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TRTN Chapter 13

The Bloody Apartment (13)

Chapter 13… The Bloody Apartment (13)

When the night was cold and the water was cold, Shen Yu took a handful of cold water and threw it on his slightly hot face.

After leaving the room, he did not stay too much in the corridor, but went straight to the bathroom at the end of the corridor.

In the public bathroom outside the toilet, there is not only a shower head, but also a sink and a dirty and broken mirror.

After the heat on his face slowly subsided from the excitement, Shen Yu straightened up and looked at the mirror in front of him.

A pair of scarlet eyes appeared on the broken mirror, silently lurking behind him, staring at him coldly.

As soon as he looked in the mirror, the monster behind him showed its fangs and pounced at his fragile neck.

Shen Yu had been prepared for a long time, leaned over to avoid the monster’s sneak attack, and then stabbed the monster with his backhand, the narrow and sharp blade in his hand flashed with cold light.

This monster, incarnated by a bear child, still retains its own cruel habits. When killing people, it is like killing a cat or puppy. It likes to pinch the neck of a living creature and appreciate the little bit of suffocation of the prey in his hands.

The last time it attacked Xu Tingting, it was in the bathroom of the west building. Shen Yu deliberately ran to the bathroom of the east building this time to lure him out.

The scalpel in his hand was quietly stuffed into his hand by Anonymous during the day.

This blade is definitely one of the skills, piercing the monster’s body is as easy as cutting tofu.

With just one knife, Shen Yu nailed the little monster to death on the mirror.

The already broken mirror was broken completely with a “crack” now, and there were splattered fragments everywhere, piercing Shen Yu’s palm.

He never expected that he would kick the iron plate 1 to kick the iron plate : metaphorically saying one gets jinxed. this time, the blood monkey-like monster, suddenly let out a sharp roar, the body nailed to the wall squirmed desperately, desperately trying to escape.

A sound of tearing flesh and blood sounded, and the monster actually tore half of his body alive, leaving an arm and shoulder on the wall.

It lay on the ground with its remaining three limbs, tossing and jumping in a small space, trying to bypass Shen Yu who was guarding the exit.

The sticky blood drops like falling rain, staining the entire bathroom red.

Shen Yu’s eyes shrank slightly, the corner of his eyes glanced at the scalpel that was still nailed to the wall, and he stepped forward and pulled it out, together with the flesh and blood that was still attached to it.

But he’s still a little late when doing the action of taking the blade, from behind him, there already came the whistling of the wind, foul breath in close proximity, the monster flew behind him this time has ……


And the sound of a knife piercing into the body.

Shen Yu slowly turned his head, and saw Anonymous standing outside the corridor, watching everything with heavy eyes.

The monster that was still fighting to death has been nailed to the wall by several scalpels, one of which just penetrated its head.

Finally died.

Shen Yu lightly breathed a sigh of relief, while Anonymous walked in silently and put away the scalpel.

The broken corpse of the monster fell to the ground with a snap, turning into a pool of sticky scarlet flesh, and a golden key slipped out of the flesh.

This key is also engraved with a name-Wu Xiaobao.

Shen Yu picked up the key and stretched his frown that had been frowning: “We guessed it before. It really is a different key.”

He handed the scalpel and the key to Anonymous.

But Anonymous just stared at the cut on his palm, with a deep tone: “Keep this scalpel for yourself, you can use it to save your life in the future .” “Don’t take risks like this in the future.”

Shen Yu tilted his head slightly: “?”

Although they found another key, his partner seemed inexplicably unhappy.

Its already halfway through the night.

The monster who scratched the window every night, but missed the appointment this time, let them wait , but it never showed up.

“Maybe the monster sensed the danger in the apartment, so he hid for the time being?”

Shen Yu thoughtfully said: “Then if we want to draw it out, we have to use some other means.”

Anonymous did not speak, but silently walked to the window, stroked his palm on the black book, and then pressed the window glass.

Two small bloody handprints appeared on the transparent window.

Shen Yu opened his eyes slightly in surprise: “Whose blood is this?” The blood on the anonymous hands was not dry, and the voice was faint: “The blood of Wu Jianyi and Wu Xiaobao. When the two monsters died, I collected them. Part of their flesh and blood is stored, and now it really comes in handy.”

Shen Yu: “…Listening to the tone, are you still angry?”

Why can’t it be coaxed? It’s harder to coax than a real elementary school student!

He had no other good way to deal with a child who had a temper. After thinking about it for a long time, Shen Yu could only repeat the trick and take out his mint candies again.

“Want to eat candy?” He shook the candy box and said painfully, “I have the last two candies left, one for you, eh?”

Anonymous: “…”

He turned his head indifferently, his tender cheeks even more bulging, may be angry.

“Bang!” The sudden impact broke the silence between the two in an instant.

Outside the dark window, a pair of pale feet appeared. They were hung in the air, hitting the window with their toes.

The two bloody palm prints on the glass window seemed to irritate the monster outside the window. The monster changed the style of scratching and deceiving in the past, almost violently hitting the window, seeming to want to squeeze into the house.

“Wow!” The glass shattered, the pale soles of the feet were hooked onto the window frame, and a cold rope snaked in from the window.

A loop was tied at the end of the rope, and after entering the house, it crawled straight to the necks of the two of them.

“This is an upper hanging rope?” Shen Yu was a little surprised. Instead of touching it directly with his hands, he moved a chair to press the rope.

