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TRTN Chapter 18

The lost portrait (2)

Chapter 18:  The Lost Portrait (2)

When everyone heard the sound and rushed, they saw the three girls in the living room, tremblingly hugging each other at this time.

“What’s the matter?”

Shen Yu asked.

It stands to reason that monsters and dangers should not attack so quickly, and their group should be safe for the time being.

Lin Miaomiao tremblingly took out a cell phone and said in a crying voice, “I just wanted to call my mom, but the phone has no signal…”

Shen Yu: “It’s normal. Horror novels don’t let people contact the outside world. .”

She then cried, “No signal, but the phone’s battery, there are many, here and beautiful scenery and the house, the three of us wanted to take selfie photo …… “

Shen Yu: “……”

What a strong psychological quality! Much better than his first time!

At least in this kind of horror story, he is absolutely not in the mood to take a group photo.

“But when we took a selfie, there were obviously only three people, but there were actually four face frames!”

“At first, I thought my phone had a problem with recognition, but after trying different phones for the three of us, there is still one extra frame… There is an invisible person standing behind us when we take pictures…”

Lin Miaomiao cried and handed the phone over, “If you don’t believe me, try it yourself, there is really a ghost here! “After Shen Yu took it, he actually pulled Yue Ze along, ready to take a selfie together, “Come on, smile!”

Yue Ze: …

When the two of them were taking selfies, three face recognition frames popped up on the phone screen.

The extra face recognition frame hung over Shen Yu’s shoulder, motionless.

Shen Yu shook the phone and switched the camera position. The original face recognition frames of the three people suddenly jumped out several times.

He put down his phone and looked behind them with a complicated expression.

Behind them was a wall.

This villa has been around for a few years, and the original white wall in the center of the living room has inevitably grown some mold under the infiltration of rain.

These inconspicuous molds did not destroy the beauty of the wall itself, but merged with the old wall, growing mold spots with different marks on the wall, forming a strange beauty.

At this moment, Shen Yu shines the phone directly at the wall.

There was no one in the camera, but more than a dozen face recognition frames popped up on the screen, crowded together.

When people look at it, they will feel panicked!

“Look, these mildew spots on the walls… don’t they look like faces?” Shen Yu asked suddenly.

Xie Junfei and Zhang Keke, who had been watching with cold eyes, immediately pushed aside the girls who were in the way and squeezed into the wall to watch.

Carefully distinguishing the white wall, traces of mold left by the mold really look like mottled human faces, blurry. However, their expressions in them were very vivid.

These faces were all girls’ faces, and their faces screamed pain and had hideous expressions.

Xie Junfei hesitated and said, “Sister, do you see these faces look like the portraits in the room?”

Zhang Keke frowned, “What are you thinking? The demeanor is so different!”

The girls in the portraits were all like the sun, shining, youthful and sweet, but the faces on the walls had painful expressions of distorted facial features. There is no way to see what they originally looked like.

Shen Yu said, “No matter who these faces are, the reason for the girls’ disappearance is always inseparable from the ghouls. This must be an important clue. I don’t know if there is a library near this town.” If he wants to go deeper, the most convenient way to learn about ghouls is to learn directly from the town’s historical records and books.

Xie Junfei took the initiative to show the way, “You don’t need a library. Just on the top floor of this villa, there is the private library of the house owner, Bard. There should be records about ghouls.”

“I just went up and checked. But I don’t like reading, so I turned around and came down.”

Looking at Xie Junfei, who was uncharacteristically normal, Shen Yu couldn’t help looking at each other. After thanking them, they left silently.

When the two of them were in the attic, Xie Junfei and Zhang Keke jumped up, leaving the three girls still crying on the same place, then finding a relatively hidden room for themselves, before closing the door.

Zhang Keke pulled out a thin diary.

“We never had time to look at the clues, and now we have finally distracted the two!” Xie Junfei complained.

Just now, they stepped into the villa before others, so naturally they searched all the portraits before others.

When they searched the last room’s portrait, they found this hidden diary from the back of the frame.

The name ‘Bard’ was signed on it, which was obviously a personal record of the homeowner, Bard.

It’s a pity that when they just took the clues of the day in their hands, the people like Shen Yu came, so they could only put away the diary first.

Naturally, such clues cannot be shared with others.

The two opened the diary excitedly.

[Annie, my lovely Annie! How pure and lively you are, like a little lamb jumping! I will wear a beautiful wreath on your brilliant blonde hair!] [You are perfect!]

