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WTA Chapter 28

"How are you going to thank me?"

Li Shuo picked Zhao Jinxin up but Zhao Jinxin’s face was still not looking very good. This sudden and concentrated explosive physical exertion will damage his muscles and certainly will have a short-term effects.

“Can you move?”

Zhao Jinxin leaned over Li Shuo and said weakly: “No, the legs hurt, the hands hurt, and the whole body hurts.”

Li Shuo felt very guilty: “Should I carry you?”

“No, just assisst me.”

Li Shuo helped Zhao Jinxin to move to the chair: “You rest here first, I have to go to the emergency room.”

Zhao Jinxin grabbed Li Shuo’s hand and dragged him to sit on a chair next to him: “You let me rest for two minutes, I will go with you, and the cardiologist should be there.”

Li Shuo frequently looked in the direction of the emergency room. He was very anxious, but he knew that it was useless to be anxious since he could not rush in to help his dad anyway. He adjusted his breathing and asked, “Do you know what caused the explosion?”

“I heard it was a terrorist attack, a car bomb, and the explosion point was merely a kilometer away from your car.” Zhao Jinxin remembered the fear that slammed into his heart when the lawyer yelled “The Seventh Avenue Explosion”, and it still made him scared until now. He was in a state of panic that within a few minutes of running from the company to Seventh Avenue, he had not dared to think about the possibility that Li Shuo would have had an accident. It was not until he saw the man standing there that his dangling heart fell to his stomach.

He really does not want to have a second time going through such an experience.

Li Shuo clenched his fists and pressed his forehead, his heart filled with resentment.

His father had a heart attack a few years ago, but that time was not serious. For his own sake, he retired from the office in advance, but because he couldn’t help himself, he became a financial consultant for Zhao Rongtian. These years, the diet is light, the routine is regular, and the exercise is continued. It looks like he is very healthy. If it is not too frightening today and he was suddenly attacked by the disease again, almost everyone around him had forgotten about his illness.

In such a chaotic situation, if Zhao Jinxin did not appear suddenly, he really could not imagine the consequences.

Zhao Jinxin carrassed his back with his palm gently and said nothing more.

After a two-minute break, the two went to the emergency room together, and it happened that the senior management of the hospital also rushed over with the authoritative cardiologist to carry out emergency treatment.

Li Shuo sat outside the emergency room and spent the whole time there.

Zhao Jinxin took his hand and wrapped it in both of his hands, gently rubbing his warm skin with his fingertips.

Li Shuo was simply too lazy to think about Shao Qun and deception at this time. He only cared about whether his dad could get through the difficulties. He only knew that the kindness that anyone could give to him now is comforting.

After a long forty minutes, the lights in the emergency room went out.

Li Shuo stood up and watched the doctor from the outside stiffly, trembling uncontrollably.

Zhao Jinxin held his hand tightly.

The doctor smiled, “CPR has played a big role, plus the prompt delivery to the hospital, it’s all right.”

Tears that Li Shuo had endured had fallen, and he covered his eyes, so excited that he could not speak.

Uncle Guang rubbed his heart straight, crying and laughing.

Zhao Jinxin smiled with relief. He took Li Shuo into his arms and gently patted his back: “Okay, I said nothing will happen.”

Li Shuo wiped his tears and gently pushed Zhao Jinxin away. The crisis passed and he felt embarrassed. He adjusted his emotions and said solemnly again, “Jinxin, thank you.”

Zhao Jinxin spread his hands, showing a hearty smile: “I’ll do anything for you.”

Li Shuo laughed loudly.

Before Mr. Li woke up, he was transported into a helicopter and transferred to a private hospital. Li Shuo and Zhao Jinxin accompanied them all the way, and Uncle Guang went home to pick up Mrs. Li.

When Mrs. Li arrived at the hospital, her eyes were swollen with tears. Li Shuo had recovered his calmness at this time and comforted his mother softly.

Zhao Rongtian and his wife also came over to visit.

Tossing into darkness at a stretch, Li Shuo settled everyone and everything. His mother refused to go home and wanted to stay in the hospital. Li Shuo coaxed her to finish her meal before finally being able to calm down and rest for a while.

He left the ward and sat on the sofa in the pantry, sleeping with his eyes closed.

This floor is a high-level ward, with supporting facilities comparable to a five-star hotel, so there are few people and is quite quiet. This day was too long and too tiring, he felt like he could fall asleep while sitting.

Suddenly, there was a light footstep in his ear. He opened his eyes and saw Zhao Jinxin walking in.

“Why haven’t you returned yet?” Li Shuo is surprised to see him. He thought that Zhao Jinxin had already gone with his parents.

“I’m staying with you.” Zhao Jinxin sat next to him, looking at him with a smile.

Li Shuo wiped his face: “You haven’t eaten yet.”

