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TSHJ Chapter 7

When their eyes met, Luo Shaoheng could feel his heart shivering, his blood quickly rushed up, even his fingers trembled uncontrollably and almost couldn’t hold the camera well. 

He had imagined countless times how it would be like if he were to meet Shen Mucheng once again. However, realistically speaking, such a thing could only happen in his dreams. 

Sometimes he would think that the last two times were merely his hallucinations; he also knew that it was impossible for a person that had been dead for ten years to suddenly appear again. However, he still had that delusion of meeting him again; since he could meet him coincidentally twice, then there might be a third or fourth time. He might be able to catch him the next time. 

However, now that his dream had become a reality, he did not know what to do. He could not even take a step forward, scared that he would startle the man even by breathing. 

After hearing his name called out, Shen Mucheng just glanced in that direction, then bent his waist and sat into the car like nothing happened. When Luo Shaoheng saw his series of actions, he came back to his senses and immediately ran towards the car. 

It was not too far away, it took but a few seconds to reach the car. However, before he got closer to the car door, he was stopped by the bodyguard. His sight didn’t leave Shen Mucheng as he talked to the bodyguard, “Excuse me, please let me pass.” 

The bodyguard did not move, his hands were still stretched out, blocking him from going forward. 

When Luo Shaoheng saw the car starting to move, he pushed the bodyguard on impulse, wanting to get past him. However, the bodyguard pressed on his shoulder in the next second. In this unnerving situation, Luo Shaoheng did not have any patience to tangle with the bodyguard any longer, so he quickly grasped his hand then twisted and pushed it away, wanting to push the person out. Out of his expectations, the bodyguard only moved a bit before he quickly counterattacked. 

The bodyguard had professional skills, meanwhile, Luo Shaoheng had only learned a few moves from Shen Mucheng. His arms were twisted to the back after a few moves and he was forced to kneel down as his shoulder was pressed. 

At the same time, the car that had moved for a metre suddenly stopped. 

After Shen Mucheng got into the car, he kept thinking about the person who had called his name earlier for some reason, and a weird feeling crept up in his heart. He turned his head just in time to see Luo Shaoheng being pressed down, this made him blurt out almost reflexively, “Stop the car.” 

The car stopped, he pushed open the door and walked back to the spot. The bodyguards saw him returning and gave way to him one by one. The person who was pressing Luo Shaoheng against the floor worried that something bad might happen if he let go, so he remained in his spot and called, “Boss.” 

Shen Mucheng’s gaze swept across his hand, his tone was slightly cold, “Let him go.” 

The bodyguard released his hand immediately and retreated to the side. 

After regaining freedom, Luo Shaoheng ignored the pain in his arms and immediately stood up from the floor. As he stood up too quickly, he felt dizzy for a second, but he did not care and stared deadly at the person in front of him, the familiar appearance made him space out for a short while. 

— It’s him. 

Regardless of whether everything was just his delusion or not, Luo Shaoheng had thought of what he would tell Shen Mucheng a lot of times if he could meet him again. He had accumulated the words he wanted to say for ten years, but now, he could only look at him in disbelief, unable to open his mouth despite all the words he had. 

As he was too agitated, his Adam’s apple slid up and down a few times, after trying hard, he could only call out the name that had been entangling his heart for so long, “… Shen Mucheng.” 

He looked at Shen Mucheng as if he were going insane, he was overcome with joy that he did not see the unfamiliarity in Shen Mucheng’s eyes. Until Shen Mucheng’s voice pulled him back to reality. 

Shen Mucheng could feel the gaze directed at himself; those eyes were filled with overflowing affection and burning passion as if they wanted to swallow him whole. However, there were other complicated emotions in those eyes which he was unable to understand. He couldn’t help frowning and asked, “Who are you?” 

— Who are you.

This was also the first question that Shen Mucheng asked when he woke up in the hospital at that time. It was the same words. How he wished that he could smile and say that his name is Luo Shaoheng just like before. 

In those years when his mental illness deteriorated, he would always have sanguine hallucinations; imagining that Shen Mucheng wasn’t dead but just lost, or maybe had lost his memory, and that this was why he did not come back to find him. Back then, he thought that anything would be fine as long as Shen Mucheng is still alive, they could just get to know each other again.

Only now did he find out that he was not as strong as he had imagined. Just these simple three words were able to cruelly snatch away every single bit of joy that emerged in his heart a little while ago; only his cold body was left. 

He could not even bear Shen Mucheng looking at him with that unfamiliar gaze. 

— Maybe this person is not him, it’s impossible for him to not recognize you! Wake up! 

— But they look the same, even the injury on their foreheads is the same! 

There were two voices quarreling in his head, confusing Luo Shaoheng. He tried his best to control himself; almost losing his cool in front of him, he pursed his dry lips and asked carefully with hope, “Are you Shen Mucheng?” 

Shen Mucheng didn’t understand why he was looking at him like that. The pair of black eyes were clean, but he felt that if he were to deny it, the person in front of him would cry. 

“You’re Shen Mucheng.” Luo Shaoheng saw that he did not answer and added firmly. 

This time, Shen Mucheng nodded lightly, “Yes I am.” 

— It’s him 

— But he doesn’t recognize me anymore. 

The joy in his heart did not even remain for a second and was crushed by the disappointment that came in the next second. Luo Shaoheng moved his lips and said lightly, “Shen Mucheng… I’m Luo Shaoheng.” 

