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TVITC Chapter 12

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[12]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

  Living in an almost isolated village, without mobile phones, tablets, and other entertainment and communication equipment, kids there did not know that the program had already been broadcasted and it had already caused a round of controversy and discussion. The main topics of discussion varied from the widespread phenomenon of male-dominating societies in rural areas to the city’s two-child policy, to the bad deeds of the city’s guests, and finally to the fact that the sole heir of Yin’s Daily Chemical Company participated in the program, ”The Metamorphosis”.


The Yuan family and Xia family were low-key. After all, they were big aristocratic families that existed in the capital city for a long time. They have been flourishing for generations. Even if the media goes to inquire, they can only get a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg. But Yin Minglu was different. His family members’ composition was extremely simple. There were no siblings to help. After the death of the head of the Yin family, only a pair of an orphan and a widow was left behind and these pieces of information could easily be discovered by the media.


Yin Minglu was the only son of the former goddess Lin Shuwu and Yin Huaye, the CEO of Yin’s Daily Chemical Company.


For the majority of netizens, Yin Huaye, a business tycoon who even had his own entry in Baidu Encyclopedia, was actually not as famous as Lin Shuwu, a representative of civilians. After all, when Lin Shuwu was in high school, she once became popular on the Internet with a set of beautiful photos wearing female school uniforms during the Republican era. She was widely known as the “Sister of the Republic of China.”


More than ten years have passed, but the photo studio that had taken the photos of the Republican era is still a famous online celebrity forum at present. The hard work and efforts of Lin Shuwu to get into the A university were even more widely circulated. She was simply known as the goddess of the campus. It’s a pity that the goddess became a lot low-key after she got married. Everyone only knew that the other party married a handsome and rich man after graduation. After marriage, she lived happily and gradually disappeared from the public eyes.


      Internet information has always been updated extremely fast. So, gradually, no one paid attention. Unexpectedly, at present, in a show where the city’s rich second generations were taught the ”life lessons”, they saw the goddess’s child whose eyebrows looked a lot like his mother.


  After his identity news came out, the attitude of most people was incredible.


  In the past, most of the city’s guests selected by the program’s crew were rich second generations with various problems. Because of the wealth of their families and environmental indulgence, their problems have been infinitely magnified and they gradually became a hidden danger to society. The parents, family, relatives, friends, teachers, and classmates around them couldn’t control them. Then they regretted their initial negligence towards their children. So they were led to sacrifice their child here.


  For example, Yuanfeng and Xia Ming who were introduced before were quite like the previous season’s city’s guests meeting the condition of the program. One was rebellious and did not obey the discipline rules, every time he appeared like a “ruthless gangster”, while the other one had a high IQ but was indifferent towards everyone as if only he existed in this world. Both of them had some potentially dangerous characteristics. 


  But they couldn’t figure out what lesson had to be taught to this kid Yin Minglu, who looked like a well-behaved boy. What’s more, the identity of the other party was also exposed. So for a while, everyone was very curious about him.


  Sure enough, as expected by the program group, when the child pulled the few kinds of grass and said that he hadn’t seen a butterfly because his parents didn’t let him go out, the majority of netizens were ridiculing.


  [Is this kid …….ummmm……. really stupid or pretending to be stupid? 】


  【How could anyone never have seen a butterfly? Now the guests’ methods of protesting against the show crew are getting bolder and bolder.】


  【I had only heard this cute line from my five-year-old nephew. It had sounded better at that time.】


  There were also people who were discussing the education issues: [My lords here, please listen to me. This child might not be lying. He seems to be too naive. He does not understand the cruel things going on in this mortal world. Maybe the “Sister of the Republic of China” really did not let him go out? After all, he is a child of a wealthy family. What if he is kidnapped when he goes out? Then this is the parent’s education problem. We can’t blame the child.]


[So why was this kid thrown here? The sister of the Republic of China raised her child like that and found out that she hadn’t taught him well. So she threw him over? 】


Just within seconds, the topic discussion of #Sister of the Republic of China didn’t teach her child well# almost swept the screen.


When Yin Minglu was climbing up the mountain road, the camera shook because of the rough and uneven path exposing the shocking height of the mountain. The netizen couldn’t help but gasp.


