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WTA Chapter 1

Chance Meeting?

“Mister Li, you can already check-in for your flight, you can go in at any time.”

Li Shuo, who was sleeping, opened his eyes and smiled at the waiter in the lounge: “Thank you.” He took out his mobile phone and swiped at the screen, looking at all of which were text messages from work, without the message from the one name he wanted to see.

He carried a briefcase, a suit jacket hung around his arms, walked his long legs towards the boarding gate, and lowered his head to send a text message to someone: “Cheng Xiu, how’s work?”

“Hey, Brother Li, haven’t you got on the plane yet? What are you doing while boarding?”

“I’m finishing the report. It will take off in a while. I can’t turn on the phone for more than ten hours. Will you miss me?” Li Shuo thought that the person on the other side of the phone must be feeling embarrassed, maybe he would blush and could not help smiling.

After a while, He texted back: “I will think of you.”

Through the phone, Li Shuo can portray the other party’s cautious, serious, and shy face when typing those words. He was in a good mood, got on the plane, and finally sent a few texts before turning off the phone.

The stewardess took him to the first row of seats and asked with a sweet smile: “Mr. Li, please sit down. Let me carry your luggage for you.”

“Thanks for the offer. It’s okay, I can do it myself.” Li Shuo pulled out the notebook and put the briefcase into the luggage rack. The design of the luggage rack was bent and it was particularly deep. The briefcase slid to the innermost, and he suddenly remembered that he forgot to take out his headset so he started to dig for it. Even at his height, he needed to straighten his body and extend his arms to reach the small mezzanine behind the briefcase.

As soon as Zhao Jinxin got on the plane, he saw such a scene of a tall, muscular man wearing black trousers and a dark blue shirt who was probing his head halfway through the rack, looking for something. This posture made the man stretched out. The chest, the upper body leans back, it seems that the chest muscles are tight, the waist plate is thin and flat, and the concave curve of the waist and hips are deliberately emphasized, the line connecting the hips to the thighs is on display, and the extended legs set against the tailored trousers. Underneath those clothes, Zhao Jinxin can tell that this man is as perfect as a sculpture, which gives birth to countless of his wild imaginations.

Zhao Jinxin raised his eyebrows. He felt more and more provoked. He couldn’t help but look forward to the face of this man whom had such an attractive figure…

Li Shuo finally got the headset he was digging for, stretched his head out, and when he looked back, he saw a very tall young man standing at the door of the cabin. He is stunned slightly, but quickly recovered his amazement: “I’m sorry for blocking you.” As he said it, he laughed at himself secretly. He can’t help to think of how silly it was for him to be surprise to see such a good-looking man when all his life he had seen other good-looking men and women before. However, this man’s appearance is really … If it is just ordinary dazzling, it will not make him stunned. In addition to the man’s impressive figure and facial features, the pair of seductive eyes that squint slightly, there is nothing wrong elsewhere. The way the man looked at him was so flirtatious and affectionate that it seems to be able to penetrate through people with just a look, it is really like that of the devil himself.

Zhao Jinxin smiled and said, “It’s okay.” He is very excited now, so excited that he almost couldn’t hide it on the surface. It was as if he had discovered a treasure chest of incomparable luxury. Before opening it, he had counted many times on anticipation and imagination to what kind of treasure was hidden in it, but after opening it, what was inside it is several times better than he had imagined. The strange man gave him an unprecedented experience and beautiful fantasy in just ten seconds, and he didn’t even know it.

Many people say that Zhao Jinxin has a peculiar taste. He is obviously a charmer who gathered all kinds of interests, but he doesn’t like younger boys. In fact, he likes older men. He argues that there are young and beautiful people all over the place that it is no longer so interesting to him. But older men are like fine wine after years of tempering and time-honing, they are not blasphemed by changes in the world, but instead have mature charm and mellow style. Each smile exudes the stability and self-confidence given by the experience, and can withstand the harsh torture of time. In order to show the value of treasures, men of this age, coupled with a looks like the man he had just met, they are simply the best of the best.

After Li Shuo sat down, he found that the young man was still watching him, his eyes are a bit conspicuous. Since Li Shuo is a sensible man, he is aware that there are too many people who would be attracted to him, so he is already used to it.

Zhao Jinxin walked over and stretched out his hand towards Li Shuo with a smile: “Hello, my name is Zhao Jinxin, stands for the character ‘splendid’, ‘hardworking’, ‘tough’.”

Li Shuo raised his hands and returns the handshake: “Hello, Li Shuo, Li stands for ‘at dawn’, and Shuo for ‘in the moon’.”

Zhao Jinxin shook Li Shuo’s hand lightly. He put his luggage into the luggage rack and sat down generously next to Li Shuo.

Li Shuo couldn’t help but to feel a little happy, it’s not like everyday he gets to sit next to a delightful object when he went on a flight. He has been flying in the sky for several times in his life, but this is the first time that he has such luck. The beautiful coincidence can make people feel a little better when facing long-distance flights.

