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TRLL – Chapter 8.1

The third Master is Really Good [Part 1]

Gu Sui’er was surprised hearing his question.

Since she left the familiar but remote village and stepped into this rich and beautiful capital city, everyone treated her very well. The people here would ask about the child in her belly, look after her health, and take care of her daily necessities.

However, no one had ever cared about her, no one had ever asked her about her home.

It seemed that everyone had neglected that before she came to Marquis RuiDing’s Mansion, she actually had another home.

Home, that is a far away place.

She didn’t know if she would ever have a chance to go back, or if she would have a chance to see her parents and brother again.

Home was a topic that no one had mentioned to her.

Xiao Heng’s inadvertent question hit her heart, making her nose turn sour.

She lowered her head and whispered: “I sat in the carriage and reached here after 13 days of travelling. I have lived in this Mansion for the past 19 days. Now it has been 32 days since I left home.”

She clearly remembered how many days it had been after she left her home.

Xiao Heng was silent for a while before continuing: “The people in your family have been properly settled, so you can rest assured.”

Gu Sui’er was a little surprised: “Thank you, third Master.”

Xiao Heng: “Now, you should take care of yourself and the baby with a peace of mind. If you have anything that you need, you can ask Nanny An to tell me.”

Gu Sui’er was even more surprised: “Thank you, third Master.”

Xiao Heng: “I have sent someone to tell your parents about the situation here, so that they can feel relieved.”

Gu Sui’er raised her head in disbelief. She was pleasantly surprised now: “Thank you, Third Master.”

Just as Gu Sui’er raised her head, Xiao Heng saw the flash of joy in her clear eyes, like a splash in the clear water of a mountain stream, which reflected the shining sunlight cheerfully.

Xiao Heng looked at her in silence, and after a moment, he spoke.

“That night at the inn, I fell into someone’s evil trap. I didn’t harm you intentionally.”

The voice was light, as if he spoke unintentionally but it was, after all, his explanation to her.

Gu Sui’er bit her lip and lowered her head without a word. Her hands, hidden in her sleeves, trembled slightly.

Of course, she understood that in the eyes of many people here, she was just a lowly village girl, a person who could be crushed merely by raising a hand just like they crushed an ant, if they were to get upset.

Whatever the reason, it was the truth that she was defiled by a stranger, her belly had bulged, and she was taken to this strange place.

But no one here cared about these things.

The people here don’t care about the thoughts of ​​an ant.

So no one would explain anything to her, but just treat as the “third Master’s” woman.

Of course no one had ever asked if she was even willing.

Xiao Heng saw Gu Sui’er’s drooping eyelashes trembling like the wings of a butterfly, and noticed her little hands that were gently twisting the corner of her clothes.

“If you have any requirements, I–” Xiao Heng paused, and said, “I can give you anything you want.”

This was a form of compensation to her.

Gu Sui’er lowered her head. Of course, she understood Xiao Heng’s words.

It’s just that she didn’t need him to make up for anything he did.

When she reached YanJing City, she knew that there was no turning back now. When she entered this RuiDing Mansion, she had to do the calculations that a Concubine should do.

“Third Master.” Her hand stopped the twisting of her clothes, and she finally raised her head bravely in front of him: “Thank you, third Master but I don’t need anything…”

She thought for a while and stroked her belly. “What I need or what I think of in my heart, is just the child in my belly.” 

She wanted to ask what if it was the little tadpole in her belly who wanted something, but she couldn’t say anything, so she could only remind him of her child.

Upon hearing this, Xiao Heng’s eyes moved down slightly and fell on her bulging belly.

He stared at it without blinking. After a long time, he finally said: “How long will it take for you to give birth?”

Gu Sui’er: “There are still more than three months left.”

Xiao Heng was silent for a while before suddenly stretching out his hand.

Gu Sui’er was a little surprised at first, but later realized that he wanted to touch her stomach.

She felt quite uncomfortable, but she still gritted her teeth, not daring to move.

His fingers were very long, much longer than hers. They were neat and well-maintained. From the first glance, one would know that these hands belonged to a rich man because of the feel of extravagance they gave off.

Those hands touched her belly lightly.

Gu Sui’er felt anxious, but she knew that she would not have many such opportunities.

Third Master was very busy and may not have time to pay attention to the child in her womb in the future, so she must work hard to make him remember this child.

“H-He can move…” She whispered, and gently pushed the side of her belly, hoping that the child would move under Xiao Heng’s hand across her belly.

However, maybe because it was not the right time, the little tadpole, who was usually quite lively, didn’t move at all at this time.

Gu Sui’er was extremely disappointed and even a little depressed.

“He usually moves very much…”

“It’s okay.”

There was still no expression on his face. His deep eyes were calm without any trace of disappointment.

Gu Sui’er bit her lip and thought to herself, maybe he had no interest in whether the child could move or not.

Xiao Heng: “Go to sleep, it’s going to be bright outside soon.”

Gu Sui’er: “Yes, third Master.”

Xiao Heng: “Go and rest for a while. I’m going to greet the Old Madam later, you should go with me.”

Gu Sui’er: “Yes, third Master.”

When she came back to her room and laid down silently, the little tadpole in Gu Sui’er’s stomach started kicking excitedly.

Gu Sui’er touched her belly after another kick. Recalling Xiao Heng’s ever-expressionless face, she thought to herself, My little tadpole probably can’t wait to see this unfamiliar “Father”.

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  1. Avatar Basilehet says:

    I am glad they, at least, mentioned what happened that night and the distress Sui’er felt: in too many Cnovels rape is trivialized, used as a mean to forcefully bring the ML and FL together.

  2. Avatar chinesefanreader says:

    Finally some info about what happened though I’m sure there’s a lot more to it. I always have a hard time with stories that have relationships begin with assault bc that makes the ML hateful but wanted to give this story a chance.😬

    And it’s confusing that she seems to be treated as a main wife (called Mistress, will run rear yard etc) when she’s just a concubine (no status to be presented to high members of family or guests) Guess it’s the author’s choice to be realistic or not 🤔 The family seems so happy so I wonder if he has some kind of female contact phobia and they never thought theyd get an heir from him

    Thanks for your hard work 😓

    1. An An says:

      Yeah, there is a little more to the r*pe. However, I liked that he took the initiative to apologize to her (tho an apology won’t solve anything or mend the past) especially when the book has a historical setting.
      And they call her ‘Mistress’ cz Xiao Heng doesn’t have a main wife yet. I think there is something mentioned about this in Chapter 12 Part 3.

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