They were even more shocked when they saw the child pulling a suitcase that was almost half a person tall and him climbing up with enough effort. But he was pulled back by the weight of the suitcase again and again. His white and tender hands and feet were almost submerged in the mud. And his whole lovely face was covered in dirt.


In the camera, the noble young master naturally looked a bit panicked.


After repeated failures and seeing the disappointed face of the child, the frustration of netizens almost broke through the screen and they couldn’t help but feel distressed. Everyone can understand the pain of trying to do things beyond their own ability, continuously working hard, but at last, still being unsuccessful.


The program team had even edited a video of a rural child walking the mountain road for a few hours without breathing before showing Yin Minglu’s video of walking on a hillside with great difficulty and panting. They wanted to show how spoiled he was compared to the villages’ child. But the netizens didn’t care about that at all. Instead, they scolded the show crew for being a fool.


[Ah…. ah….. This kid has worked very hard. Everyone, please don’t scold him.]


[Foolish show crew!!! It’s not easy for even an adult to climb on such a steep hill. You can climb once for me to see.]


[Foolish show crew!!! +1, Seeing this child not being able to climb the mountain road and being lost, I feel so distress.]


[I seem to have seen my kindergarten son like this as well. He tried his best to do something but it was not satisfactory. At that time he looked like he was resisting crying. I really want to give this kid a hug and tell him that you have done your best.]


The pitiful show crew had deliberately hidden the scene of them helping Yin Minglu, trying to show their fairness and justice towards every guest but instead, the majority of netizens scolded them for being cold-blooded and just seeing the kid’s failure.


When Yin Minglu was eating, the netizens who had a good opinion of him all shouted “Fuck, so cute!!”


In the camera, the child was immersed in eating, only a white and tender face was seen. But everyone could see his seriousness. Eating in small bites one by one, the appearance of him being absorbed in eating was so cute that it could melt your heart.


[God, he is so cute that I’m suffocating!!!]


[This kid must have eaten ”cuteness” while growing up. HAHAHA!]


[God! He has so many manners. He ate it all.]


He had just finished eating a bowl.


The child was holding bowls in his both hands. Luo Cuimiao, who was standing outside the kitchen, was flattered, “Do you want more brother?”


In the camera, the child nodded and pushed the bowl forward again. A pair of delicate black eyes stared at the person, they looked very beautiful. The kid with a little face asked obediently.”Can’t I have some more???”


As soon as he said this, it almost instantly made people want to satisfy all his requirements.


Sure enough, Luo Cuimiao couldn’t help but blush. She poured him a large spoonful of rice as if it was free.


[I just sent Yin Minglu’s emoticon pack of begging with a bowl of food to my dad, with the words: Give me a red envelope[money], okay? My dad laughed a bit and transferred me 200 yuan without saying anything! ! He also asked me whose baby he was! He looked like a little beggar and he looked so pitiful! He said if he sees that kid on the side of the road, he will kindly give all of his money to him.]


[Me too!!! My mother even saved the picture! ! 】


【My dad also said that this baby is like a beggar. If ……ummmmmmm……. somebody will let him know that the products like talcum powder, shower gel, and shampoo that he usually uses while cursing, all of them are the property of that little beggar and he is the young master of the  Yin’s Daily Chemical Company, he might think that his daughter with a monthly salary of less than 3,000 is more like a beggar hahahahaha]


Even if at the beginning, everyone had mixed impressions of the city’s guest Yin Minglu, but they couldn’t control themselves because that face was really cute. And gradually, they began to notice the charm of this child. So even when he was ill and hugging the quilt and acting like a baby, they couldn’t hate him but they instead wanted to rush to hug him. Therefore, Luo Cuihua’s sense of existence had also declined to a certain extent. They felt that her yelling look was a bit too domineering and arrogant.


[What the fuck is wrong with this girl??? It’s really annoying. She makes people work even when they are sick!]


Because of the full value of the affection degree, even if the other party was not able to take care of himself, even if he took off his clothes randomly while walking, everyone felt they could neither laugh nor cry. But they didn’t feel the slightest bit of disgust at all.


