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Blind date

Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Mlky


  After falling asleep on the plane for a while, he returned to the city.

It seemed that his physical condition is not ideal. Qi Yi’s live broadcast today can only be postponed.

When Qi Huai came back and saw Qi Yi’s listless appearance, he even reached out and touched his forehead. It was not hot, and he should have not caught a cold.

When it was time for dinner, Qi Huai called Qi Yi up.

Sitting at the dining table, Qi Yi ate slowly.

Qi Huai picked up some chopsticks for him and said to him, “I helped you find some boys. When would you like to meet them?”

Qi Yi suddenly recovered, what? His brother actually remembered that incident? He thought Qi Huai was just joking.

“Brother, I don’t need to, you should just find me a sister-in-law, and Bai Jingnian is very good. I only like him.”

Qi Huai: “You are really fascinated by him!”

Qi Yi lowered his head, full of guilt. “I’m sorry, brother…”

“Okay, eat your meal. I will arrange a date for you, you have to remember to go.”

Hearing Qi Huai’s affirmative tone, Qi Yi knew he couldn’t refuse.

For this, he can only follow the set arrangement.

After eating a meal in silence, Qi Huai went to the study, but Qi Yi could only go back to his room.

Seeing that there was enough time and nothing else to do, he opened the live broadcast platform.

“Today I played another small game. The previous game is more laborious and brain-intensive. I’ll play a small game today and have some fun.”

“Is the anchor in a bad mood today?”

Qi Yi: “I was scolded by my brother.”

“Hahahaha ”

”Why are we so happy that the anchor was colded?”

Qi Yi: “You are all gloating. Don’t ask me to come back someday if I stop broadcasting.”

“The anchor will alarm everyone!”

“Brothers, run fast, this anchor is going to run away!”

Qi Yi: “You have scared my new audience away. You must give me some gifts to compensate me.”

“The lion has opened her mouth.”

“We have no money. We will only be whoring ourselves out for nothing.”

“The anchor who whores is more fragrant.”

As soon as Xie Qing’An came in, he heard Qi Yi say: “I am more fragrant if I am not whoring. We thank the boss for tasting it.”

Xie Qing’An couldn’t believe it. How could this anchor open his eyes and tell lies!

At the same time, as soon as Qi Yi said this sentence, he received a prompt that Xie Qing’An entered the live broadcast room.

He coughed slightly, “I’m just joking, but I didn’t expect to be heard by the master.”


The barrage floated by once again, Qi Yi opened the game, “We have started the game.”

This little game was not particularly fun. It was just for relaxation.

At first, he didn’t think about how to have fun, Qi Yi interacted with them while playing, and he also told some funny jokes.

While playing, he got stuck at a certain level.

He didn’t know how many times he died, but he always died in the same place.

Qi Yi lived up to expectations and was ridiculed by the audience again.

“This is for program effect, I did it on purpose. I will have fun this time. Don’t talk about me again.”

However, he still died there.

Many more eager audiences told him off about his skills. Qi Yi finally passed this time successfully. “You guys are really smart bags!”

After being praised once, they wanted to be praised a second time.

However, this caused a quarrel among the audience.

“Can this game actually make the anchor have fun and enjoy? You only think of yourself. It feels good to give pointers, doesn’t it?”

“Can the anchor get through the game quickly? He has such spicy skill, what’s wrong with giving advice?”

“I don’t care, the anchor has accepted it, yet you guys talk a lot.”

Qi Yi smashed the mouse, and a clear sound came out, “Why are you guys so noisy about this? I just died so many times and it’s not good to continue to die. Go on, pointing is okay, but you need to actually know something about it.”

Xie: “Please keep the live broadcast room in a harmonious atmosphere, if you quarrel again, you will be banned.”

Qi Yi continued to play the game after the people who were quarreling fell silent.

Soon the cheerful atmosphere returned.

“This game is quite fun, is there a team mode? Are the bosses going to come?”

When he asked, both Xie and the second boss invited him.

He couldn’t afford to offend both bosses, so Qi Yi had to return to invite the two.

Because each room can only have five people at most, his room had only two places left.

Several other bosses also wanted to play together, and his room was full in an instant.

Because they can’t communicate, they could only play with each other.

The other bosses rushed to the end, but Qi Yi was still wandering in the middle.

“The bosses are too good.” Qi Yi still praised them from time to time.

After complimenting, he started to speed up and reached the end within a few minutes.

In front of the finish line, a player nicknamed second child stood motionless.

Seeing him coming, the second child jumped into the finish line and completed the game.

In the same game map, Qi Yi could see all of them. The other three had gone in ahead of him, only the second child was still waiting for him.

Now, Qi Yi doesn’t really want to know everything. His second ranking boss either held affection for him, or he is more gentle and considerate of others.

But judging by the various signs, the first conjecture was more likely to happen.

