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TRTN Chapter 12

The Bloody Apartment (12)

Chapter 12… The Bloody Apartment (12)

“The sound of the percussion is crisp and it is indeed hollow.”

Anonymous sat on Shen Yu’s arm, stretched out his hand and knocked on the ceiling with a sullen face.

At this moment, the posture of the two of them is that Shen Yu is standing below, holding him with his arms bent, and sending him to the ceiling.

But looking at anonymous’ expression, it seems that he is not reluctant.

“Nobody sent us a box lunch today. Are you hungry? Will you have low blood sugar in the morning?”

Shen Yu raised up and asked with concern: “You are a growing child , I still have A few mints, would you like it?”

And the person he cared about, anonymous’ face was getting more and more strained, and his tone was very resisting: “I am not growing my body, I don’t eat candy,”

“Puff…cough cough , I’m okay, keep busy!”

Behind them, Cuihua didn’t suffocate an accidental laugh, she coughed again and again, and motioned for the two to continue.

Having said that, she looked at anonymous with a tight face, but her eyes were full of gloating “You have today”.

Shen Yu suddenly asked nonchalantly: “You two have known each other for a long time outside, right?”

The motion of anonymous’ hand paused slightly, and then he gave a slightly unchecked “um”.

“She is my old subordinate.” Then he added another sentence.

“Since you are teammates, why did you two pretend not to know each other when you first entered the novel?” Shen Yu was even more puzzled, “Also, what the hell is the old man? How old are you?”

This time anonymous didn’t explain more. , Just said faintly: “The mission needs.”

Shen Yu raised an eyebrow: “It’s quite mysterious, it looks like a spy organization .”

At this time, Cuihua, who was on the sidelines, couldn’t help but interject: “This name, the insight and logical analysis of the newcomer is simply top-notch! Head, how did you come across such a good seedling with such a aptitude?”

Shen Yu smiled wryly: “Actually, I ran into him on the initiative!”

The corners of anonymous’ mouth hooked slightly where they were not watching him.

It’s just that this smile was only a flash in the pan, and he quickly continued to calmly analyze: “The mezzanine above is very weak to touch, but it cannot be broken directly with violence, and it cannot be opened with a knife or other props.”

Cuihua heard it, immediately there’s a lot of enthusiasm: “Chief, can you do it? I’ll do it if you can’t!” anonymous said coldly: “You are not tall enough, do you want to jump and check the situation?”

Cuihua who was eager to try: “…”

Words from the heart !

She looked at herself and saw that she was not six feet tall, and looked up at her boss who was being lifted up, and finally grinned her teeth in resentment.

In terms of shortness , some people are worse than themselves!

Shen Yu asked: “This is also the restriction of the rules of the novel? It can’t be broken by force directly, just like Room 444 in the East Building?”

Anonymous replied in a low voice, and then he seemed to have found something, with a blade between his fingers. Carefully scrape off the wall paint on the ceiling.

The pink dust foam descended one after another, and he hurriedly covered Shen Yu’s eyes with one free hand: “Be careful not to be blinded by the dust.” It was dim in front of him , and Shen Yu could only hear the rustling. With the scratching sound, he calmed down and waited quietly.

Soon, he heard anonymous say in a deep voice: “That golden key, let me use it.”

The palm in front of him was moved away, and he saw that the inconspicuous joint between the ceiling and the wall was scraped off. The pink paint on the wall revealed a small keyhole abruptly.

They really got it right!

Under the gaze of the three of them, the golden key was pierced into the keyhole and turned a few times, but it made a soft noise.

Anonymous frowned: “This key can’t open the mezzanine.”

“What is it?”

Cuihua, who was originally full of expectation, couldn’t help but point to the name engraved on the key and vomit: “You can’t open your own door. Forget it, now it can’t even open a small mezzanine, Wu Jianyi, you are just a waste!”

The reason why the three of them ran to the West Building was to speculate that after Wu Jianyi had killed his wife, he would definitely use the opportunity to renovate his apartment to secretly dispose of the corpse.

The west building represents the renovated apartment, so Zhang Lili’s body is most likely to be hidden in the “invisible seventh floor”, which is built into the mezzanine.

But now, the keys in their hands also can’t open the mezzanine, it’s useless at all!

Anonymous jumped down from above and thought for a long time before he said: “It seems that in the end, we have to go back to the East Building.”

“The key with Wu Jianyi’s name is not useful for the time being, so if we want to open Room 444 and The mezzanine, we can only rely on the other two keys-Wu Jianyi’s lover and illegitimate son.”

Shen Yu instantly understood what he meant: “There are too many apartment tenants in the West Building. Now it is a bit dangerous for us. The siege like the one last night is hard to guarantee that it will happen again, so tonight we are going to the East Building for the night?”

“Only in the East Building, without the interruption of the residents of the apartment, can we find the time to kill two monsters and get the vital key.”

“Wait. , Where are we going to find the monster?”

Cuihua interrupted the two of them: “Even if we can find the monster scratching the glass outside the window, but another monster is out of sight, running around in the apartment, and can’t find its shadow at all, let alone Kill it!”

Hearing this, Shen Yu looked down and pondered for a moment, then whispered: “I know how to draw it out.”

The day time passed quickly, and it was the fourth night in a blink of an eye.

