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VGSB Chapter 4

Is a Kindergarten

【The marriage status has been determined, the Host is fully bound, and system 009 is continuing to serve you1Raw 您(nin); formal you, as opposed to the informal 你(ni).. 】

【Main Mission has been opened: let Lu Jinbei’s hatred of you reach 80. Task completion reward drop props: a Premium Fur Smoothing Brush (let all knotting problems disappear, and a must have for home raising long-haired alpha)】

Ling Huan: “……”

“Is this really a reward?”

He thought that the reward should be at least the currency of interstellar circulation, and no matter how bad it was, it should be a golden finger ba.

What was the used of Premium Fur Smoothing Brush for, it doesn’t sound very superior in quality.

【Of course it is a reward! It is an indispensable helper for the Host’s side mission! 】

【Side Mission has been opened: Please register as an Official Interstellar Breeder within 24 hours and create a pet shop of your own. The initial capital of the mission is 10,000 interstellar coins. Please pay attention to financial management and allocated the funds carefully . 】

Ling Huan was still entangled in the main mission, “What is the long-haired alpha?”

【Long-haired Alpha refers to Alphas’ beast form with hair length of more than 5cm, which is a breed that is very difficult to care for. Currently, more than half of the Empire’s Alpha are long-haired, and some parents send the alpha cubs for a specialized care, some violent parents will directly shave their children’s hair. This behavior is not recommended for learning, and it will have a strong impact on the cubs’ self-confidence, in severe case, the cubs will suffer from depression in their childhood. 】

As Ling Huan listened, he felt something was not quite right. He thought that the pet shop was just really for keeping cats and dogs, but listening to 009’s explanation, why does it seemed that they open the pet shop and the pets they would kept…

Are all people?

“Alpha can become a beast?”

【Yes, Beta and Omega only can be distinguished when the glands are fully grown and when the differentiation period comes. However, Alpha has been maintained in the beast form since childhood, and the Strength Value aspects has increased according to their different beast form. Alpha does not start to slowly absorb the elements of beast in the body until he starts school at the age of 6. Basically, they can become human in the second grade. Afterwards, in order to avoid exposing their beast form outside, they will choose the human form. 】

【The pet shop founded by Host, when naming it should also pay attention to the wording, rather than say it’s a pet shop…】

Ling Huan gritted his teeth while smiling, “Might as well say it’s a kindergarten?”

It turned out to be raising cubs.


Anyway, they only will become human in second grade.

【The already grown-up Alphas also will turn into beast form when they are seriously injured and need to be recuperated. If they are put together with the cubs, they are indistinguishable. This wording of the Host is actually not accurate, but overall, it is indeed mostly cubs. 】

Ling Huan responded in a perfunctory manner and didn’t pay attention to 009’s last warm reminder. He was thinking that since more than half of them are long-haired cubs, aren’t they all fluffy?

The him(LH) who was controlled by fluffy fur, felt his palms a little itchy. While transmigrated into a book, he was still gifted with such a big benefit?

Although he doesn’t really interested in the Main Mission, but the Side Mission sounds very good. If he can successfully get the Premium Fur Smoothing Brush, no matter what,  there wouldn’t be no cubs will come after he opens the store, right?

“How much does Lu Jinbei’s hatred value towards me now?”

【The hatred value is constantly rising. The current hatred value is 40. It seems that the host’s mocking and provocation to Lu Jinbei just now is very useful. 】


Author has something to say:

【On the serious consequences of being absent-minded and incomplete in listening. 】

【Two months later. 】

【Party Lingling: I regret it very much. 】


[1] 您(nin); formal you, as opposed to the informal 你(ni).

Hi, guys 🙋

In order to focus on TLing SRA, I had neglected VGSB a bit, alright! Maybe a bit much! 😅

I will still focus more on SRA tho. So, please be patients with my very very very sporadic updates schedule of this novel. TQ 🙏

Hope you like this very short chapter…. again.

See you next chapter! 😘


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    Raw 您(nin); formal you, as opposed to the informal 你(ni).
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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