Qi Yi felt that it was necessary for him to explain clearly. If this kind of thing really happened, it would not be a good thing for anyone.

After playing the game, Qi Yi specifically contacted him.

[Qi Qi Fifty: Is the boss there? I want to tell you something. I don’t know if you have a little affection for me. In order to explain clearly, I must tell you that I am actually a man. If you want to refund all the money you gave me, I can return it to you. If you want to publicize the fact that I am a man, there is nothing wrong with it. 】

【Your second child: Are you really a man? 】

【Qi Qi Fifty: Yes. It’s true. ]

Qi Yi, to ensure that what he said is the truth, immediately took a photo of his Adam’s apple and a voice made in the past.

[Your second child: Why didn’t you make it clear that you were a male when you started the broadcast? 】

【Qi Qi Fifty: For various reasons, I chose to conceal it. ]

Qi Yi waited ten minutes for the second child but did not receive a response. He could already imagine the second child becoming angry from embarrassment. If this happened to him, he wouldn’t accept it.

After half an hour, he finally got a response.

[Your second child: I understand, I won’t announce it. I did have a good impression of you before. Since you are a male, then we can continue to be brothers. 】

Unexpectedly, he is quite open minded, Qi Yi typed back again.

[Qi Qi Fifty: Does the boss need me to draw a lottery? I have great luck in the lottery. If I need it, I will make a time to live stream the lottery. 】

【Your boss: OK. 】

Suddenly seeing him change his nickname, Qi Yi felt amused. Maybe he was a little humble because he was a female before? Now that he was a man, he immediately became the boss.

It’s not that he never thought about the fact that he is male, but it will bring great risks. When he came to this world, he discovered that the novel is still a novel, but the people here are alive, so he was not sure that Bai Jingnian wouldn’t find it.

At the beginning, his live broadcast was carried out with the consent of the system, but the condition was that Bai Jingnian would not discover during the development of the plot, otherwise the punishment would be twice as severe as previous ones.

Although he is not afraid of pain, his instinct was to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and he will not bear pain that isn’t necessary.

Qi Yi was called by Qi Huai when he got up from bed.

“I went to work at the company this morning and made an appointment for you. In the afternoon, remember to meet that person.” Qi Huai spoke meaningfully.

“Okay, I see.”

He rushed to the company with Qi Huai. After finishing the work, Qi Yi was driven away by Qi Huai.

“I want to help you with a little more work.” Qi Yi said.

“No, when you went out fooling around with Bai Jingnian before, I could also do all the work alone.” Qi Huai was very determined, and he threw the car keys to Qi Yi after speaking.

“Hurry up, don’t let people wait for long.”

Qi Yi arrived at the place shortly after driving. It is a place for blind dates. He heard that there were a hundred or eighty pairs of people here, plus one. With a little bit of publicity, this place has become a holy place for blind dates.

When Qi Yi arrived, he reported his number and was taken to a separate room by someone.

He saw Bai Jingnian and Xie Qing’An on the way.

Just in time, Bai Jingnian and Xie Qing’An also saw him.

Seeing the disbelief in Bai Jingnian’s eyes, Qi Yi seemed to see him gritting his teeth.

Bai Jingnian didn’t have time to talk to Xie Qing’An anymore, so he took out his mobile phone to question Qi Yi.

Bai Jingnian: [Why did you come on a blind date? ]

Qi Yi: [My brother arranged it, but I can’t help it. Why did you come with Xie Qing’An? ]

Bai Jingnian: [I accompanied him on a blind date. 】

Qi Yi: 【If I don’t see that person, I can’t explain to my brother. You should accompany Mr.Xie first, and I will explain to you later. I’m really not willing to come on this blind date. 】

Bai Jingnian paused, his heart couldn’t let it go, but in order for the next plan to work, he agreed: [mmh]

They had already arrived at the dedicated room.

Qi Yi looked around, the layout was quite high-level, there was enough privacy, and it didn’t look small, not making people annoyed.

After opening the door, Qi Yi saw the boy who had come on the blind date.

Judging from his looks, he should be young.

After reaching out and shaking his hand politely, Qi Yi and the boy sat down.

A boy started out blunt: “I know you, you are the audacious man who wants to rob a man from Zou Shi Li.”

Qi Yi smiled:”I’m flattered.”

The boy’s face suddenly became ugly. “I am not praising you. Do you know what kind of person you are in our circle now? Do you think anyone is willing to date you?”

Qi Yi felt that there was no need to care about the boy. He took a sip of water to clear his throat, “Please give me some advice.”

“You… You are too ignorant of what is good and evil!” The boy held his hands on his chest, and raised his head proudly, “You are actually good-looking, but why do you want to steal someone from Zou Shi Li?”

“You didn’t just come to see my appearance, right?” Qi Yi said.

TL: Qi Yi is done with the plot’s shit and he just wants to live stream. Happy Reading Everyone!



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