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TVITC Chapter 1

Arc 1 Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[1]

  ”Accepting the task: Little Fool and the middle-aged version of Long Aotian[1]! Sending the plot!”


  As the system prompt in his mind sounded, Yin Minglu slowly opened his eyes and found out that he was in a gray van with a bottle of mineral water in his hand. There were two men wearing glasses sitting in front of him. One of them was focused on driving while the other one was carrying a camera. The camera’s lens was pointed at him. It was so close that it almost stuck on his face.

  Outside the window was the scenery of mountains and forests. Posters from the program group and sponsors were pasted on the van. Coupled with the presence of a camera, Yin Minglu immediately realized what program the original owner might be participating in.

  It’s just that he didn’t know whether the original owner participated voluntarily or was forced. Before accepting the plot, Yin Minglu lowered his head and chose not to move.

  The attitude of the two people beside him was different from the others. One of them was a beautiful woman wearing a green cheongsam[2] with her hair tied up, revealing a section of her cold neck. The two bends of delicate eyebrows and the teardrops hanging from the corners of her eyes added a bit of pitifulness to the woman. For a while, people could not tell her true age.

  Only her beauty, that the aging could not ruin could be seen.

  The beautiful woman looked at him with tender eyes. She pulled him with her both hands reluctantly. Seeing him look dull and unresponsive, her tears couldn’t stop. Her tears fell sternly and those teardrops hit her cyan skirt, melting bit by bit.

  Seeing the tears, the remaining emotions of the original owner in the body were affected, making Yin Minglu’s heart a bit distressed.

  The tall and handsome middle-aged man next to him took the beautiful woman in his arms with pity. He gently wiped away the tears of the other party and spoke a few calming words from time to time. The atmosphere between the man and the woman was so ambiguous that it made Yin Minglu feel the space of the van being much narrower.

  It was as if he was an unnecessary existence there.

  He shrank silently to the corner of the car by the window. The original owner’s body didn’t have any good feelings for this man. But instead, there was even a bit of hidden fear.

  As if he realized that his behavior was too explicit, the man retracted his hand. He clenched his fist to cover his lips and coughed a few times, and said to the staff in the car: “I will trouble you to take care of our child in these two months.”

  He turned around and said to Yin Minglu warmly: “Minglu, go to the countryside for a few months obediently and stop throwing tantrums. Your mother loves you and is reluctant to leave you, but your uncle is also doing everything for you. You should also learn to grow up. You should know what should be done and what should not be done after leaving your mother.”

  He talked about it for a long time. Seeing the child in front of him still keeping his head down and saying nothing, the man who didn’t get a response seemed to be used to it and was not discouraged. Instead, he smiled politely, like a loving elder. His thick palm patted the young boy’s slender shoulder.

  The warm touch was passed over, but what made Yin Minglu uncomfortable was that although that patting felt just like comfort on the surface, it was an ambiguous touch inside. It seemed that the man was sensing the thin and slender shoulder of the young boy through the soft material. Those fingertips with thick calluses even lingered around his collarbone a few times

  Yin Minglu frowned slightly. He avoided the other’s touch. On the surface, it looked as if nothing had happened, but the stormy sea had already turned up in his heart.

  He looked at the original owner’s hand. Whether it was the joints or the size of the palm, it was quite different from that of the man. They were a pair of pampered hands, not rough at all. It was as if it wasn’t used at all. His fingernails were mellow and bright pinkish in color.

  They were a pair of childlike hands, a little immature.

  If he hadn’t judged the age wrongly through bones, the owner of these hands should be only a twelve-year-old boy. His stature hadn’t grown fully out yet. The man’s offensive behavior just now made him suspect of a crime, not to mention that the man just seemed to have a close relationship with the mother of this body.

  After taking precautions, during the entire long journey, Yin Minglu never gave the other party a chance to take advantage of him, acting as a silent guy who didn’t say a word.

  He accepted the plot at the same time and quickly understood his current situation. Even when the mother of the original owner offered comfort, his mouth was tighter than the shell of a mussel. He didn’t speak at all.

  Fortunately, the original owner’s persona was just like this. He was a quiet person and often didn’t use to say a word for a long time. So no one noticed his strangeness.

  The long journey ended and they reached a mountainous area with rugged roads.

  The directory team helped them to lift the suitcase. But they didn’t allow the woman to bring the fruit snacks that she had prepared. The staff rightfully stated that this was a rule of the program team and could not make an exception for him.

