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WTA Chapter 29

(M) New 'Playing Method'

In the evening, Li Shuo went home to get his dad to change his clothes. This was the first time he and Uncle Guang were alone in the two days of his dad’s hospitalization.

Uncle Guang secretly glanced at Li Shuo from the rearview mirror. Li Shuo pretended not to see it at first but finally couldn’t help laughing: “Uncle Guang, just say whatever you want, is it Zhao Jinxin’s thing?”

Uncle Guang coughed in embarrassment a little: “Yeah.”

At the time of the incident, Zhao Jinxin kissed him and Uncle Guang saw it all clearly, but later it was too chaotic for them that for a while, no one thought to mention about it.

Li Shuo laughed: “Will you not tell my parents?”

“What is this?” Uncle Guang pouted, “If I really intend to tell them, I won’t be talking to you now.”

“Uncle Guang is really good.” Li Shuo raised his hand.

Uncle Guang touched his hand with a smile, and then gossip: “When did you get together?”

“Not long ago, and we’re just simply dating.”

“Oh, in fact, you are very well-matched, just that… that is, Mr. Zhao looks a bit like a playboy.”

Li Shuo laughed, thinking the old man’s intuition was really strong.

“He belongs to a sheep zodiac…” Uncle Guang said in an intervening way: “Maybe it’s the real deal for marriage.”

“You were also brainwashed by my mother.”

“Hey, some things are really accurate. Look at you. They look as good as they are. They are as good as their family. Young Master Zhao is so brave and handsome. Uncle Guang is optimistic about you.”

Li Shuo said helplessly: “Thank you, Uncle Guang.” If he and Zhao Jinxin really have such a relationship, it would’ve been fine for him no matter how Zhao Jinxin appeared in front of him. However, they did have this kind of fate for their acquaintance in such a period of time. Looking at the problem dialectically, such a tortuous relationship can also be called something good out of something bad.

As for the future, the future has always been something Li Shuo does not want to think about.

His whole family believed in the Buddha’s teachings. The Buddha believes that the past, the present, and the future were unsatisfactory. What he perceived was that he did not regret the past, did not dispute the present, and did not doubt the future. But he tried hard to achieve it, so it was called “repair”, so he tried to do things that did not violate his conscience, reduce his remorse for the past, maintain a right heart, and not be too fancy about the gains and losses in front of him, nor think wildly. His father’s unpredictable accident shows him of the possibility for future successes and failures. It made him more convinced that “the future is inevitable.” As long as he is in the present, he can make the present things happen his way and make decisions for the current situation.

At the moment, he feels that his best mode of getting along with Zhao Jinxin is what he puts forward. Zhao Jinxin binds his hands together, and he has a way to move forward.

Back home, Li Shuo packed up his clothes and daily necessities. It was still too early to go back to the hospital so he sat alone in the garden, looking at the koi fishes in the pond.

The weather is getting hotter. It feels like it was only yesterday that he had been back to the United States though it has actually been for more than three months. When he first came back, he only planned to stay for a maximum of two weeks, and he was still thinking about someone alone at the time. In such a short time, everything has changed. His career, life, and feelings have turned upside down. He never imagined that the things that he had worked hard for ten years and thought that it was already very solid career of his would be in crisis when he was most proud of it.

At first, he only hated Shao Qun. If it weren’t for Shao Qun’s malicious framing, many things would not develop like this. But to think about it calmly, the crisis in his career is because he planted the evil ‘seed’ by his own hands, and then the evil ‘fruit’ was given birth by an external force. He fell short of his thoughts and violated professional ethics and laws to help friends used fake loans. He is the person most responsible for this crisis, he just eats his own evil.

At this point, he felt relieved. No one can do evil without paying a price. The cycle of cause and effect will transcend time, space, and reincarnation. And it will eventually be washed off cleanly. Now he is paying the price and it is the most uneasy thing in his life.

So, it is all fair. What else can he complain about?

After thinking about it, although he was extremely uncomfortable, he forced himself to make a call to Brother Xiang.

The other party seemed to be waiting for his phone call that it was connected with less than a ring: “Brother.”

“Brother Xiang.” Li Shuo took a deep breath.

“How is Uncle? Can you come back?”

“My dad woke up and is now in a quiet recuperation at the hospital. The doctor said that he should take it slow for a while, which hurts his vitality.”

“Oh, he’s alright then. He’s alright. Then you…”

“Me,” Li Shuo suddenly felt a bit sad, “I will not go back for the time being.”


