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Your Color Changed 

Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Mlky

“Looking at you like this now, I don’t think anyone will like you.” The boy snorted, he picked up the tablet and ordered a few dishes.

“You pay the bill later. Anyways, besides wanting to see what you look like, I mainly wanted to have a meal. If you promise, I can tell you a secret after eating.”

Looking at the boy in front of him, he snorted. Burping after the dinner, Qi Yi asked, “What were you going to say?”

“Do you think the people you’ll meet are seriously looking for a blind date? They just want to come and see who you are; they’ll mock you for sure.”

“Well, I see, thank you.”

Qi Yi’s attitude was so gentle that the boy became a little embarrassed about his extremely arrogant attitude towards Qi Yi before.

“You don’t need to go to the next blind date, or you will be the one being scolded.” He reminded him again before leaving.

“Well, I know. You should go back first.” After sending the boy away, Qi Yi went home directly.

Qi Huai had already been waiting for him at home.

“How was it?” Qi Huai asked.

Qi Yi gave a hum, took out his mobile phone and played a recording.

Qi Huai was furious. His brother is too good. These people are really seeing dogs.

“It’s okay. If they can’t, we will find someone from other cities. There are always people who are willing to go on a blind date with you sincerely.” Qi Huai still didn’t give up.

“Brother, you can’t find me another blind date.”

“Why? Don’t say you only like Bai Jingnian. He is married to someone else now. If you step in again, do you know what your behavior would be called?!”

Qi Yi was silent, as if Qi Huai made a lot of sense.

But now, he still has to follow the plot. He can’t do anything, so he can only admit his fate.

“Brother, I’ll go upstairs first.”

Qi Huai’s brows furrowed deeper until Qi Yi could not be seen.

It was Qi Yi who never repented.

Going upstairs and locking the door, Qi Yi originally wanted to do a live broadcast, but he remembered that he hadn’t dealt with Bai Jingnian yet.

After explaining to Bai Jingnian for a long time, he finally let him rest assured.

Qi Yi started live broadcasting again, and as soon as he went online, he saw a message from the platform administrator.

[The activity you are participating in has already started. Please complete your regular tasks every day. The platform will also broadcast live with several anchors for you. Please check the time of the competition and we wish you good results.]

Qi Yi clicked on the link to see that the several anchors he matched with all broadcasted this game. The number of fans they had was much more than him, and they were almost at the millionth level.

After preparing for the live broadcast, he contacted the other anchors, and after Qi Yi wanted to continue his live broadcast.

“Welcome back, I’m finally going to play that game today. I have to prepare hard for the competition, so don’t ruin my mentality.”

“Anchor! When will the game be?”

Qi Yi: “I’ll play with other anchors tomorrow, and start the competition the next day. If I get a good result, I will send you some red envelopes.”

In order to be able to play with his full strength, Qi Yi did not bring his bosses to play, but he still interacted with them very actively.

The people he encountered on high-end platforms were amazing.

Qi Yi still can’t compare with their old players with such senior qualifications.

After a few games, he was basically taken down, Qi Yi was a little discouraged, but did not give up.

They are all people who have experienced big storms, and now this little thing was not worth mentioning.

Qi Yi was still practicing until it was time for the next broadcast date. When his eyelids began to droop, Qi Yi put down the mouse and returned to bed.

When he woke up the next morning, his eyes began to feel sour again.

He is busy most of the time and spends very little time playing games.

On the way to the company, Qi Yi comforted himself and told himself not to care about this event so much.

After work hours ended, Bai Jingnian sent a message to come find him.

Qi Yi began to fake being dead, pretending not to see Bai Jingnian’s message.

When he got home, he took a bite of food before he opened the live broadcast again.

This time his mentality was much more balanced. It is not yet time for the event to start.

Some people entered the live broadcast room. Qi Yi took a look and found that Xie had also came in.

He habitually said hello, and after opening the game, he took the bosses to play a few games.

The second child—no, correction, he is now the boss.

He was very active when playing games together before, but now he played a few rounds without a word, and had became colder.

Originally, some viewers paid attention to the interaction between Qi Yi and his bosses because they thought it was interesting. Now, they saw the boss had changed. After observing for a little while, they noticed that Qi Yi’s conversation with other people was very polite, and there was nothing to pay attention to, so they closed the live room directly.

When it was time for the event, he told the bosses, and then started the activities with the other anchors.

They messaged each other in private, so when a couple of anchors actually live broadcast together, everyone will work hard to try and create a good atmosphere.

Because they are all highly-technical anchors, Qi Yi could be ranked as an intermediate level player among them.

So every game was easy to play.

Qi Yi would also praise if there was an anchor who showed off their skills.

Of these five anchors, three of them were male and one was female. Qi Yi is also included in the ranks of female anchors.

