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TVLMS Chapter 23 Part 1

The villain is the scheming boss (23) Part 1

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Ji family Group probably has a problem these days. Everyone in the hall was accusing Ji Zixuan of improper management, trying to take the opportunity to drop him from a high position.

Gu Xiyu remembered that when he was reading the original plot that day, Ji Zixuan did have such a big hurdle in the early and middle stages. There were too many things and loopholes that the Ji company needed to deal with. Some people took the opportunity to betray the company when he just took over. First, the high-positioned directors were encouraged to start a rebellion, and then a major shareholder in the Ji Group withdrew without warning. At the same time, the Ji group construction company also received a lawsuit against the unstable way of constructing various buildings. Coupled with all sorts of disturbing trivia, the situation dropped to the bottom.

When Ji Zixuan had been questioned by other members of the family and was almost forcibly removed from his position, it was his uncle, that is, the villain who had continuously protected him, stood up for him, and provided him with support and help.

But the purpose of the villain was only to gain the trust of Ji Zixuan, thereby gaining the opportunity to infiltrate the Ji Group.

Gu Xiyu immediately opened the task panel. The fate line data calculation of the main task also showed that Ji Chen would push Ji Zixuan behind his back, and then pretend to extend a helping hand to gradually gain his trust.

So behind these disasters, that Ji Group was facing, was it really Ji Chen behind the scenes?

He couldn’t help but ask: “System, the target has already schemed to this point, why didn’t you give me any reminders?”

「I haven’t received any updates either.」The system replied indifferently.

Gu Xiyu saw that the mainline of the mission had not been updated for a long time. He suddenly had a headache.

The arrival of him and Ji Chen attracted the attention of everyone in the hall. Lin Fangru thought that Ji Chen was there to make the trouble. She got up from the chair energetically and said sharply: “Today we are having a discussion between our ‘Ji family’ and members of the Ji group. Why did you come here for?”

Ji Chen observed the people in the hall a few times. He calmly said, “Your dear grandson asked me to come here.”

Lin Fangru looked at Ji Zixuan in amazement. The latter did not deny aloud but only stared at Ji Chen with a pair of eyes that was surprised as well.

Ji Chen added: “After all, it is a discussion within the group. As one of the shareholders, how can I be absent?”

When he said this, everyone present was shocked. Even Gu Xiyu was stunned.

Lin Fangru was so angry that she couldn’t breathe well: “Shareholder? When did you become a shareholder of Ji Group?!”

Facing Lin Fangru’s questioning, it was not Ji Chen who answered aloud, but Ji Zixuan, who had been standing beside her silently: “It is me who gave him 5% of the shares.”

Everyone was in an uproar.

Lin Fangru asked angrily: “You know how much your grandfather dislikes your uncle and how much he didn’t want to let him have contact with the Ji Group for his entire life. How can you just casually give him this much share?!”

Ji Zixuan looked at Ji Chen and said word by word: “Judging from the current achievements of my uncle, he is a capable person. I think he can make the Ji group better.”

Lin Fangru obviously couldn’t accept this explanation. Gu Xiyu didn’t believe it either.

Because of the arrangement of world consciousness, Ji Zixuan and Ji Chen, the two tigers that aren’t supposed to take the same path, are destined to conflict. So even if Ji Zixuan is desperate, it is impossible for him to ask Ji Chen to help him.

Ji Zixuan must have been forced to use this share to do something with Ji Chen.

Thinking about this, he suddenly noticed that a head was poking out in the nearby kitchen.

It was Cheng Qianqian. Her eyes fell on Ji Zixuan and the worry in her eyes was obvious.

Gu Xiyu stared at her, a thought flashed through his mind.

The other people quickly recovered from the shocking facts, but compared to Lin Fangru’s anger, their faces were more joyful.

An old uncle smiled and walked to the side of Ji Chen. Rubbing his hands, he said to Ji Chen: “Since he holds shares, he has the right to speak. You should have seen the stock market situation and news today. Zi Xuan is still young and has little ability. To serve the public, we all feel that he is not suitable for the position of Patriarch Ji and Group President.”

