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WTA Chapter 22

(M) Office Sex and the Ugly Truth

Li Shuo was looking down at the contract but upon hearing this uncommon surname, he raised his head subconsciously.

He saw that Zhao Jinxin’s expression looking normal: “He should have it, I think. But I’ll ask him again.”

Mr. Chen wanted to continue to ask but the door of the office happens to be knocked on so he turned and called out: “Come in.”

The secretary walked in with freshly brewed tea and a few snacks. Li Shuo helped the secretary to put things on the table.

Zhao Jinxin took a peek at Li Shuo and an unknown light flickered in his eyes. A smile appeared on his face: “This dessert was bought at a patisserie downstairs. I like this cranberry pudding best.” He then pass it to Li Shuo. “Try it.”

“Well, it’s delicious. It’s also very delicate.” Li Shuo laughed. “A lot of delicious food around your company. It’s easy to gain weight when working here all the time.”

“No… The employees will visit company’s gym regularly.” They talked about health and fitness topics and took a short break afterwards.

They passed the remaining terms of the contract. Several of them had different points. They still had to ask Zhao Rongtian for further instructions. But the problem is not too big. Li Shuo calculates the time and thinks that they can get it done by the end of the week.

After the talk, Zhao Jinxin took Li Shuo back to his office.

Li Shuo shook his stiff shoulders. He laughed and said: “Mr. Zhao, happy cooperation”

“Happy cooperation.” Zhao Jinxin showed an evil smile and extended his right hand to Li Shuo.

Li Shuo clasped his hands and when he touched Zhao Jinxin’s palm, he was dragged into his arms. Li Shuo said ambiguously, “Work is done. Where do you want to go for a date?”

“Go to the place you like.” Zhao Jinxin put his arms around his waist. He rubbed his cheek with his nose, took him back and walked all the way to the door. “What do I like? Where?”

“The office …” Zhao Jinxin kissed his lips as he snapped the door locked.

Li Shuo remembered the conversation between the two at the tavern. They haven’s done anything yet but he already felt his body getting hot. Between the warm kisses, Li Shuo said vaguely, “You got quite the guts …”

Zhao Jinxin chuckled: “My guts is not small.” He picked up Li Shuo, walked to the desk in a few steps and place Li Shup up on the desk.

Li Shuo thought of resisting but he was arbitrarily pressed back by Zhao Jinxin with the weight of his upper body and he was kissed with no room to speak.

This special place can most inspire men’s “sex” interest so both of them are enthusiastic.

Zhao Jinxin was clearly prepared. After Li Shuo fully accepted the situation, Zhao Jinxin invaded him in one fell swoop causing the huge solid wood desk to shake violently.

Zhao Jinxin then held Li Shuo to the French windows which were blocked by venetian blinds. They are on the opposite side of the Rockefeller Center. There were office buildings all around. Zhao Jinxin grabbed the venetian blind and ripped open the position of the blinds below the waist. Li Shuo was pressed in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. His sight was limited to the slit between the venetian blinds. The busy and prosperous city street scene in front of him was the most primitive impact behind him. If the people around the office building even have a telescope of the lowest quality, they can see the lower parts of their bodies exposed in the middle of this window and they must be able to guess what is happening at this moment.

Li Shuo felt that his brain was blank. The unique experience gave him a great stimulation on both of his body and mind.

Zhao Jinxin. Zhao Jinxin. Zhao Jinxin. There is only one name left in his mind that can easily make him fall into madness.

After some intense physical work, both of them were hungry. Zhao Jinxin was humming songs while ironing his clothes. Then, he personally waited for Li Shuo to put them back on. After that, the two of them leave the company in a decent way.

Zhao Jinxin took Li Shuo on a yacht around Manhattan. They eat the freshest sashimi on the yacht. The main violinist of the Philharmonic Orchestra is playing around. The scenery on both sides are of the colorful and gorgeous night view of Manhattan.