[It’s terrible! I didn’t realized until today that Annie is too short, she doesn’t grow tall at all…] [Emily, my beautiful Emily, your eyes are like the blue sky, you are gentle and moving. In the world, no one is more perfect than you! I want to give you a beautiful gem ring.] […]

[Damn it! Can anyone tell me why such a beautiful person has freckles?] [Baby Betty, your blushing face is very attractive, but the color of your hair is really ugly…] [Ah! Anna, you are the perfect person! Your long black hair is like dense algae, your green eyes are like autumn lake, and your white skin is like ivory. I will give you all the beautiful things in the world!] [Only you are the most like Alice!]

[And so on, Anna stubby little fingers……]

[None of you are Alice, no one is my Alice!!] After reading these nagging love words roughly, Xie Junfei couldn’t help but say sourly, “That old guy, he was very romantic when he was young. He has talked a few TM! At first glance, it’s not a good thing. He deserves to be alone. Being accompanied by a dog!”

Zhang Keke pointed out the key, “He said that these people are not his Alice… Maybe he once had a true love named Alice.”

“But after the accidental death of his lover, when he fell in love, he only looked for girls who looked like Alice?”

Xie Junfei was so shocked that his jaw dropped, “This is a stand-in literature?!”

They continued to read, but the content of the second half of the diary began to spit out warmly. The flow of love gradually became scary.

[Annie is sick. She has been coughing vaguely and has a fever. I hope it’s not pneumonia.] [Damn, it’s really pneumonia!]

[Poor girl, her weak body is not strong enough, she couldn’t hold it…] [The ghoul is here, the ghoul! Ghoul!!]

[Emily has a mental breakdown, she can’t bear everything in the world, I can’t help comforting her, but it’s useless, she even started to attack me madly. ] [Poor Emily, I have to take away all the sharp weapons, ropes, and glass that can hurt me, just hope she can get well.] [Emily bit her wrist with her teeth when I was not paying attention… This girl who has been sad, finally left me.] [The ghoul is here again, it has been wandering. ]

[No, Anna! You used to be such a proud person, you can hold it, you can hold it!] [Anna is gone…]

[Blame the hateful ghoul! !]

[Impossible, it shouldn’t be like this! Are they back?]

[Following the ghoul, my home is next to the cemetery, and the ghoul often wanders in my room. ] [Damn it! ] [I know they are hidden under the bed… Those eyes are staring at me who is sleeping on the bed…] [I don’t like being stared at when I sleep, so I blocked the bottom of my room with bricks……Let them go and hide under the bed in other rooms! ] [Now, they can no longer stare at me.]

[I can sleep well. ]

Seeing this, the two of them all looked down.

Xie Junfei asked, “Sister, does the ‘it’ hiding under the bed refer to the girls who come back, or the ghouls who often wander in the room?”

Zhang Keke’s face sinks like water, “No matter who it is, this building is very dangerous, especially those rooms with beds.”

No one wants a monster staring at you under the bed while he is sleeping.

Xie Junfei patted his thigh: “Sister, we can go to the only room under the bed that is blocked by bricks. It must be safe! It is also written in the diary, and no monsters are staring at him anymore.”

Zhang Keke’s expression turned better slightly, “It’s rare for you to be smart once. Let’s go find that room and get ahead of everyone.”

Listening to the hurried and messy footsteps downstairs, Shen Yu in the attic leaned on the bookshelf and turned over a page of the book lazily.

“Listening to them  being in such a hurry, they should have found new clues.” He said.

He knew that the other party must have found some clue in advance, but  didn’t want to share it with them, so they deliberately hid it secretly.

He also knew that if he insisted on sharing, he would definitely cause a war in the end, so he simply borrowed the donkey and avoided the two directly in the name of reading at the library.

Yue Ze calmly said: “Don’t worry about them, we are at our own pace, and we must not rush to achieve success, else, we will be in a mess.”

“Oh, I found it!” Shen Yu opened a book again, and he actually found it. There is a record of ghouls.

[Ghoul, a filthy humanoid creature with its feet upright and leaning forward. It is similar to humans in many places, but it has the face and claws of a dog, and its sound is like a dog barking and rushing, crying.] [They feed on rotting corpses, and they are mostly found near the cemetery.] [In the taboo legend, humans can transform into ghouls after a long period of time.]


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