Ji Chen nodded. He thoughtfully echoed: “Zixuan’s age and experience are indeed lacking.”

The people on the side heard this and their eyes brightened. They began to say loudly: “Ji Chen, you have managed Fengming very successfully. You must have very good opinions based on your rich experience. You can talk about your ideas, everyone will support you!”

In their opinion, the relationship between Ji Chen and the Ji family has always been bad. Ji Zixuan is the favored heir of his father Ji Yan, and Ji Chen definitely hates him even more. Therefore, they all thought that Ji Chen appeared here today to drag Ji Zixuan down as the head of the house with them.

Ji Chen glanced at them, then smiled and asked, “You will support whatever I’ll say?”

The others exchanged glances and laughed like cunning villains who were encouraging ambitious treacherous official to seize the throne: “Of course! You are an internationally renowned and successful person. Who dares to question your opinion?”

In fact, they just want to intensify the contradiction between Ji Chen and his nephew. Ji Chen and Ji Zixuan both will definitely lose when fighting each other. They want to divide the Ji family’s business, so it will be easier for them to………hehe

“Okay.” Ji Chen looked at Lin Fangru’s defensive eyes. He walked to the empty seat and sat down in a serious manner, “Although Zi Xuan lacks business experience, he has also done many things during the time he took over.”

“You should be well aware of the corruption and mess within the group. When Zi Xuan took office under such pressure, it was inevitable that he would be busy in the early stage.” Seeing everyone’s face gradually changing color, Ji Chen continued, “So I think, he should be given another period of inspection.”

Neither Lin Fangru nor Ji Zixuan seemed to have expected him to say these words. Their expressions were astonished.

The other directors were even more surprised. They froze and hesitated. They said: “This…. but the family business is not a joke. What if the situation of the group becomes worse if he continues to do so?”

“Yes, Ji Chen, after all, you still have the blood of the Ji family. Compared to Zi Xuan, we think you might be more capable of running the group well.” They tried to continue to fan the flames.

Ji Chen followed their words: “Thank you for the recognition of the uncles. So during this period of turmoil in the group, I will provide Zi Xuan with advice and help him stabilize the group.”

Before the other members could say anything, Lin Fangru, who was originally supposed to be the advisor, said angrily: “Don’t even think about it!”

Ji Zixuan grabbed the extremely angry Lin Fangru and looked at Ji Chen with a complicated expression as if trying to guess what he was thinking.

Regarding the branch directors of the Ji family who were still trying to refute, Ji Chen said again: “I can easily find out if there are any hands of insiders in this chaos. If you don’t want to make things more difficult for yourselves, it’s best to put your crooked minds off first.”

This slightly threatening remark made the other members who were ready to make a big fuss instantly dumb. To put it simply, more or less, they all needed to be responsible for the group’s turmoil. Ji Chen has already reminded them that of course, they cannot easily let themselves get away with this.

“Zixuan, what do you think?” Listening to Ji Chen’s leisurely question, Gu Xiyu’s eyes also fell on the person who was named.

Ji Zixuan’s fists were tightly squeezed. His face was terribly gloomy.

Although Lin Fangru has never wanted Ji Chen to intervene in the affairs of the group, even if he refuses Ji Chen’s help today, he cannot change the fact that he has become one of the group’s shareholders. Ji Chen is a difficult target to deal with, but he knows that the crisis that the group needs to resolve is even more important.

There is no doubt that this matter finally ended with Ji Zixuan’s acceptance of Ji Chen’s help. Most of the other members were just those who have the Ji family background and want to eat the dividends. They are afraid of Ji Chen’s current power and ability, and they can only accept it according to his will.

“In one month, if you still can’t handle the current chaos well, I won’t help you in the next impeachment meeting.” In front of everyone, Ji Chen gave Ji Zixuan a time limit to temporarily appease the different minds.