“It’s okay, I’m not hungry. I just communicated with the doctor about Uncle’s condition. This time it was a sudden attack. In fact, he has maintained very well all these years, and he can recover this time. Don’t worry too much.”

Li Shuo nodded: “My dad usually looks quite healthy, sometimes I forget…” The more he said, the weaker his voice was, “For so many years, I have thrown them both in pursuit of my career and freedom. Here……”

Zhao Jinxin rubbed his hair: “Don’t think so, you can open up your own world, they are very happy for you.”

Li Shuo smiled slightly. What happened today made him reconsider his decision. At that time, he was determined to go back to his country alone. In fact, it was largely to get rid of his dad’s shade. Now he has proved himself completely in ten years, and his parents are getting older. If he still goes back, is he too selfish to perform his filial piety from across the Pacific?

After thinking for a while, he asked Zhao Jinxin: “You are also the only child, if uncle send you back to China, won’t you be reluctant?”

“Of course, but my experience is that a little distance makes us more intimate, so I am often away from the United States, but I also often go home and reunite. When I was young, they overprotected me, which made me very strong. Reverse psychology, so I like adventure, like extreme sports.” Zhao Jinxin shook his head with a smile, “I always want to prove that even if it is close to danger, it can withdraw from the whole body. It’s only when my parents relax their control over me, and I understand them better. So you don’t have to blame yourself for the previous decision, because there is a little distance and room to miss them, it will be more harmonious and accommodating.”

Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin quietly, and his eyes looked extremely bright in the dim light. Li Shuo could not understand the man more and more. He was the one who was spoiled and swindled, and it was him who was hypocritical and deceiving others. Today, he is also the one who fell from the sky and tried his best to help himself.

What kind of person is Zhao Jinxin? Did he hide his true self behind the mask, or is it all him on the same side, but it will just change according to objects and emotions?

Zhao Jinxin blinked: “Why do you look at me like this, do you think I’m so handsome today?”

Li Shuo laughed: “Really handsome…” He paused. “I don’t know how to thank you.”

“To thank me… Although it is me taking advantage of the time, but…” Zhao Jinxin leaned over and kissed Li Shuo’s lips softly. “How about thanking me with your body?”

Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin for a few seconds before saying solemnly: “Okay.”

Zhao Jinxin raised an eyebrow: “Baby, I am actually kidding.”

“You’re not kidding, I know you are serious.” Li Shuo squeezed his chin lightly, “You saved my father’s life today, so I can’t repay you too much. My heart is full of resentment, but from now on, the fact that you and Shao Qun jointly deceived me, I will not mention it again.” Not only ‘thanking him with his body’, at this time, anything Zhao Jinxin asked for, he will give it away, he is not willing to owe others. If he put his father’s life and anything else on the balance, he found that he was willing to pay anything.

Zhao Jinxin’s expression froze for a moment, and then showed a stiff smile: “Oh, you really want to repay me with yourself.”

“Why not, it’s really comfortable to do it with you, and I won’t lose anything. Of course, you can also make other requests.”

Zhao Jinxin’s lips trembled and sneered, “What do you think I did today, just to threaten you to my bed?”

“No, you save people only because of your compassion. But what you want from me and what I can give you, is it not this?” Although Li Shuo promised not to mention Shao Qun’s things again in the future, but the trust between the two of them had collapsed. All he can give Zhao Jinxin is this. He thinks that what Zhao Jinxin wants is this.

Li Shuo thought that, given Zhao Jinxin’s famous reputation, the no-string-attached bed partner relationship should be what he wanted most.

Zhao Jinxin’s fingertips gently rubbed Li Shuo’s face, his voice bewitched: “What if I want more than this?”

“Then we have to re-understand each other and re-establish trust.” Li Shuo suddenly felt a strong beating from the heart. This heart still trembles for Zhao Jinxin, but it has been surrounded by heavy concerns. Although he did not want this incident to happen, but since it has happened, it is also an opportunity between them. On his heart wall called ‘concern’, a light-transmitting hole was opened. The second time they can accept the real Zhao Jinxin, can break the barriers of the past, and return to the original trust and sincerity that was full of heart, it proves that their fate is enough to fetter longer and farther.

This is just Li Shuo’s feelings, he can devote himself to passion, but he can never give up rational thinking.

Zhao Jinxin looked at him for a while and suddenly burst out laughing.

Li Shuo looked at him silently.

Zhao Jinxin patted Li Shuo’s face and said with a smile: “Uncle Li, I really admire you, and no one has dared to treat me like this. I like your proposal very much.” He suddenly licked Li Shuo’s lips and slightly vigorously ravaged the soft lips, opened the teeth with the tongue, driven straight into it, wreaking havoc in the hot mouth.

Li Shuo froze for a moment but still responded to him. A kiss by Zhao Jinxin was like throwing a stone on the lake of his tired heart, breaking the apparent tranquility and opening the waves from the bottom of the lake.

