacks the enthusiasm of the last time.

Li Shuo walked over, held Li Chengxiu’s shoulder, and said softly: “Cheng Xiu, it’s okay, we’ll both be with you.”

Li Chengxiu was surprised but nodded nonetheless.

Zhao Jinxin said: “You guys talk, I’ll go in to see my brother.”

As soon as Zhao Jinxin walked away, Wen Xiaohui broke out: “He is Shao Qun’s cousin? What is his intention in approaching you?!”

Li Shuo vaguely said: “It’s all settle now, I’ll tell you about it another day.”

“Hmph.” Wen Xiaohui pouted his lips, his cheeks bulged with anger. He is obviously wanting to badmouth some more, but in order not to make the two people uncomfortable, he couldn’t say more.

Li Shuo comforted softly: “Cheng Xiu, don’t be afraid, Shao Qun’s injury should not be serious.”

Li Chengxiu nodded but then shook his head again, just like a doll whose soul was drained.

“Have you eaten yet?”

“No, I’m starving to death.” Wen Xiaohui played with Li Chengxiu’s fingers, looking unhappy.

“I’ll buy something to eat, wait for me a while.”


Li Shuo got out of the lounge and walked towards the ward department.

In the corridor, he saw Zhao Jinxin and Shao Wen who were talking. If it’s regarding the Shao family, he didn’t want to get involved, so he hid around the corner and didn’t walk over until Shao Wen left.

Zhao Jinxin saw Li Shuo and said tiredly: “No organs were injured. The operation was successful, but the person has not yet woken up.”

“That’s good.” Li Shuo also breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing Li Chengxiu’s appearance, he knew that this man’s position in Li Chengxiu’s heart actually surpassed everything.

Zhao Jinxin whispered: “You tell me, isn’t this retribution?”

Li Shuo was startled, waiting for Zhao Jinxin to continue.

“My brother is really not a good person, especially what he did to you.” Zhao Jinxin’s deep eyes looked at Li Shuo unblinking, “This may be the punishment for his wrongdoings.”

Li Shuo was a little upset: “Maybe. But no one can escape paying for their actions.”

“I hope you can calm down now.” Zhao Jinxin smiled faintly.

Li Shuo frowned: “This is a different matter to me, and I don’t have anything to be calm about.”

Zhao Jinxin nodded: “I understand.” He sighed, “Although my brother asked for a lot of things, he really wants to get better now, otherwise what should Li Chengxiu do.”

“Cheng Xiu is stronger than you think, go and persuade Shao Wen, don’t let her mess around.”

“It’s not just Cheng Xiu that I worry about, but also their child.”

Li Shuo straightened his eyes in shock: “What did you just say?”

Zhao Jinxin said in surprise: “Didn’t Li Chengxiu tell you? Oh, he might be too afraid to tell.”

“What, what child? Are you still joking at this time?”

“I’m not joking, my brother used Li Chengxiu’s sperm to conceive a child.” He whispered, “This is a secret, sister Wen doesn’t know.”

Li Shuo took a step back in shock, and immediately trembled all over. He still underestimated the brain circuits of a lunatic, so he could do such a thing? You can guess with your knees that Shao Qun definitely did it without Li Chengxiu’s knowledge and consent. It’s no wonder that Shao Qun is out of danger and Li Chengxiu has returned to his home. How much torment he should be in right now…

Zhao Jinxin smiled: “I think it’s pretty good. This child is nominally my brother’s blood. The Shao family will not embarrass them, and Li Chengxiu will also have a sense of belonging.”

“Do you think this is a good thing?” Li Shuo gritted his teeth, “Did Shao Qun do this with Li Chengxiu’s consent? That’s not going to the mall to buy something, that’s a living person!”

“No, but it’s already settled now.” Zhao Jinxin’s expression made people unable to see his true emotions, “At this time next year, they will be a family of three, isn’t it good?”

Li Shuo leaned against the wall with his eyes closed. He suddenly has a headache.

“Are you okay?” Zhao Jinxin touched Li Shuo’s face and said worriedly, “Think for the best in everything. They are actually very emotional. They have a child now and they are an inseparable family. My brother will also take good care of Li Chengxiu. Yes, isn’t that happy ending for everyone?”

Li Shuo shook his head: “I’m going to buy food for them.” He removed Zhao Jinxin’s hand, turned and walked out.

Zhao Jinxin stared thoughtfully at Li Shuo’s back. When he is out of his sight, he showed a confident smile.

Li Shuo walked out of the hospital quickly, and then slowly slow down his pace once more, but his heart is still beating extremely fast.

Shao Qun and Li Chengxiu are about to have a child.

‘a family of three’, ‘an inseparable family’, ‘everyone is happy’.

Zhao Jinxin’s words lingered in his ears repeatedly, like beating of a drum, becoming louder and louder, until it shook his tympanic membrane and his brain went blank.

Li Chengxiu’s child, in name, Shao Qun’s blood… This is simply the admission card of the Shao family. How could a person like Li Chengxiu who is kind and gentle to everyone give up his own child? Shao Qun’s play is really insidious enough that it can hold Li Chengxiu down.

And he… how could he still deal with Shao Qun if it’s up to this point now?

When he came today, he had already hesitated. Hearing this news now made his determination to retaliate filled even more with hesitation.