Zhao Jinxin smiled and said, “Are you going to America for work?”

“No, I’m going back to see my parents.”

“You are living in New York?”

“My parents are living in New York but I am living in China now.” Li Shuo said, “What about you?”

“My parents are also living in New York. Me, I just run here and there for work.” Zhao Jinxin grinned, his bright eyes looked at Li Shuo without blinking, his eyes were slightly raised, his eyes were moving, and there’s no words to describe the how magnetic it was.

Suddenly, a middle-aged woman came over and stood beside Zhao Jinxin in doubt: “Sir, are you sitting at the wrong seat?”

Zhao Jinxin looked up and smiled at her charmingly: “Sorry, this is indeed your seat. I just happened to get on the plane and met my friend.” He motioned over to Li Shuo, “Is it okay for us to exchange?”

The woman’s eyes dodged a bit, and she didn’t seem to dare to look at Zhao Jinxin’s charming eyes. She agreed: “Sure, okay, okay.” Then she walked away with a red face.

Zhao Jinxin turned back and smiled at Li Shuo.

Li Shuo raised an eyebrow, and in the face of this undisguised goodwill, he smiled slightly and called the stewardess: “Could you give me a glass of soda, Mr. Zhao, would you like to drink something?”

“Same as what you’re having.” Zhao Jinxin didn’t look at the stewardess when he answered. He always has his eyes on Li Shuo with a smile on his face.

Li Shuo chuckled: “Mr. Zhao, if you look at me like that, I will misunderstand it.”

“You are not misunderstanding, I am very interested in you.” Zhao Jinxin shrugged, “I don’t like to turn around and waste each other’s time, I hope not to scare you.”

Li Shuo sincerely said: “I am flattered. But I already have a boyfriend.”

Zhao Jinxin made a meaningful “Oh” sound, “It’s a pity.” But there was no regret in that tone. He took the soda delivered by the stewardess and delivered it to Li Shuo in person.

Li Shuo shook the heavy crystal glass and raised for a toast. “To good fortune.”

“To good fortune.”

Zhao Jinxin avoided this topic and started to ask about Li Shuo’s work. They talked about the gold price, the exchange rate, and the Nasdaq index. The plane took off without them even realizing it. There was nothing off in their chats and they had a great conversation.

Unconsciously, after dinner, the window was completely dark, the first-class seats are occupied was less than half, and it was very quiet. The two were talking and were a little tired.

Li Shuo put down his back and covered it with a blanket, ready to read a book in a comfortable position.

Zhao Jinxin lay on his side and looked at him, his eyes are slightly blurred in the dim light: “I can’t sleep.”

Li Shuo said: “Is it because of the airplane ear?”

“No, it’s already passed.”

“You can watch the movie.”

“I don’t want to watch a movie.”

“Then, what d’you……”

“How about you tell me about your boyfriend?” Zhao Jinxin’s eyes sparkled in curiosity.

Li Shuo thought for a while: “Okay.”

“What kind of person is he?”

Li Shuo thought of that person, his lips smiled unconsciously: “Very quiet, gentle, kind, simple, and very caring.”

Zhao Jinxin narrowed his eyes slightly and whispered, “Is he good-looking?”

“Not exactly good-looking, but very attractive and comforting to look at.”

“Why didn’t you take him this time?”

“He has work to do.”

“How did you guys meet?”

“He used to have an internship in my office.”

“Oh, he’s a student.”

“Not anymore, that was a while ago.”

Zhao Jinxin asked several questions back to back in a very speedy manner. Even though Zhao Jinxin did not show a sense of superiority, Li Shuo could guess what the other person was thinking. It was like they were playing chess. The little “pawn” in his hand and the big “army” of the other party were in pressure, and they knew they would lose before they even met. Slowly, he was beginning to feel reluctant to answer. The person he likes, he feels good about him, and when that person is used by others to make meaningless comparisons, it makes him feel a little disgusted.

Zhao Jinxin leaned his face slightly over, looking at Li Shuo’s lips, and said ambiguously, “Is he not worried to let someone like you go anywhere alone?”

Li Shuo leaned back without a trace and smiled politely: “He trusts me because he knows that I can handle myself well.”

Zhao Jinxin pouted and lamented: “Why didn’t I know you first.”

“Mr. Zhao, thank you for your interest, but I …”

“I don’t listen to these polite words.” Zhao Jinxin smiled lightly, “We will land in a few hours. I have a high-rise apartment with a private pool in Brooklyn. We can have sex in the water while admiring the beauty of the riverside park.” During the speech, the pair of his seductive eyes were sentimental and stared deep into Li Shuo’s eyes, “no one will know.”

Li Shuo had to admit that when Zhao Jinxin tempted him against his ear, he was moved. He has met many excellent men, but as for someone like Zhao Jinxin, who is young and has top-level beauty, ability, and wealth, he is rare, and they coincidentally met on a plane. It happens that the other party is also very actively pursuing him. If the circumstances are different, things might go sideways. He is hesitant at first but he is a man of his own principles, especially in terms of feelings, he does not want to immorally owed someone.

