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VGSB Chapter 2

Get Married Immediately

【Hiding the true state of the Host which is actually an omega, the Main Brain will only detect that the Host is an ordinary beta. 】

“Omega?  I am….”

He is an omega?!

No matter how, it should it be an Alpha ba!

Anyway, marriages were all fake. Apart from O pretending to be B, A pretending to be B also was not impossible ah!

The electric current rushed to the back of his neck as if it has consciousness, and briefly stimulated to a certain place, Ling Huan let out a muffled groan, and his body fell softly.

【Yes, the complete set of ABO-related settings that complete the book comes with exquisite full-color serial illustrations, which will be sent to the Host’s Light Brain within 24 hours. In order to better understand the world, please check it in time~】

Ling Huan couldn’t heard what the system said in his consciousness. Compared with the pain caused by the electric current, an indescribable feeling mixed with secret pleasure1Raw 愉悦(yú yuè)joyful; cheerful; delighted; joy; delight. spread down his back.

His consciousness was a little fuzzy, he didn’t know if it was an illusion, the stimulation just now seemed to have turned on some switch on the back of his neck.

Suddenly, he felt that his sense of smell became more sensitive, and he could even smell the various scents mixed in the air, the smell of floral, tobacco and even the smell of hot pot, which was mixed up in a mess making him a little nauseous.

Amidst all the chaos, there was something sweet and milky with a nice smell of wine coming out faintly.

Ling Huan squinted slightly and searched around, but could not find the source of the smell.

According to the setting in the book, he should be in the Military Court now.

How could anyone bring wine into such a solemn and sacred place!

It was simply outrageous.

Letting out this sweet scent, people who smelled it was dizzy, went up the head2Raw 上头(shàng tóu); (of alcohol) to go to one’s head. a little, and somewhat seductive.  Moreover it forcefully squeezed out all other mixed scents, almost monopolizing his sense of smell like a robber.

Realizing that the scent gradually became richer from the initial lightness, Ling Huan’s breathing was unconsciously a little messy, and there was an inexplicable heat on his body. Suddenly there was a cold “di di” sound in his ears. The result of examination done by the Main Brain has come out:

“Data entry: Ling Huan, Beta, 23 years old, S-level Spiritual Ability, S-level Military Value, no Academic Background.”

“Major Data Pairing, please wait.”

“Matching results: 99% matching partner appear.”

“Highly matched partner name: Lu Jinbei, Alpha, 23 years old, SS-level Spiritual Ability, SS-level Military Value, Super-high-level Mecha operation authority, the Commander-in-Chief of the Leyron Fleet and the Imperial General.”

“Suggestion from Main Brain: get married immediately.”

Although he knew the result in advance, after listening to it on the spot, he still felt very illusory.

He didn’t even know who Lu Jinbei was and he was about to get married.

There were a pair of military boots in front of Ling Huan, slender calves were tightly wrapped in military uniforms. With the military uniforms on, the man showed a cold and somber aura that had people’s soul trembled. He also wore a medal on his chest. His eyes flickered, for a while he can’t even count the number of stars on the medal.

It was conservatively estimated that this person’s military rank was certainly not low.

Just looking at his aura and looks can crush a circle of people around him, he must be a small boss no matter what.

But why does he feel…

Every time the other party get closer, the sweet smell in the air becomes stronger, like a fine net that wrapping up people layer by layer.

The man looked at him condescendingly.

Then reached out his hand, pinched his neck and picked him up.

The tattered and worn-out teenager with slender frame was half-kneeled on the ground.  His white and slender neck was raised in a beautiful arc, which was tightly clasped by the man with black gloves, forming a shocking beauty of abuse.

The pinched skin of the young man was faintly pink, and a mist of water filled his eyes, staring blankly at him.

There was a sharp light in the indifferent man’s dark eyes. He tightened his strength, glanced at the light brain that was floating with blue fluorescence, and sneered.


“I do not agree, the application is rejected.”

Ling Huan was forced until physiological tears out and couldn’t breathe. He gritted his teeth and said to system in consciousness.

“Why? Why don’t I have the strength to resist?”

Even subconsciously attracted by the scent of that man.

A thought occupied his brain:

Want to be embraced.


Author has something to say:

【Ling Ling: This is too much, is it okay to arrange marriage as soon as I am transmigrating? ? 】

【Lu General usually using scent blockers when going out, so no one can smell it except Ling Ling (witty). 】

Very short chapter again huh. See you next chapter!😁

  • 1
    Raw 愉悦(yú yuè)joyful; cheerful; delighted; joy; delight.
  • 2
    Raw 上头(shàng tóu); (of alcohol) to go to one’s head.
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