The two kissed eagerly and savagely, even with some incomprehensible fierceness, as if to eat each other into their stomachs.

Zhao Jinxin rudely pulled Li Shuo’s clothes, biting his chest.

“No, not here…” Li Shuo pushed against Zhao Jinxin’s head.

Zhao Jinxin turned a deaf ear, just like having hatred for those clothes, and wanted to tear them apart.

“Jinxin! There is surveillance here!” Li Shuo pushed him away.

Zhao Jinxin paused, his head dropped, letting people see his emotions clearly.

Li Shuo adjusted his clothes. He felt that Zhao Jinxin was angry, but he was not sure.

“Jinxin?” Li Shuo reached out to touch his face.

Zhao Jinxin grabbed Li Shuo’s hand.

Li Shuo’s wrist was sore, but he didn’t say anything.

Zhao Jinxin put his hand to his lips, kissed it, then slowly raised his head and smiled with a white tooth: “Uncle Li is too tempting to be held by anyone.”

Li Shuo breathed a sigh of relief. At that moment, Zhao Jinxin made him feel more stressed. He sat up on the couch: “Stop fooling around, the hospital is full of surveillance.”

Zhao Jinxin lay on the sofa, hugged his waist and pillowed his legs: “Then we will rest for a while.”

Li Shuo smoothed his hair: “Sure.” He felt particularly tired. Now he just wanted to sit quietly for a while and didn’t want to do anything. Not to mention the shocks that occurred during the day, he made a ruling on his feelings within five minutes just now, so highly concentrated, it is not strange to be tired.

Am I doing the right thing? Li Shuo asked himself.

When there is no trust between him and Zhao Jinxin, and he has two extremely complex emotions such as complaint and gratitude at the same time, maybe this is really the only way out.

The next day, Mr. Li woke up and let Li Shuo and his mother relieved.

Mr. Li was very optimistic. He laughed and joked that he was almost scared to death. Li Shuo hadn’t even spoken yet when Uncle Guang scolded him and almost burst into tears.

Uncle Guang is an orphan. In his teens, he followed Mr. Li from China to the United States. Here, he married his wife and had children, and settled down with his family. The two were like family members. Mr. Li had an accident, he was very devastated.

Li Shuo later fully understood the bombing, as Zhao Jinxin said, it was a terrorist car bomb attack, with more than 100 casualties. The news spread throughout the world in a few hours. As a witness of the incident, Li Shuo was silent for the innocent victims, but also thanked his father for his survival.

Naturally, he also received news from China. The next day, Brother Xiang Ning called him. He was just politely asking if Li Shuo was affected, but did not expect to hear a thrilling story.

After Li Shuo finished speaking, Brother Xiang did not react for a long time, and sighed: “God, thank goodness, thank goodness.”

Li Shuo said solemnly: “That was the most frightening time in my life, and I was still scared when I think about it.”

“It’s all good now. It’s in the past. Your father survived and that is a blessing.”

“Thank you.” Li Shuo sighed, “Brother Xiang, the date of my return to the country has to be postponed. I can’t leave my dad as it is now.”

Brother Xiang was silent for a while, and said with a bitter smile: “Boy, it is really outdated to say this at this time, but can you still take the time to come back, even for two days.”

“What’s wrong?” Li Shuo felt a little nervous. There should be an emergency at the company of Brother Xiang asked this of him.

“Mr. Liang is very dissatisfied with you. During this time, I was backing you up and defending you. The company’s business dropped by half this quarter, all because of negative rumors about your lawsuit.” Brother Xiang said wearily, “Brother, if you don’t come back, I can’t really help you anymore.”

Li Shuo closed his eyes and frowned deeply. He felt tired and guilty. This was all caused by his rivalry with Shao Qun. He then said in a deep voice: “Brother Xiang, I’m sorry, all this time I am in the United States, everything about the company, I have caused you too much trouble.”

“Hey, you don’t need to say that to me. When I was in trouble, you helped me without saying anything. But Mr. Liang’s question and anger are also justifiable. You come back. Make an apology and negotiate with him.”

“I fully understand President Liang, and I am fully willing to apologize.” Li Shuo said tiredly, “But now is when my parents need me most, I…”

Brother Xiang sighed again.

“Brother Xiang, you give me a moment to consider. At this time tomorrow, I will call you and tell you my decision, okay?”

“Of course, I wish Uncle a speedy recovery.”

“Okay, thank you.”

After hanging up the phone, Li Shuo opened the door and looked at his father lying on the bed and his mother feeding him. His heart sank.

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  1. Avatar nix says:

    ZJX is so shameless, he fooled LS, he saved his father. Both of them should not owe each other. How dare he still ask how LS would repay him as if he has amnesia on what he did. As expected of the author’s gongs… they are all thick-skinned 😩

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