His eyes were glued to Shen Mucheng’s face as he spoke, unwilling to miss out any of the micro-expression on his face and looking forward to his reaction when he heard his name. However, it did not go as he had expected. Shen Mucheng’s expression was still the same, his own name could not trigger any reaction. 

— Let me try again, alright, he looks like my lover too much.

Luo Shaoheng said in his heart and  walked towards Shen Mucheng. As soon as he moved, the bodyguard who was standing beside stretched out his arm and stopped him from advancing. He could only stop there and looked at Shen Mucheng as he said, “Can you let me see your right hand?” 

Shen Mucheng did not answer and looked into his eyes. Luo Shaoheng was silent, he only stared at him with determination, the stubbornness in his eyes was just like ten years ago.   

After about less than ten seconds -which felt like a century in Luo Shaoheng’s heart, to the point that he could not withstand it any longer- Shen Mucheng waved his hand, signalling the bodyguard to step aside and stretched out his right hand towards him. 

When Luo Shaoheng grasped onto Shen Mucheng’s hand, he was just like a drowning person who had finally found his saviour. With trembling hands, he pushed Shen Mucheng’s sleeves up to expose his wrist, a dark red scar was revealed. 

If Luo Shaoheng was still doubting earlier, he could now confirm that the person in front of him was Shen Mucheng, the Shen Mucheng that was living in his heart. 

When Luo Shaoheng moved out that year, he always ate in the school’s canteen. During the weekends, he would simply call for delivery. He spent most of his time in the art room and did not care much about what to eat. Sometimes he would be engrossed in drawing and ate only one meal for the whole day. 

After Shen Mucheng noticed his habit, he proactively decided to take up the responsibility of cooking. However, as reality had it, Luo Shaoheng was actually not satisfied with Shen Mucheng’s cooking. On the first day, his dishes were too salty; the day after, he simply did not add any salt. After eating like this for a few days, Luo Shaoheng felt like he should do something. 

“Shen Mucheng, why don’t you stop cooking, we’ll eat outside okay?” Luo Shaoheng grasped onto Shen Mucheng who was going to wash the plates. 

“It’s not hygienic to eat outside.” Shen Mucheng simply rejected him. 

“… But your dishes are just as cold as your face.” Luo Shaoheng looked at him with a long face. 

“…” Shen Mucheng took a glance at him, then went into the kitchen to wash the plates without saying anything. 

The tall, cold guy was standing in a kitchen with a space of only a few square meters, he was washing the bowls and wok with an unhappy expression. Luo Shaoheng looked at him and suddenly realised that he had gone overboard. He walked towards him in guilt, pushed his arms and said, “Give me some space, I’ll help you wash.” 

Shen Mucheng did not budge, he did not even glance at him, “No need.” 

“You’re angry? I was wrong, I shouldn’t have complained about the dishes you made.” Luo Shaoheng said as he stretched out his hand to the basin, wanting to help, but Shen Mucheng grabbed his hand before he got to touch the water. 

“Your hands are not for this.” Shen Mucheng released his grip after saying that and continued to wash the bowls. 

Some of the bubbles on his hand stuck to Luo Shaoheng’s. After realizing the meaning of those words, Luo Shaoheng was stunned and his ears slowly turned red. He left the kitchen, flustered, and went to the art room to do whatever he should be doing. 

Luo Shaoheng thought that his words may have really hit Shen Mucheng hard, as they really ordered food deliveries for a period of time afterwards. Since he only decided to cook because of him, Luo Shaoheng felt guilty and wanted to find a chance to make up for what he said. However, before he had thought of a good way to make up for it, Shen Mucheng started cooking again. 

… My words did not hit him hard, but actually made him even braver? Whatever. I’ll definitely support him this time. 

With this mindset, Luo Shaoheng tried the dishes that were placed in front of him, then, he was surprised. It was really delicious! 

After asking, only then did he know that Shen Mucheng went to learn specially. Since then, both of them had better meals and Luo Shaoheng gained a few kilos in less than a month.

After getting together with Shen Mucheng, Luo Shaoheng wanted to cook on a whim one day. Shen Mucheng initially did not allow him to, but he could not deal with his pestering so he let him be and decided to assist him. The scar on his hand was because of a burn that happened that time. 

Luo Shaoheng cooked for the first time, thus his actions were a bit frantic and panicky. When he wanted to take something, he accidentally flipped the soup boiling on the stove. Shen Mucheng who was beside reacted faster than him, he did not hesitate and used his hand to shove the pot away, while quickly pulling Luo Shaoheng behind his back with the other. 

A loud ‘clank’ sounded out as the soup pot fell on the stove. Luo Shaoheng was scared by the noise, Shen Mucheng held his shoulder and asked him in panic, “Are you injured anywhere?”  

“I…” When Luo Shaoheng wanted to answer him, he saw the burn on his hand and his eyes widened suddenly. 

Shen Mucheng’s hand was severely burnt and a few small blisters appeared around the burnt part. Luo Shaoheng hated his own clumsiness so much, he did not even dare to touch Shen Mucheng when he was being treated in the hospital. He was scared that he would make him feel pain and could only look at him. 

“Why are you crying?” Shen Mucheng stretched out his uninjured hand to rub his head, comforting him gently. “Come on, I’m alright.” 

“Why are you crying?” 

The words from above pulled Luo Shaoheng back to reality, only then did he realize that he started crying while looking at the scar on Shen Mucheng’s hand.  

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