As the meeting ended, everyone left the main house of the Ji family. The hall fell into silence again, except that Lin Fangru’s face was ugly as if she had eaten something difficult to swallow.

She became so angry that her chest rose and fell. She glared at Ji Chen and said: “Don’t think I don’t know what your plan is. I will never let you have the opportunity to destroy the family business that Ah Yan has worked so hard to maintain!”

“Don’t think everyone is so cheap like you and your husband. And don’t even think that everyone treats your Ji family things as treasures.” Ji Chen got up and tidied up his clothes with a smile on his eyes without a trace of emotion, “Don’t mess with people you can’t afford to provoke and don’t force them to take the worst path.”

After Ji Chen left these words to Lin Fangru and walked outside without looking back, Gu Xiyu glanced at them before leaving the hall with Ji Chen.

Gu Xiyu said nothing all the way until he returned to the apartment.

He glanced at Ji Chen, who put on his black tiger slippers and walked into the living room. He asked calmly: “When you were in country F, you used Cheng Qianqian to make a deal with Ji Zixuan and asked him to give you 5% of the Ji’s group shares, right?”

When Cheng Qianqian was taken away with him in F country, even if the software that could track the location was installed in the mobile phone, it was shut down by that group of gangsters a long time ago. Ji Zixuan and Ji Chen must have been busy with their work when the accident happened. Ji Zixuan could find them at the same time as Ji Chen, even when the tracking signal was lost. He must have been helped by Ji Chen.

Ji Chen is not a person who will be kind and selfless to do good deeds, especially for Ji Zixuan, who he hates. With the deep connection between the male and female protagonists, even if Ji Chen made an excessive request on the spot, Ji Zixuan, who was eager to save a person, would probably grit his teeth and agree.

“Yes.” Ji Chen took off his heavy coat and admitted generously, “Those who do business never think that they have made too much money and have had too many opportunities.”

“What’s more, I was originally a member of the Ji family, I just brought back what belonged to me.”

Gu Xiyu said: “Then you’ll take this opportunity to infiltrate the management of Ji’s Group and give Ji Zixuan a vicious blow to pull him from his current position. In this way, you can take advantage of the situation and take over the Ji’s Group and slowly turn it into your things?”

Ji Chen did not speak. He neither admitted nor denied.

Gu Xiyu couldn’t determine what Ji Chen’s idea was now. After thinking for a moment, he calmed down and said, “Okay.”

“Since you want to help Ji Zixuan, I assume that Fengming and Ji Group are now in a cooperative relationship.”

Seeing Ji Chen looking at him suspiciously, he whispered: “Then, in order to show our sincerity and to develop our relationship between the two parties, I can work for them on behalf of Fengming as Qian Qian did for the Ji Group in the past for a month. It will also facilitate cooperation and communication between you guys.”

『The target’s risk value is +10. The current risk value is 50. 』

He thought that Ji Chen was dissatisfied that he sounded like a little traitor who wanted to quit. He didn’t expect his dark eyes to stare at him for a long time. Ji Chen then suddenly asked: “Gu Xiyu, do you also care too much about Ji Zixuan? ”

The topic jumped too suddenly. So Gu Xiyu’s thoughts suddenly got stuck.

“Don’t you, like everyone else, only care about Ji Zixuan and you also want to give him the best things in the world?”

When Ji Chen said this, his tone was as heavy as if he would increase the risk value at any time.

Gu Xiyu: “…”

Ji Chen repeatedly tapped his fingers on his legs. He asked a meaningful question: “Or do you actually like Ji Zixuan more than me?”

Gu Xiyu didn’t know how the topic suddenly changed from business conspiracy theories to likes or dislikes, but the main system, which had been silent for a long time, suddenly updated the task reminder.

『The special command has been triggered: Please let the target feel the feeling of being pampered as a partner. If you fail, the target’s risk value may increase. 』

He stared at the word ‘pamper’ and fell into a long…………. long silence.

In Gu Commander’s dictionary, there has never been the word ”pamper”.

