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WTA Chapter 23

What 'Distraught' Is Like

When Li Shuo heard the word “Shao Qun”, he was stunned for a while, thinking that the sound propagated by the microphone was distorted, or he heard it wrong. How can this name have anything to do with the current situation?

However, in the next second, he saw the sudden change of Zhao Jinxin’s expression, and his brain went blank.

Shao Qun … Shao Qun?

Shao Qun is Mrs. Zhao’s … nephew?

Is it the same Shao Qun, will it be the same name and surname, but … is there such a coincidence?

Li Shuo felt that his sight was a little blurry, his mind was buzzing. The people, things, and space around him turned distorted. He heard foreign sounds as if he was hitting the tympanic membrane through a wall, and he felt someone grabbing his arm with one hand, he almost instinctively pulled away.

In an instant, Li Shuo restored him awareness. He looked straight at Zhao Jinxin, but he could not say a single question. The expression on Zhao Jinxin’s face that he never saw before had already explained everything.

This man … he has no doubt that the young man he loves is the cousin of the person he hates the most? !

What is all this, what is he and Zhao Jinxin all about? From their meeting and getting along with one another… what the hell are they about?

Zhao Jinxin investigated him and heard that he mentioned Shao Qun’s name on the phone many times. It is impossible to know nothing, so the cousins, from beginning to end, united to play him …

From beginning to end.

The heart seemed to be punched fiercely. The pain and humiliation that followed made the blood on Li Shuo’s face fade instantly.

How could this be so, so fucking so!!!

“Li …” Zhao Jinxin raised his hand stiffly, trying to support Li Shuo’s crumbling body. He didn’t expect this to happen, he didn’t want to …

“Little Shuo, what’s the matter with you?” Mrs. Li came over and grabbed his arm. “Oh, why is his face so pale? Is he tired from the dance? I don’t think your father and I are tired.”

Li Shuo wrapped his fucking hands in his other hands. He smiled slightly: “Mom. I’m fine. The wine got a little bit too much for me.”

“Oh. Then you go outside to take a breather. Sober up and you’ll just fine.”

Zhao Jinxin said in a deep voice: “I will take Brother Li.”

Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin deeply. It was really amazing. It was only after two minutes before, he felt that this man who had met was strange. The strangeness was abominable. He thrust his own hands into his trouser’s pockets. He clenched his fists secretly. With his nails, he poked hard into the skin of his own palm. In exchange for his sobriety, he pulled himself together, nodded politely and smiled at the people around him: “I will go out to sober up.” Then, he strode towards the door.

Zhao Jinxin gritted his teeth and followed.

The two walked out of the banquet hall and turned slightly to the right. There was an open balcony and Li Shuo walked into the balcony. Looking at the stars of the city, there was a moment of trance for him.

“Li Shuo …” Zhao Jinxin whispered softly.

Li Shuo turned his back to Zhao Jinxin. He said calmly: “Shao Qun is your cousin.”

Zhao Jinxin took a deep breath: “Yes.”

“He let you come close to me.”


“Because Li Chengxiu.”


Li Shuo turned suddenly, his face looked grim. There was no longer that gentle gentleman looks that he usually had on his face. He threw his fist out, smashing it towards Zhao Jinxin.

Zhao Jinxin didn’t hide and didn’t even blink.

Li Shuo’s fist only rubbed on Zhao Jinxin’s cheek and hit the wall behind him heavily.

A trace of darkness flashed in Zhao Jinxin’s eyes. His brows also twisted.

Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin’s face. This face of a person who likes to call him ‘Uncle Li’ but one who has a very animalistic face on the bed. This face will appear in his sweet dreams. The face that raises the corner of his mouth into a smile whenever he thinks of from time to time. This face… is a face of a liar.

He won’t let this go.

He has never liked violence. So, how can he use it on the people he likes? He could only stare at the scarlet-like eyes. He gritted his teeth and said, “How dare you play me like this!”

But if all this is a game from the beginning, then his love of Zhao Jinxin is just an illusion. After all… that various simple, lovely, and coquettish Zhao Jinxin may only just be a facade in front of him. Thinking of this, Li Shuo shuddered.

Zhao Jinxin grabbed Li Shuo’s wrist, watching the blood oozing out from his fist: “I will treat this for you.”

Li Shuo withdrew his hand. He really realized now what ‘distraught’ is like.

Zhao Jinxin lowered his head. Like a student who was under review: “I was close to you because of my brother at the beginning. But I really like you.” He grinned reluctantly. “Uncle Li, shall we talk?” “

“I don’t want to see you now.” Li Shuo really had no courage to ever see Zhao Jinxin again. Thinking of what happened in just three months, he wondered if he was in a spell of enchantment. Fascinated by a man 11 years younger than himself is nothing for him. But the other party is playing him from start to finish! This is something!

