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WTA Chapter 44

(M) "I'm a bad guy"

Zhao Jinxin took a few dollar bills from his wallet and handed them to the waiter: “Thank you.”

The waiter nodded and bowed: “As it should. You’re welcome.”

Zhao Jinxin picked up Li Shuo and walked to the door. Suddenly, he stopped and turned around to ask: “Who did he drink with?” He saw that there was another glass besides Li Shuo’s glass, obviously he was not alone.

“A very stylish man.” The waiter gestured, and considered his words, “He looks good, a little… well, a little feminine.”

Zhao Jinxin narrowed his eyes, and his tone sank: “What did the two of them do?”

The waiter was suppressed by Zhao Jinxin’s momentum, and said, “They don’t seem to be doing anything, just chatting.”

A girl next to him whispered, “I know that man.”

“You know him?” Zhao Jinxin and the waiter said at the same time.

“Yes, he is very popular on the Internet, and he has done modeling for many celebrities.”

Zhao Jinxin looked down at Li Shuo, who was so drunk and unconscious, his face grew a little gloomy: “What’s his name?”


Zhao Jinxin pursed his lips, hugged Li Shuo and left.

When the car brakes at the parking lot, Li Shuo’s head knocked on the door. He frowned deeply, his eyelashes trembled, and slowly, he opened his eyelids.

Zhao Jinxin opened the door, dragged him out of the car, and hugged him to carry him upstairs.

It was difficult for Li Shuo to open his eyes by the dazzling light in the corridor, and he vaguely saw familiar eyebrows through the gaps between his eyes.

Is he dreaming…what is he doing? He wonders

Zhao Jinxin took the key out of Li Shuo’s pocket and opened the door. He then carries him inside and puts the man on the bed. He shook his sore arm, took a breath, and looked down on Li Shuo whose eyes are half-squinted, not completely awake. He felt upset for a moment.

“Jin… Xin…” Li Shuo called out vaguely.

Zhao Jinxin leaned down, gently pulled away the sweaty hair off his forehead, and whispered: “How can you fall asleep in a bar, drunk, and alone? Aren’t you afraid of what bad people might do to you?”

Li Shuo didn’t even have the strength to raise his arm. He stared at the person in front of him half-awake, his vision is blurred for a while, and then he feels awake for a while. He didn’t know if he had understood Zhao Jinxin’s words, but his nose flustered slightly, as if a little aggrieved.

Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo’s moist eyes and blushing lips. His heart is itchy and he feels unbearable. He couldn’t help but to lower his head, holding the soft lips with his own, and carefully sucking on them.

Li Shuo let out a moan from his throat, slowly raised his hand, and placed them on Zhao Jinxin’s shoulder. He didn’t know if he wanted to push him away or to cling to him. He seemed to be defeated, as if he was inviting others to bully him.

Zhao Jinxin grabbed his hand and pressed it down on the bed. His deep eyes were full of desire. He then muttered underneath his breath, “I am a bad guy.”

He ripped open Li Shuo’s shirt with one hand, and kissed him impatiently on his cheek, neck, chest, and finally, he went down to suck Li Shuo’s nipple. He needed to relieve his depression of this body.

Li Shuo groaned vaguely in his throat, letting Zhao Jinxin do as he pleases weakly.

Zhao Jinxin quickly stripped off the rest of Li Shuo’s clothes and his slender and perfect posture was displayed wantonly underneath him, like a tribute to the devil, with deep temptation.

Zhao Jinxin caressed and kissed the naked, warm skin, and opened Li Shuo’s thigh with one of his hands. He couldn’t find a lubricant. He could only quickly charge for the hand cream on the bedside table. Between the sloping buttocks, fingers were lubricated into the closed meat hole.

“Hmm…” Li Shuo twisted his waist impatiently.

Zhao Jinxin leaned down, kissed his lips again, and at the same time opened the ecstasy little meat hole with his fingers. The place was hotter and tighter than usual, contracting regularly, and he was simply invited to insert his fingers deeper in it.

“Jin… Xin…” Li Shuo’s eyes were dim, and he ‘watched’ Zhao Jinxin without focus.

“I’m here, I want to fuck you, do you know? Do you see it?” Zhao Jinxin held Li Shuo’s tongue, teasing erotically, “I’m going to fuck you hard, so that you will always remember how fucking good you feel with me and see if you dare to find someone else.”