He gently pushed Zhao Jinxin away and said with a smile: “It’s tempting, but unfortunately, I already have someone.” He sat up, “I’m going to the bathroom.” He had to stay away from this Zhao Jinxin temporarily, this kid It’s a goblin, so confusing.

Zhao Jinxin looked at his back and smiled in a playful way: “Interesting.” After thinking for a while, he got up and followed.

Li Shuo had just entered the bathroom and was about to close the door. He suddenly saw a figure flashing behind him at the corner of his eyes. He was shocked. Before he could turn around, he had been pushed into the bathroom and the door behind him slammed shut.

Li Shuo turned around and looked at Zhao Jinxin angrily: “Mr. Zhao, this is not funny.”

The toilet on the plane was small, and two big men with a length of 1.8 meters were squeezed in it. His back was cramped. Li Shuo was displeased and shocked by Zhao Jinxin’s boldness.

Zhao Jinxin had a cynical smile on his face: “Hey, a little impulsive, now I’m not embarrassed to go out, what should I do?” He blinked innocently.

Li Shuo frowned: “Well then I feel sorry for you but I will get out.”

Zhao Jinxin suddenly pressed against Li Shuo’s chest and pressed him against the bulkhead, his face inches away from him, his deep and charming eyes swept across his face, and finally fell on his lips.

Li Shuo exhaled: “Mr. Zhao, we are all adults. Do you have to do such a childish thing in exchange for our embarrassment face to face in the next few hours.” Zhao Jinxin was taller than him and his chest was close to his chest. He could feel the vigorous pectoral muscles pressed on him that made his breathing difficult, which filled him with a sense of oppression, and at the same time he could not restrain himself.

Zhao Jinxin smiled lowly: “Childish thing? What do you mean?”

“What do you want to do?”

“What I want to do is definitely not ‘child-like’, how about you guess?” He sighed softly on Li Shuo’s face and smiled elegantly.

Li Shuo frowned as he felt that the current scene was not easy to deal with. The other party didn’t do anything, so he decided not to make so much of a fuss about it, especially if they were on the plane, he didn’t want to be taken away by the police as soon as he landed.

But if the other party did do something…

In the narrow space, such an excellent beauty is pressed close to his, especially in the cabin of an airplane like countless men have never imagined before… This is all intriguing. Li Shuo used a very strong willpower to suppress his heart drumming wildly.

Zhao Jinxin licked his lips: “Honestly, are you thinking about something unsuitable for children?” He also deliberately arched his body forward.

Li Shuo felt that the tight thighs of the two men were in the middle of each other’s trousers. He fixed his heart. Li Shuo said with a smile: “Mr. Zhao, your current words and deeds make me very uncomfortable. You either let go . Or I’ll do it myself. “

Zhao Jinxin is not stunned or feel threatened. He is instead amused. He lay on Li Shuo’s shoulders and laughed: “Just a joke. Why do you have to be so fierce?I’m so scared.”

Li Shuo then called out: “Can you let me go?”

Zhao Jinxin smiled and bent his eyes: “Your reaction really hurts. Am I not charming enough?”

“First of all, you are not the type that I like. Secondly, I don’t like being forced.” Li Shuo was expressionless when he spat the words to his face.

“Really? Are you not interested in me at all? But … your heart is beating so fast.”

Li Shuo squinted at him. He is a gentle and forgiving person. But it does not mean that he has no temper.

Zhao Jinxin shrugged. He took a step back. It was hard to hide his disappointment and said, “I’m a little sad. I seem to have fallen in love with you at first sight.”

This kind of talk cannot be taken seriously. Li Shuo’s hand went around behind him, opened the bathroom door, then pushed him away. He also followed him out.

The stewardess carrying the tray stood next to the toilet, looking at the two in shock. The expression was that of a wonderful expression.

Li Shuo fixed the shirt that was crumpled by Zhao Jinxin. He smiled at the stewardess and turned back to his seat.

Zhao Jinxin also sat down generously, as if nothing had happened just now. He calmly asked the stewardess for a glass of water.

Li Shuo thought about whether or not to change seats for two seconds. After thinking, he is against the idea. Otherwise, it would seem like he was intimidated.

Zhao Jinxin was quiet for a while before he suddenly said with regret: “I should ask for your number first. Will you not give it to me now?”

“Huh.” Li Shuo dismissed him. The tone was full of anger.

Zhao Jinxin glanced at him sideways. His eyes were full of romantic smiles. But his expression was somewhat innocent: “I was just teasing you and you got really angry. Such a mature person but too stingy.”

Li Shuo was shocked by Zhao Jinxin’s boldness and shamelessness. He took out his blindfold from the wash bag. He put it on his eyes and covered himself with the blanket. He was ready to sleep to his destination.

Zhao Jinxin observes Li Shuo’s beautiful profile lines with his eyes freely. The smile on the face remains the same. But in his eyes, he has already rolled the wolf-like desire to conquer.

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