  The beautiful woman withdrew her hands in a daze. Her temperament has always been resigned and submissive. In front of these rules, she did not even dare to fight for some rights for her son.

  The man lifted the suitcase and placed it near the feet of the boy. He patted the boy on the shoulder again under everyone’s eyes and said warmly: “Lu’er, don’t act too hard while living in the mountains for two months. Learn to grow up. Your mother and I’ll watch you in front of the TV.”

  While talking, the man touched Yin Minglu’s head with his thick palm and sighed softly. His tone was disheartened and loving. In front of the recording camera, he did his best to act as a well-intentioned elder.

  Even if Yin Minglu didn’t react at all, he patiently did a full one-man show.

  Finally, the beautiful woman and the man rode away in a luxury car worth millions, leaving only Yin Minglu and the staffs of the program crew.

  The van was there, but it was used by the program crew.

  The photographer adjusted the camera and the staffs were also sorting out the equipment. Yin Minglu stood quietly on the spot, looking in a daze on the surface. But, in fact, he was rearranging the memory in his mind.

  The original owner has the same name as him. He is twelve years old this year. He was in the first year of junior high school in the capital city. The school he attended was that kind of special school. Most of the children in his class were either mentally handicapped or physically disabled. But at the same time, they had a wealthy family. The descendants of many powerful families and members of the upper class in the capital would be sent to this school if there is a junior in the family who has a disabled problem. It can be said that those children were all representatives of money and power.

  It’s not like the parents and elders of these children don’t love these children anymore. On the contrary, they loved them even more because they had received unfair treatment from God when they were born.

  The original owner is also such a pitiful child. He has been tested and found that his intelligence is lower than that of ordinary people. His speech is slower than his peers. The math problems within a hundred could be learned by others, but he cried anxiously and couldn’t understand anything. The family suddenly discovered that this child lost to many children of the same age in terms of intelligence. In ordinary people’s words, this child was simply stupid.

  But the original owner was very lucky. He was born in a wealthy family with parents who loved him. They regarded him as their life, loved him dearly, and exhausted everything for him.

  However, just as the winter began five years ago, things changed.

  Father Yin was a very talented person. He succeeded in his career at a young age, but unfortunately, he died young, leaving the original owner and his mother dependent on each other. How could a Yin family with amazing wealth with only a stupid child who couldn’t carry heavy responsibilities, and a beautiful young widow not make people be greedy?

  Behind all these, was the revenge of a man. The plot is a bit like the Chinese version of “Wuthering Heights”[3]. More than ten years ago, a young man named Han Shihao watched his heart’s beautiful and noble goddess and a handsome and wealthy man getting married. He at that time was filled with hatred and low self-esteem.

  Angrily, he left his hometown and devoted himself to commerce in Hai Province. He took risks and did some deeds with his conscience. After ten years of hard work, he established his own business. The poor boy from a poor background turned into a new business nobility.

  Just like a darling who is favored by God, while he was being successful in his career, at the same time, in his middle age, he was also enjoying the romantic things that he had missed when he was young.

  There were countless women around him. Sexy and charming secretary assistants, innocent and pleasant girls from the entertainment circle, and virtuous and kind cousins ​​from afar…Even the nanny at his home had a delicate and charming face and a hot and ecstatic figure. These women were so impressed by his charm that they were willing to accompany him, even if he was indifferent. They were crying and begging to say unbearable lines, “Please don’t break up, I just want to be like a little dust, snuggling next to your clothes, I have nothing to ask for…”

 Facing these women who couldn’t live without him, Han Shihao was shocked and pitied them. In these women, he recovered the self-esteem and pride lost years ago, but his heart was still empty. No matter how many women recommended sexual things, he couldn’t forget the pure and beautiful goddess of many years ago.

  Lin Shuwu, the former goddess A, was the woman he could not forget even in his dreams at midnight.

  By chance, he saw Lin Shuwu, who was holding a seven or eight-year-old child attending the parent-teacher meeting. Her face was still beautiful, like an innocent girl, and the aging did not seem to leave any marks on her face. The other party had a very good life. She had a lovely child and a loving husband. Her generous life allowed her to maintain her pre-marital exquisiteness looking even more beautiful.

  This made Han Shihao feel jealous. His heart was burning with a desire to destroy. God seemed to know his intentions and gave him a good opportunity. Father Yin’s demise gave him a chance to take advantage of it.