Faced with Gu Xiyu’s deep doubts, the main system sent a thoughtful explanation.

『All tasks and instructions are calculated based on the Destiny Line system, which is the most effective way to complete the task and reduce the target and the world’s risk value. 』

He couldn’t help asking: “Isn’t the target’s risk value equal to the threat to the protagonist? He…what does being pampered have to do with reducing the threat to the protagonist?”

『All tasks and instructions are the highest priority instructions among the calculation results. 』

The response of the main system was obviously an automatic response triggered by keywords and emotions.

Gu Xiyu pursed his lips and stared at the panel for a long time. He then asked, “What if I refuse?”

The automatic response of the main system quickly jumped out: 『Rejecting the mission order will be regarded as a rebel and task performer will be punished. 』

“Really?” Gu Xiyu’s voice was soft.

He chuckled and replied to Ji Chen: “What if I say yes?”

The person on the sofa did not answer him immediately. Instead, the intelligent system suddenly asked him: 「Ji Chen and repairing the world line, which is more important to you?」

Gu Xiyu didn’t understand how and why the system would ask such a question, but he answered sensibly and soberly: “Once Ji Chen wants to kill Ji Zixuan and cause the world to collapse, my weapon will not hesitate to face him. ”

Once the world collapses, all creatures in the small world will be greatly affected. The fate of everyone will become chaotic and messy. And the world might be wiped out in the near future, leaving only the primordial fragments that the target is satiated with.

To indulge Ji Chen means to let everyone in the small world be buried and Gu Xiyu cannot allow this to happen.

『The target’s risk value is +10. The current risk value is 60. 』

It was unknown how much time had passed, Gu Xiyu only knows that when he heard this prompt, a strong current rushed along his tail vertebra all the way to the top of his head, cutting off all his thoughts. It took him a lot of effort to prevent himself from falling down directly in front of Ji Chen.

The electric numbness quickly attacked all the positions of his body. It was a feeling between pain and soreness. He could only reach out his hand to support the table closest to him and barely let himself fall.

However, in just an instant, a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.

It turns out that this is the punishment the main system said.

He couldn’t hear what Ji Chen said later. He only vaguely caught his commanding words before he left the living room.

“…You don’t need to go to work for the time being. I won’t let you have the opportunity to go to the Ji Group to meet the people you want to see, the people you want to help!”

Gu Xiyu returned to the room with difficulty and locked the door. He finally walked to the bed and laid down directly. The sense of current flow seemed to become stronger with his relaxation for a second.

His mind was very clear, but his body was so uncomfortable that he could no longer move. It felt like countless electric drills were drilling in every corner of his body and the pain was enough to break the mental world of a person with weak willpower.

He held on to the quilt for a long time. His eyes were terribly calm and he didn’t let out a painful cry.

When he lost his consciousness, he never gave in to the so-called punishment.

When he woke up the next day, it took a long time for Gu Xiyu to finally move his body system a little. He heard that it was only a first-level punishment for the first offense and the degree of punishment would increase with the number of defiances.

He grabbed the phone next to his pillow and glanced at it. The time indicated on it was ten o’clock in the morning.

As expected, Ji Chen didn’t come to take him to go to work.

Gu Xiyu thought, with a smile on his eyes.

That’s good, after this, he can find an excuse to go to the address where Haozi had sent the hard drive.

He packed up his luggage and left a note for Ji Chen saying that he would travel to relax a bit. After calming down, he dragged his weak body, avoided the cameras that Ji Chen had set for him, and flew to the G city that the original owner had once gone to.

The location of the address was a very old residential building. The outside walls have become gray and dirty and the roads for pedestrians were also full of potholes. Before he went upstairs, he passed through the mailbox and saw that several advertising papers stuffed in it had fallen to the ground, as if no one had cleaned it for many years.

He first found the mailbox belonging to the household at the address, which was empty.

Gu Xiyu pinched the note and found the house at the end of the third floor. The door of the house was unexpectedly opened and there was a slight noise inside.