As they got a little drunk from the wine, the moon becomes thicker and only one boat is left on the Hudson River. The lights of the city are in sight, but it is out of reach because of the water bank. The boat floating in the middle of the water has a kind of a solitude atmosphere. On the yacht, they are covered under cashmere blankets and lied down on the lounge chairs. It seems that they are invisible in the hustle and bustle of the world. They can see the outside world but inside, there are only each other.

For a long time, none of them spoke a word.

Li Shuo felt that alcohol was wandering in his blood, causing his body to feel fluttered suddenly. His brain was not sober but he felt very comfortable. Whether it was the cool wind blowing on his face, the heavy and warm cover of the blanket, or the furry head resting on his shoulder, everything was superb.

Even though he would walk when he was drunk, there was no moment that made him so clear that this is what love looks like. He never had such an experience. Compared with the past, he inevitably feels that he has not met the right person. He also inevitably feels that Zhao Jinxin is the one who really suits him.

Zhao Jinxin hummed softly in the ear of Li Shuo. He said softly, “Is it cold?”

“Not cold.” Li Shuo said in a happy tone.

“You want to sleep on the yacht? Or should we go back ashore?”

“Too lazy to move. Let’s just sleep on the yacht.” Li Shuo yawned. He didn’t even want to lift his finger now.

“Let’s do that.” Zhao Jinxin kissed him, picked him up and entered the bedroom of the inner cabin.

Li Shuo couldn’t help thinking that it turned out to feel good to be taken care of by others. Maybe he is getting older and his energy is becoming more and more limited. He was also single. He has begun to enjoy the passive side of the relationship. It was unexpectedly pretty good.

Zhao Jinxin got into the quilt and hugged him tightly. He rubbed his hard head against his neck: “Uncle Li, I like you so much.”

Li Shuo replied with a smile: “I like you too.”

“How much do you like me?”

“Very, very much.” This kind of love, which usually fires up quickly with the addition of combustion aids and spreads to every nerve, he has never experienced it. He also feels incredible. Most of his feelings are very slow and hot but Zhao Jinxin seems to have awakened a certain gene in his body that let him know that he can also feel his brain heated to this extent.

The feelings were very fresh and very interesting. This could be unforgettable for life.

Zhao Jinxin smiled: “I want to go on vacation with you. But it seems that the time is a little tight.”

“Yeah. I’ll go back when the contract is signed. Didn’t you will go back with me? Let’s wait for my domestic affairs to be settled and then we go on a vacation.”

“Okay.” Zhao Jinxin rubbed his cheeks with his lips. “If you’re tired, you can go to sleep.”

“Who’s tired? I’m just a bit sleepy.” Li Shuo was not willing to show his weakness.

Zhao Jinxin laughed lowly. He stuck his lips to his ear and said, “Who can’t stand after my fucking, huh?”

Li Shuo pinched the meat of Zhao Jinxin’s thigh. Zhao Jinxin yelled in pain exaggeratedly. The two then laughed together. Unconsciously, they hugged and fell asleep.

Li Shuo spent a rather ridiculous day. During the repeated contract modification, he and Zhao Jinxin met almost every day. No matter what the meeting was about, the final development must be to find a place to take off their pants. Zhao Jinxin is bold and all game. If he were to recall of the many details, Li Shuo can feel his face flushed red.

Even in his twenties when he was the most prosperous, Li Shuo has never went about such a relationship – such a passionate relationship that seems to explode. The existence of Zhao Jinxin has dulled all of his previous feelings. He once thought he was not normal. He was like a train that was operating properly. Suddenly, he drove on a roller coaster track but he just happily drove on it. The more dangerous it is, the more he is addicted.

Of course he understands that passion will not be eternal. But right now, he just wants to continue.

At the end of the month, all the terms of the contract has been finally negotiated. They only needed to wait for Zhao Rongtian to sign on Monday. Because the firm’s official seal was in China, Li Shuo had to bring the contract back to China to sign it. Then only it will come into effect.

