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VGSB Chapter 1

He is a Traitor

T/N: Hiya guys! 🙋

So, I happen came across this Chinese danmei novel! I look for the English translation on google but I notice no one has translated this novel yet(?). This really intrigued me when I read the story description. I had MTL-read the first few chapter(edit: now about 50ch) which I found interesting enough and decide to share it with you guys here.

WARNING : Chinese and English are not my mother language; as you already know if you read my other translated novel. I might made some mistake with the grammar here and there, hope you won’t mind. I will do my best to translate it as close to the original text as I can but still readable in English.

Oh! And please support the Original Author on their official website!

That’s it!

Happy readings!


“The information network of the fourth ship are disturbed, and all energy was blocked, resulting in a crash and no survivors! These are absolutely inseparable from these damned traitors! “

“Finally caught him! I wish I could kill him right now! The running dog of the Federation! The shame of the Empire!”

Ling Huan’s vague consciousness was torn apart by pain, and a sharp distorted roar came from his ears. He groaned, and his gradually focus gaze solidified on his barely prop up hands that were stained with dark blood clots, only to realize that he was in a situation that was extremely not optimistic.

His cheeks were pressed against the ground with strong force, and only a few pairs of black and gold military boots in front of him could be seen in the narrow field of vision.

Where is he now?

Obviously he was still at home in the last second.

“No one will come to rescue you! All dead already! Now you are the only traitor that still alive!”

The arched waist was heavily stepped on to make him lie down again, his temples leaned against the muzzle of the black hole, Ling Huan squinted his eyes and had difficulty adapting to the surrounding light. At the same time, followed the man’s voice who was still roaring, a cold electronic sound sounded in his mind at the same time.

【During the binding of the Book-Transmigration System, please Host keep a happy and relaxed mood so that it will be convenient for memory access. The system is continuing to serve you. 】

The irritating memories flooded into the brain like a needle stick, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat. When he opened his eyes again, Ling Huan’s dark pupils became sober and rational.

He was transmigrating into a book.

Transmigrating into a novel called “The Overbearing Admiral Coldly Beloved”, he was not transmigrated as the protagonist or supporting role, but as a cannon fodder.

His current status are the undercover agent sent by the Federation to the Imperial Military Experiment. After the plan was successful, he could not escape and he was about to commit suicide by taking poison, but was taken away by the Imperial Military for trial and was about to be executed.

But five minutes later, not only did he succeed in surviving, but his identity also began to rush towards strange plotline with uncontrollable speed.

It was written in the book, because the Main Brain was collecting Information, he was found to have a very high match with the male protagonist General Lu and was married on the spot!

The problem was that, getting married was still useless. Within two years, he will be a tool-man cannon fodder for the fiancé, when the General’s true love appear, he will become the two lovebird’s reconciliation agent and the lubricating emotion which was repeatedly pulled out and whip the body1Raw 调和剂,感情的润滑油反复拉出来鞭尸; lit. in the original text. I think it means to be a stepping stone?.

After living for two more years, he was thrown by the ruthless General on an abandoned planet with no food or drink nor even people.

Squinting his eyes to see the ending all at once, Ling Huan realized that he finally starved to death on the garbage planet!

“Can it be more ridiculous?”

Ling Huan gritted his teeth, “Isn’t it still going to die two years later?”

【Calm down! Master host, don’t panic! The dead is Ling Huan in the book. 】The system helped him smooth the fur, 【Within two years, as long as you follow the posted tasks perfectly one by one, you will not only get rich gift rewards, but also return to Blue Star, return to the world before you transmigrating into a book when the task is completed! 】

Perceiving Ling Huan move randomly, the gun pressing down on his head went a bit deeper, had him settle down a bit.

At the same time, an electronic sound that everyone can hear sounded in the restless and chaotic air.

“There are total of 6 defectors in the ‘Venus Star’ plan, all of whom are interstellar black households, and 5 have been detected as dead. The Main Brain requests intervention and will collect the identity information of the only survivor.”

Ling Huan looked up with difficulty, and saw the man who stood out among the crowd in the same military uniforms. He was tall, and the straight military uniforms seemed to be tailor-made for him. The collar buttons were meticulously fitted to the top one, and there was cold and dangerous aura enveloped all over his body.

The man’s slender finger clicked somewhere on his wrist and the personal Light Brain interface jumped out. His profile was well-defined, and his voice was cold and thin.

“Agree to intervene.”

As soon as the voice fell, Ling Huan felt the muzzle leave his temple, instead was stuck with an ice-cold disc, and a stimulating electric current penetrated his brain.

His subconscious resistance was stopped by the system.

【Don’t move, please don’t move! I have done a concealment function for you so that you can avoid the Main Brain’s search. 】

“Hidden… What do you want to help me hide for?”

Short chapter huh~
I think count words didn’t reach 1k hmmm~

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    Raw 调和剂,感情的润滑油反复拉出来鞭尸; lit. in the original text. I think it means to be a stepping stone?
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