He didn’t go inside directly but knocked politely outside first. When the door of the house was opened from inside, Fu Nian’s gentle and handsome face instantly jumped into his sight.

He had guessed that this place might have something to do with Fu Nian, but at the moment of confirmation, it was somewhat unexpected.

On the contrary, Fu Nian, who was suddenly visited by him, was very calm, as if he had already guessed that he would come: “I didn’t expect you to remember this place. Come in.”

The room was cleaned up, and the interior style and structure were particularly close to Western design. There were not many things around, but most of them were things that can be found in the rooms of junior and high school students. There was also a spring dog squatting beside the cupboard in the living room, exactly the same as the spring dog in the corner of the original owner’s room.

This is probably the place where Fu Nian lived when he first came to China to study or the ‘secret base’ for him and the original owner.

Fu Nian walked to the shelf by the window and picked up the ornament of an anime character on it: “I have lived here these days.”

Gu Xiyu didn’t go around: “Then have you received a package?”

Fu Nian opened the drawer in front of him. He took out a dark gray hard drive and asked, “Is this the thing you asked?”

Sure enough, he had already signed for it.

When Gu Xiyu saw that the thing he wanted was still in Fu Nian’s hands, he was a little relieved at first, but at the same time, there were other entanglements.

Fu Nian wanted to avenge Ji Chen. If he had already seen the contents, would he be willing to return it? Even if it is returned, will he have already made a backup?

“You are really straightforward.” Fu Nian said suddenly, “You never knew how to hide your liking. So I was happy to be friends with you when I was in school.”

“After so many years, you still use my birthday as a password for something so important.”

Gu Xiyu closed his eyes and slightly eased the discomfort caused by the residual numbness in his body, before asking aloud, “Have you seen what’s inside?”

“I’ve seen it.” Fu Nian replied.

Gu Xiyu said with difficulty: “Although I am sorry, can you return it to me?”

Fu Nian looked down at the hard drive in his hand for a long time before asking, “Is it because of Ji Chen?”

Gu Xiyu didn’t say a word. So it looked as if he had agreed with Fu Nian’s words.

The sunlight outside the window shone on Fu Nian, making his gloomy expression a bit distorted.

“What if I say no?” Fu Nian asked.

Gu Xiyu was silent for a moment. He then asked: “Fengming and your Fu family don’t have much overlap or conflict. Why do you want to deal with him?”

Fu Nian seemed to have been poked in the pain. His warm and moist eyes instantly became dark and full of hatred: “He killed my grandfather. I will never forgive him in my life!”

Fu Nian was trying to deal with Ji Chen for a similar reason as Gu Xiyu had previously suspected.

Fu Nian and Fu Xuan, this grandfather and grandson duo have had a very good relationship since they were young. The day Fu Xuan’s accident happened, he was on his way to attend Fu Nian’s birthday party. So Fu Nian has always blamed himself. He felt that if he hadn’t held a birthday party that day, his grandfather would have been fine. When he was extremely sad, he found out that his grandfather’s death was not an accident from the investigation of Fu Xuan’s friend, Lei Zhenting of LS Group.

All the evidence and signs pointed to Ji Chen, who had been ‘fighting’ with Fu Xuan in the business for a long time. Fu Nian is now working so hard to learn how to do business and deal with business partners. Everything is to avenge his grandfather and push Ji Chen to a dark abyss.

Gu Xiyu remembered the smart system’s ambiguous answer of that day. He asked, “Is there any misunderstanding in this?”

“I even have personal and physical evidence, what else can I misunderstand?” It is said that Fu Nian had found the person who was commissioned by Ji Chen to fail the break of Fu Xuan’s car and found some records about him and the car accident.

“Ji Chen is cruel. He can even scheme against his own eldest brother, what else can’t he do?” Fu Nian said, walking to him and holding on to his shoulders, he said bitterly, “Why?………. Why would you want to marry Ji Chen?!”


Fu Nian was startled when he heard it. Gu Xiyu grabbed his hand while he was still stunned.

