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TVITC Chapter 13

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[13]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

In the past few days, Luo Cuihua kept targeting the city’s boys by either criticizing their works or insulting them. In addition to wanting to grab their attention and keeping herself as a center of attraction, she also tried to show off her own ”good” characteristics in every way possible such as her stubborn, independent, and courageous personality, her hard work, and optimism, and her strength.


She thought to herself, aren’t those heroines from those romance novels also from a bad background like her??? But they have a strong ambition to win like her. They hate those rich children who bully others using their money. Didn’t those heroines insult and criticize the rich male leads at first too?

People with the traits like those heroines can easily grab the attention. After all, those young masters are spoiled and respected everywhere. Everybody wants to be on their side. It’s rare for them to meet a girl who is against them. So………hahahahaha shouldn’t these young masters also be interested in her?


But even after doing her best, the young masters still ignored her. On the contrary, they were more friendly to her average-looking and stupid little sister. Even Yuanfeng sometimes instructs Luo Cuimiao to do things and his tone is not so cold and domineering while speaking with her. But when it comes to her, he is too lazy to even give a single glance. He is even less interested in quarreling with her. Because of that, the “quarrel lines” she had deliberately prepared came of no use!!!


At this moment, Luo Cuihua was totally dumbfounded. She hadn’t expected that her clever tricks would fail so miserably that now even her existence was invisible to those damn young masters. But somehow with her brain that was full of poop, she quickly thought of the remedy for her problems.


Even at the beginning of those novels, the male protagonists and the second/third male leads are also at the opposite sides of the heroine. They continuously quarrel with each other and never respect the other parties. But then, the male leads “unintentionally” discover the other side of the heroine. For example, the other party has a wild and bad temper but she is actually so kind and gentle that she holds the homeless cat into her arms on rainy days…..Wah! What a plot! For example, when the male leads are injured, the heroine generously helps them regardless of their previous conflicts and quarrels. Ahem! Then they eventually find out that behind the heroine’s series of insults and criticisms towards them, was the hidden care and respect for them. Then what! Haaa! The main protagonist’s and other male lead’s feelings towards the heroine gradually change. They will then at the end find that behind the heroine’s stubborn personality is a tender and kind heart.


So she did the same.


During the daytime, Yuan Feng was so tired that his waist and back hurt a lot when he was working. At that time, she kept complaining about how he was a weak and fragile boy who couldn’t even do such small things…blah….blah…blah. She ridiculed him until she finally…yes she finally attracted the angry glare of Yuan Feng. Then after achieving the ”tremendous” amount of success, she turned around and left without explaining, leaving the camera with her back view.

But …… night, she pretended that she was feeling awkward and knocked at the other party’s room. She had taken there a bottle of medicinal wine that could relieve muscles and blood pressure, safflower oil that could relieve blood stasis, and some kind of random medicine. She then went to the other party’s room and handed it to Yuan Feng. She ”indifferently” said: “I went to the market to especially buy it for you. Use it if you want and if you don’t want then just throw it!!! Whatever!!! Humph!!!”

After she finished speaking, she snorted, turned around, and left.

Luo Cuihua thought that she has successfully created a perfect image of herself. In front of a few teenagers, she used her “caring under awkwardness” acting to the fullest and the camera just happened to shoot it. She must receive full marks for her acting skills here. Right???


It’s a pity that she didn’t expect that her act of giving medicine was regarded as a belated effort. As soon as he heard that the guest from the city was injured, even if the Luo family did not have any medicine, the village chief had hurriedly sent the medicines.


Poor dear Luo Cuihua, your ”care” for Yuan Feng was too late.


Meanwhile, Yuan Feng was sitting on the bed like a boss. He was trying to pick and choose the medicine bottles with a disgusting expression. He said to the program group: “These three products, you can take them away. They don’t even have a trademark. I don’t even know whether it is already expired or not.” Where would he dare to use it?


In this rural area, even the foods that are sold in the markets on an everyday basis are sometimes expired. Not to mention this kind of medicinal liquor that no one cares about at ordinary times! He doesn’t even know how many years it has been in the dust. Who dares to use it so easily?


He threw that random medicine aside and said irritably: “It stinks!!! Isn’t this the kind of medicine that old men and women use when they are at their death bed? WOW! That pig girl actually dared to bring this to me? This bitch is really being too bold nowadays!” What’s the difference between giving this and a funeral gift. It’s simply too unbearable!


Even the show crew had not-so-good expressions from the beginning to the end. Seeing that the young master was about to lose his temper, they quickly invited the little guy next door to “water the fire” who quickly comforted him: “Don’t be angry! We all live under one roof. She really CARES for you.” It’s just that her way of ”caring” wasn’t well planned.

