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TSHJ Chapter 8

Shen Mucheng didn’t know how to describe what he felt, he just knew that the tear Luo Shaoheng had dropped on his hand burnt his heart. He couldn’t resist and asked, “Why are you crying?”, when he was talking, he even went forward and wiped off the tears that were left on his face with his hand. 

Luo Shaoheng froze at his action, Shen Yun who was behind was also stunned. He did not see Shen Mucheng treat anyone this gently before. 

“Not…Nothing, I’m just… just a bit too happy.” Luo Shaoheng showed a smile, he was indeed too happy, he wanted to calm down but he couldn’t control the trembling of his voice. 

He stretched out his hand, wanting to grasp Shen Mucheng’s hand that was still touching his face. However, Shen Mucheng retracted his hand first, as well as his right hand that was holding on Luo Shaoheng. 

The absence of that hand’s touch made his heart feel empty. Luo Shaoheng clenched his fist tightly, but he couldn’t keep the warmth. 

“I…” Shen Mucheng noticed his disappointment and wanted to say something, but Shen Yun who was at the back reminded him in a low voice, “Boss, it’s almost time for the appointment.” 

Shen Mucheng stopped his words, he nodded his head towards Luo Shaoheng as a goodbye, then turned and left. After taking two steps away, the edge of his clothes was held by someone, he turned his head and saw Luo Shaoheng staring at him, he stammered as he asked, “Are you leaving?” 

Normally, Shen Mucheng definitely wouldn’t care too much. However, he looked at Luo Shaoheng’s expression as if he wanted to go with him and could not say anything harsh, he could only nod his head, “En.” 

“Then can I come with you?” Luo Shaoheng quickly asked. 

“Come with me?” Shen Mucheng looked at him, Luo Shaoheng nodded repeatedly like a chick pecking grains. 

Shen Mucheng looked at his childish action, his heart pounded and felt that a man doing that action was completely natural, but his rationale still took the lead, “No.” 

Luo Shaoheng remembered when Shen Mucheng went for his first business trip that year, he also grasped onto the edge of his shirt like that, asking him if he could bring him. The answer was still the same, no. At that time, he shamelessly hugged Shen Mucheng’s waist, not letting him go, he even used his legs in the end, entangling him. Shen Mucheng’s gentle coax could not win against his shamelessness, he could only promise that he would come back quickly and call him every day to ensure that he was safe. 

And now, time has passed, he couldn’t act that way anymore, he could only loosen his grip on Shen Mucheng’s clothes embarrassingly. 

Shen Mucheng did not stay longer after he loosened his grip. He raised his foot and started leaving, he saw Luo Shaoheng wanting to follow him, he then shouted in a low tone, “Stay there.” 

Luo Shaoheng’s footstep paused, he was at a loss as he heard the voice filled with slight anger, as if he did not expect that he would scold him like that, he then said subconsciously like a child who did something wrong, “… Sorry.” 

Shen Mucheng heard his apology, he frowned and suppressed the weird feeling in his heart. He stopped looking at Luo Shaoheng and walked towards his car. Before getting into the car, he turned and took a glance at him as if he was possessed, indeed, Luo Shaoheng was still standing at the same place, looking in his direction. 

He thought for a while and whispered something to Shen Yun. Then, he sat into the car, the car then slowly left. 

Luo Shaoheng could only feel that his heart was taken away with the car, he only came to his senses that he just let Shen Mucheng left like that when the car disappeared as it turned into a junction. He quickly ran and wanted to chase after it, but he was grasped by someone as he moved. 

“Wait!” Shen Yun pulled him swiftly. 

Luo Shaoheng saw the car turn into a junction and lost its shadow, he turned and wanted to shove away the person who was stopping him. He then said in a rush, “Let me go…” His words stopped abruptly, and realized the person halting him was the person with Shen Mucheng earlier, he froze, “Why are you here?” 

“…” Shen Yun sweated, your sight was on Boss all the time and did not even notice that I’ve stayed?!

“Boss ordered me to send you back.” Shen Yun said. 