The wall of the pink apartment is darker, and the sky is redder every day. The delicate pink from the beginning has become infinitely close to bright red.

It makes people can’t ignore it even if they want to .

The bald man sat on the sofa on the first floor with a gloomy face and short breathing, as if his mood was extremely low.

After he learned the truth of the matter, he originally went to look for the corpse with confidence, but after looking for it alone for a day, he didn’t even get a fart!

Tomorrow is the fifth day, and the deadline is approaching, but he has found nothing, and he doubts whether Shen Yu and others deliberately gave him false clues!

And the three remaining novices, seeing his face at this time, all avoided him from a distance.

Seeing others hiding from himself like a plague god, the bald man suddenly became even more frustrated!

For a veteran like him, in the previous few novels, which time was it not that a group of newcomers rushed to fawn him? When is it like this, he can’t even find a newcomer to explore the road at hand!

All three people! Those three people cling to each other, blindly guarding the newcomers, and squeezing him out! It was all caused by those three unruly people! !

Thinking of this, the bald man couldn’t help but flush his face, angrily punched a few hard punches on the sofa, and weakly vented the anger in his heart.

Even worse, the manager did not distribute the keys today, so he still only has the red key he grabbed yesterday.

The red key can only let him sleep in the East Building, but… thinking of the tragedy that happened in the East Building last night, and the overwhelming scarlet blood, the bald man couldn’t help covering his head timidly.

He really dare not live in the East Building anymore!

Just as he was worried, a pink key suddenly came to him: “Change the red key in your hand.” The bald man looked up blankly, but saw Cuihua standing in front of him.

“What the hell are you doing?” He asked suspiciously.

Cuihua said impatiently: “If you change the key to the East Building, can’t you change it? I’ll just take it if you don’t change it!” The bald man’s cheek was drawn and he hurriedly threw the hot potato in his hand to the other party.

Cuihua got the key and walked towards Shen Yu and Anonymous while whistling, but was taken over by Anonymous : “We two go to the East Building, and you stay in the West Building.”

“The manager has already torn his faces with us. For the time being, you don’t need to follow the rules of one room per person. Tonight, you have a room for the four of you. Take care of the three newcomers.”

Cuihua was taken aback, and suddenly jumped up: “Kill two monsters overnight. Only you two do such a dangerous thing? Head, you…” Anonymous’ tone sank: “This is an order!”

Cuihua suddenly got stuck.

Seeing that she was still not convinced, Anonymous had to repeat: “The siege last night may appear again tonight. All three newcomers cannot protect themselves, and can only be taken care of by an veteran.”

“We are going to the east Wing which is dangerous , the West Wing where you stay is also not safe. ”

Cuihua hesitated for a moment, just to be say:.” It is ”

The bald man in the side heard this with red eyes, when they said looking after those three newcomers, he is definitely not within the scope of their protection, his heart suddenly became even more unhappy.

He was panicking now, seeing nothing pleasing to the eye, but he couldn’t beat other veterans, and finally he could only hold his breath and swear in a low voice and left.

Cuihua also took three newcomers, living in the same room like a mother chicken guarding three panicked little chicken cubs.

However, Shen Yu and Anonymous stayed where they were, looking at each other for a long time.

This time, no one took the lead to look away.

After a long while, it was about eleven o’clock, Shen Yu finally got up and went to the East Building to find a room at random.

Anonymous had a solemn expression and followed him silently.

At eleven, the lights went out.

Shen Yu fumbled for a while in the room, but he found a cold and stiff fat corpse under the bed.

He couldn’t help laughing: “I didn’t pay attention when looking for a room just now. We actually lived in the same room where Boss Qian was hanged.”

Then, he was taken aback for a while, and then laughed at himself again.

It has only been a few days, and he, a third-rate novelist, will not be afraid to touch a corpse under the bed in the middle of the night.

Human adaptability is really strong!

But Anonymous was silent in the dark, and didn’t answer his words. After a long time, he said, “I still don’t agree with the method you proposed before.”

On the sixth floor, Shen Yu proposed…the method of eliciting monsters.

Shen Yu did not directly refute, but sat on the bed, patiently told:. “From Wu Jianyi diary, we can see that his illegitimate son Wu Xiaobao, in fact, is a real bear child,” 1 bear child : naughty, mischievous,etc.

“murdering Cats and dogs, knocking down old people, beating up and bullying classmates, he was arrogant and mischievous at a young age. He was also very annoying in the apartment. Every time the parents have to clean up his mess.”

“And when I first entered the novel. At the beginning, I was almost strangled to death by a child-sized monster, and then the monster sneaked in and strangled Xu Tingting. The modus operandi 2 modus operandi : a particular way or method of doing something. was the same as that of Wu Xiaobao’s strangulation of cats and dogs in the diary.”

“At least 80%, we can say that the monster was Wu Xiaobao. A bear kid who can’t bear provocation the most! And I—”

He smiled, got up, pushed the door open in the dark, and the light outside the corridor suddenly illuminated the dark room.

“I am the only one who escaped from under its hands. A person who likes to kill prey, how can he allow fish that slip through the net to be alive ?”

“So it will definitely come to kill me!”

Facing the dim light, Shen Yu went outside the room step by step .


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  • 1
    bear child : naughty, mischievous,etc.
  • 2
    modus operandi : a particular way or method of doing something.
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