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TVITC Chapter 25

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[25]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

The days of the program crew in the countryside quickly passed.

In a blink of an eye, the three-month period passed and the parting day approached. On the day teenagers left, many villagers came to see them off. Some villagers who didn’t know that they were leaving walked through the fields and beckoned when they saw Yin Minglu. They enthusiastically said, “My baby, let’s go to my house for dinner today! Auntie will cook for you. It’s meat in dinner today!”

The little guy waved his little hand and said loudly, “No, we are leaving today!”

He shouted in a loud voice and more villagers came. Some of them were carrying farm tools and at first glance, it could be seen that they had come from the fields. The scene was very spectacular and the crowd kept increasing.

The Luo family members and the village chief stood at the forefront. These days, the two elders of the Luo family truly regarded the three young boys as their own grandsons, especially when their grandson was not by their side. Seeing them leaving at this moment, the two old people’s eyes were moist and their rough hands were resting on the young boy’s shoulders.

“Three young children, you came here for three months. Now see! You all are a lot taller.” The village chief patted the shoulders of the teenagers. He was able to see the changes of these three teenagers with his own eyes. Their skin and tender flesh have now been baptized by labor and sunlight. The layers of squeamishness that the teenagers used to carry in their actions have faded and they now look much mature and stable.

He sighed and said: ”All good things must come to an end………Young brats, you must study hard in the future! Be a good person, be filial to your parents, love everyone, and be a person who contributes to society! Although Sha jia Village of Yunluo County is small and poor, it is another home of yours. If you have the opportunity, please come back and see the folks! ”

Other folks also nodded. There were many students who wanted to study in the town. The boys and girls who were destined to be classmates with the three lads also came to see them off and one of them even brought a farewell gift. Although they were all agricultural gadgets made by hand, Yuanfeng and the others cherished them.

After more than two months of getting along with the city’s boys, these students have already engraved the prosperity of the capital city in their hearts. They yearned for that prosperity.

“Everyone let’s study hard and we will be able to meet again in the future when we strive to be admitted to the capital’s university.” Someone took the lead and said this. The other teenagers also responded enthusiastically. Although they all know that education in the countryside is really backward and going to the capital to study at a university is really a luxury for them, but it does not prevent them from having dreams and working toward their dreams with a vigorous attitude.

Father Luo was also there. He had a strong physique, so he helped the program team to put everything that should be moved into the vehicle. After finishing his work, he turned around and saw the indifferent expression of his eldest daughter, it was very different from the look of other people’s expression. It really looked out of place and some people already thought she was weird.

Everyone around was staring at Luo Cuihua. Seeing her attitude of ”I’m just here to do my own thing” they themselves felt awkward for a long time. They thought: Even if you hate them, they are going to leave after living in your house for 3 months, you should at least put on a nice expression.

Turning around, they saw that Luo Cuihua had also taken out an old-fashioned suitcase from the house and was moving towards the tractor. She was followed by Luo Cuimiao, the little girl of the Luo family, who was carrying a large schoolbag. She was supported by her father and finally boarded the tractor.

Everyone then learned that the three teenagers had a very ”good” relationship with the Luo sisters. So they suggested to the director that when they returned to the capital, they would take the two sisters of the Luo family to the capital to open their eyes.

As soon as these words came out, everyone applauded, complimenting the conscience of the three young boys and envying the Luo family members. The more they thought about it, the more regretful they became that the host family was not their family. Otherwise, their children could also go to the big cities.

However, Yuan Feng really wanted to make complaints and kill that director. The three of them had clearly suggested that they should take Luo Cuimiao alone, but they don’t know if the director pretended to be deaf and dumb, or really didn’t hear it, he finally decided to take Luo Cuihua too.

Because the road in this village was too muddy and uneven, it was not convenient for private cars to get in. So they could only take a tractor first then change the vehicle in the small city near the village.

The rear compartment of the tractor looked wide, but the three young men were carrying their suitcases. After sitting on them, they looked cramped. What’s more, they had to bring two girls, which made the space even more crowded, with each other’s knees close to each other.

But there was no other way. The number of vehicles was not enough and the two other cars of staffs were even more crowded.

Yuan Feng and Xia Ming had long legs. They tried very hard not to kick people with their legs. So they could only sit in a very awkward posture. Their legs were almost numb.

Especially when the tractor started to move, the car trembled and the people in the rear compartment were also trembling. They almost ran into each other several times. It was unknown whether it was intentional or unintentional but Luo Cuihua’s body was like duckweed, continuously shaking and floating everywhere. She either slammed into Yuanfeng’s arms or hit Xia Ming’s leg.

The girl’s body was soft. Every time she bumped into the boys, she almost trapped them causing the air to be ambiguous even if she didn’t communicate with them. Because the photographer was photographing them in the passenger seat, the two teenagers couldn’t push her directly away. So they had to endure with a dark face. And after each collision, after staying for two or three seconds, Luo Cuihua ”immediately” retracted with a cold expression saying”Ah, I’m so sorry to bump into you” without waiting for others’ reaction.

After bumping, again and again, Yuanfeng wanted to curse her ten generations of ancestors. He felt that he definitely was being taken advantage of. This bitch was using a very clever and indecent means of taking advantage.

But if he curses and beats her, he will be the unreasonable one here. If he tells others that Luo Cuihua took advantage of him, others will say ”She is a girl and you are a man. It’s reasonable to say you are the one taking advantage of her than saying she is the one taking advantage of you.” They will never believe him.

After all, in the eyes of others, it is because the road is too bad that the vehicle trembled. So the girl bumped into him.

Watching people bumping into each other, Yin Minglu thought it was a lot of fun. But suddenly the tractor made a sharp turn and everyone fell to the ground. This time it was real. Everyone was squeezed into a ball. One’s elbow was on top of someone’s stomach while the other one’s knee was on someone’s head.

Because Yin Minglu had eaten too much in the morning, he hadn’t finished his digestion and now he was bumping on others on the tractor. So everybody had just sat again when his stomach was rolling so badly that the little guy vomited directly with a “whoop”. He just happened to vomit on Xia Ming’s legs and Yuan Feng’s side.

Everyone in the car was shocked.

Yuan Feng took a heavy breath. He hugged the soft body of the little guy and helped him get out of the car. Ah, this “sweet” smell of that vomit was so contagious that he wanted to vomit.

After the staff and Xia Ming helped clean up the place, everyone still sat in their old seats. But this time, it was unknown if it was because the remaining smell or the shadow of the vomit was still there, nobody bumped into anyone. The vehicle was still trembling but the certain someone who was previously floating didn’t even move once.

The ambiguous smell of love was no longer in the air. The little guy put his face on the suitcase, facing out of the car, so as not to vomit on others anymore and bother them.

The tractor was still shaking and the car was going up and down. Luo Cuihua bit her lower lip, thinking that the camera was still shooting, and she must do a full set of her plan. Just now she bumped into the boys’ arms many times due to her “inertia”. The vehicle is still shaking now! If her “inertia” suddenly disappeared, the audience would definitely see that she was deliberately doing it before.

That’s what she thought, but she still couldn’t accept it psychologically.

Luo Cuihua, who had done psychological homework several times, tried to repeat the trick every time, but she had to stop because she cared about the pool of vomit. In the end, she didn’t carry out the “inertial” impact and became “serious”.

Because of this, it caused a lot of ridicule on the Internet. Some people jokingly call her “Inertia Sister” because this person’s inertia depends entirely on her mood.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Ridiculous girl! Instead, I do like those kind, hard working villagers.

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