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TVLMS Chapter 24

The villain is the scheming boss (24)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Gu Xiyu stared at Ji Chen’s message and did not reply for a long time.

He asked the system: “Is the new goal refering to something that can bring him more benefits than the Ji Group?”


「I suddenly feel that you are not a human.」

Gu Xiyu: “?”

「Otherwise you are a human with no heart.」

Gu Xiyu: “…”

The intelligent system stopped talking to him after this. Gu Xiyu was struggling when another message popped up on the chat interface with Ji Chen.

【Big Devil: Wait for me. 】

About five minutes or so, a tall black figure walked out of the company.

Ji Chen shook his car key slightly and pointed in the other direction. Gu Xiyu sighed softly. The light mist hadn’t completely dissipated, so he walked through it towards Ji Chen and went home with him.

There seemed to be a gap between the two, which was broken after returning to the apartment.

Ji Chen closed the door and grabbed his hand. He asked him solemnly: “I have a rare birthday. Do you only have such a surprise for me?”

Gu Xiyu didn’t expect this person to be the type of person that wants a mile after getting an inch. He thought about it and said seriously: “Birthdays are celebrated every year. Even if there are other surprises, it would be better to save them for the next year, right?” He had spent a lot of time in this firework. He had gotten this idea after desperately searching it everywhere.

After listening to it, Ji Chen seemed to be a little bit happy by some of the words in the response. He was taken aback for a long time before he lowered his head and chuckled: “You are right, you have to give me birthday presents for so many years.”

Gu Xiyu thought that this was the end of the matter. But in the end, he was taken to the room by Ji Chen. He locked the door and hugged him for a kiss.

Gu Xiyu could feel that Ji Chen was in a good mood, but it is a pity that there was no sign of the risk value decreasing for the time being.

“This is my first marriage.” Ji Chen let go of him. He stared at him and said, “I still want to try what I can do after getting married.”

“May I?”

The soft voice fell in his ears and it tickled Gu Xiyu’s ears.

Gu Xiyu’s perception of emotion is weak, but he doesn’t understand the meaning of Ji Chen’s question. He didn’t actually have any experience and he couldn’t even imagine what it was like.

However, in his stereotyped cognition, since he became a partner, it is reasonable to help solve the needs in that area, so he responded very simply and neatly: “Whatever.”

Then he was taken to the bed.

Even with permission, Ji Chen didn’t just go around like a hungry wolf eager to eat meat. He probably has a certain degree of pursuit for everything he does. He only stroked his head and continued to kiss him, gradually moving down to the neck, step by step.

He kissed Gu Xiyu’s ears and then neck. He gave Gu Xiyu a few lovebites and licked Gu Xiyu’s neck several times.

Gu Xiyu’s thoughts were very clear, but his body is particularly sensitive. He clearly feels even before he has done anything. The huge conflict between these emotions in his mind brought him a magical experience that he had never had before.

But this feeling did not last long. When he recovered, he realized that Ji Chen was not moving anymore.

Ji Chen had held his waist tightly with the other hand and didn’t let go. Almost all the weight of his body was on him, and his breathing gradually became steady and long, as if he was asleep.

Gu Xiyu: “…”

Every time this guy is too tired, he wants to do strange things.

Gu Xiyu was very much willing to cooperate, but Ji Chen was too busy to focus on these things for the next few days. On that day of Ji Chen’s birthday when he was sleepy, Gu Xiyu suddenly had heard him hurriedly opening the door in the middle of the night. Ji Chen had walked in the corridor while talking on the phone and went out soon after.

Fengming-related black material soon began to dominate news channels, media headlines, and social software. These contents were half-truths and half-false, most of which were things adding fuel and vinegar, or even fabricated news.

What surprised him was that Fengming clearly had a public relations department with strong business capabilities that would deal with anything related to the company immediately. However, this time the news made headlines. Ji Chen was also besieged by reporters every day, and even worse news was spreading all over. However, Fengming didn’t make any big defensive moves.

At most, it only sent a lawyer’s letter to the official sites, stating that it would take some serious actions against those false allegations and rumors about Feng Ming.

On the contrary, the situation of Ji Group on the other side was gradually improving. They not only gave compensation to the dissatisfied parties but also propose solutions that could be accepted by the public. The compensation was very generous. The bad situation was reversed in an instant.

These all were things that Gu Xiyu knew from the intelligent system.

He asked again: “Where is Ji Chen?”

He had tried to go to the company to provide help to Ji Chen and ask him about the company’s situation, but he was sent away every time as if deliberately trying to hide everything from him. This kind of behavior is particularly easy to make people understand that Ji Chen’s current situation was actually very miserable. He was targeted by everyone and was extremely helpless but still, he just wanted to silently endure everything. He didn’t want to make the people around him worried about him.

Although Gu Xiyu knew that he should not have such an illusion in the face of the target that the administration wanted to destroy.

「He…」the system paused for a few seconds before saying. 「Except for being poor, weak, and helpless, who really needs the care of someone, everything else is fine.」

Gu Xiyu: “…” Sometimes he really suspects that the system is a spy sent by the target.

He refreshed the page of the social software casually and it happened to be a piece of news about Ji Group and other companies.

#Co-operation of the century! #

The shooting scene in the picture was obviously of a press conference. In addition to Ji Zixuan, you could also see Fu Nian, who had no smile on his face, and Lan Yue and Lei Zhenting, who looked extremely happy as if they were celebrating Chinese New Year.

The report said that these big companies recently reached an agreement to cooperate in the development of the country’s largest entertainment|music|city in Z city. In addition to several of their big companies, other domestic companies that had some reputation were also involved in this plan, but Fengming was not on the list.