Luo Cuihua felt that she had already cared enough for Yuan Feng more than anyone else. Compared to that little fool who would just continuously stay with Yuan Feng and nervously say a few words like “Yuanfeng, you are so miserable” and “Yuanfeng, you are so pitiful”, this kind of complete bullshit, she had done actual actions to prove her kindness.


As a result, when she met Yuan Feng again the next day, she didn’t get Yuanfeng’s gratitude as she had expected. It made her really confused. She thought of where the hell she went wrong again???


It’s a pity that even when she tried to break her already broken head to find a reason, she couldn’t find it. She could only think that this damn Yuan Feng was really hard to please. Thank god she had other plans as well!


She could see that Xia Ming seemed to admire herself very much. The look in his eyes while looking at her and others were completely different. He looks at her with tenderness as if he was seeing his old friend. That tenderness seemed really genuine.


But whenever she approaches and sends out some good and naughty signal, Xia Ming is the one who retreats the fastest. He is very polite and estranged towards her as if he “clearly had feelings but didn’t want those feelings anymore”. But when it comes to that little fool, he doesn’t hesitate to show his affection and care at all. This was the second thing that made Luo Cuihua even more confused.


These young masters, each of them was weird and strange. It was harder to please them than to secure a first position in the exams.


But she still refused to give up. After all, they had just come and they will stay at their house for a time being. She believed that with her perseverance, she could definitely win them over.


So today, when these young masters were about to go to the field, she hurriedly went with them by making the stupid excuse that they might not be able to find the field, where they had gone to several times now.

Along the way, Xia Ming was chatting with the little guy about some familial things, which made Yuanfeng even more determined that the Xia family was indeed experiencing an economic crisis. In the end, Xia Ming asked the little guy, “Minglu, what dreams do you have?”


Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard Xia Ming ask this. They almost thought that they were actually shooting some Chinese kid’s show and at this moment the instructor on the stage was seriously asking the students what dreams they had.


They had originally thought that Xia Ming was a weird dude. Now seeing him like this, it turns out that even though he is smart, he indeed is not a normal boy. His brain works differently from ordinary people.


Luo Cuihua also almost choked. She somehow still had a vague affection for an educated boy like Xia Ming, but now her feelings for him almost disappeared after hearing this question.


She can’t imagine after she really starts to have a deep affection for such a boy, if the other party suddenly asks her, what dreams do you have in a random way, then won’t she be really confused?


This was too incomprehensible. She guessed that her soul would fly in shock.


As the “student” being questioned, Yin Minglu also widened his big pair of eyes thinking that Xia Ming seemed to be a bit sick. Is he hinting to be his ”nanny” in the future too???


As for Xia Ming himself, he quickly realized from the reactions of people around him that his question was a little inappropriate. So he changed his statement decisively, “Minglu, what kind of person do you want to be in the future?”


He quietly whispered in his heart that no matter what kind of person you want to be, I will do my best to help you and be there for you.


He does not deny that he actually had empathy for Yin Minglu at first. The guilt of not helping him had tortured him for most of his life in the previous life. It had almost become his inner demon. He had hoped that in this life he could help the young man avoid the disaster and make his inner demon completely disappear.


But now, the more he gets along with this child, the more he is discovering the specialties of this child.


He thinks that perhaps he was reborn to save the boy or perhaps he was reborn because the boy wanted him(XM) to save himself(XM) from his inner demons.


Because Xia Ming’s attitude of asking a question was too serious like a strict teacher, everyone didn’t dare to interrupt casually. They could only focus on the innocent ”student”.


In the camera, everyone was curious about the child’s answer.


Netizens also happened to be curious. They were holding their breath looking forward to a unique answer.


The young boy didn’t seem to feel any pressure. He tilted his head with a straw hat. His small face was slightly wrinkled as if he was thinking something. It took him a long time to squint his eyes and laugh, making everyone see the lovely dimples on both of his cheeks at a glance, which were as intoxicating as honey.


The teenager had a clear voice. He shook his head and said: “I want to be a person who doesn’t need to go to school, can stay up late to eat, has a lot of money, and sleeps every day.” Just like a child answering the teacher’s question, he popped out whatever he could think of. Even his language was extremely straightforward without any modification, revealing the original owner’s dream as an unmotivated kid.


After waiting for a long time, nobody expected to get such an answer. Netizens were also shocked. They swiped the screen and condemned:


[He is such a young guy, but he has no dreams at all! ]


[Twelve years old is not too young age. Is it really good to just think about eating and waiting for death???]


[With such an heir, the Yin family’s share price will definitely fall.]


