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BPLW Chapter Seven

Hard-Hearted And Familiar Face

Although he didn’t know what was the use of credit points were, but since the system has such a setting, Shen Ran can only  reluctantly regards it as a similar upgrade experience.

Maybe after the progress bar was full, then he can enter the next task!

Shen Ran and Chi Haoyu discussed the development direction of the APP again. When they were about to get off work, Shen Ran went to the village’s flower market to buy a few pots of Green Dill to decorate the office space.

One have to admit that with the embellishment of green plants, even the mood can become better.

So, this great day just passed like that.

Shen Ran stopped a taxi and prepared to return to the Min family’s mansion in South Bay.

He originally planned going back to the dormitory to live in, but remembered that he didn’t have any daily necessities in the dormitory, so he could only go back to Min family’s house and stayed for a few days.

It was probably a day of tiredness, that Shen Ran was a little weary and drowsy when he was in the taxi.

When he returned to Min family’s mansion in the South Bay District, Shen Ran was already yawning incessantly.

The Old Butler in his fifties greeted him with a smile, Shen Ran returned his greetings weakly, and went to the room directly.

The Old Butler asked him: “Little Young Master, what do you want to eat tonight?”

Shen Ran gave a big yawned, waved his hand, and said, “I have eaten outside, don’t worry about me.”

The Old Butler looked surprised and asked: “Eh? Didn’t Little Young Master say that the things outside are not clean? This is the first time you have eaten outside.”

Shen Ran was surprised: “Uh…huh? Really? It’s just… that I was suddenly hungry today.”

He still doesn’t know much about the original owner Shen Ran’s behavior, but since the system did not prompted OOC to him, then the problem shouldn’t be big.

The Old Butler didn’t say anything more, so he said, “Then I will prepare some fruits for Little Young Master later.”

Shen Ran didn’t say anything, so he went upstairs.

He threw his clothes and shoes into the dirty clothes basket and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

He opened the closet and found a large loose-fitting T-shirt, wiped his hair without blowing, he plunged into the beautiful big bed and fell asleep.

It was late at night when Min Xingchuan came back, he had to socialized all day today.

During the day, he went to the work area of the rectification project for a whole day. In the evening, he had a meal with the project leader and some partners.

After drinking a lot of wine, he can still stay sober.

The Old Butler immediately brought honey water, Min Xingchuan took a few sips, and asked, “Where is Shen Ran?”

The Old Butler replied: “Little Young Master Shen came back early today, and went to sleep as soon as he came back.”

“Sleep so early?” Min Xingchuan was a little surprised. In the past, Shen Ran would never go to bed until he came back. What happened today?

Could it be really change his nature?

Min Xingchuan still didn’t trust him, he turned and went upstairs, but at the corner of the stairs, he ran into a maid who was tidy up dirty clothes and went to the laundry room to wash.

The maid had a dirty clothes basket in her hands, and in the dirty clothes basket was the white hoodie that was no longer recognizable.

Min Xingchuan’s eyebrows suddenly frowned, and he stopped the maid: “Sister Fen, are these Shen Ran’s clothes?”

Sister Fen stopped and replied: “Yes, I don’t know where Little Young Master went to play, this clothes probably can’t washed it out1Raw 洗不出来(Xǐ bù chūlái); lit. can’t washed out. Tbh I’m a bit confused at first, but if we read the whole paragraph, the maid probably means that SR’s hoodie are ruin already, no matter how it wash, it can’t be clean anymore. Please correct me if I’m wrong~.”

Min Xingchuan nodded: “Go ahead!”

With that, he turned and went upstairs.

He untied his tie and took a bath, his heart started to felt irritable again.

He knew in his heart that his irritability did not come from Shen Ran, it was his own problem.

Even if he consulted a psychiatrist for this, yet this disgust were still unfounded.

This disgust was not aimed at Shen Ran, even if the other party was not Shen Ran, it would also make it difficult for him to accept it, but Shen Ran’s behavior was more extreme, which aggravated his inner disgust.

The closer he(SR) gets to himself(MX), the more this disgust has getting worse.

Min Xingchuan was scrubbing his well-proportion muscle tall body, trying to wash away the nausea, but it was in vain, and he could only let it continue to spread in his body.