Netizens began to gossip again: “Tsk tsk, this shows that they deliberately didn’t involve Fengming.”

“It’s really pitiful to see Mr. Ji in this way… Since his real personality’s photos were exposed, I feel that no matter what he does, everything is wrong.”

“What’s the pity? His company has caused so many disturbances recently, who would dare to cooperate with him?”

“Fengming has already denied the rumors, maybe someone is secretly trying to make a fuss!”

“He is clearly being targeted… you guys all are blind, right?”

While talking, they began to quarrel about Ji Chen again.

In order to celebrate the official establishment of the development project, these large companies will also host their own gala dinner at a five-star hotel in City Z next weekend.

When Gu Xiyu read this news, he didn’t have any special thoughts. The main task was suddenly updated in the main system.

『If the target’s risk value at this stage is above 80, it is highly likely that he will be blackened by the emotional breakdown caused by successive setbacks, and then trigger the plot of ‘destroy’. According to the original plot, the plot that is most likely to be triggered is that he’ll try to avenge the people he hates in one fell swoop by hiding explosives at the dinner party.

Both Ji Zixuan and Cheng Qianqian (Lei Xixi) will attend the event. If they are attacked and passed away during the dinner, the fate of this small world will begin to collapse and the actions of the mission performer will be seen as a failure and you will be sent to jail to accept punishment.

So, please find a way to prevent the target from destroying them in extreme ways. 』

When Gu Xiyu watched the update of the main mission, he was a little surprised.

It just so happens that Ji Chen’s risk value has gone up a few points because of some unknown circumstances, reaching 80, no more, no less.

He hesitated: 「Ji Chen would really do this?」

After a while, the system replied: 「He does have such thoughts.」

“…?” Obviously he had gotten along well with him before, he was not like a person who would do this kind of thing like the original plot of villain.

「You can consider coaxing him.」

The system started giving strange suggestions seriously.

「For example, if you give him a bunch of flowers, he might not deal with them once he is in a good mood.」

“…” This proposal sounds quite unreliable.

Gu Xiyu pretended he didn’t hear the system’s weird proposal, but since that day he still went to the company to ‘coax’ Ji Chen every day. He obeyed the system’s advice and occasionally saw him under the pretext of bringing him a box of lunch, otherwise, he would just say ‘I miss you’ this kind of unconvincing words to him blankly.

However, Ji Chen seems to really believe his action. Every time he finishes these things, the risk value can drop a few points. But after some time, once Ji Chen becomes busy dealing with all kinds of things, the risk value always goes back to around 80, jumping repeatedly every day.

Gu Xiyu knocked on the side and asked him: “What do you think about the development of the entertainment|music|city?”

Ji Chen’s eyes will always become gloomy and terrifying when he comes into contact with related issues. Or when he sees related reports, he will show unpredictable dark emotions, and finally coldly say to him: “Nothing.”

On this day, because of Ji Chen’s workload, Gu Xiyu stayed with him in the office after serving him food in the afternoon, accidentally falling asleep on the sofa.

When he woke up, it was already dark. He was intimately draped in a warm coat.

Ji Chen sat in an office chair, facing him and talking with the person on the other side of the phone.

His voice was so low that he probably didn’t want to wake him up, so he could only faintly hear the words in the dialogue, like ‘right…that day…explosion…’.

But these few words alone were enough to make Gu Xiyu alert.

Gu Xiyu really does not want Ji Chen to cause the collapse of the small world and the failure of the mission because of sudden impulse.

Thinking about this, Gu Xiyu picked up the phone that almost fell into the crack of the sofa and clicked on the chat record with Ji Chen to find out what he had said to him on his birthday.

From deep inside his heart, even if he will be considered as being selfish, if he could, he doesn’t want to be forced to fight with Ji Chen in the end.

He actually ……………………………..doesn’t want to fight with Ji Chen at all.

Ji Chen hung up the phone and turned to face the computer again. After putting on the headset, he tapped his fingers on the keyboard a few times and looked at the screen in front of him solemnly.

Gu Xiyu glanced at the risk value on the panel that was always floating around 80. He got up and walked toward Ji Chen’s desk with his mouth pursed.

Perceiving his approach, Ji Chen raised his head slightly, and as soon as he met his gaze, Gu Xiyu, who had already come in front of him, suddenly reached out and grabbed his collar. Gu Xiyu drew him closer to him, then lowered his head, and kiss his mouth softly.

This was the first time that Gu Xiyu had taken the initiative to make such contact with him.

Gu Xiyu quickly let go of the person. He looked into the other’s stunned and startled eyes and solemnly said, “Let’s do it.”

Up to now, if he wants to reduce the most risk value in a short period of time, there is probably only this method that has not been tried.

After Ji Chen silently stared at him for a few seconds, he suddenly reached out and tapped on the keyboard quickly. When he raised his eyes to stare at him, there was a little smile in his eyes.

“Baby, I’m in a meeting.”

After Ji Chen said these words, the whole office fell into a weird silence.

Gu Xiyu almost turned off the computer on his desk because of a subconscious reaction.

He finally held back. Glaring at Ji Chen with deathly eyes for a long time, he put his palm against his face blankly and pushed Ji Chen back with a little effort.

Ji Chen slammed into the back of the chair. Watching Gu Xiyu angrily push open the door of his office and leave alone, his mouth couldn’t stop smiling.

There were several kindly laughs and ridicules in the earphones. A mature and somewhat inattentive male voice suddenly sounded abruptly in the laughter.

“The relationship between my uncle and Mr. Gu is really good.”

Ji Chen replied with a low smile after turning on the microphone: “Yes.”

“He doesn’t know yet. I plan to give him a surprise this weekend.”

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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