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TDGDS Chapter 3

The First Dragon Scale (3)

The other maidservants in the Marquis residence shared a room between two or three, but Chu Zhi had a room to herself. Not only that, but the decoration and furnishings of her room were only that little bit worse than Ling Long’s. If it were someone who wasn’t in the know, they would wonder which family this young Miss came from.


But since she offended Ling Long and made Ling Long unhappy, Chu Zhi lost that exquisite room and was put in the servants’ room. The other head maids lived happily together, there wasn’t room for her at all. She had to huddle with some ordinary maids. With her knees dripping with blood, and bruised and swollen, she lay on the bed, face pale from the pain. There were many people who shared the same room, so many of them coming and going, but no one dared to ask her a word.


Now everyone in the residence knew that Miss Chu Zhi was loathed by the Madam and would no longer be the head maid who was second only to the master. If they still wanted to live in the Marquis residence, they must wisely look after themselves first. How could they dare to try to please a servant that even the madam doesn’t like, wasn’t that doing something stupid, and letting others laugh? Moreover, this Miss Chu Zhi was always so arrogant that when she saw them, her nose in the air, simply not looking at them at all. 


So when Chu Zhi was on the bed grunting and moaning in pain, her forehead full of sweat, there was actually no one who came to ask after her.


Speaking of which, her suffering was created from her own hands. Relying on the favor of Marquis, she had long regarded herself as the master of the Marquis residence. Although she had to be submissive in front of the Madam for the time being, one day she was expecting to stand upright beside Marquis. Originally everything was developing according to her expectations, but who would have thought that Madam had a sudden change in her temperament, no longer trusting her. Chu Zhi did not dare to test it either, if Madam really knew about it, she would lay everything out in the open, wasn’t that sending herself to death!


Now that the Madam was willing to punish her in a strange way, she was willing to grit her teeth and endure it, and when the Marquis returned, she would beg him to bring her justice. It was only a temporary humiliation, she could still hold out.


Chu Zhi has a lot of thoughts in her room, but Ling Long didn’t care at all. She was busy eating, so how could she waste precious time on people like Chu Zhi? Her legs were already in such a shape, but she still wanted to turn the situation around, what a nice thought.


“Chu Shuang, ah.” 1Her name means First Frost, while Chu Zhi’s name means First Angelica (the flower)ANGELICA FLOWER ESSENCE


“Slave is here.”


When Chu Zhi was here, she didn’t do much, waiting to be served, living as if she was really some kind of treasured Miss. The ones who really took care of the Marchioness’ food and clothes were always the few head maids like Chu Shuang, and now that Chu Zhi was disliked by Madam, they were the ones who came forward. In fact, in the past, Chu Shuang and the others also felt that it was not right, these maids were bought by the Prime Minister residence from a young age for special teaching and training, and only when they would be able to serve the noble people could they officially graduate.


But just look at Chu Zhi, how does she look like a servant girl? Look at that bearing, that figure, looking just like an enchanting woman ready to serve men, no different from the small concubines from large households who specialise in serving the Master. 


After the young Miss married into the Marquis and became a wife, Chu Shuang felt that the way Chu Zhi looked at the marquis was not right, but she did not dare tell the Madam, who treated her as a sister and did not allow anyone to say anything bad about her. Fortunately, the Madam has now come to and drove Chu Zhi out of her room, now that she was living in the servants’ room, it was even more difficult for her to have a rendezvous with the Marquis.


“How is Chu Zhi now?”


“Replying to the Madam, the servants’ room is cold and unbearable, this slave has asked the maids who are in the same room with her, they said that Chu Zhi’s leg is about to freeze off.” She was already bruised and battered by the cold, and were she not to receive timely treatment and therapy, it was likely that an illness would take root.


“Is that so? Well, that’s such a pity.” Ling Long sighed soft-heartedly, “When I recall growing up with her, I don’t have the heart to see her like this.”


Once Chu Shuang heard, “Madam ……”


“Forget it, forget it, let’s ask the doctor to take a look, such a beautiful girl, if I tortured her to death like this, wouldn’t I feel guilty for the rest of my life?” Ling Long put on a great act. “Go, invite Doctor Wen from the east of the city over.”


Chu Shuang did not dare retort, and immediately sent someone to invite Doctor Wen.


This Doctor Wen was an excellent doctor, only, he was short of money and had little medical ethics. As long as he was given enough silver, he would dare to try any sort of deceit. He knelt down to salute the Madam, and when he rose with trepidation, he found this beautiful lady was exceptionally gentle and kind. “Doctor Wen, there is no need to be alarmed. I suppose the servants have told you the purpose of your invitation today?”


“Replying to Madam, they’ve told me, told me.”


“Come on.”


Chu Xue 2First Snow immediately brought up a tray covered by a brocade cloth, and Ling Long slowly lifted the brocade cloth, the tray full of gold, so bright and shiny that it blinded Doctor Wen. He stared greedily and hungrily at the gold, gulping his saliva: “If, if you have any orders, Madam, this little one, this little one will definitely go through fire and water without hesitation!”


“Doctor Wen is being too serious. I’m just a woman stuck in the boudoir, for what matters would I ask you to go through fire and water?” Ling Long covered her mouth and laughed delicately. “But I do have a small matter that requires a favour from Doctor Wen.”


