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TRTN Chapter 19

The lost portrait (3)

Chapter 19: The Lost Portrait (3)

With a dog-like face and sharp claws, the voice is like a sharp bark and rapid crying…

Shen Yu threw the book away, “What did you think of?”

Yue Ze replied, “The one following Mr. Bard, the big dog.”

“I thought of the same way at the beginning.” Shen Yu smiled, “It’s a pity, but then I thought about it. That big dog was too old to bark, blind and also blunt, is it really capable of eating people?”

Yue Ze shook his head, “No matter what, be careful of Bard, his name is not the same as the name of the town.”

“Lies, the town of lies;”

“Bard, which means people who are very happy and who like to raise livestock.”  1 original text : 巴德,Bard,意為很快樂,且喜歡養家畜的人。

In the discussion, time passed quickly, and the next day, everyone did not find any valuable clues.

The house has stored food, enough for everyone to eat for three days, and warm, comfortable beds.

Although they are not sure whether there is danger lurking in the villa, the danger hidden in the small town outside may be even greater, and everyone unanimously decided to spend the night in this small villa.

After crying for a long time, the three girls finally realized that no matter how futile they were, they couldn’t leave here. They could only accept the hard reality feebly, and the three of them went to sleep together.

Xie Junfei and Zhang Keke had already occupied the westernmost room on the second floor of the villa.

“I’m sorry, these two brothers.” Xie Junfei said with a smile but not a smile, “My sister likes to see the scenery, so we sister and brother chose this room.”

The westernmost room is next to the cemetery, and you can see the grave as soon as you open the window. Seeing the tombstone, is there a ghost scenery to see?

Shen Yu frowned slightly, but he couldn’t tell even if he saw it through, and let them go, choosing a room on the first floor at will.

That room is next to the garden on the first floor, and when the window is opened, there are fragrant flowers.

On the wall of the room, there is also a giant portrait of a girl, with long hair as thick as seaweed, rosy cheeks, sweet smile, two green eyes undulating, smiling at the person outside the frame.

As soon as Yue Ze entered the door, he kept staring at the portrait, his eyes thoughtful.

Shen Yu opened his beloved candy jar again, shook it, and poured out three sweet and cold mints.

This time he had prepared before entering the novel, and brought a jar full of mints, enough for him to eat for a long time.

For these three days, he can eat to the fullest, he doesn’t have to count the candies one by one every day like last time.

“What are you looking at?” He chewed up a candy and asked curiously.

Yue Ze frowned lightly, “I don’t like this portrait, especially her eyes.”

He doesn’t like all the portraits in this villa, and when he gets closer to them, he always feels a thorny back.

“It seems that you don’t like to see beautiful women…” Shen Yu teased, his eyes glanced out the window inadvertently, but the ridiculous voice suddenly stopped.

“Anonymous.” He said softly, “There is a woman outside the window looking at us.”

Yue Ze raised his head and looked out the window.

Outside the dim window, a woman’s figure was vaguely reflected. Black and dirty long hair draped over her body and her face was thin. Her lips were also dry with her sharp cheekbones raised, her eyelids were blue and black, and her pupils were pale green. Her face was staring into the window motionlessly.

But after being discovered, in an instant, the woman’s shadow gradually dimmed outside the window and disappeared.

Outside the window was the garden. Yue Ze opened the window and chased it, but after he searched the garden carefully, he found nothing.

“I didn’t see any figures.” He said after returning to the room.

This time, he changed his attention to the portrait that Shen Yu was staring at the room.

Shen Yu said uncertainly, “Anonymous, do you think that the woman outside the window just now…is very similar to the person in the painting?” The same thick black hair, green eyes, and pale skin.

It’s just that the person in the painting has a cheerful smile, and her cheeks are full and round, just like a vibrant sunflower under the sun.

The woman outside the window was gloomy and shriveled, with sunken cheeks and no smile on her face. She was very gloomy.

The two people inside and outside the frame are simply the gap between heaven and hell, but they feel similar for no reason.

They waited silently for half the night again, but the woman outside the window never appeared again, and the two of them had no choice but to lie in bed for a while.

But after the lights were turned off, in the silent night, a sound came from under the bed.


It was like the sound of someone eating bones and flesh, accompanied by the sound of long nails scratching the bed.

The two people who had just fallen asleep had to get up again, and simply lifted the bed board directly.

The bed was empty.

But probably the air here is too humid, and even mold stains grow on the bed.

The traces of these mildew stains are faint, looking like a lying human figure.

At this moment, even Shen Yu couldn’t laugh, “Someone is here with us?”

But Yue Ze stretched out his slender fingers and brushed the scratches on the bed board : “This is the sound of scratching the bed board, but human fingernails absolutely can’t leave such deep marks.”

“Or else it’s a ghoul?” Shen Yu guessed.

But when he inadvertently glanced out of the window again, his tone suddenly became weird, “Anonymous, when you just went out…did your palm press on the windowpane?”