Min Xingchuan didn’t sleep well last night, but he was used to it. Getting up early and drinking a cup of espresso, it didn’t affect his days of work.

On the contrary, Shen Ran slept very securely.

He has been accustomed to working since he was a child. He was exhausted during the day and will sleep extremely secure at night.

Wake up refreshed in the morning and full of energy for the whole day.

He got up early to wash, and found a sporty hoodie again in the closet.

This time he learned the lesson from last time, instead of choosing light-colored clothes, he chose a dark gray cotton comfortable hoodie.

He prefers hoodies, which were comfortable and convenient, just put it on and then it was done.

There were not so many cumbersome buttons and zippers, saving a lot of procedures.

It was just that he dressed weirdly for two days in a row, and the Min family’s people couldn’t help but looked at him.

One has to know, this Little Young Master’s clothing were not like this usually.

Needless to say about fashion brand of luxury goods, hairstyle accessories were even more exquisite and pretentious, he even often invited a stylists to the house just for a more perfect outfit.

He firmly believes that as long as he is beautiful enough, Min Xingchuan will be able to see his beauty sooner or later.

It was precisely because of this, no styling, no hair care, and only with sportswear that Shen Ran has attracted everyone’s attention.

Shen Ran touched his face inexplicably, and asked, “Is there something engraved on my face? You are all staring at me like this.”

The Old Butler smiled at him and said, “No, Little Young Master is very cute dress up like this.”

As the Old Butler said, Shen Ran’s casual outfit was indeed very cute.

His face was already very tender, and dressed like this will reduce his age even more. He looked just like a high school student of sixteen or seventeen years old.

Shen Ran was embarrassed, he smiled and said, “How can it be, it’s just an ordinary sportswear!”

As he was sitting in front of the dining table, he was anxiously paying attention to the system prompts.

This was probably also a character OOC?

In any case, he doesn’t want to wear the high-luxury custom made that was in the room. Although it looks good, it was too inconvenient to work like this.

Fortunately, this did not count as OOC.

Min Xingchuan raised his head and glanced at him, surprised at why Shen Ran, who wouldn’t woke up and sleep until ten o’clock, would got up at seven.

Sure enough, did he change his tactics?

Shen Ran sat down, looked at the whole table of rich breakfast, bowed his head and started to eat.

The chef of Min family has excellent cooking skills, and this plate of crystal shrimp dumplings quickly conquered his taste buds.

So in one breath, Shen Ran ate three full plates of shrimp dumplings and drank a large glass of milk.

Everyone was stunned. In order to keep in shape, Little Young Master Shen ate very little for breakfast.

And usually he would never eat shrimp dumplings. He only eat a poached egg and a small portion of vegetable salad to ensure a half-day supply of vitamins and protein.

However, the food he ate this morning was the amount he had eaten for a day in the past.

He hiccups with a worried look on his face, but no character OOC warning come.

Weird, isn’t your character setting are very strict?

Today, the chef of Min family was very happy. He felt that the reason why Little Young Master Shen ate a lot was because of his good cooking skills.

Yet there were one person was not very happy, Min Xingchuan did not leave immediately after eating.

He sat there, frowned and looked at Shen Ran, and said, “Did you stalking me yesterday?”

Shen Ran looked up with a confused look and asked: “Stalking?” He doesn’t know where this topic was coming from?

Min Xingchuan directly exposed him: “In the old city behind H University, you hide in a small facade house and pretending to clean up.”

Shen Ran:…

No, I am really cleaning up!

Min Xingchuan snorted softly, and said, “So, what I said to you yesterday, did you not pay attention at all?”

Shen Ran waved his hand and explained: “Misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding, if I say I’m doing a proper business, do you believe it?”

Min Xingchuan’s eyes revealed a bit of a clear understanding of everything. Such a quibble, Shen Ran has said them so many times before.

Shen Ran still intended to explained a few more words for himself, then the system came up with a reminder: “Character OOC warning, Shen Ran is obsessed with Min Xingchuan to the point of raising people’s hackles2Raw 发指(Fàzhǐ) from 令人发指(lìng rén fàzhǐ); to make one’s hair stand up in anger (idiom), he doesn’t hesitate to chase after him in order to see him. The Shen Ran that will not go to look for Min Xingchuan is unscientific. Please Host pay attention to the rationality and inertia of the plot.”