Fu Nian’s arm was restricted by Gu Xiyu’s skilled movements. So Fu Nian could only watch him snatch the hard drive and kick himself away mercilessly.

“Give me a few days. I will find a way to help you confirm the truth of your grandfather’s death.” Gu Xiyu finally chose to believe the system’s statement.

After he took the hard drive, he dragged his somewhat cumbersome body and ran downstairs. When he had gone upstairs, he had met several foreigners dressed in uniform styles. Fu Nian’s yelling came from behind him, instructing them to stop him in a fluent foreign language.

Gu Xiyu avoided their attack and jumped directly from the third floor. He fell firmly on the ground floor in the eyes of everyone. He ran away like the wind, leaving only the afterimage of the army green jacket.

It’s a pity that Gu Xiyu still couldn’t go too far.

As soon as he left the residential building, a cute and loving notification came to his mind.

『The target’s risk value is +5. The current risk value is 65. 』

With the sound of this reminder, the electric current that he had just endured last night rushed from the tail vertebra to the top of his head again with a double shock.

A second before losing consciousness, Gu Xiyu couldn’t help but murmured in a low voice: “Ji Chen! You jnsjkdksj… if you die, you really………. deserved it!” T/N: Poor MC wanted to steal the thing that could destroy ML. But……


When Gu Xiyu woke up, he was already in the hospital.

He was lying on the hospital bed. As soon as he opened his eyes to see the snow-white ceiling, a cold voice came from the side: “You woke up?”

The numbness on Gu Xiyu’s body has faded a lot, but the target’s risk value displayed on the panel had risen again when he didn’t know it. It went directly to 75.

Regarding the question of the risk value rising again, he quickly got the answer from Ji Chen by the bed.

“The way you relax is by having a romantic private meeting with your former crush?” Ji Chen asked him with deadly eyes.

Gu Xiyu immediately touched the hard drive in his pocket to confirm if it was still there. As expected, it had already been taken away.

He glanced at Ji Chen with bitter eyes. He did not speak, but asked the system angrily in his heart: “What’s the matter with Ji Chen?”

The system answered him a few seconds later: 「Ji Chen was very angry when he saw the note you left when he went home. When he was going to find you, he received a call from Fu Nian.」

Ji Chen was more than angry.

When Fu Nian had called him, Fu Nian’s tone was very angry and provocative: “Xi Yu is with me. He looked very uncomfortable. Why the hell would you still let him go out?”

“I took him to the People’s Hospital in G City. You can pick him up.”

Ji Chen asked, “What did he do with you?”

The other side was quiet for a while and then answered with a chuckle: “He gave me something very important, do you want to guess what it is?”

Ji Chen did not cooperate with the answer. Before hanging up, Fu Nian added: “It’s a pity! If right now, I couldn’t accept his feelings, there would have been nothing between you guys.”

It was these words that lit a small flame in Ji Chen’s heart, causing him to lose control of his emotions and causing the risk value to raise by ten points.

“I am also very angry.” Gu Xiyu’s response to the system was quickly passed over.

「What are you angry about?」

Gu Xiyu looked at the system as if this Ji Chen was a very unreasonable person. Gu Xiyu didn’t know where to start to complain about this jsddjhd. He only indifferently replied: “I am angry that he is a fool.”


Gu Xiyu and Ji Chen happily fell into the Cold War mode. Ji Chen also completely restricted his actions to prevent him from leaving the house for half a step but did not seize his mobile phone and laptop.

Gu Xiyu contacted Haozi and asked him to find a way to help him investigate Fu Xuan’s car accident.

During the waiting time, he couldn’t go out, so he could only sit on the balcony holding Xixi in a daze with the cold wind blowing.

Now that there are more things to worry about in the Ji Group and the hard disk is in Fu Nian’s hand again, Ji Chen’s work has become even busier. Especially because the relationship between the two of them was still in a stalemate, Ji Chen simply stayed overnight at the company when he got busy and didn’t go home.