He really wanted to know… What kind of mocking mentality does Zhao Jinxin hold, watching him being wrapped step by step by him? How stupid is he? How ridiculous? Just a few minutes ago, he thought he might have encountered true love. Then, the reality hit him hard. The kind of shame and resentment felt by being cheated and toyed almost exploded from his heart and lungs!

Shao Qun. Shao Qun again. You even thought of this method to fool me …

Li Shuo realized that he had to find a place to be quiet now. Otherwise, he would commit serious violations of his cultivation. He pushed Zhao Jinxin away and strode out of the hotel.

Zhao Jinxin followed a few steps after him but paused. He looked at Li Shuo’s back until he disappeared and violently kicked the trash can near him.

Li Shuo sent a text message to his dad saying that he was uncomfortable and had to go back first and took a taxi to go back home.

Until he got back to his room and was lying on the bed in the dark, Li Shuo still felt that his brain was hot. His anger and sadness did not diminish even a little bit. Instead, it became more and more difficult to control as his thinking developed. He felt like a beggar who had his dream broken and resentment filled him to the bone. He even resented the person who made him dream in the first place.

He is not a hysterical person for feelings. He can tolerate betrayal. If the other person falls in love with other people because of him not doing well enough, he can accept the rejection. After all, he is not perfect. He can’t force everyone to like him. But he can’t accept being completely fooled. Because, this shows that the person was malicious from the beginning.

And he actually took the malicious fool as a dessert. After eating it, he found that it was filled with shards of glass where it had already cut through his internal organs, and his blood was already dripping.

He can’t tell now as for the matter between being sad and humiliated… which one makes him more painful.

Zhao Jinxin. The man who gave him infinite surprises and joy, let him burst out with passion and vitality turns out to be just playing with him. He was plunged into this pit with his nose was all bruised and broken. Shao Qun is standing above the pit, mocking him with despise.

Li Shuo clung to the quilt. He groaned angrily in the darkness.

Shao Qun. Zhao Jinxin. You both are so deceiving …

Li Shuo didn’t know when he fell asleep but when he woke up, it was already dawn. He sat up with his head in his hand. He had a headache. He was finally relieved of it after five minutes. He then got out of bed and entered the bathroom.

A frustrated and tired face is reflected in the mirror. A casual suit he was wearing is already wrinkled and improper. The whole person looks very bad. Very bad.

Li Shuo took off his clothes mechanically and turned on the shower. The cold water poured down on him without warning. It poured on his cold heart. He couldn’t help but screamed in anger. He balled up his fist and slams it the wall a few hard shots. It didn’t stop until the wrist seemed to be shattered.

After the cold shower, he felt that he had calmed down.

He can’t remember the last time he lost control like this. Losing reason is a very bad experience. And it will produce very bad consequences. He was thankful that Zhao Jinxin did not see too much of his expression yesterday. It’s shameful to be turned around. If he can’t even support a free and easy posture in front of him, he can’t be considered alive for 34 years.

Yes. Zhao Jinxin was playing with him. This has become facts. It is meaningless to be furthermore entangled. Why am I so stupid? It makes no sense. I should pull myself together and help myself to overcome the difficulties in my heart.

This difficulty is the fact that he actually likes Zhao Jinxin.

This is really difficult.

Li Shuo rubbed his hair with a wry smile.

Fortunately, the two only met shortly. They did not develop any unforgettable feelings. For this matter, when the love is strong, it is almost dead and alive but after that, it will all be over. He likes Zhao Jinxin. But he can also not like him anymore. Just give him some time. Feelings can fade away. And those sweet past memories that make him thrilled and endless… they will surely be sealed in the depths of memory and one day becomes no longer meaningful.

Li Shuo comforted himself in this way. He worked hard to put together his self-esteem, which had collapsed.

The phone suddenly rang.

Li Shuo picked it up. There were many text messages. Almost all were sent by Zhao Jinxin.

“Uncle Li, shall we talk?”

“Uncle Li, are you still angry with me? I haven’t lied to you.”

“Li Shuo, I really want to have a good talk with you.”

Li Shuo threw the phone aside. He can even sketch Zhao Jinxin’s expression when sending these text messages. At the beginning, he was still being coquettish, trying to weaken the impact of this matter on the two. But then, he gradually realized that he needed a correct attitude to face him. Looking back carefully, Zhao Jinxin approached him with a purpose from the beginning. So the romantic Zhao Jinxin and the real Zhao Jinxin were really different when they first met. He has been adjusting his strategy to deal with his own reaction.

Zhao Jinxin. In the end, what kind of deep schemer was he in love with?!

It’s scary.

Talk. Of course they have to talk. His contract has not been signed. He will return to Beijing soon and there are a series of follow-up cooperation to talk about.

As for him and Zhao Jinxin. A person who dared to fool him like this, a verdict has been made in his heart.

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