In addition to the show’s own operations and popularity, there were also well-regarded people. Another female anchor can also be technically skilled. One of the anchors whose skills are obviously higher than that of a group was relatively taciturn. They have also passed by the hour mark now. Apart from letting him pay attention, The others haven’t listened to what he said.

The live broadcast continued until ten o’clock in the evening, after ten o’clock, Qi Yi said goodbye to them and returned to his own live broadcast room.

He saw the audience’s mockery again.

“Our anchor has become obedient.”

“Fart, our anchor has always been obedient~”

If it weren’t for the sentence having a wave sign, he would have thought what this man said was true.

“Am I not good? I have always been good.”

Qi Yi made a soft voice of contempt, “I, Qi Qi, fifty, the world’s most powerful anchor. I know eighteen martial arts, whether it is piano, chess, calligraphy and painting or riding and shooting juggling, I’m super good!”


“Upstairs, your color has changed!”

Qi Yi coughed, “Can’t you guys be more serious? This kind of thing can look crooked, it doesn’t seem like me. I only have my bosses in my heart.”

Your boss: “Fart,we don’t have you in our hearts.”

Looking at the barrage, it was said that he was rejected. Qi Yi whimpered and said, “You don’t count, where is my big boss? Do you have me in your heart? ”

Xie: “No.”

The barrage floated by with a ‘hahaha’ again. Qi Yi seemed a bit irritated, “Don’t laugh, at least my brother has me in his heart. I am a female anchor who combines the talent and beauty of the world.”

Your boss: “You’re so disgusting.”

Qi Yi snorted from his nose, “Forget it, I don’t care about you.”

“It’s time to play games. I’ve just played for so long so let’s change to another game now. I just discovered it. It’s fun.” Qi Yi introduced.

He created a character model then clicked to enter the game. He waited for it to load it, and the screen came to life.

“Wow, the anchor actually plays this game! So happy. Which district are you in!”

Qi Yi: “I’m in the new district. I have a meeting first. If you want to play together, remember to come to me.”

This is a very real doomsday game. Qi Yi, who was born just now, had nothing.

The surrounding area is filled with fog, and the weather above was heavy.

“Don’t criticize me, I want to play slowly by myself. If you dare to criticize me, I will ask the administrator to mute you.”

After walking a few steps forward, a zombie suddenly appeared, holding him in it’s jaws.

He just opened his mouth and no blood spurted out. It was just that his blood volume was gradually declining.

A zombie is easy to deal with, he just pressed the store button to push the zombie away.

Qi Yi hurried to the other side, and not long after running, he saw a dilapidated house.

He does not know what’s inside. Qi Yi opened it and a zombie suddenly rushed out, the entire screen showing an enlarged zombie face.

and then he died.

Seeing a group of people screaming on the barrage, Qi Yi said: “You are too timid, I am not scared. I just didn’t know where it would respawn. What if the zombie suddenly showed his face again?”

“Can’t we play other games? Why do you want to play such a horrible game!!!”

Looking at the three exclamation marks behind this sentence, Qi Yi’s inspiration flashed, “Will we no longer take time to play a horror game? I believe that the atmosphere in the live broadcast room will be very exciting. ”

“A dog is better than the anchor. This is getting off.”

Qi Yi’s voice went cold: “Don’t say to me that I want to be the first anchor. If the old fans don’t go, the new ones won’t come!”

“You dare scold me!”

Qi Yi: “What about scolding you? Do I have only you as a fan? If I have more fans then I have more, but if I don’t then I don’t.”

The people in the live broadcast room helped Qi Yi scold the man.

“If my content is lacking quality, don’t scold me. It’s my fault and I will bear it myself.” Qi Yi said these words, and sure enough, everyone in the live room quieted down.

Xie: “I helped you mute him, so no need to say anything.”

Your boss: “You are not allowed to speak, I think that person is right.”

Qi Yi was unhappy now, and his tone was sullen and unhappy: “Yes, what the boss said is right.”

Xie: “You don’t need to say a word.”

He didn’t know if Xie was talking to the boss or to him. Qi Yi didn’t dare to try to figure it out. Soon the big administrator of the platform live broadcast of the tour came, stayed for only a minute, and then he left.

Qi Yi breathed a sigh of relief and excitedly said: “Oh, we thank the boss for being a lucky star. He came as soon as he finished talking about the chief administrator. Will there be a warning if he sees me cursing someone?”

The barrage said he should be fine. Qi Yi also sighed, “I just follow the rules too much.”

The audience laughed at him, they turned their attention to the live broadcast.

Now Qi Yi had found the stone and was smashing the tree.

Before long, a tree fell down and broke into several twigs.

“Next, let’s make tools.” Qi Yi opened the manual and looked at it. After learning through the manual, he found that there were not enough stones.


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