Gu Xiyu’s chat partner was his indifferent intelligent system.

He stayed on the balcony for a while and suddenly shouted: “System.”

「? 」Although the system is as cold as ever, it always answers every time.

Gu Xiyu sometimes likes this way of getting along with it. So after receiving the response, he replied: “Nothing, just wanted to confirm your presence.”


After a few minutes, the system asked, 「Are you bored?」

“I’m kind of, but it’s okay.”

「I have a program here to show you some movies.」

Gu Xiyu is actually not very interested in such recreational activities, but since he was offered personally by this cold system, how can he respond negatively: “Yes, let’s see something exciting!!!”

Otherwise, he might fall asleep while watching.

Maybe the system used direct keywords to search and play, the moment the film jumped out, it was indeed a super exciting part………………………

Gu Xiyu watched the scene of two men hugging and rolling together before making strange noises. His thoughts were blank for a long time. Although the film was quickly turned off in a hurry, the shocking scene was already deeply in his mind. It was difficult to disperse in a short time.

The first thought that came to him was that two men could do this.

「………….Th……That ……… Sorry sorry sorry It was an accident.」

On the contrary, the system that had accidentally misplaced the film was feeling even worse than him: 「Don’t watch it. You…….go and do other things by yourself.」

“…” Gu Xiyu didn’t expect that after leaving the bureau, the systems around him would have more attitude and temperament than anyone.

He had no choice but to open the task panel. The special instruction that required ”pampering” had not been completed yet, and the risk value had been fluctuating up and down these days.

In fact, he just wanted to try what the so-called punishment was like so that he could get a little idea later. It was not worth the pain for this special instruction, so he decided to find a chance to complete it.

Gu Xiyu turned on the phone and saw the date on it, remembering that it was Ji Chen’s birthday in a few days. Giving gifts should make him happy, but after browsing for a long time, he felt that Ji Chen didn’t lack anything about material things.

Commander Gu, who has never had any love experience, fell into trouble that almost cause his baldness.

On the morning of Ji Chen’s birthday, Gu Xiyu received an email from Haozi. Haozi had used another email account to first send him a strange advertisement to show his identity and then send him the information he found.

After finishing, he didn’t forget to use the phone of the owner of the hardware store to send him a text message: 【Horrible, everyone in these big families are beasts in human skin. 】

Gu Xiyu clicked on the document sent by Haozi and found that what he had found was a big discrepancy between the truth about Fu Xuan’s death and Fu Nian’s understanding.

【Come out and meet me now. 】

He sent a message to Fu Nian. After a few minutes, the opposite party quickly sent him the address of the meeting place.

Since Gu Xiyu was still detained at home by Ji Chen, and he planned to surprise Ji Chen, who is likely to not go home tonight, he simply took the USB flash drive with the information and jumped over from the balcony of twenty-odd-floor to the bottom of the building without obstacles. He stopped the car to see Fu Nian.

Those who Ji Chen had hired to look after him probably never thought that he could slip away from such a high balcony.

“This is something I asked a friend who is very good at searching information to help me find out. It is somewhat different from the information you got, so I want you to see it yourself.”

In the quiet corner of the coffee shop, Fu Nian took the USB flash drive that Gu Xiyu had handed him. He hesitated for a while, then finally plugged it in the connection port of the laptop he brought.

According to the results of Haozi’s investigation, Fu Xuan’s death was indeed not an accident, but it was not Ji Chen who had caused the accident, but his so-called good friend Lei Zhenting.

“Impossible!” Fu Nian has always been taken care of by Lei Zhenting after Fu Xuan’s death. He couldn’t have achieved today’s achievements and convenience without the help of this elder.

Everyone knows the friendly relationship between Lei Zhenting and Fu Xuan. If he really wanted his grandfather’s life, how could it be delayed until then?

Gu Xiyu said: “You should know that Lei Zhenting had a younger sister.”

Fu Nian closed his fist slightly. He tried to stabilize his voice and replied: “I know, I heard him mention it, but his sister fell into the water by accident more than ten years ago.”