Zhao Rongtian was very happy. The event coincided with his wife’s fiftieth birthday so he hosted a banquet in a hotel. Naturally, he also invited Li Shuo’s family.

Li Shuo asked Zhao Jinxin about Mrs. Zhao’s preferences in advance. A set of snake-wood tableware was prepared by him. It would not be too expensive to appear suspicious. For this, he feels that their relationship also comes in handy.

It can be seen that Zhao Rongtian has great respect for his wife. He packed the entire banquet hall. The decoration is classic and elegant. Although there are not many people at the banquet, they are all just family and close friends. The specifications of the dishes are staggering.

Zhao Jinxin held a pair of emerald jade earrings worth over ten million yuan to wish his mother a happy birthday. With all of that handsome look and handsome gift, he can’t tell how many people are envious. The Zhao family is well-known in the Chinese community in the United States. It is simply a family that is too favored by God. Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin on the stage. He couldn’t stop being proud and full of love.

After dinner, the dance music that Mrs. Zhao likes sounded in the hotel. The couple took the lead in dancing. Most of the people who came to the birthday party are their peers. They were all dancing. They all go up and down a few times to join in the fun. Anyway, they are all dancing by themselves. Li Shuo also coaxed his parents to join the dance: “Dad, Mom, Come. Go on and dance.”

Mr. Li cleared his throat and he stood up. Mrs. Zhao made a gesture of asking. The two danced cheerfully. The scene was peaceful.

Li Shuo looked at his parents with a smile on his face. His eyes flashed with gentle light. Suddenly, a hand stretched out in front of him. He was taken aback and looked up. Zhao Jinxin was making a standard inviting dance gesture towards him. The smiling pair of peach blossom eyes were almost inspiring.

Li Shuo laughed: “Don’t make trouble.”

“Come on. Why does it matter?”

Li Shuo looked around. He adjusted his entire awkwardness embarrassedly. He then lowered his voice and said, “Jinxin, don’t make trouble.”

“What are you afraid of? Let’s just dance.” Zhao Jinxin grabbed his hand and dragged him from the seat as he shouted loudly, “Elders, Brother Li and I are here to show an ugly dance.”

People around laughed and clapped their hands.

Li Shuo took a deep breath and made himself look generous. He smiled and said, “Okay. Let me check your dance skills.” He held Zhao Jinxin’s waist with one hand and Zhao Jinxin even supported his shoulder very cooperatively, playing the role of a female partner.

Both of them have been trained in social dance and they are both tall and handsome. Even when two big men danced tango, they had a different style. Applause and laughter continued.

The elders certainly think that the juniors are joking, but… the parents of both sides felt that there’s a bit something off about them though they dare not show anything on their faces.

As Zhao Jinxin and Li Shuo dance, they become even more happy. It seemed that the sound and sight around them had disappeared. Even under such an awkward scene, it was inevitably fun for them.

Until the end of a dance, Li Shuo’s forehead exuded some fine sweat. He blinked at Zhao Jinxin: “Not bad.”

“It’s fun.” Zhao Jinxin lowered his head slightly and whispered into his ear. “Next time we will find a place in the wild where there’s no one and we can dance naked.”

Li Shuo chuckled: “I know you can think of anything.”

“Sex is also a big event in life. Where am I wrong?”

Li Shuo couldn’t stop smiling.

At this moment, the host suddenly picked up the microphone: “Guests, we have just received a congratulatory gift from the motherland. This is the farthest gift Mrs. Zhao received on her 50th birthday. Let me show you. ” Everyone’s eyes were attracted. The host opened the jewelry box. Li Shuo looked from a distance. It seemed to be a relic. The host cleared his throat. He opened the greeting card and said, “This Buddha relic is obtained by Hui Hui Master. I wish aunt a happy birthday. Good health and well-being and eternally beautiful. Sincerely, Your nephew- Shao Qun.”

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