“I decided to keep only 20 original shares, and the remaining shares will be sold to you and Mr. Liang at a 30% discount to the market price, and I will no longer participate in the operation of the firm in the future. As for my absence for this period of time, I apologize and compensate you. “

“Li Shuo!” Brother Xiang was anxious. “What do you mean! I’m not trying to force you to leave!”

“Brother Xiang, Brother Xiang, you calmly listen to me.” Li Shuo thought about how he was terminating his established career by phone, and he felt sad and in disbelief. “Too many things happened during this time. This decision was made by my own mind and thoughts. I have been away from home for many years, and I have not been able to be filial to my parents. Now that my father is in trouble, it is when they need me the most. I don’t want to go anywhere anymore. My personal reputation has had such a great impact on the firm, whether it is as a boss or as a partner, it is too incompetent. With this decision, I had already explain it to you, and you can also explain it to President Liang.”

Brother Xiang sighed heavily: “Kid, this is definitely not our original intention.”

Li Shuo grinned reluctantly: “I understand, but I think this is better. After returning to China, I must properly apologize to you.”

“Don’t say that…” Brother Xiang’s voice sounded very uncomfortable.

“I will still sign the contract with Ennan in the name of the firm. In the future, I will be the consultant and liaison, and I will be solely responsible for Ennan’s projects, so that it will sound better both internally and externally.”

Bother Xiang gave a heavy “um” sound.

Li Shuo exhaled heavily and laughed: “Brother Xiang, thank you for your help for so many years. Cheng Xiu still needs you to help me look at, okay.”

“It’s no problem… Li Shuo, if you regret it, you can tell me at any time these days, I can help you drag it for a few more days…”

“Brother Xiang, no. I had planned to call President Liang personally, but I was worried that he was angry and we might have poor communication, so I will trouble you. I will let Lawyer Yang draft the contract and everything will go on… .”

After talking on the phone, Li Shuo felt that his body had been relieved of most of his strength.

He sold his business so simply and quickly…

When he first returned to China, he carried an internship salary of two thousand dollars in his pocket and worked in a small office. The two thousand dollars was not a small sum of money, but because he had no idea about money, it lasted only less than a month. It took a lot of effort, so he lived in the basement and ate boxes of instant noodles. Fortunately, his experience of teaching aid in Africa made him scoff at this bitterness. He worked for one year, his salary tripled, and he successfully switched jobs. After accumulating two years of experience in a foreign company, he registered his own company and step by step reached higher and higher, only to have everything, today, ended with a mere phone call.

It was bitter and ridiculous to think about.

But this is also good. Now, he has enough time to accompany his parents, and enough time to calm down and think about what to do in the future.

Li Shuo rubbed his sore eyebrows, adjusted his mood, put on his clothes and daily necessities, and returned to the hospital.

As soon as he entered the ward, he saw that Zhao Jinxin was playing Go with his dad.

Li Shuo was surprised: “Why are you here?”

“To look at Uncle.” Zhao Jinxin shook a black piece between his long forefinger and middle finger, and shook at him. “Uncle is good at this.”

Mr. Li laughed: “You are not bad either, not bad.”

Li Shuo glanced at the chessboard. Black pieces and white pieces fought very fiercely, and white pieces seem to have the upper hand.

Uncle Guang said: “Oh, sir, let me play with you, let the young people go and talk.”

“But it’s not over yet,” Mr. Li disagreed.

“Isn’t it the same for me to accompany you?” Uncle Guang drove Zhao Jinxin away from his position and turned his head to wink at them both.

Li Shuo didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh.

Zhao Jinxin said with a smile: “This hospital has an antique coffee machine made in Italy, I wanna try to use it. I brought Golden Mandheling coffee from home, let me go and take you to try it.”


The two came to the pantry where they were chatting the other night. Zhao Jinxin opened the cabinet and moved a hand-operated coffee machine out of it. At first glance, it looked like something old. There’s an aroma of rustic coffee beans coming out from it.

Li Shuo laughed: “How did you find out about this?”

“The dean told me. Not many people know about this. You sit.” Zhao Jinxin poured coffee beans into it and grinded it patiently.

Li Shuo sat on the sofa, watching the back of Zhao Jinxin making coffee seriously. The wide back, strong arms, and slender legs became more and more addictive to look at. He has seen a lot of attractive men from all ages and fields, but Zhao Jinxin has an extraordinary charm compared to everyone else. Even his changeable personality can be interpreted as sexy and cannot be ignored.

