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TDGDS Chapter 2

The First Dragon Scale (2) 

Ling Long quite liked snow, because it never snows in the Desolate Sea. But when compared to snowing, she prefers to let people kneel in the snow more.


Chuzhi tremblingly passed the tea cup over, Ling Long missed it, and the coloured glazed tea cup fell to the ground in pieces. She raised her eyebrows slightly, and Chu Zhi hurriedly knelt down: “Madam, forgive me, this slave didn’t do it intentionally…”


“If it wasn’t intentional, then it was deliberate, this tea is so very hot, and you didn’t hold it steady, do you still hate me in your heart and want to ruin my hands?”


“This slave dare not, this slave dare not—”


“Kneel outside, and don’t get up without my permission.”


Kneeling again? !


Chu Zhi, who thought she had escaped a catastrophe, was stunned. She had already kneeled for a long time yesterday, and her knees were purple after returning, she still hadn’t recovered yet. It was precisely because of this that she could not stand still and dropped a tea cup just now. “Madam…”


“What, feeling wronged?” Ling Long asked softly. “It is quite cold outside. If you don’t want to go out and kneel, it’s not like you can’t kneel in this room.”


Chu Zhi used to really be close like a sister to her. She didn’t understand why the Madam had completely changed her attitude in just a few days. Could it be that the Madam knew? She was surprised and panicked, she knew very clearly her own standing. If it got down to it, she would be the first one sacrificed.


Ling Long took one glance at her and knew what she was thinking. She felt that she and the Yong An Marquis were in love with each other, but she also knew that she didn’t dare to let the Marchioness know. Chu Zhi wanted to take all the good things, but didn’t want to take any risks. How could there be such a good deal?


Judging from Chu Zhi’s appearance, she probably wanted to kneel in the house, but Ling Long raised her chin: “Kneel here, you don’t have to go far.”


At Chu Zhi’s feet were the broken glazed pieces. If she really knelt down… “Madam, please forgive me, Madam, upon considering the fact that this slave has accompanied you 1Polite form is used here, and in all following cases in Chu Zhi’s speech since young and served you for so long, please spare this slave! This slave knelt for a long time yesterday, and even now it hasn’t—”


“Oh, Chu Zhi.” Linglong sighed, “Are you questioning my decision? Forget it, perhaps your heart is too big, my little temple can’t accommodate you big Bodhisattva. Since you are not willing to kneel, then don’t wait on me anymore.”


When Chu Zhi heard that, how could she let that happen! She and the Marquis could only love each other by relying on her position by Madam’s side. If she left the Madam, wouldn’t she be unable to see the Marquis for ten days to half a month? She gritted her teeth, and without a sound knelt, only groaning once when she knelt on the fragments. Although it was very cold, it was quite warm inside the house, and the maids didn’t wear that much, kneeling down like this truly hurt. After a while, Chu Zhi’s knees were stained red with blood, but her trembling weak body refused to fall.


Being persistent for love, so touching.


Ling Long still felt that the humiliation was not enough. While eating the cakes she said: “That is to say, I am soft-hearted. If this happens in someone else’s house, a servant like you would have been sold, even if you were spared from being beaten and killed. Sticky fingers and toes, also not attentive in serving, I was too tolerant of you in the past. In the future you’ll have to reflect on yourself carefully, making sure that you don’t make me unhappy again.


“…Yes.” Chu Zhi was sweating profusely. She really didn’t know why Madam had such a sudden change in her temperament, especially her attitude towards her. When had she ever suffered such humiliation in the past? When the other servants saw her, they had to respectfully call her Miss Chuzhi. She lived like a young lady in the Prime Minister’s residence, whatever Madam had, she would share it with her. Even when she was married into the Marquis’ residence, she was still served by others, when did she ever truly serve the Madam.


Could it be that Madam knows? ! 