“Send me back? He said it?” Luo Shaoheng couldn’t really believe it, since Shen Mucheng had a look showing that he did not know him at all. 

“Yes.” Shen Yun bent his waist, picked up the spoilt camera that was dropped onto the floor and handed it to him, he then made an inviting gesture.  

“Thank you.” Luo Shaoheng took the camera, he glanced in the direction where the car had left and asked as he was unwilling to give up, “Then can you send me to where he’s at?” 

“No.” Shen Yun answered without hesitation, he didn’t want to search for death. 

Although Luo Shaoheng felt disappointed, he knew that it was impossible. He took another glance at the junction and followed Shen Yun, getting into the car. 

“Where do you live?” Shen Yun asked. 

Luo Shaoheng said a hotel’s name, and felt embarrassed towards the fact that Shen Yun had to specially send him back. However, he was unwilling to reject it as Shen Yun was arranged by Shen Mucheng. He then said, “Sorry to trouble you. My name is Luo Shaoheng, how should I address you?” 

“You’re welcome, call me Shen Yun.” Shen Yun smiled. 

“Shen Mucheng…” 

“Boss still has something to deal with, tell me if you need anything.” Shen Yun interrupted his words, although he felt confused about Boss’ arrangement, he would not ask more, and would not even disclose any information about his boss. 

Luo Shaoheng knew that he would not tell him much, so he stopped talking and sat in the backseat silently. 

Frankly. his heart had not calmed down yet. His heart was filled with joy towards the fact that Shen Mucheng was still alive. In the end, Shen Mucheng being alive was more important than anything else. It’s fine if he did not recognize him, the most important thing was that he’s alive. 

However, what really happened during that year? From Shen Mucheng’s report of his corpse, there was no doubt that the one who encountered the accident was him, he even placed his ashes in his grave personally. Since Shen Mucheng was still alive, then who was the one that year? What actually happened in the process? 

As Luo Shaoheng thought about this, the exhilaration and happiness in his heart slowly calmed down, he pursed his lips and sank into deep thought.

When he was thinking, Shen Yun who was in front observed him secretly through the rear mirror. Although he was a subordinate who would keep his own place and wouldn’t doubt his boss’ arrangement, he still felt very curious in his heart! 

Who’s this person who stopped Boss’ car on the street and had even touched Boss’ hand? Judging from their conversation earlier, it was obvious that Boss didn’t know him, but Boss did not get mad at his clumsiness and had even helped him to wipe his tears. And now, he even asked me, who’s his right hand man, to send him back home personally, how scary. 

However, this person called Luo Shaoheng is quite good looking, he has an outstanding appearance, gentle temperament, he’s completely different from those slutty bitches who wanted to stick to Boss. 

Shen Yun had been accompanying Shen Mucheng since young, his brother, Shen Yu and he are Shen Mucheng’s right and left hand men. Being at his side for so many years, he indeed did not see Shen Mucheng treating anyone this differently before. He was always keeping a cold face and did not give any shit about those people, he even treated the same towards He Shuyu who was close to his grandfather. 

What happened today made him overthink, he thought that his boss might be a gay. 

When he thought of this, he thought of He Shuyu, and felt that the drama would be enjoyable. 

“Shen Yun.” Luo Shaoheng called him once. 

“Yes.” Shen Yun kept his imaginative thoughts and showed a serious expression.  

“When will Shen Mucheng finish his work? Can you help me to contact him?” Luo Shaoheng asked, he did not have any way to find him directly, he could only ask Shen Yun to help him. 

“I’ll convey your message to him.” Shen Yun said. 

“How long will you guys stay in Switzerland?” Luo Shaoheng asked. 

“It’s not convenient for me to tell you this, you can ask Boss next time.” Shen Yun added another sentence in his heart secretly, if you still have a chance to meet him next time. 

“I don’t have any other intentions.” Luo Shaoheng tried to explain, “I just want to know his news, I won’t do any other things, please don’t worry.” 