Such a person, still so young, is also inevitable to be who he is. When Li Shuo was about the same age as Zhao Jinxin, if he hadn’t met Han Feiye, he would also lingered on different beds, enjoying the young unbridled and freshness.

Some time ago, he was really a little surprised. He felt that he could subdue Zhao Jinxin. Now it seems that even liking is not necessarily a true feeling of his, and he is too conceited by his own ideas.

The strong aroma of coffee quickly wafted from the air, and Zhao Jinxin asked, “How many cube of sugar?”

“One cube.”

Zhao Jinxin gave him the coffee: “Try it.”

Li Shuo blew the waft of hot air from the cup, and then he took a sip. The taste was mellow, full-bodied, bitter but not astringent. He admired: “Awesome.”

Zhao Jinxin leaned against the cupboard and took a sip: “Well, this coffee machine is so good. I’m going to find out if I can buy the same one.”

Li Shuo smiled. He stared down at the thick liquid in the cup, and he couldn’t help thinking of his old company again.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Jinxin sat next to him and gently touched his face. “You don’t look very good today.”

“Nothing.” Li Shuo took another sip.

“Aren’t you willing to tell me?” Zhao Jinxin stared into his eyes, “So we restarted this segment…” He spared his fingers and said with some mocking, “Our relationship does not include sharing troubles and joy anymore. Is it?”

Li Shuo looked at him, and the complex mentality of blame and gratitude surged up again. He was forced to sell off his office and the accomplice of the perpetrator is sitting right in front of his eyes, but the man is also his father’s savior. What more can he say? He put down his coffee cup and said softly: “Some troubles really don’t need to be shared with others.”

Zhao Jinxin looked at him for two seconds, shrugged and turned his head: “Okay.”

Li Shuo rubbed his hair, hoping that this cup of coffee would keep him spirited into the evening.

“But…” Zhao Jinxin shook his neck. “Although you don’t want to share trouble with me, I have a way to make you forget about your trouble for a while.”

“Oh, is it?” Li Shuo smiled faintly. “How to forget?”

Zhao Jinxin leaned in and sipped on L Shuo’s lips: “Have sex.”

Li Shuo grinned: “In your eyes, many things can be solved with sex.”

“Of course, otherwise, why people and animals are so enthusiastic about it? And they haven’t been tired of doing it for millions of years.” Zhao Jinxin put down his coffee’s cup, stood up from the sofa, and walked backwards towards the door with a bewitching smile on his face. He said, “Do you know what other thing the Dean told me besides telling me about the coffee machine?”

Li Shuo narrowed his eyes: “What?”

“He told me the name of the security guard in the monitoring room of the hospital. As long as I give him a pack of cigarettes, he will temporarily close the monitoring of the pantry.” Zhao Jinxin retreated to the door, slowly closed the door and lock it.

Li Shuo’s breath suddenly became heavy.

Making love is indeed a very good way to relieve stress, especially with Zhao Jinxin. He knows that he will not only forget his troubles, but also everything.

Zhao Jinxin licked his lips and smiled lightly: “I invite you to drink such delicious coffee, how can you repay me?”

Li Shuo’s voice unconsciously became dull: “How do you want me to repay you?”

“I want to see you undress yourself.”

Li Shuo gently tapped his knees with his fingers, and then he moved them to his button…

Li Shuo only took off halfway and Zhao Jinxin rushed up impatiently, pressing him on the sofa and kissing him roughly.

At the moment when they touched each other, the deliberately suppressed desire in their bodies exploded, so they kissed and stroked each other in desperation.

Li Shuo longed for such madness, especially in this extremely frustrated moment of his life, Zhao Jinxin’s powerful embrace and fiery body can bring him the most primitive and reliable comfort.

Zhao Jinxin’s kiss fell like a raindrop on Li Shuo’s chin and chest. He stroked his smooth and pliable skin with his big hand and ignited as much as he could. Li Shuo also responded enthusiastically.

When the underwear was pulled off and the thighs were separated, Li Shuo gasped and said, “You, you bring…?”

“No,” Zhao Jinxin smiled lowly, “but I have something to replace, guess what?”

Li Shuo narrowed his eyes in confusion and looked at him.

Zhao Jinxin took a few small things out from his pocket, and Li Shuo looked closely to find that they were actually blocks of butter.