But the upper rope twitched abruptly, and the wooden chair was cut into two pieces abruptly.

If this rope loop is put on the neck of a living person, it will obviously cut the neck bone of the living person ruthlessly.

The hanging rope still wanted to attack the two people, but anonymous suddenly grabbed the end of the rope and pulled it into the house severely: “Its body dare not enter the house, pull it in!”

Shen Yu hurried forward and tried hard together. The two almost instantly uses all of their strength to reluctantly pull the monster hanging outside the window into the house.

It was the corpse of a pale and swollen woman. Her tongue was strangled by the sling and her eyes protruded. After being dragged into the house, it looked like a fish out of the water, and the struggling suddenly became smaller.

It was afraid of this apartment, and when it was so fearful to kill, it didn’t dare to enter the apartment’s room, only dared to wander around outside the apartment’s window.

At this moment, it looked at Shen Yu and Anonymous who dragged it in, with panic and resentment written in its eyes, and its long scarlet and sticky tongue was still quietly leaning towards the feet of the two.

Anonymous stepped on that dishonest long tongue and leaned down blankly: “Zhang Lili has been waiting for a long time.”

“It’s time for the three of you to make atonement.” The blade flashed between his fingers, and a long scarlet tongue was cut off.

The woman’s body became stiff, and then fell straight to the ground, no longer moving, a pair of raised eyes opened in horror, all the fear before death was reflected in the eyes.

In its wide open mouth, a golden key is looming.

Shen Yu took out the key from under her tongue, with the woman’s name engraved on it.

Zhao Axiang.

Wu Jianyi, Wu Xiaobao, Zhao Axiang-a family of three gathered.

This time the monster’s corpse did not turn into a pool of flesh like the previous two.

The two of them simply opened the sheets and stuffed the monster’s body under the bed.

Under the bed, the body of Boss Qian who was hanged was also placed there.

Fortunately, the murderer was also with him this time.

After all this tossing, the night has passed, and the sky outside the window is shining gray.

The murderer of Zhang Lili is dead.

Should it be over?

Looking at the sky gradually brightening, Shen Yu murmured: “It’s already the fifth day.”

He opened the black book again.

[Thirteen brave cleaners stepped into the pink apartment. 】

【This is an unclean and sinful place. 】

【The cleaners cleaned up those dirty crimes. 】

【But, did you really clean it up? ]

He sighed and closed the book page: “Everything is not over, Zhang Lili’s murderer, has not been completely caught.”

Those … direct or indirect murderer!

Its dawn, and the survivors gather again.

This time, anyone can tell at a glance that the color of the apartment wall has become darker, and it doesn’t look like the delicate pink at first, and the entire west building of the apartment is in a bloody red.

Out of fear of red blood , many people even started to move to the dilapidated East Building.

“Sister Cui, it’s been, it’s been the fifth day, we…Are we all going to die?” Xu Jiaojiao was so anxious that tears fell, crying and hiccuping.

The little lovers, who have always had a low sense of existence, hugged each other in despair at this time, and promised each other that in the next generation they would be together.

Cuihua was guarding them, her eyes glanced at the silent East Building, but her mouth calmed everyone: “It’s okay, just wait for them to come out.”

Apparently Cuihua is very prestigious among the newcomers. The three  newcomers finally cheered up, and  moved closer to her.

“What are you waiting for! The two of them haven’t come out yet, don’t you understand?”

The bald man who had been suppressed, but suddenly had an attack at this time, jumped up and shouted: “The two of them must have died last night. So they couldn’t come out to gather! They are dead!!!”

“I really don’t know the use of the clues you are looking for, you can’t even keep it! I had illusions about you before… It’s the fifth day now, and if we don’t think about it, we will all die here!” The bald man accepted it before. the pressure, at this time all burst out, roar flushed, prominent veins on his neck: “I’ve no time, you will stay here waiting for me to find the bodies of the ghost of my own, I do not want to die,”

After saying , he had already left with red eyes.

Cuihua, who was yelled for some reason, was not angry, but shouted at his back: “No matter where you think the female ghost’s corpse is hidden, don’t act rashly, you are looking for the wrong one!”

The bald man who was about to leave Suddenly stagnated.

The reason why he dared to have such a bad temper was because he had already finalized the approximate location of the female ghost’s body.

He ridiculed those who looked down on himself, then found the female ghost’s body, swallowed it by himself, and left alone, leaving others to die in this story… that was his original plan.

But Cuihua called out, and pointed out that the location he found was a fake?

It’s fake…how it’s possible! She must be lying, because they could not find it, so she deliberately deceived him, wanting to know the exact location of the body from his own mouth… It must be so, he is right, others are jealous of him!

The bald man was fierce in his heart, and left Cuihua’s words behind him, but accelerated his pace and quickly disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

Cuihua looked at the back of his escaped bald man , and finally sighed: “Okay! It’s all on your own, don’t blame on anyone else.”

“What are you looking at?”

Shen Yu finally came out of the East Building and gathered with the survivors. , asking curiously.

“It’s nothing, it’s hard to persuade a dead ghost!” Cuihua curled her lips and looked at the two of them. “Why did you come out so late?”

“I didn’t sleep last night. When the sky was almost bright , I had to make up for a little sleep. , Nourish the spirit.” Shen Yu said, spreading his palms.

In the palm of his hand, three golden keys gleamed.

“Let’s go! Let’s clean the apartment thoroughly.”


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    to kick the iron plate : metaphorically saying one gets jinxed.
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