He will never be able to forgive Shao Qun, but what about Zhao Jinxin, what about Li Chengxiu, what about their innocent child? Can he ignore all of them for revenge?

Maybe Zhao Jinxin was right. Shao Qun was lying in the hospital today, it was retribution. Since God has already imposed punishment on his behalf, he should be forgiven.

Li Shuo bought boxes of lunch and went back.

Wen Xiaohui always tried to tell jokes while eating, Li Shuo laughed in cooperation, Li Chengxiu also smiled reluctantly, but he couldn’t eat much.

After eating, Li Shuo patted Li Chengxiu’s head: “Cheng Xiu, did you not sleep last night? You need to rest for a while.”

“I dont want to sleep.”

“Hey, listen to Brother Li, go to sleep, if Shao Qun wakes up, we will call you as soon as possible.”

It seems that because his mind has been guessed, Li Chengxiu lowered his head in embarrassment and nodded lightly.

He just lay down on the sofa in the lounge, Wen Xiaohui winked at Li Shuo and motioned for him to come out.

The two walked out the door, Wen Xiaohui gently closed the door back, and sighed: “It’s not easy for Cheng Xiu.”

Li Shuo said softly: “It’s not easy for you either.”

“Hey, I’m fine, I resist fabrication.” Wen Xiaohui pretended to say lightly.

Li Shuo said helplessly: “Evil fate is also fate, it is hard to separate and give up.”

“Yes, evil fate is also fate…” Wen Xiaohui said with emotion, “Tsk, Brother Li, what is going on with you and Zhao Jinxin?”

Li Shuo laughed at himself: “It’s nothing wrong, it’s also just fate.”

“He is Shao Qun’s cousin. He must have hidden agendas to approach you. Why are you still with him?”

“He also saved my dad’s life. He did lie to me for Shao Qun’s sake at first but it’s all cleared up now.”

“You need to think clearly with your heart. A lie is still a lie.” Wen Xiaohui was a little anxious, “Cheng Xiu told me that Zhao Jinxin is a playboy. This is what Shao Qun told him. So I just want to remind you.”

Li Shuo smiled: “I know.”

“You know?” Wen Xiaohui’s eyes stared out.

“Xiaohui, I know that you care about me, but people will change. You cannot judge the present based on the past.” Li Shuo’s eyes exuded a gentle light that he didn’t even notice. “Jin Xin has a lot of shortcomings, some willful, stubborn bad things that I am slowly adjusting to, but he is essentially a good person, if it weren’t for him, my father might not be alive now.”

Wen Xiaohui looked at Li Shuo blankly. He had never seen Li Shuo show such an expression for anyone, whether it was him or Li Chengxiu. It’s not the usual, simple gentleness, besides that gentleness, there is a hint of joy and pride. This look is indescribable, but it can be summed up in the simplest words, it’s ‘pure and genuine’.

Li Shuo wasn’t aware of the looks on Xiaohui’s face. He only smiled and said, “As for him being a playboy, he is young and well equipped so it is normal for him to play around. Whether I can tame such a person depends on my ability.” He winked at Xiaohui, “Yes. Brother Li is a little confident, okay.”

Wen Xiaohui took a breath: “Brother Li, you really like him.”

“Hmm.” Li Shuo smiled and said calmly: “I like him. I am very happy to be with him.”

“You, do you like him very much?”

Li Shuo hesitated for a while, and then confidently said: “Yes, I like him very much.” He doesn’t know if he and Wen Xiaohui have the same standard of ‘like’, but at least he can be sure of how much he likes Zhao Jinxin. It even surpassed what he felt for Han Feiye back then and surpassed every boyfriend he ever had in the past. At that time, he thought Han Feiye was his lifelong companion, but he didn’t worry about gains and losses to such a degree.

Zhao Jinxin brought him more joy than anyone in the past and also brought him greater pain than anyone in the past. Zhao Jinxin is the most colorful chapter in his life.

Wen Xiaohui crooked his delicate eyebrows and gritted his teeth: “Brother Li, this… You may not like to listen to it, but I think you are only confused by him. Think about why he approached you, think about his previous comments, and you really still trust him? “

“I don’t really trust him now, but I want to re-establish trust with him.”


Li Shuo smiled and said: “Xiaohui, I know you are worried about me doing something risky. But falling in love is especially risky. You can’t stop doing it because there are risks. It is benign business. For example, before In a few days, I found out that he did something bad, and I was punishing him. I will try to turn him into a person who can fit me.”

Wen Xiaohui bit his lip, still unable to crook more of his eyebrows: “Brother Li, you are very smart and rational, but your biggest shortcoming, ah, is not a shortcoming, that is, your biggest weakness is that you are too kind-hearted. The reason why people are easily deceived is because they initially speculate that others have good intentions.” He smiled bitterly, “This is what I learned from Luo Yi, I hope you don’t get to understand it in the same method that I went through.”

Li Shuo felt distressed suddenly so he ruffled Wen Xiaohui’s hair: “It’s all over now. Don’t worry, don’t underestimate your brother Li. I have a good feeling about it.”

Wen Xiaohui nodded vigorously: “I believe you, no matter how difficult Zhao Jinxin is, he will be submissive to you. And those who don’t like you are blind.”

Li Shuo laughed aloud to the last comment.


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