“Can this thing be used?” Li Shuo wanted to close his legs in surprise.

Zhao Jinxin spreaded Li Shuo’s long legs, ripped the packaging with his mouth, and stuffed a small piece of butter into Li Shuo’s tightly closed crypt.

Li Shuo never thought of this ‘playing method’ before so he felt uncomfortable.

When the butter met the temperature of the meat wall, it soon melted. Zhao Jinxin took advantage of the smooth moisturization and suddenly inserted two of his fingers into it, opening up in the meat hole.

“It’s tight…” Zhao Jinxin called out a breath, “Do you know how much I miss you? And how much I want to fuck you in my dreams?”

Li Shuo felt hot all over his body, and the stimulation of his body made his brain start to become excited, and there seemed to be a voice in him that said this is what he wants now. This is what he wants now. So he spoke out dumbly: “Then,… fuck me.”

Zhao Jinxin was startled, this is the first time Li Shuo took the initiative to say something like that. In this case, this sentence was like a potion of aphrodisiac to him, which made his lower abdomen swell immediately, he pulled out his fingers, ripped a small packet of butter, and stuffed it into the slightly opened meat hole.

This time, before waiting for the butter to melt completely, he supported his already sturdy meat stick and inserted it in without hesitation.

“Ah…” Li Shuo couldn’t help biting his lip, he couldn’t believe that Zhao Jinxin just suddenly inserted it without warning, his body had already remembered the past several climaxes, and with this imagination alone, he own meat stick hardened.

Zhao Jinxin grabbed Li Shuo’s thigh, withdrew half a minute, and then pushed hard to the end, so that the tight meat wall completely accepted his penis. He couldn’t restrain himself anymore and began to thrust in wide open.

Li Shuo lied on his back on the sofa, with one leg hanging on the back of the sofa, one leg resting in Zhao Jinxin’s arms, and his lower body exposed to Zhao Jinxin in the angle and posture most suitable for being fucked. Zhao Jinxin pushed his powerful waist and pushed into the honey hole that made him out of control more than once. He looked at Li Shuo’s ruddy cheeks, misty eyes, and slightly red lips. The visual stimulation was enough for him. Blood flows back in his head, not to mention this body, this superb body that only he has really enjoyed and developed, it can simply wake up all of his original impulses, making him just want to keep possession of the man, just keep possession of him, making him completely his. He wants every inch of this man’s body sprinkled with his own semen, carving his own mark on him.

Li Shuo couldn’t help but leaned back on his neck, arched his waist, and endured the violent impact impatiently. He had to bite his finger, and he could not hold back the sound of shame escaping his own mouth.

Zhao Jinxin’s hands suddenly crossed Li Shuo’s crotch and hugged him whole.

Li Shuo whispered, not yet reacting, his body was already hanging, and his whole body hung on Zhao Jinxin!

The weight of the body made the meat stick went deep into an incredible area. Li Shuo couldn’t help but scream aloud, he had the illusion of being pierced!

Zhao Jinxin fixed Li Shuo’s body in a standing position and moved upwards at once. The narrow meat hole swarmed the huge meat stick with the blue muscles, and the pleasure spread frantically to every cell in their body and blasted all the reason out of their minds.

In this posture, for dozens of times, Zhao Jinxin put Li Shuo’s back against the wall to share the weight, he is still maneuvering down at the deepest and heaviest angle.

“Ah… Jinxin… No… Let me… Let me down…” Li Shuo thought that he was going crazy. He could not bear this posture, the torture of heaven and hell was about to make him lose his mind.

“I’m not letting you go…” Zhao Jinxin kissed Li Shuo’s lips brutally while the flesh blade came in and out fiercely, and Li Shuo’s toes were curled up.

“Jin Xin… Ah…” The front end of Li Shuo’s sexual organs oozed out transparent liquid.

“Won’t let go… I’m fucking you… does it feel good? It only feels good to be fucked by me, you know, only me.”

“Yeah…” Li Shuo couldn’t think anymore. He could only rise and fall with Zhao Jinxin.

Zhao Jinxin turned and pressed Li Shuo again on the sofa, turning his body over and fucking him fiercely from the back.

Fuck him, fuck him harder, let his body remember, let his mind remember, let him remember!

The two of them arbitrarily vent their passions in the closed tea room, but they still have to endure the fear of making a sound, as if the stimulus of committing adultery in public space has aggravated the production of pleasure, and it is sinking them into a bottomless pit…

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