Shen Yun smiled politely and did not answer him. Luo Shaoheng couldn’t continue asking him anymore. The car’s atmosphere became silent, both of them did not communicate at all as they reached the hotel. 

Shen Yun initially wanted to leave once he sent him there. However, out of his expectations, Luo Shaoheng sat fixedly at the back after they reached the entrance and did not have any intention to get out of the car. He then reminded, “Mr. Luo, we’ve arrived at the hotel.” 

Luo Shaoheng lifted up his head as if he just came to his senses, “Oh, thank you.” Then, he lowered his head again and looked at his phone, pretending to not know anything. 

Shen Yun repeated his words again, Luo Shaoheng answered him with an ‘En’, but still remained sitting in the car. 

“…” Shen Yun did not expect this person who looked elegant and even had a good-looking appearance to be this shameless!  He had even given him a high rating earlier! 

Frankly, Luo Shaoheng also felt embarrassed at his own shamelessness, but he had no choice. If he could not make Shen Yun stay, he could not contact Shen Mucheng. Who knew if he still had a chance to meet Shen Mucheng after Shen Yun left? He initially thought that life and death separated them for ten years, but now he got to meet him again, he would not miss this chance anymore As long as he could follow Shen Mucheng, let alone getting embarrassed, it’s even fine to lose his life for this.

If the one who was being shameless was the second daughter of the He’s family who Shen Mucheng said to shove her out if she were to enter the second floor, Shen Yun would have clenched his teeth and shoved her out. However, he couldn’t grasp the relationship between Luo Shaoheng and his own boss clearly, Boss’ emotions were also oddly calm earlier, he really could not deal with him recklessly. 

“Mr. Luo, please don’t give me a hard time.” He tried to reason with Luo Shaoheng. 

“I’m sorry,” Luo Shaoheng knew that he was giving him a hard time, he could only say with apologies, “I just want to know Shen Mucheng’s condition, if I’ve offended you, please forgive me.” 

“We as subordinates can’t talk about Boss’ matters, you can ask him directly.” Shen Yun was not moved by him, he was still determined. 

“Then can you bring me to meet him?” Luo Shaoheng asked. 

“I’m sorry.” Shen Yun still gave him the same words. 

At this point, the conversation was back to square one. Luo Shaoheng took a step back and said, “Or you can tell me his phone number, where does he come from? Is he living in Switzerland permanently or just here to deal with business? Where are you guys going after that?” 

What the heck, you’re acting like his old flame earlier, and you’re asking me where Boss comes from now?!! Shen Yun felt shocked, but he still remained calm at the surface. He blocked the questions as if he was doing taichi, after a few lines of conversation, Luo Shaoheng did not get what he wanted and could only let it be. 

It was hard to park in front of the hotel, Shen Yun knew he couldn’t leave in a while. He’s not in a rush as well since his brother was there with Boss, he simply parked the car beside and sent a message to Shen Yu telling him about what happened. 

When Shen Yun received the message, he felt a bit shocked. He took a glance at Shen Mucheng who was talking to others, he quickly replied to the message and kept his phone. He only told what happened to Shen Mucheng when the negotiation had ended. 

Shen Mucheng’s footsteps paused, an image of Luo Shaoheng staring at him anxiously flashed across his mind, he then asked, “Where are they now?” 

Shen Yu told him the address, it was coincidentally on their way back home. 

“Let’s go there.” Shen Mucheng pulled open the door and got into the car after speaking. 

Shen Yu walked around to the front seat, told the address to the driver and called Shen Yun to inform him about it. 

When Shen Yun received the call, he was overjoyed. He had been accompanying Luo Shaoheng waiting in the car for more than one hour!! He ended the call and quickly told Luo Shaoheng, “Boss and the others are coming now.” 

“Really?” Luo Shaoheng was surprised. 

“Yes, let’s go…” 

“Then I’ll wait for him here.” Luo Shaoheng said as he winded down the window and averted his gaze to the outside of the car. 


“Shen Yun swallowed back the second half of the sentence, “Let’s go and wait for them in the hall”, and thought, whatever floats your boat. 

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