Li Shuo shook his head, his mouth produces ambiguous sounds.

Zhao Jinxin didn’t have much patience to do the foreplay. He broke apart Li Shuo’s thigh and half-folded it to his chest. The thick and long meat blade of his was pointed at the slightly opened and charming red hole and he thrusts it in.

“Ah…” Li Shuo uttered a dream-like cry, his entire face was twisted, and his hands unconsciously grasped something in the air.

Zhao Jinxin grabbed his wrists and pressed them against the top of his head. At the same time, his dick was quite deep, pushing the layers of meat walls arbitrarily and stabbed into the deep of the sweet hole.

“Ah… don’t…” Li Shuo whispered in pain.

“What don’t you want? Don’t you like being fucked by me the most?” The thrill of being tightly wrapped in a high-heated meat wall made Zhao Jinxin feels damn good and his breath trembles. He couldn’t wait to pull out a few inches and thrust in again. The shallow friction rubbed his scalp to madness.

He was thankful that this man’s ecstasy small hole had never been explored by anyone else, and such a superb body completely belongs to him!

He fixed Li Shuo’s waist and began to thrust in and out quickly. Perhaps since it was too long since he has Li Shuo to himself like this. He wished that every time he inserted, he would insert deeper and heavier, and the intestinal wall clicked with the frequency of slamming. Shrinking, every time it sucked tightly, it gave him boundless pleasure.

He slapped on Li Shuo’s butt and sternly said: “Bad guy, don’t suck so tightly. I won’t shoot until I fuck you enough.”

“No… uh…” Li Shuo shook his head. For him, this is like a dream intertwined with pleasure and pain.

Zhao Jinxin toyed with the man under him, while sucking and biting his lips, swallowing the unconscious sweet moans into his stomach.

At the time of infinite sinking, Li Shuo whispered: “Ah… Jinxin, Jinxin…ah… Jinxin…”

“Yes, it’s me, it’s me fucking you.” After Zhao Jinxin was extremely satisfied, he moved his waist madly, his body collided and popped, and he inserted it fast and heavy, almost cramming both of his sacks into Li Shuo’s body.

Suddenly, Zhao Jinxin pulled out the wet meat stick, turned Li Shuo’s body around, and the tender red hole that had been fucked opened a lewd little mouth, the hole was deep and charming, forcing people to want to invade it hard for the ultimate stimulus.

Zhao Jinxin’s eyes were red, and the white and tender buttocks were broken apart with a roar escaping his mouth, and his meat stick was inserted firmly.

“Ah–!” Li Shuo shouted out of voice. “No… don’t… Jinxin…” He seemed to be awake and seemed to be more addicted.

“I’m not stopping,” Zhao Jinxin said in a dumb voice. He broke Li Shuo’s face and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes with his thumb. The look of pain displayed on Li Shuo’s face was very delicious.

Zhao Jinxin thrusts again fiercely. In the dim room, the wall silhouettes have been magnified several times, extremely indecent silhouettes, heavy breathing, groaning moans filled every corner, almost every air was filled with them.

When Li Shuo was tortured to the limit by desire, he shivered in his already hoarse voice and said, “Jin Xin…Why…do I like you…”

Zhao Jinxin, who was violently manipulating him like a beast, suddenly stopped. The blood in the body and his entire being was concentrated toward the lower abdomen, and the torrent that had already reached the top suddenly spurted out, and it was spilled into Li Shuo’s ass hole.

Li Shuo’s body twitched violently, and a thick body fluid was also sprayed from the front end of his sexual organ. At the same time, a groan escaped from his throat that sounded akin to that of a dying person.

Zhao Jinxin is lying on top of Li Shuo, both of them are sweating, just like being pulled out of the water, he softly kisses Li Shuo’s lips, the mood in his eyes can’t be seen clearly.

He rested for a moment before climbing up and carried Li Shuo into the bathroom to clean him. He inserted his finger into the meat hole, and pulled out his body fluid. He saw that the swollen meat hole was covered with thick white semen, and a small stream went out, and he couldn’t help it. He got excited again and let the semi-comatose Li Shuo sit on him, fucking him hard from bottom to top, and tossing Li Shuo in the bathtub until his limbs were soft.