At the thought of this possibility, Chu Zhi’s heart skipped a beat. She lowered her head, panic-stricken. If the Madam knew, then that could explain why she treated her this way. But according to the Madam’s mud-smearing character, even if she knew, she should have suffered in silence, or have found trouble with the Marquis. Never would she have not torn the face of the Marquis, but secretly rectified the situation herself. 


Chu Zhi knew Madam too well. They grew up together. She had a bad background and was sold to traffickers by her parents that valued sons more than daughters. After successfully staying in the Prime Minister’s residence, she tried every means to make the lady obey her. It could be said that Madam was her puppet and trusts her wholeheartedly. It was because she was sensible and considerate that the Master and Madam 2the original body’s parents felt relieved when entrusting the Young Miss to her care, and also started to value her more. Chu Zhi was a maid in name, but she was already not a small figure in the Prime Minister’s residence.


When the young lady became the Marchioness, she followed her as a dowry maid to the Marquis residence. Without the Master and Madam, the young Miss relied on her more and more and listened to everything she said. This also created the conditions for Chu Zhi and Yong An Marquis’ private meeting. She often quietly entered their room and invited the Marquis to her side after the Marchioness fell asleep. The Marchioness would inhale the added soothing fragrance, causing her to sleep deeply all night.


But this all changed a few days ago. First, the Madam refused to let her light the soothing fragrance. Then, while the Marquis was not in the house, she pettily found faults with her everywhere. The servants in the Marquis residence flattered those higher than them and bullied those lower than them, after being severely punished a few times, they didn’t even call her Miss, and just called her by her name!


Ling Long allowed Chu Zhi to overthink it, she just liked to play with people’s emotions like this, watching the other party worrying and fearful but unable to find an answer, that feeling was really too good! Especially when Chu Zhi was such a selfish person, who repaid gratitude with vengeance, the taste of her soul was not sweet at all.


Humans were humble creatures with little existence.


But they were also delicious, this was their only merit.


Who told them to be her only food, otherwise how could Ling Long wrong herself for a bite of food and creating a facade to deal with humans. She has the same feelings for humans as other creatures. Humans eat other creatures, and she eats human souls, wasn’t this the so-called food chain? It’s just that she was at the top of the food chain.


Chuzhi lived like a princess, when had she been punished like this? She had already kneeled for four hours yesterday, and was accused of a serious crime, and as a result, she was kneeling again today, it was even on the sharp glazed pieces. Her knees are so painful that she can’t stand it anymore. If her legs were broken, what, what 3The raws also had a repeated word, though I’ve changed the word due to a difference in sentence structure. face would she have to see the marquis?


Yesterday, when the Marquis saw her humiliated appearance, Chu Zhi blamed Ling Long in her heart. She has always felt inferior due to her identity as a handmaid. In front of Yong An Marquis, she had always shown her knowledgeable, weak and gentle side. The Marquis once said that her temperament was outstanding, not worse than the Marchioness’. But her disgraceful performance was actually seen by the Marquis, and she even had to lower herself to free herself from the situation!


The handmaids around were all present, and to prevent her character from collapsing, Ling Long stopped after eating half a plate of pastries. These could only provide her with flavour, it couldn’t satisfy her hunger at all. She dusted off the pieces on her hands, casually wiped it clean with a handkerchief, and asked off-handedly: “The Marquis left this morning, did he say when he’ll be working until?”


“Replying to Madam, the Marquis has instructed us that Madam does not have to wait for him to have lunch, he may not be able to rush back.”


“Oh.” She also couldn’t be bothered to eat with him, if she had to pay attention to etiquette and manners, she would have indigestion after eating a meal. “Then summon for lunch.”


The maidservants hurriedly responded and left, feeling puzzled in their hearts. Madam’s appetite was really good these few days. Could it be that…there was a change in the body, should they report it to Marquis and ask the doctor to come and take a look?


Speaking of which, Madam and the Marquis have already been married for a year. If there was news, actually it would almost be high time.