[What kind of fairy is he? The clothes he threw on the floor are worth more than my three-month salary]


[ His father is the boss of the company. He is the lord of Daily Chemical Company, different mining companies, environmental protection organizations, and real estate. They are worth more than one billion. Even if his son spends this much money, he can still enjoy that money until his next life. Wearing a coat of 10,000 yuan is nothing to him.]


The kids in the village didn’t know what had happened on the Internet. They still obeyed the program arrangement step by step and tried to adapt to life in the countryside.


Today, several people were arranged to work in the field.


Yuan Feng has been in a bad mood these days. Originally, he and Yin Minglu, a little idiot, had been together for a few days, and they had a good relationship. As a result, Xia Ming who came here after a few days was not polite at all. He didn’t know what politeness was and he directly wanted to squeeze himself between him[YF] and the little idiot.


Meanwhile, that little idiot didn’t have a sense of defensiveness at all. A few days ago, he even held Xia Ming’s hand and called him ”gege”. As a result, Xia Ming had only said a few words but that little idiot immediately ”transferred love” to someone else. Yuan Feng was so angry that his teeth started to hurt.




Everyone walking around the field had carried some kind of equipment.


The people here depend on the food of their own field. So, the fields are the foundation for them to settle down. Because of its backwardness, the village still adopted the most primitive farming methods, such as ox-plowing, artificial sowing, fertilizing and filling the soil, etc. Since several young masters came here to experience life, it was inevitable that they had to go to the field.


Yin Minglu wore a small straw hat on his head. There were two thin straps on the hat, which went around his chin and was tied into a small bow. That was tied by Xia Ming.


Xia Ming stared at the sky for a while and then asked the child: “After you work for a while, go to rest under the big tree secretly. Your body is so delicate, be careful not to have heat stroke.” He had heard that Yin Minglu caught a cold on the first night of his arrival while Yuanfeng took a cold shower for several days and was fine. That showed how poor the child’s physical fitness was.


After speaking, he took the hoe from the other’s hand and stuffed a sweet potato into the palm of his hand. The little guy immediately widened his eyes and laughed.


Yin Minglu had guessed that Xia Ming might have been reborn. But he didn’t understand why the other party didn’t redeem his lost love and in turn treated the original owner so well. But since everything’s going well, it is Xia Ming who was willingly taking care of him, so he is not guilty at all. If others treat him well, he can take it with ease. He’ll just enjoy it. It’s good that there was actually someone who would help him with the tools.


Xia Ming was like the nanny of the Yin family. He was doing everything personally. He was even worried that the other party will have a heat stroke.


Yuan Feng was not resentful but even more suspicious that the Xia family owed the Yin family countless debts. He was deliberately growling here and there: “Sometimes I am too lazy to be like a cat. When I have a bad temper, I open my teeth and dance with my claws. I act like a baby in front of you. Let us learn to meow together….” (famous Chinese song)


As he said, he handed the imaginary “microphone” to Yin Minglu beside him.


The little guy immediately followed and sang loudly: “Meow meow meow meow together~”


A tender voice obviously pleased Yuanfeng’s heart. The young master was happy. He patted his chest and smirked: “You are the only one that can cooperate with me. ”


He glanced at Xia Ming, wanting to show his superiority, but he didn’t expect that the handsome boy would not care at all. He was peeling sweet potatoes for the child and ignored him completely. Yuan Feng’s nose was suddenly crooked.


Whether it’s pop songs, getting pampered by the guy, or life in the city, these topics were something that Luo Cuihua, who was behind few people, couldn’t understand at all.


The romance novels she had read were all the ones from old bookstores that were hardly read by others. The TV dramas she watched were all youth school idol dramas, such as “Princess Sister”, “Love Magic Stylist”, etc. Many young people aren’t interested in it at all.


And about other few teenagers, they talked about online games, racing, bridge, snooker, limited sneakers, and jerseys and favorite teams, villas, yachts, and travel abroad, etc. She didn’t understand it. But she also knew that this kind of life was very different from hers and was out of her reach.


This made her feel apprehensive and uneasy. Seeing the young boy that was caught between the two handsome guys who were trying to please him, she always felt that reality shouldn’t be like this, and that position seemed to belong to her.


Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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