It didn’t end contently until late into the night.

He puts Li Shuo’s pajamas on him and hugged the man who had been so tired and fallen asleep into the quilt. He couldn’t help kissing the smooth forehead a few times. His eyes crossed Li Shuo and saw Li Shuo’s mobile phone on the bedside table.

He took the phone, muttered “Adrian” in his mouth, and looked at the communication records and text messages. After scanning it again, there was no one named Adrian, but a text message sent by ‘Lawyer Wang’ caught his attention. The last text message displayed in the text message column such a paragraph: X still refuses to let go, it may be because of S’s threat.

Suspicions flashed in his mind and he opened the text message. Although the text messages between Lawyer Wang and Li Shuo used pronouns and were written almost cryptically, he could tell who was asking someone to say something. This matter was very important to Li Shuo but was obstructed by another person, who also mentioned the video in the text message.

After linking a few keywords, Zhao Jinxin had a guess. He took his own mobile phone and dialed Shao Qun’s number.

“Hello?” Shao Qun answered vaguely, “What are you doing calling me in the middle of the night?”

Zhao Jinxin said solemnly: “Brother, what’s the name of the person you paid to testify against Li Shuo?”

“Xue Tao, what’s the matter?”

“…The people from Li Shuo’s side may be in contact with Xue Tao, please check.”

“Damn, is he looking for trouble?” Shao Qunhan said, “I am someone who had spared him to save your face and took care of you.”

“Then you continue to save my face, and you are not allowed to touch him.” Zhao Jinxin said solemnly, “You solve your problems by yourself, leave Li Shuo’s affairs to me.”

“Got it.”

Putting down the phone, Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo who was asleep unsuspectingly, his eyes darkened.

When Li Shuo woke up, his whole body was sore and numb, and his head felt like it was about to explode. He moved uncomfortably, and his lower body seemed to be paralyzed.

What’s going on… I feel like I’m going to die…, He wonders

Li Shuo turned over laboriously, and then coughed violently, his lungs feel like it’s going to explode.

The bedroom door opened, and Zhao Jinxin ran in: “Uncle Li.”

Li Shuo barely lifted his upper body, took a look at Zhao Jinxin, and then lay back on the bed without strength.

It’s over, he thought to himself. The embarrassing soreness of the lower body is not unfamiliar to him. He can’t remember what happened last night, but the face that seemed to appear in the dream and the strong sensory stimulation are still vivid.

He regretted drinking yesterday. When he is drunk, there is always nothing good coming out of it.

Zhao Jinxin helped him up and complained: “You went to drink when you had a cold. Isn’t it bad? But fortunately, you’re not burning up again.”

Li Shuo looked at him, hoarsely asking: “Why are you here?”

“I originally called and wanted to make an appointment with you to discuss work at another time, but the person in the bar answered the phone.”

“You…” Li Shuo frowned, “Did you…”

Zhao Jinxin raised an eyebrow and said frankly: “Yes. Who told you to seduce me?”

“Who seduced you!” Li Shuo said angrily. He forced his body to sit up, only feeling that his waist was too soft to even support his body.

Zhao Jinxin pinched his chin and said seriously: “You did seduce me when you fall on the bed looking so drunk.”

Li Shuo opened his hand, and just about to curse but he coughed again.

Zhao Jinxin patted his back lightly: “Okay, don’t be angry, I know you have been holding back for a long time.” He lowered his head and smiled into Li Shuo’s ear and said, “Yesterday your body was so hot. It sucks me so tightly, did you miss me very much?”

Li Shuo pushed him away and said coldly: “You dare to speak like that when you took advantage of people’s weakness.”

Zhao Jinxin hugged him hard and said coquettishly: “Is Uncle Li shy? You are so shy that you can’t admit that you felt good. What to do? Uncle Li who is dishonest is so cute.” He couldn’t help kissing Li Shuo. “I really want to eat you.”

Li Shuo forcefully broke away from Zhao Jinxin’s hug, and barely got off the bed, but as soon as he stood up, he felt his legs soft and he fell down kneeling on the ground uncontrollably.

Zhao Jinxin grabbed his waist and dragged him back to the bed again: “Okay, I won’t tease you anymore. Your cold is still not gone. Can you take a good rest? Just pretend that you like me and let me take care of you?”