If LingLong knew what they were thinking, she would definitely laugh out loud. How was she pregnant, she was just hungry. It’s just that eating something is better than nothing, so her mouth couldn’t stop for a while. She was really afraid that she would have a lapse in self-control and ate everyone. Speaking of intercourse between husband and wife, she also did it too. The dragon’s nature is lewd, and she wasn’t like human beings with three observances and four virtues4Obey the father before marriage, obey the husband while married, and the son after widowed. The four virtues are propriety, righteousness, integrity, and shame.. Although Yong An Marquis didn’t act like a proper human, he was really good-looking, tall and strong, and his bedroom skills were also very interesting. Ling Long wants his love, so of course, she won’t let him die easily.


It’s just that the love of such a person was not very delicious, and it still couldn’t let her feel full.


When was the last time she was full, hmm… Ling Long took a sip of the mellow chicken soup. It was probably more than hundreds of years ago, no one entered the desolate sea, and she gradually drifted into hibernation. Before that, she had eaten a delicious meal.


That person’s love was…pure, overflowing, rich and sweet, worth hundreds of souls.


It was just a pity that such precious love could be chanced upon, but not wished for. She could only settle for the second best, otherwise, the Yong An Marquis was just a tool for her to indulge in her desires, how was he worthy of her wasting her time on him.


Ling Long was very affectionate, she was often fascinated by handsome men or beautiful women. When she gets their love, she will be the perfect lover in the world, but when she leaves this world, she will look for her next lover.


When faced with eternity, it was truly too difficult for her to love someone forever.


Therefore, she doesn’t respect the short and weak as much. For example, at this moment, Chu Zhi was already obviously so pitiful and miserable when kneeling on the glazed glass pieces, but Ling Long still doesn’t feel that it’s enough. She propped her chin, enjoying Chu Zhi’s swaying beautiful posture while eating. Even her kneeling posture is so enchanting and charming, forget it if the original owner couldn’t see it, but even the original owner’s mother couldn’t see it, and even let this maidservant whose whole body was full of coquetry, looking as if she could serve at will5raw says, like a skinny horse, euphemism for a woman who are prepared to serve men in bed, to be a dowry maid. 


No wonder she had raised the Marchioness into such an innocent daughter.


Chu Zhi held onto such a posture, just because she wanted to wait for the Marquis to come back, how could she know that even after she fainted, the Marquis still hadn’t come back. When she fainted, Ling Long asked a family servant to carry her back into her room, and didn’t even call a doctor – don’t joke around, was a greedy handmaiden also worth a doctor’s time? 


If God wanted her to live, then of course she would not die, otherwise, even if she was tortured to death, so what of it? Human beings just liked to torture lives that are weaker than them. A few days ago, Ling Long saw the grandson of the kitchen lady squatting in the corner, scalding the ant nest with hot water. The swarm of ants had just managed to save enough food for the winter, but were all boiled alive. It happened that they were motionless in winter, but with hot water poured into the hole, the ant carcasses floating out only gave a slight quiver, and then lost all sound. 


Yesterday a kitchen was making roast goose, it wasn’t easy to raise this goose. It had to be stuffed with food daily while it was alive, continuously stuffing, and had to be locked up without allowing it to wander freely, only then would the meat be tender and delicious. 


Humans eat animals, she eats humans. What’s wrong with this?



Hello~ The summary has been amended to include the list of arcs.



  • 1
    Polite form is used here, and in all following cases in Chu Zhi’s speech
  • 2
    the original body’s parents
  • 3
    The raws also had a repeated word, though I’ve changed the word due to a difference in sentence structure.
  • 4
    Obey the father before marriage, obey the husband while married, and the son after widowed. The four virtues are propriety, righteousness, integrity, and shame.
  • 5
    raw says, like a skinny horse, euphemism for a woman who are prepared to serve men in bed
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