Gu Xiyu asked him to open another document and said, “Actually, it was not an accident that she fell into the water.”

“Ten years ago, when she was about to go to the date with her lover with whom she was going to get married within a month, she accidentally ran into a man who was drunk. The man was a little bit drunk at the time and wanted to do something bad to her. After struggling with him, when she tried to dodge his inappropriate action, she accidentally fell into the bottomless lake. The man was frightened, and instead of saving, he ran away, which caused the death of Lei Zhenting’s beloved sister.”

Seeing Fu Nian’s expression gradually being stunned, Gu Xiyu whispered: “The man who killed her back then was your grandfather Fu Xuan.”

“Lei Zhenting had a very good relationship with your grandfather before that. But he didn’t believe that his sister’s falling into the water was an accident. After further investigation, he discovered this fact. On the other side of the lake, someone was holding a camera to take some night scenes. Unintentionally, he had recorded the entire process. This is evidence that Lei Zhenting only discovered after visiting that person personally.”

“He knew that your Fu family had a strong background. If he had only taken evidence to report, your grandfather would have most likely been able to escape safely, so he had been pretending to be ignorant and continued to befriend your grandfather even after obtaining the evidence. On the other hand, your grandfather thought Lei Zhenting was a good business partner. He didn’t know Lei Zhenting’s family situation, so he never thought that the person he had accidentally killed was his sister. So he hadn’t been wary of him.”

The expression on Fu Nian’s face gradually collapsed, as if refusing to believe all the truth.

Gu Xiyu was not in a hurry to persecute him. He only reminded: “In these years, when you traced the truth about your grandfather’s death, most of them had Lei Zhenting and his people intervened, right?”

This was inevitable. In order to find out the truth, take revenge, and keep the family business, Fu Nian had no choice but to start studying business. During this period, he relied on Lei Zhenting’s help. He truly believed that Lei Zhenting and Fu Xuan had a very good relationship. Not only did he never suspect him, most of the investigations including Fu Xuan’s death were made by Lei Zhenting.

Gu Xiyu got the answer from Fu Nian’s lost soul attitude: “You can try in private, and then find someone who has nothing to do with Lei’s family to check for you, and see if there will be a different result.”

Fu Nian didn’t speak but stared at the files in the laptop, which also contained Lei Zhenting’s own oral|explaining about how his grandfather had died.

Gu Xiyu waited patiently for a while. When Fu Nian raised his hand to support his forehead and refused to face reality, he asked him: “At least until you confirm the truth, can you stop using the hard drive?”

“…It’s too late.” When Fu Nian put down his hand, his eyes were a little red. Anger and despair were intertwined in it, “I gave it to Lan Yue.”

Facing Gu Xiyu’s dumbfounded eyes, Fu Nian lowered his head and said, “There are even the things in Lan Yue’s hand that can destroy the reputation of my grandfather and the Fu family. I’m… sorry.”


After separating from Fu Nian, Gu Xiyu wandered aimlessly for a long time and finally when the time was right, waited under the building of Fengming headquarters.

It was already around nine o’clock in the evening and the company was not in the busiest part of the city, so there were no people passing by and it was very quiet.

He leaned against the street lamp and stared at a certain place to let his thoughts go empty for a long time before he murmured in his heart: “The human mind is so complicated.” Dealing with this kind of chaos is more tiring than going to the battlefield to kill a strange animal.

「Weren’t you human before? 」the system asked him.

Gu Xiyu looked down at his reflection under the street lamp and replied, “I still am.”

After answering the system, he didn’t say much. He looked up to the top floor of the company and saw that the light in the president’s office was still on, so he took out the phone in his pocket.

When Ji Chen received Gu Xiyu’s call, he was working overtime alone in the company. He stared at the name on the phone for a few seconds, but couldn’t hold back his hand to connect.

As a result, as soon as he accepted the call, there was a busy tone saying that he was hung up by the other side.


Ji Chen looked at his phone like this

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