Li Shuo stared at Zhao Jinxin, his chest rising and falling in anger.

Zhao Jinxin blinked innocently: “Uncle Li, you don’t be angry anymore. Being angry can’t change what had already happened. Okay, can I apologize to you? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t take advantage of people’s weakness. But Uncle Li shouldn’t be so tempting, I couldn’t hold back.”

Li Shuo was so angry that he couldn’t speak. Zhao Jinxin has always been like this. If he does something wrong, he will only act like a baby, and make people want to punish him. There is no way to start, and he will not get any benefit from punishing him. How can there be such a rogue!

Zhao Jinxin pressed Li Shuo on the bed and covered him with the quilt: “Wait for me, I will serve breakfast. If you are sick, don’t be aggressive. You are such an adult, don’t be like a child.”

“Are you testing with my temper?” Li Shuo straightened his eyes, and was made irritable by Zhao Jinxin’s backlash. This is really a piece of brown candy, and he doesn’t know what to do since he can’t be beaten or shaken.

“I’m sorry, I’m not good, it’s all me. I’m not good.” Zhao Jinxin gave him a quick kiss and said with a low smile: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have put my dick in your body for so long and didn’t want to pull it out.”


Zhao Jinxin kissed his lips hard and kissed him speechlessly. After enough kisses, he let go of him, turned and ran off.

Li Shuo took a deep breath, and desperately warned himself to pay attention to self-cultivation, only then barely suppressed the urge to growl.

After a while, Zhao Jinxin came in with a hot breakfast. With a pleasing smile on his face, he puts the breakfast on the computer table and looked at Li Shuo tenderly: “Uncle Li, have some breakfast. You can take medicine only when you are full. Did you not take medicine on time yesterday?”

Li Shuo ignored him and ate breakfast.

“Do you want me to feed you?”

Zhao Jinxin rested his chin and looked at Li Shuo with a smile.

“No, you can go now.”

“Uncle Li is too much, he will drive me away every time after he used me.”

“I never asked you to take care of me. If you can’t talk about who’s using who, it doesn’t matter if I used you or not, you can go.”

“I’m not going.” Zhao Jinxin picked up the tissue and wiped the corners of Li Shuo’s lips, “I want to make sure that you are better before leaving, otherwise I will be worried and unable to sleep.”

“I’m cured, and the fever is gone.” Li Shuo looked at him coldly, “Jin Xin, don’t make things too ugly. Just go.”

Zhao Jinxin shook his head: “You eat first.”

Li Shuo had no choice but to continue eating, thinking about how to drive Zhao Jinxin out while eating. Be harsher? He can’t beat him…

Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo unblinkingly. As long as Li Shuo raised his eyes occasionally, he would meet with Zhao Jinxin’s naked eyes. He was puzzled and annoyed, and he didn’t know what trick Zhao Jinxin wanted to play at again.

After eating, Zhao Jinxin put his breakfast aside, put his hands on both sides of Li Shuo’s body, and stared straight into his eyes: “Are you full?”

“I’m full. Can you go now?”

Zhao Jinxin suddenly picked Li Shuo up from the bed.

Li Shuo said in surprise: “What the hell are you doing!”

Zhao Jinxin turned a deaf ear and walked out of the bedroom holding Li Shuo.

Li Shuo was stunned just as he was about to get angry.

In his huge living room, the room is scattered full of rose petals! He wondered if he hadn’t woken up yet, the bright sea of red roses completely covered the original appearance of his house, it was like a rose rain at his home.

Zhao Jinxin hugged him and put him down on the thick wool carpet, staring into his eyes with a smile: “It was made overnight. It’s so expensive. Don’t you laugh at me.”

Li Shuo said in shock: “You. Are you crazy? What are you doing?”

“What do you think I am doing?”

“Do you think you can fool me with this stuff?” Li Shuo couldn’t smile, “Am I a sixteen-year-old girl?”

Zhao Jinxin smiled and kissed him: “These are not to fool you, but to give me courage.”

“Courage for what?”

Zhao Jinxin said softly: “Idiot. Courage to confess.”


*Translator’s Note: Just to remind you guys. There are two versions of the story in the internet. One is the censored version and the other is the uncensored one. This is the uncensored version. I’m only posting the uncensored version to the story on my page.

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