At the same time, they also tagged and gave a shoutout to the “sister of the Republic of China” letting her hear the answer of her own child. They thought, after all, she was once a public figure. She actually taught her child to be so lazy and unmotivated.


Some people rolled their eyes and defended:


[He is a rich second-generation child. As long as it doesn’t harm anyone, he can live the way he likes.]


[Oh please…… he is just a child. What kind of philosophical, logical, and well-researched answer do you guys want? Isn’t it just small talk? You, damn people, are just too serious about it.]


[Looking at you guys being so pissed off by a child’s small words, now I can say that he is already becoming really popular.]


More people’s comments:


[Who are you! ! ! Why do you know what I want to be! ! ! (laughing to death.jpg)]


[So relatable!!! Isn’t that my dream too? (Lazy ass.jpg)]

[I suspect that you secretly took a peek at my life, but unfortunately, I have no evidence.]


[I actually have the same dream as this top-rich second generation. I really want to live like that but unfortunately, my dad isn’t a billionaire, my family didn’t leave me with billions of properties to be heir of. So, sadly I’m not qualified to be a lazy ass and an unmotivated person.]


As an interrogator, Xia Ming got an answer like this, too. After a long while, he shook his head helplessly and smiled, thinking that he was still a child. The answer was not surprising at all.


Originally this scene was just a small part that was shown as a trailer, but nobody expected it to cause a huge quarrel in the comment area. Many people really tagged@ “Sister of the Republic of China” Lin Shuwu on Weibo, adding a new material to a topic that she could not teach her child properly.


What followed was the soaring ratings of the program, which surprised and delighted the director. He couldn’t help but hold a small meeting with the associate director, screenwriter, planner and other members.


He exclaimed: “Sure enough involving public figures, is really a good deal.” Even if the ”sister of the Republic of China” has become the ”mother” of the Republic of China now and even if the anti-fans who don’t like her will degrade what she is, but it is undeniable that the other party was once a memory of a generation.


Even her child could randomly help to start a conflict on the comment sections with his small words. What an influential family!!! If they were ordinary people, would they have gotten so much attention?


The planner was also an amazed member of the crew. He said: “I don’t know how the identity of the child was leaked, but it really helped us a lot.” He had originally thought that he was just an ordinary child, but he turned out to be such a lucky charm.


They didn’t know what the identity of the child was and they had only regarded the other party as a young master of some rich family. They didn’t expect that the boy who was so obedient had parents who were big public figures. After the exposure of his identity, their program’s ratings rose and many advertisers also responded to them.


Thinking of this, the director intended to seize the opportunity. He knocked on the table and solemnly said: “When you shoot in the future, be careful and give that kid more shots.”


The so-called “fairness and justice” will also have to compromise for the ratings.


Others responded without objection. It has been almost ten seasons since ”The Metamorphosis” was first aired. The ratings have always remained inconsistent. It was rare to see one single season producing so much glory to their program. So everyone did not want to miss it.


However, the planner showed a bit hesitant and complicated expression, “But if he’ll get more shots, then the thing about him having some mental problems will be exposed too.” His human heart is not made up of stone. After spending days and nights together, he still has a good impression of the well-behaved and sensible child. He can always see the shadow of his own child from the other person. Naturally, he hopes to avoid harm to the child after a large number of exposures.


The director rubbed his beard and glared at him. He slapped the table fiercely, “What you have considered, do you think I haven’t considered?”


“We too have considered.” The screenwriter also hesitated. Those who run more educational programs will always unconsciously consider things from the standpoint of the child.


“Sooner or later, this kind of thing will be exposed. Can’t you see how many people have already guessed it just after the release of the first episode? Instead of continuing to cover up, we should take the initiative to announce the matter.” The director was very courageous and with a big wave of his hand, he decided it and say: “You contact Ms. Lin and ask her if she can help us to make a video from the city.”


What to put in the video, as long as that Ms. Lin is not stupid, she will naturally grasp the opportunity letting her and her child, who is now on the verge of getting public hate, avoid the disaster.


Some tears, only after showing it at the right time, will make it extremely valuable.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. Avatar Rai says:

    Hah… That little girl whose name I don’t remember is so cringe lol. Straight up went to annoying tsundere mode sksks…And does the director has no conscience wtf? Exposing a child weakness to public, what a ‘good’ human being ba..

    Thanks for the chapter Bhatta~ Take good care of yourself (人*´∀`)。*゚

  2. Avatar Nachi says:

    Thank you🥰👍

  3. Avatar Sofea says:

    i hoped for the fact that minglu was a disbaled child to be known to the public, cause who the hell sends their disabled child to an unfamiliar village, to shoot a tv show that’s meant to disgrace their child? crazy and ignorant people that is

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