“Go ahead, Madam, go ahead.” As long as he was paid, he was willing to do all sorts of things.


“Well, I have a handmaid who grew up together since childhood with me. Now, this handmaid’s fingers and toes were quite sticky recently. When I got angry in the heat of the moment, I punished her to kneel in the snow for a while. The chill gnawed at her and she failed to get out of bed for several days. As for me, I am the most soft-hearted, and thinking of our past relationship, asked a scholar with outstanding medical skills to help me. ” With that, Ling Long again let out a sad sigh. “Doctor Wen is the smartest. He must understand what I mean, right?”


Doctor Wen nodded repeatedly, “Little one understands, little one understands, don’t worry Madam, I am the most meticulous in my tasks, I will be able to meet Madam’s expectations.”


“That’s good then, off you go.”


The most scrupulous minded Chu Shuang had already understood what the Madam meant and when she looked at Ling Long again, she couldn’t hide the awe in her gaze. Once upon a time, Madam was a kind person, one could basically say she was a thoroughly good person with no limits, but now it was very different, could it be that Chu Zhi’s mind had been exposed and had displeased Madam? Chu Shuang would never be able to know these things, she only knew that she would have to serve more carefully and faithfully in the future, otherwise if she had second thoughts, Madam would no longer be as kind as she used to be.


When Doctor Wen finished his consultation, he left the prescription and ointment, and happily left with the gold. When Chu Zhi saw that Madam was still willing to send her a doctor, she breathed a sigh of relief inwardly, thinking that Madam should still be in the dark about the matter between her and the Marquis. The most important thing now was to let her leg recover, otherwise how could she keep the Marquis’s heart without this fine white porcelain skin?


But she never expected that after she had applied the ointment and drunk the medicine that Doctor Wen prescribed, though her legs soon stopped hurting, the two areas of her knees had turned into two lumps of rotten flesh. But not only that, she could not help but limp when she walked, and she would stumble when she walked a little faster. Chill had entered the marrow, it could no longer be cured! 


No, how could this be! It mustn’t be! Chu Zhi was so anxious that she was going crazy, she took out her personal money and quietly asked a doctor to take a look, but the doctor said that she had used the Tiger Wolf Medicine and that she was lucky to be able to walk now, and that she could not be cured!


Tiger Wolf Medicine…what Tiger Wolf Medicine?!


Chu Zhi almost immediately thought of Doctor Wen. Doctor Wen was called by Madam, that is to say, it was Madam who wanted to harm her!


No matter how much she deceives herself, now Chu Zhi had to admit that Madam knows everything. Madam was trying to teach her a lesson, she couldn’t stay in the Marquis Residence anymore! The Marquis …… She had to go to the Marquis, she must go to the Marquis, only the Marquis could save her!


But ever since she moved into the servants’ room, the Madam didn’t want her to serve by her side. She could only see the Marquis a handful of times, and now everyone in the house couldn’t wait to stomp on her, so who would help her!


While Chu Zhi was in a frenzy, Ling Long was leisurely living her life in luxury and comfort. At night, no one lighted tampered tranquilizing incense for her, so she slept more soundly than ever, and because of her light sleep, she woke up very easily. The Yong An Marquis tried to see Chu Zhi in the middle of the night several times, but ended up “accidentally” waking his wife, and during the day he had to go on duty, so he couldn’t really spare much time. As time went by, he hadn’t seen Chu Zhi for almost a month.


On this day he was really missing her, so he pretended to be casual and asked, “I haven’t seen Chu Zhi for a while, has her injuries recovered?”


Ling Long was asking Chu Shuang to dress herself, when she heard this, she said with a smile, “Why is Marquis suddenly asking about a servant, I wasn’t even thinking about it, but the Marquis actually was.”


The Yong An Marquis laughed and said, “I’m just asking casually. You two were always inseparable, but Chu Zhi hasn’t been seen in recent days, my wife has adapted to it.


“What is there that I can’t adapt to, it’s just a maidservant, do I still have to die just because she’s not here?” Ling Long’s words were mocking, but the mockery soon dissipated and turned into coquettery. “Marquis, don’t mention other women in front of me, even if it’s Chu Zhi, I’ll still be jealous, could it be that she’s better than me?”


Recently, the Yong An Marquis had even wanted to pounce on her with his life, the somewhat stiff and dull wooden beauty had suddenly become warm and delicate, so he naturally liked it, not to mention that Ling Long did have a stunningly beautiful face. Seeing his sweet wife’s blame, he immediately said, “Of course she can’t compare to you, no one in this world can be compared to my beloved wife.”


“Marquis’ mouth is so sweet.” Ling Long’s beautiful eyes curved with a smile, “Well then, Marquis, leave quickly, don’t be late.”


The smile on Ling Long’s face disappeared as soon as the Yong An Marquis left, and Chu Shuang who witnessed all this felt fear from the bottom of her heart, and a chill ran down her spine. She hurriedly lowered her head and honestly waited on Madam to freshen up, being more cautious than ever before.


Madam …… seems to actually be different from before. She pretended like she and the Marquis were a couple deeply in love, living in harmony, but she wasn’t sincere with the Marquis. The coldness and indifference in those eyes were frightening to see.



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  • 1
    Her name means First Frost, while Chu Zhi’s name means First Angelica (the flower)ANGELICA FLOWER ESSENCE

  • 2
    First Snow
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