Although the small town of Lies was warm in the daytime, but in the middle of the night, the temperature dropped sharply, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor was huge.

The air outside is cold, but the room is still warm, so when the hot air meets the cold, a thin layer of water drops on the window glass formed, which looks like a layer of fog.

At this time, there was a very clear palm print on this layer of mist.

Yue Ze walked over and examined it carefully, “The ten fingers are slender, and the palms are thin. They look more like the palms of a woman, not what I just left.”

Shen Yu stared at the palm prints and suddenly said, “This palm print on the mist was pressed from the inside of the room.” The mist condensed in the warm room, and only the people in the room could press the palm prints on the glass.

The two of them thought of the gloomy woman at the same time.

“The woman outside the window, if her palm prints were left by her…” Shen Yu’s eyes trembled slightly, “What we just saw was the reflection of the window glass.”

“She has been hiding in this room, staying with us.”

At this moment, the black book of the two suddenly warmed up.

The plot has made new progress, but they didn’t do anything just now?

The two looked at each other in surprise, then opened the book in their hands.

【Seven little detectives came to the town of Lies.】

【It is said that a madman has great strength.】

【It is said that the body of the dead is heavy.】

【It is said that after death, nails will continue to grow wildly.】

【It is said that they live on the tomb.】

【Hee hee! 】

Shen Yu looked at the “Hee hee” at the end, and suddenly became angry in his heart.

I really want to beat up this owing book!

At the same time, in the west room on the second floor.

Xie Junfei has been very irritable and can’t sleep.

Not only because they opened the window, they could also see countless grave tombstones outside the window.

As recorded in the diary, the bed in this room has been built with bricks. They rested for half the night, never encountering any strange things or heard strange noises.

But there was a faint smell in the room, a smell like rotten meat.

But they could not find the source of the rancidity.

What’s more disturbing is that there were two paintings hanging in this room, one is large and the other is smaller.

The larger one, like the portraits in other rooms, painted a beautiful girl with blue eyes, thick black hair, and the same sweet smile. She also wears a gem ring on her finger.

They speculated that the girl with the ring painted should be the Emily recorded in Bard’s diary.

But the other painting is a bit weird.

This smaller painting also depicts a woman, but the face of this woman is particularly terrifying.

A large chunk of the flesh on her cheek was cut off, bleeding miserably. Her eyes opened forcefully, her muddy eyeballs seemed to fall out of her eye sockets at any time, her lips were chapped, the blue veins on her forehead looked like they are about to burst, and her palms were painted on the frame, as if to break free from the frame.

Xie Junfei couldn’t understand why Bard put such a gloomy painting in his own bedroom.

“Artists are all a bit weird. Maybe this painting is terrifying in our eyes, but it is beautiful in his eyes.” Zhang Keke said impatiently.

“Go to bed! Keep your spirits up, we have to continue looking for portraits tomorrow.”

Xie Junfei sent two more complaints. The brother and sister pair slept on the bed, and finally fell asleep.

The next day, Zhang Keke was the first one to wake up from her sleep.

Her eyes vaguely glanced at the portrait, then she suddenly sat up suddenly and let out a scream.

“Ah, something has happened…?  Sister, what’s the matter? It’s dangerous…” The scream made Xie Junfei agitated, and he immediately got up from the floor and asked vaguely.

Zhang Keke pressed his mouth hard and forced herself to calm down, “Portrait! That horrible portrait last night!” The portrait of the gloomy woman last night? Xie Junfei looked over in a daze, but suddenly his eyes turned round in shock.

What portraits? There was only a small window where the paintings were hung yesterday.

Zhang Keke’s body trembled slightly, “What we saw yesterday was not a painting, but a woman, standing in front of the window, staring at us…”

She couldn’t continue.

And Xie Junfei who was fully awake, rushed to the window, and checked over and over again, “How is it possible, I checked it carefully last night, it is indeed a painting.”

He muttered, “It’s a wicked door. There is an extra painting in the room, but who knows there is an extra window…wait!”

He suddenly became excited, and happily pulled Zhang Keke up, “Sister, I thought about it! We have found the lost portrait!” Zhang Keke didn’t know what to reply, but at this time, there was also a knock on the door.

“We just heard the scream, do you need help?” It was Shen Yu’s voice.

The other people in the villa came to visit after hearing the scream just now.

“A few of them slept in other rooms. They didn’t encounter any danger last night?” Xie Junfei snorted, “Fate is really magnanimous!”

Then he shouted,  “Thank you for your concern, we are all right, my Sister just met a cockroach.”

After fooling the people outside the door, he said very excitedly, “Sister, the secret we discovered must be protected.”

“Don’t let others know!”

“After we find the portrait, we will leave immediately and leave the others in the story.”


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    original text : 巴德,Bard,意為很快樂,且喜歡養家畜的人。
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