Shen Ran:…

At this moment, he finally understood that whether or not this character was OOC does not lie within the character of the protagonist, it just depended on whether or not he was still obsessed with Min Xingchuan.

How the hell is this fun?

Besides admitting that he was indeed stalking Min Xingchuan like an excessively obsessed fan, what else can he do?

So, his shoulders collapsed in frustration, and said in a low voice: “Okay… Chuan gege3Raw 哥哥(gege); a cute way of calling big brother., I am indeed looking for you. But… I just want to look at you from a distance without disturbing your work, nor I will embarrass you. It’s just that far away… to take a look at you. Whenever I think of you until it became uncontrollable, I just want to look at you from a distance. But don’t worry, Chuan gege, I won’t be approaching you just like last time, and I won’t let anyone discover it. I’m just…,in humblest way, only want to look at you, could it be that even this…not allowed?”

After speaking, he raised his head and looked at Min Xingchuan, forcibly squeezing out a drop of crocodile tears.

He regretted a bit at this moment, why did you eat so much just now?

As soon as he said this, he just wanted to throw up all the breakfast he had just eaten.

Shen Ran forcibly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, suppressing the discomfort in his stomach and not letting himself lose self-control in front of everyone.

Loyally play as Min Xingchuan’s lapping dog, never let the character OOC.

After all, credit points were not so easy to accumulate. Everything was difficult at the beginning, and he can’t be a drag  at this time.

Min Xingchuan looked at him for a long time, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he still didn’t say it.

He exhaled, got up, picked up the briefcase and left.

The servants on the side didn’t dare to breathe, for fear that the two of them would quarrel again.

At the same time, they felt aggrieved for Little Young Master Shen. His love has became so humble like this. Why can’t Mr. Min look at him more?

Until Min Xingchuan left for a long time, Shen Ran just sat there motionless with red eyes.

This time, even the Old Butler couldn’t stand it anymore, yet he didn’t dare to step forward, for fear that the Little Young Master couldn’t hold it and would cry.

Fortunately, Shen Ran just got up and left after sitting for a while.

Looking at Shen Ran’s lonely back, the servants sighed: “So distress4 Raw 好心疼; very heartache or distress for someone. The helper was feeling distress for our SR, Little Young Master is so pitiful.”

“Also, he was cherish and raised like a jewel in the palm since he was a child. Why would Mr. Min act in this way?”

“Little Young Master cried just now, but Mr. Min didn’t bother to say a word, alas, hard-hearted.”


Shen Ran who listened:…

I don’t, I am not, don’t talk nonsense.

I just wanted to soothe my nauseous stomach, I really didn’t cry.

Forget it, think whatever you want!

In order to prevent character setting from OOC, Shen Ran can only be wronged for the sake of the overall situation.

Today he decided not to take a taxi, but instead taking a bus to the store.

Because business-related transportation costs were also included in the 10,000 yuan project start-up capital.

Yesterday, it cost more than 20 yuan to take a taxi, but only two yuan to take a bus.

He prepared some change, put in coins, carried a backpack and sat in the empty seat at the back.

When passing through the Central Business district, the large LED screen of the Department store showed a face that was familiar in Shen Ran’s mind.


Author Has Something To Say:

Key character appears, darlings guess who is it?

Who is that key character??🤔

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  • 1
    Raw 洗不出来(Xǐ bù chūlái); lit. can’t washed out. Tbh I’m a bit confused at first, but if we read the whole paragraph, the maid probably means that SR’s hoodie are ruin already, no matter how it wash, it can’t be clean anymore. Please correct me if I’m wrong~
  • 2
    Raw 发指(Fàzhǐ) from 令人发指(lìng rén fàzhǐ); to make one’s hair stand up in anger (idiom)
  • 3
    Raw 哥哥(gege); a cute way of calling big brother.
  • 4
    Raw 好心疼; very heartache or distress for someone. The helper was feeling distress for our SR
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