  He acted to wipe out some greedy people who were harassing the Yin family’s mother and son. He appeared as the savior of the world and extended a helping hand to the declining Yin family. After five years of work, he won Lin Shuwu’s trust. Moreover, the classmate’s reunion during her hard times completely captured Lin Shuwu’s heart.

  Lin Shuwu was originally a woman who relied on her husband. Before the crisis in the Yin family, she was carefree and free from worries. Every day, she only needed to think about whether she should go shopping or travel abroad. When her husband died, she pulled a child who was barely able to take care of himself by herself. She also had to guard against those careerists who were trying to covet Yin family. The burden of life suddenly fell on her, making her almost breathless.

  Over the years, she was tired of this kind of life. She was unable to support the entire Yin family. Yin Minglu, a child who often cried, was about to run out of her maternal love. She even had a little bit of complaint.

  At this time, Han Shihao’s existence was like a ray of sunshine. His years of pursuit and a vigorous marriage proposal completely stirred Lin Shuwu’s heartstrings, letting her abandon her dead husband. She then brought her child into the Han family digging her own grave.

  Since then, the miserable life of the original owner began.

  He was ignorantly brought into a strange family by his mother. He received countless strange and unkind eyes. The servants who served him would even humiliate him as a fool. When he was taking the bath, he felt someone was peeping at him. At night, he felt someone climbed onto his bed.

  He instinctively felt wronged and afraid of all this, so he could only choose to cry to his mother. But he didn’t know that his mother was already immersed in the newly rejuvenated middle-aged love and couldn’t help himself.

  Faced with his helpless little face, his stepfather’s tongue shone brightly, and in a few words, he defined his behavior as “the child is afraid that his mother will be snatched away and opposes this love”, and he took the opportunity to suggest that the child was old and should grow up. He couldn’t rely on his mother all the time. The reason to let him learn to fly by himself moved Lin Shuwu and he was finally sent to the crew of “The Metamorphosis”[4].

  Since then, the show had not yet ended, but Yin Minglu, the “Rich Second Generation Fool”, was known all over the country.

  On the TV, he was 12 years old but still was crying for his mother causing him to receive nicknames like “Mother’s Boy” and “Giant Baby”. He had never seen a domestic pig that was so stinking. So when he cried seeing it, this appearance made many viewers feel that he was a hypocrite. Many netizens even ridiculed him that he should be a girl. Crying every day, saying that the children in the countryside were more capable and braver than him.

  Under the intentional or unintentional editing of the program group, the original owner had a clumsy mouth, low IQ, and his grades were in a mess. He couldn’t carry the burdens on his shoulders. Except for his cute face, his other aspects were nothing in comparison with the children in the countryside.

  Everyone didn’t like him. This invisible bullying made the child weep silently.

  As soon as the three-month shooting period was over, he returned to Han’s house in a depressed manner. The tortured young boy closed his mind even more. One night, he was covered by a strange man in bed with his mouth and nose. He committed suicide by jumping off the building the next day.

  The original owner was supposed to be a carefree rich young master, but in the end, he became a muddy pool of blood.

  In front of the traced corpse of her child, Lin Shuwu, a mother blinded by love, seemed to realize something. Her tears slid down like broken pearls, and her spirit collapsed instantly.

  But the tragedy had already occurred, and it could not be undone. She could only hold her son’s body in tears. She finally picked up a fruit knife and rushed to the study, stabbed the man fiercely, and then ended her own life to follow her son.

  Now that Yin Minglu has accepted the task and came here, he has accepted this body. He wants to help the child save his life and fulfill his wish.


1. Long Aotian is a Chinese meme, especially in yy web novels. This is the defining name for the most dominating character. Mary Sue would be the English equivalence.
2. Female dress with distinctive Chinese features
3. Wuthering Heights is an 1847 novel by Emily Brontë. It follows the life of Heathcliff, a mysterious gypsy-like person, from childhood (about seven years old) to his death in his late thirties. Heathcliff rises in his adopted family and then is reduced to the status of a servant, running away when the young woman he loves decides to marry another.
4. ”The Metamorphosis ” is a reality show of a life-type role swap created by Hunan Satellite TV in mainland China. Combining the current social hot spots in China, the program arranges two protagonists with completely different experiences and growth environments to exchange life experiences.

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